Our bunny morsels come in many flavors

The Eucalyptus Hills Rabbitry is sporting some sweet new buns, ready for a soft kronsche.

Take your pick. We’ve got Cookies ‘n’ Cream:


A Mini-Cinnie Toast Crunch:


A delicious Vanilla Marshmallow:


Um, ‘Dust Bunny’:


Marble Fudge (Plastic Doll Eye topping is extra)


Rocky Road Hare Junior:


And finally, Disapproving Vanilla Fudge.


Allison B., one snorg of each, please.



  1. So bleenified.

  2. *Ah-choo!*

    Oh I still want Mr. Dust Bunny! In fact, I shall take all of them!

  3. Pat Trenner says:

    I’d like mine in a Hard Kronsche cone, please.

    (“Disapproving Vanilla Fudge” Best flavor ever)

  4. triple (quintiple?) dip with rainbow sprinkles!

  5. Well, I’ll just have to have one of each.

  6. Holy toledo!! Cute threshold exceeded!

  7. I wish all dust bunnies in my house looked like that.

  8. GALAHK!!! I is dead!

  9. Wow. i rarely post here, and don’t like buns that much (we had one that would bite us when we tried to feed it), but this post is redic.

  10. Mr./Ms. Vanilla Marshmallow appears to be an independent thinker–s/he is looking to the right instead of to the left.

    These pictures make me wish I had a bunny… I think our cats would stalk it and eat it, though.


    Okay, now that I have that out of the way, I must say this is a delectable collection of baby bunnies!

  12. Surely the second should be a Cinna-Bun

  13. yey.. its Baskin Bunnys!! 32 disapproving flavors!!

  14. Looks like CO just found a week’s worth of photos for the 2010 Calendar.

  15. I want to put them all in my mouf at once. AT ONCE.

    Someone needs to start a “cute zoo” with lots of buns and squirls and red pandas and sugar gliders and winstons and hamsters and *faints*

  16. OMG. how is this possible. so cute.

  17. OMG!!! I swear I will not vacuum my apartment for months, if I can get one of the mini gray dust buns.
    And clearly someone has already taken a nibble out of the cookies-n-cream one. *eyes missing ear*

  18. ChibiKitten says:

    Bahaha. This post is redonk! I love it.

    Excellent captioning, as usual.

    I’ll have a bun-dae with every flavor. 😀

  19. Wait, wait. No cherries??

  20. One of each, please! I love bunnehs. So pretty and soft, and I don’t mind the disapproval, just as long as I can pet them. 🙂

  21. Little Mr. (or Miss) Rocky Road is THE cutest! Serious snorglage needs to happen…

  22. (the original) Mel says:

    I want a Bun and Hare-ry’s Snorgmonster with all the toppings.

  23. OH




    seriously….Westly? Best name EVAR for a bebbeh bun.

  24. OMG, i am speechless. my teeth hurt from the total sweetness of those bunnies, just incredible. i wish to live there.

  25. did anyone else notice that “dust bunny” looks like a mini wombat? Yeeeeeee!!!! *squeals*

  26. Yes, one of each flavor, to go, please. I want to take them home where I can savor their delectability. Each one looks more delicious than the last! Yum!!!

  27. I have to issue an arrest warrant here, people. For excessive cuteness!

  28. Seriously, the bunnies are making my heart chakra go crazy. need.

  29. My vote is Baby Bunnies are the cutest babies on earth. Especially vanilla marshmallow with his little brown ears!

  30. Nooo…. Amazing.
    Hoppens to be my favorite.
    Meg, love the “um”. Hee. Um!

  31. Oh wow, that vanilla marshmallow is beyond cute! Its like a bit of angel fluff.

  32. I…I can’t believe this is real.

  33. *EXPLODES!*

  34. Too much cuteness for my brain to handle.

    The dust bunny, the dust bunny!!!

  35. Heehee, Cinna-Bun!

  36. warrior rabbit says:

    Boy, vanilla fudge is seriously hacked off. I’m sorry, little bun! I apologize for everything, ever.

  37. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Cinnie Toast Crunch. Yes, exactly what I need on a Monday m- oh my, it’s afternoon?!

  38. I’ll take a Rocky Road to go please.

  39. Oh, sure try to make me choose, can’t be done. I’ll take them all, thankyouverymuch. Please send the Dust Bunny and the Disapproving Vanilla Fudge first, then you can take you time (but not too much).

  40. They are soooooooooo cute!!!

  41. momof2kitties says:

    Umm, Chanpon?

    Unfortunately, I have already tried the “not vacuuming for months” trick, when I broke my ankle two years ago. Sadly, no dust bunnehs grew anywhere in my house. At least, not this disapproving snorglable kind.

    And the missing ear? I kronsched it. And I not sowwy. Not really.

  42. TrumanRabbit says:

    Visit a shelter or bun rescue to experience levels of cuteness you’ve never imagined were possible! Vive l’adoption!

  43. oh my goodness – they’re all so precious!

  44. OMG! too funny and too cute! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  45. I know we have Mini-Cinnie here, but WHERE’S MY CAPTAIN KRONSCHE?!

