Kitteh playing “Red-light green-light”

Green light! [Hides camera away]

Red light! [Kitteh stands still…]


Melissa V. HILAR!



  1. warrior rabbit says:

    OMG that made me LOL so much I watched it twice.

    Loved the sudden up-close kitty at 1:05.

    Made me think of a horror movie, though. Even though in the end the big kitty monster was a scaredy cat.

  2. Yeah, definitely had horror movie potential! I love the way the cat’s head was in the EXACT same position each time, like “What, me, move? *I* havent’ moved. This is exACTly where I was all along!”
    tee hee..

  3. LOL!! Ok that was great. I loved the last close up with the kitteh’s saucer-sized pupils.

    I almost went “EEP!” but realized she is more frightened of moi than I am of hoi.

  4. Haha, awsome, but yes kind of like an horror movie, imagine a zombie cat doing this ^^
    people should also check out the ‘the mean kitty song’ video that you see at the end (when you can chosse another video from yt)

  5. Brilliant

  6. That kitty is so pretty! Really, quite beautiful!

  7. Yes, those pupils ! Too much catnip methinks.

  8. I bet they do this on a regular basis and then decided to film it for posterity. A real gem. Oh, those crazy cat eyes with those huge pupils! I always knew I was in for it when the eyes were like that!

  9. Hon Glad- come out, come out, where ever you are
    Ou est tu, Hon Glad?
    Donde esta Hon Glad?

    Hmmmmmm….en vacances, peut etre?
    Hey, Slave to Three check in, please!

    Totalee Puppy, momof 2kitties, Theresa, Warrior Rabbit- we have a Code 3…AWOL. Please advise.

  10. Might this be “The Anatomy of a Luurkensproing?” Finally revealed to all on film? Indeed!

  11. milquetoast says:

    Bonifide funneh! Laughed myself wet, however, it is mush important to note that said kitteh would benefit mos definately from his or her African cuzzins, the lioneshes! Lioneshes would instruct this frosh prosh on the finer basics of stalking in de wilds! Red/Green light is fine, but must keep peeps level to ground and not to cock ears to one side. Lest they reveal theyselves for convenient nomming. And when confronting your prey in the final taste test range, no stare downs. Ya gotta BRING IT!

  12. OMG that is so like the Doctor Who episode ‘Blink’ it completely freaked me out 😀

  13. Hahaha oh wow that is so cool 😀 If I had a cat like that I’d be playing that game all day long.

  14. OMG! I had a cat that did this when I tried to read. I’d look down to read a book and she’d slowly walk up to me. If I looked up, she’d freeze, etc. etc. Good times.

  15. Ha ha ha! It made me think of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The scene where Lancelot is running toward the castle, cut away, cut back and he’s closer, cut away, cut back and he’s further away. If this clip had that soundtrack it would be purrfect!

  16. @Belinda, you beat me to it. That is ABSOLUTELY “Blink”!!

  17. It looks like one of our kittehs.. she loves to play hide and seek! I do all the hiding, but she comes charging around the corner yelling at the top of her little lungs.

  18. Biscuit Tin says:

    My favorite part is the one-paw-on-the-chair-legs @ .45sec. [Goes away to watch video a third time.]

  19. This is cute… but is there anyway to see all posts tagged “kittens” without them all loading on one page? my browser stops responding trying to load it all and i only have 1.5 gb of ram. thanks for any help!

  20. El Stalker Supreme-o!

  21. one of the funniest cat video i have seen… too funny!!!

  22. Best. Kitteh. Evah!

  23. This is so good! our cat does this, too. (without the camera)
    I wonder what he thinks?

  24. LOL, so cute!

    My old tuxie kitty used to love to play hide and go seek when he was younger. It would always end with his stalking me, getting closer and closer, and then my turning around and chasing him all over the house. He loved it.

  25. Karen in Toronto says:

    Tailio way up on rapid retreat. Definitely a fun game for stalker kitteh.

  26. this is our favourite game at my house – at least between my 10yr old cat and i. she especially likes to play on stairs. each time you look down she’s climbed a couple more, until she’s within pouncing range, then watch out!!

  27. This video actually scared the crap out of me. creepy… but awesome! 🙂

  28. mommy25bunnies says:

    *sing song* That’s reeedooooonk!!!

  29. Not many of these videos actually make me LOL so much as Aww!, but this one surely did. TOO CUTE. 😀

  30. made me LOL too, but yes creepy at the same time. In a good way. This one def. needs a soundtrack of some sort! *goes to watch again*

  31. excellent!

