Let the necking…begin!

"Charles—it was love at first sight when I saw your beautiful, long neck…"

"Nadine—you’re the one with the vertebra that WON’T QUIT"


And then they stared at their lake reflections fer hours, Jennifer B.



  1. Think of the babies these two will have.. Yikes!!

  2. How does this even happen?! Ostriches have a reputation for being kinda jerkish (solidified by the one at the zoo trying to attack me last summer). But ah well, it’s a giraffe so I’m morally obligated to go “Squeeee!!!!” 🙂

  3. The next pic I wanna see is of the two necks twisted up like a pretzel with them smooching at the top!

  4. Awww, true love!!

  5. Yeah, Katiedid. Think of how big an omelet you could make out of a giraffe egg. 😀

  6. biscuithead says:

    Twu Wuv!

  7. How is this not Matching?

  8. Ahhh, the glorious denizens of Great Neck, falling in love….

  9. Fuhgedaboutit, Jake. It’ll never work. You need more than long necks around which to build a lasting relationship.

    This will only last till the next migration.

  10. Will their parents understand?

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    This is just wonderful.

  12. LOL! As soon as I read the vertebrae line, I knew this was a Nom Tom post. Love your sense of humor! Okay, chin up, you two.

  13. scooterpants says:

    ok- ‘Interspecies snorgling’ Pleeze! this could not be a more adorable example of eet.
    I love this post, it is so romanteek!
    thanks MTMTOM!

  14. What, no “Interspecies Snorgling” label? Guess we have to wait for the follow-up picture.

  15. Think they’re Friends with Benefits?

  16. “the vertebrae that wont quit” ???!!! LOLOL oh meg you are too funny.

    sweet picture.

  17. Nope, a romance like that, could be a pain in the neck.

  18. Pyrit, you had to go there didn’t you?

  19. Giraffe: “I used to be a great sword swallower!
    Ostrich: “Ooh, why’d ya quit?”
    Giraffe: “I couldn’t see the point.”

  20. Wuv, twue wuv…

    Beautiful picture!

  21. That’s OK I’ll take an ostrich with my giraffe-thank you!

  22. that there is, er, cute. Yes’m it sho is. Great pic.

  23. momof2kitties says:

    I call Interspecies Snorgling, along with everyone else…

  24. Every witty thang I thought to say, yawl have already said. I’m in awe.

  25. Berthaservant, excellent Long Island reference. And how are you?

    Jabbo, are you telling me ostriches migrate?!?

    And yes, interspecies snorgling for sure!

  26. paulajeanne says:

    Please, if this is photoshopped, don’t tell me. (hope it’s not) I prefer to gaze at the simple sweetness, peace, and beauty of it all in ignorance. Thanks.

  27. I had no idea that giraffes could sit/lie down. I thought they slept standing?

  28. Sweeeeet!

  29. how absolutely lovely

  30. I want a giraffe egg.

  31. Friends furever! Or is it furfeather? Love it!

  32. As has been pointed out, this should be Interspecies Snorgling and Matchingks!

  33. Whoa! Inter-species dating!

  34. Oh that is so cute to see animals of different species getting along. I presume that is at a zoo or animal park? I guess people with long necks do stick together, lol. So cute! 🙂

  35. The love that dare not speak it’s name…

  36. Yeah my first thought was hey, I’ve never seen a giraffe sitting down like that!

  37. Totalee Puppy says:

    Great photograph, great text by NTMTOM, great comments on this one!

  38. bookmonstercats says:

    I am now officially kilted ded.

  39. True love overcomes obstacles. These two are adorable. Long live Giraffe-Ostrich love!

  40. would a giraffe egg have giraffe spots?

  41. taj- yes, of course! *snert*

  42. scooterpants says:

    So, NTMTOM seems a lil
    intimidated by our constant demand for
    category representation.
    No worries Mikey, you cant be all the men all the time.
    sometime you must submit to the insistance of the COL audience.
    now, please to add.
    it must be so. we will still lurve ya.

  43. Whoa, Darkshines. Synchronized sitting.

  44. Of course they are sitting, they are laying their eggs! (*SHESH*)

  45. This is pretty funny. A giraffe and an ostrich? Maybe the only thing they recognized about each other is the neck length. True love is blind about everything else though. 😉