  46. Yeah, what butterfly said…

  47. Ah the disapproving look. They learn it so early, don’t they?

    **not worthy**

  48. They are all so stinkin’ cute! I’ll take the white one please! 🙂

  49. Are these buns fat free? No? I care not, give me one of each. I see someone got to Cookies n’Cream’s ear first.

  50. I gobbled um all up, tills I gots to Disapproving Vanilla Fudge. Kinda gave me an ice cream headache, that one.

  51. OMG! http://ehrabbitry.com/photos.htm

    2 mins after looking at this post I found myself researching Rabbit Hutches postage costs! Seriously! No recollection how I got there……..

  52. You have GOT to be kidding moi. This much prosh in one post is totally improshible.

  53. Shouldn’t the hovertext of Mr. Cinna-bun’s pic be,”I stay KRONSCHY in meelks”?

  54. Oh Cuteoverload, this post is the reason I compulsively check this site every day.

    Waffle cone, please.

  55. I want vanilla fudgesicle!*snuggles bunny to death*
    That also happens to be my REAL favorite ice cream flavor, by the way.

  56. First time posting. These buns pushed me over the qte limit. Does anyone know how much a bun such as this would cost? Tewtally prosh. I have loved this site for a long time. Thank you Meg for the happiness you bring.

  57. Esther Sassaman says:

    they are a baby bunny superhero team, obviously! perhaps, call them THE BLEENIES!

    The Bleenies versus Hurricane Ike.

    The Bleenies versus Osama Bin Laden.

    And so on.

  58. Darkflame173 says:


    *cough* Anyone else notice that James is, ah, a very busy bunny? XD XD XD

  59. I’ll take the sampler platter, please!

  60. snoopysnake says:

    “Dust Bunneh” is actually coconut-frosted licorice.

  61. Teh Bleenies!!!

    Wow, Darkflame173 – James be da man alright!! (Sophie and Lola seem to get around too!)

  62. Oh! oh! I want each flavor in a big bowl… then I weel stick my face in it and snorgle!!!

    Ack! Too fast… bunny brain freeze…

  63. please to give me teeny sampler spoon so that i may partakes of each flavour…


  64. Wow, as cute as those babies are I don’t think I could bring myself to buy a rabbit from someone who thinks that the staple in the adult diet is alfalfa pellets and rabbits don’t need routine vet visits just like any other pet.

  65. In my college dorm we’re not allowed to have pets, but I would have to break the rules for one of these… I’d hide it under my bed…

  66. I am having a cuteness-induced heart attack! I CANNOT handle eet! Cutest post evar.

  67. I would like an order of A Mini-Cinnie Toast Crunch with chocolate sprinkes please! Nom nom mon!

  68. As evidenced by my username, for me, puppehs win over bunnehs, and I have to take issue with them being the cutest thing ever. However, *holds up hands in attempt to stop mob from attacking* These ARE the CUTEST bunnehs I have EVAR seen. I think. Oh… and I’ll take ’em all. (haha… loose quote from Treasure Planet. I would say how Morph should get his own post, but that would be off-topic…)


  69. i can’t decide which one i like best!!

  70. Ya I’ll have one of each on a sugar cone please. thanks.

  71. When I saw this I adopted a baby bunny! She is so beautiful. She licks my hand when I scratch her back. She has blue hair – so what ice cream flavor is SHE? Blueberry purhaps? Bunnies are the cutest animal to me in the whole world. Hamsters are a close 2nd!

  72. Ohhh I want one of each! “Vanilla Marshmallow” has some fabulous eyeliner goin’ on there. I’m kidna jealous.

  73. Juniper Jupiter says:

    All Vanilla Fudge comes with accompanying “HaRUMPH!”

  74. *squeebles* They are soo cute!!

  75. Totalee Puppy says:

    Mini-Cinnie Toast Crunch…Meg sent you to make this the sweetest day ever! This is the best post
    I ever saw…all these baby
    bunnies are awesome! “SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS: If T.Puppy has 7 baby bunnies, and a pound of alfalfa costs $4.50 at
    the one-stop pet market, what information is needed to calculate T.Puppy’s monthly cost for feeding his bunnies?”

  76. Awww!!! Are you sure you don’t have cookie dough!!!

  77. Totalee Puppy says:

    Shoulda done this first:
    KATIEDID…laughing uncontrollably over “Baskin Bunnys”…

  78. Snorglicious! I’m a sucker for squeezably soft buns.


  79. seriously overloaded.

    oh MAN do i want a bun, or four!

    if i had those nibbles at home i’d never leave, i’d never get anything done.



  81. 10000000000000000000000 of each, mam! I WANT TO BE NECK DEEP IN A PILE OF THEM.

  82. platedlizard says:

    Unfortunately the dust bunnies I find under my furniture are never as konch-able as these guys. Must be the combination of feathers and iguana scales.

  83. Oh! they are so cute!!! i want to have one! nice blog!

  84. Vex has captain Kirk-like tendencies (although I suppose, strictly speaking, Kirk didn’t actually want to be neck deep in a Pile o’ Tribbles ™).