  32. gatekchiclet says:

    we need the soundtrack from jaws in the background.

    that is one creepy/cute kitteh

  33. OMG!! It’s the kitteh version of the Doctor Who episode “Blink”. When you don’t look at them, they come to get you!


    /need to teach that game to my two kittylings.

  34. It’s like stop motion animation! What a brilliant and funny kitty! Paws up on the chair was my fave part too – kitty has to balance and keep perfectly still and remain non chalant, like, oh, I’m just resting here in the same old place.

  35. That’s what I get for posting before reading the rest of the comments. Belinda & Karen G beat me to it!! 😀

  36. That was a little scary, until he ran away at the end. My dear hubby and I were both “Ahh!-ing by that time.

  37. OMG that is so cute, yet CREEPY!!!

    Anyone ever see that Doctor Who episode, “Blink”? With the statues that move towards you when you aren’t looking?!?

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    The YT vid points to source material, and guess what — it’s the Japanese handing it to us on a Hello Kitty platter again.

  39. Linda, I thought of Monty Python too. This vid was hilarious and the kitty so cute! What a sweet face! I was waiting for a big snorgle at the end but kitty ran away. BRB, must catch kitty and give big hug and furry kisses.

  40. oh that gave me a good chuckle. good kitty!

  41. Gail (the first one) says:

    Oooooh, I think I know some kittehs who would enjoy this game!!

  42. I third the Monty Python scene!

    I also half expected the last frame to be kitteh leaping at the camera.

  43. TheBladeRoden says:

    It reminded me of one of the early creepy Burger King Commericals. Where the King starts out at the opposite end of the yard, and the guy looks away and looks back and the King is right up at the window!

  44. far out… laughed so hard i nearly gave birth. seriously.

  45. The sudden kitteh closeup at the end make me go “EEP!”

    “Heeeere’s Johnny!”

  46. Have you guys seen this version with the appropriately creepy music added in? Hilarious.

  47. goodlookingelf says:

    I laughed out loud, great vid, thanks for posting a good laugh on this Ike stormy day. My yard is full of trees and branches down and I was just assessing the damage and needed this break!

  48. @Chanpon- my kitty used to play hide and seek too-I would ‘hide’ behind the arm of the sofa and my cat would wait on the other side for me to slowly look over…then POUNCE!! on my head. Too cute. Alas, now that she’s a 20 pound monster, she’s not so into the pouncing anymore.

  49. Aww! I play this game with my cat too!

  50. Raise your hand if you found yourself leaning to the right every time the camera did.

    *raises hand*

  51. Yep, Rikki does this too, right down to the “flee in panic” step right at the end. Sometimes he’ll even come and *ask* to play.

  52. Whatever you do: DON’T BLINK!!!!

    Hmm, nobody into Dr Who?

  53. Starling — that standout episode prompted us to look up its screenwriter (Steven Moffat) and seek out other stuff he’s done.

  54. Holy crap! That honestly freaked me out!

  55. hilarious!


  56. Please someone with the skillz, add the monty python music. This is the funniest thing i have seen in a while. Must watch again.

  57. momof2kitties says:

    I saw this vid on YouTube the other day and about peed my pants LOLing. Awesome!!

    Our kitteh Mia used to play this game as a kitten. We always said it was like living with Kato from the old Pink Panther movies. You never knew where she would pop out from to attack your ankles! Scary fun! Now she’s three and much too dignified to play such foolish games. 😦

    Hey Katrina! Maybe HonGlad is watching the watusis in Ann Arbor?

  58. I agree–Cute or scary, depending on the soundtrack. I think the book The Shining has a topiary (no not a Shrubbery) that moves when you’re not looking… Didn’t make it into the movie (maybe for fear folks would find it CUTE not SCARY?)

  59. I about busted a GUT on this one… The fact that the head tilt was at the exact same angle every time was classic.

  60. Teehee.

    The funniest part I think is that every time the camera reappears the kitteh has the EXACT SAME HEAD TILT.


  61. hahaha that made me laugh so loud people came running to see what was so funny. Great stuff. The gigantic dilated pupils gave it an extra spookiness!

  62. Possibly one of the best kitteh videos ever.

    My thoughts immediately went to MPATHG, but I’m sure the Dr. Who reference is spot-on.

    :: also missing Hon Glad ::

  63. Biscuit Tin says:

    SoCalSis – I was 17 when I first read The Shining. I’m 48, now, and I never look at a topiary without thinking of that scene in the novel. So. Damn. Scary. I’m kind of underwhelmed by Stephen King over-all, but you couldn’t make me go into an ornamental garden with him for love or money.