  85. jackie31337 says:

    Tiny fluffies! Too bad my apartment doesn’t allow pets. My daughter has been begging for a pet, and I would be all for adopting a little ball of fluff.

    @ aloria: “Someone needs to start a ‘cute zoo’ with lots of buns and squirls and red pandas and sugar gliders and winstons and hamsters and *faints*”

    Yes! I would totally visit that zoo. Especially if they had signs that said “Please DO snorgle the animals!”

  86. Too many cute calories.

    I want the dust bunny with a bit of disapproval squished on.

    Meg you have excelled yourself.


  87. Daphne Moss says:

    Aww, that’s just not right…the tiny nommable ears…velvety floofiness.
    I needs to hold one and pet one and call him George…

  88. Well, I obvi, didn’t read all the posts but… Are these hotots?? If so, why have I been told that they are not good pets compared to …let’s say… a flop. If this is not a hotot, then what kind of buns are these?

  89. jackie31337 says:

    Oh, just read this at the rabbitry’s page and LOLed:

    “James is the only buck at my rabbitry. He just loves his job!”

  90. I’ll take the delicious Vanilla Marshmallow and Rocky Road Hare Junior please.

    … Oh wait! On second thought maybe I’ll take the dust bunny hmm? No wait… the A Mini-Cinnie Toast Crunch I think… Yes!

    I can’t make up my mind! xD

  91. I have to admit – my favorite names are “Texas Ranger” and “Piddles”.



  93. As the owner of a bunny for almost a year, I can safely say that bunnies get cuter every day! My little guy is the best thing EVAR!

  94. Oh! They’re baby Netherlands Dwarfs–our bunny Willow is that breed. We got him full-grown (which isn’t very big) from the Humane Society, though, so I hadn’t seen what they look like as young bunnies. Even cuter than I imagined.

  95. i just awwwwed all over my desk!!! I could cuddle with the flavored bunbuns all day:)

  96. Jaye – oh, so that’s why their little ears are so little.

  97. And, anyone comment on just how cute is little miss vanilla floof’s pink widdle nose???

  98. Are you kidding me with this?? Check this out, from the bunneh site.


  99. I will take a Cookies and Cream please.

  100. AWww…. I’ll take one of each please! 😀

  101. Ooooooooooooooh Vanilla Marshmallow! There goes my diet!

  102. Would you get the H. E. double hockey sticks – outta here!

  103. Marmies will mother anything, even if they are Daddies, remember?

  104. ZOMG they are cdubby cheeked 😀 Cutest bunnies I has a chuddy cheeked bunny

  105. scooterpants says:

    should be illegal.
    no fair.

  106. … Okay, I’m in a poetry class… I should be able to find le mot juste to describe these little dreams come true… but the cuteness has fried my brain. Oh, how I long to snorgle.

  107. So proshulifically cute! The bunnehs’ ‘tude in the captions and hovertexts makes me smile.

  108. It is a pu-pu platter of bun-buns!

    Such disdain coming from somethings so teeeny!

    Just too wonderful!

  109. I want one !!

  110. MareMcCheese says:

    EEeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I WANT THEM ALL!

  111. I want one of each. That way I can cuddle them on a rotating basis.

  112. Dave- she could be Black Raspberry flavor, too- time and snorgling will tell. Tell us how she is an what you named her! Best of luck with her! K.

  113. Don’t you have 7-for-the-price-of-5 deals here?

  114. BunBun said: “Wow, as cute as those babies are I don’t think I could bring myself to buy a rabbit from someone who thinks that the staple in the adult diet is alfalfa pellets and rabbits don’t need routine vet visits just like any other pet.”

    Good, the world doesn’t need anymore clueless rabbit owners anyway.

  115. Ok, you guys are full of awesome… thank you…. one thing to have adorable little buns… but the constant cute captioning wit? Had me grinning like a doofus… i’ll take a dust-bun…mm, and can I combine that with the dust-kitty from earlier?

  116. minrex said: “Good, the world doesn’t need anymore clueless rabbit owners anyway.”

    WTF? Are you saying that BunBun is clueless? Any responsible, rabbit-savvy vet will tell you that alfalfa pellets are too rich for adult rabbits, and that they do need regular checkups. Clearly this breeder sees rabbits as a commodity and investment rather than a family member.

  117. i love and hate that i live on a rabbit farm; it makes me very critical of other rabbits.

    But they’re cute. I just checked out your rabbitry website, some of the rabbits are adorable 🙂

  118. Christine H says:

    Maral, she had pretty much all the other rabbit care info right. I think she was just mistaken about that one thing.

  119. She says that she gives them tomothy hay too. I took my rabbit to the vet once and he recomended feeding alfalfa pellets in small amounts and unlimited timothy hay..

    They are too cute by the way!

  120. i love that vanilla marshmallo when i saw it i said thats the one for me noot only is it cute.it is adorable can i have it

  121. I want Mista Cinnie-Minnie and Mista Dust Bunneh, plz.