  64. Awesome! Good laughs.
    The best part is how he *froze* while balanced on top of the desk chair rollers.

  65. OMG I almost wet myself laughing at the close up at the end! Too funny!

  66. OMG I play this game with my cat, and I never fail to have a heart attack when she finally comes charging around the corner at me. She’s not as patient as this cat, though; it’s usually only 2 peeks around the corner before she’s coming for blood.

  67. In a darkened lecture hall, with video playing on giant screen, and 327 rapt veterinary students:
    “Aha! Und here vee haff ze Lurkensproingen mit ze Vildekukoo eyes. Zymptoms mit age lessen, yet Kondition permanent iss. Alvays mit fingern und toeses most careful, please.”

  68. Yes, she IS so pretty and we were almost at the SNORGLIN’ stage!!! Dang!!!

  69. every time the camera came out out of hiding and showed the meow meow getting closer and closer it made me giggle out loud

  70. chortlemeister says:

    Aw! This has to be the kitty from Shrek. I can hear the lullaby music playing in the background.

  71. chortlemeister says:

    Aw! This has to be the kitty from Shrek. I can hear the lullaby music playing in the background.

  72. I actually said “I’m gonna get you.” in a singsongie voice when it got to the end just before the kitty was smack in your face. This was SOOO great!

  73. This made me laugh every time we went back to puss. Every time!

  74. “Blink?” Geez, we are SUCH the scifi nerds.

    That is pretty cute though. I love how it wasn’t until the last one that we actually saw movement. My fave is the paws on the chair casters.

  75. In Moffat we trust, dear Theo. He’s very good at scaring the bejeebies out of us.

  76. i love the hunting eyes. i play this with my thomas kitty all the time. it’s his favorite. i have to try this with a camera next time.

  77. wowowowowow that was so awesomeeee. I loved seeing the cat right on the chair wheelies.

  78. That was actually kind of creepy how mr kitteh snuck up like that. Very cute!!

  79. I’m here, I’m here, bless your little hearts! Yes, I love to play hide-and-seek and peekaboo games with my guys, Dante and Stinky– although they might be better termed “Flirting with Destruction.” They usually end with the Wildly Dilated Pupils of Death, and a rocket-like lunge right at my face.

  80. That is hilarious, awesome and kind of creepy!

  81. momof2kitties,you don’t think he’s helping to tag Sea Lions on some semi-tropical isle again, do you? Berthaservant – No Sea Lions for you, young man.

    Damn, does anybody know Hon Glad? Tell him to report in-did he say anything about going on vacation? He’s probably over the river and through the woods again. {Grumbling under my breath-Limeys, go figure, won’t even give you a simple ‘won’t be here to laugh with you’, noo, too proper for that, grummble, mmmble….}that ought to do it.hehehe….

  82. “The watusis”???

  83. PS I was just very bummed out because of a certain ninth-inning three-run home run, but this has cheered me up quite a bit.

  84. warrior rabbit says:

    Katrina, please relax about Hon Glad. He’s probably off having an RL, and good for him.

  85. Has anyone seen ‘The Orphanage’…? This is SO the kitteh version of THAT scene.

    Freakin’ scary.

    But, simultaneously, BRILLIANT.

    Love the kitteh x

  86. Instead of “cute or sad?” there should be a “cute or creepy?” category!

  87. Thought I’d throw this in:

    Ev’ry time I try to prove I love you,
    1,2,3, Red Light,
    You stop me,
    Baby you ain’t right to stop me,
    1,2,3, Red Light, you stop me.
    Ev’ry time I make a move to love you,
    1,2,3, Red Light, you stop me,
    Baby, ev’ry night you stop me,
    1,2,3, Red Light.
    Stop the game, you’ve got too much to lose.
    If you stop me again, that’s when we might end.
    So please don’t refuse.
    Ev’ry time I make a move to love you,
    1,2,3, Red Light, don’t stop me,
    Baby you ain’t right to stop me,
    1,2,3, Red Light won’t stop me,
    Ev’ry time I try to prove I love you,
    1,2,3, Red Light won’t stop me,
    When I know I’m right don’t stop me,
    1,2,3, Red Light.

  88. DustPuppyOI says:

    This is the cute (with no fatality) version of Stephen King’s “The Sun Dog” from “Four Past Midnight”.

  89. Juniper Jupiter says:



    Must show to Hubby!!! He’d definitely get a kick outta this!

  90. Beth (in NC) says:

    Jo: Just watched it on Friday, and that’s all I could think of during this kitty video…

    Uno, dos, tres…
    Toca la pared…


  91. That was almost creepy LoL. Very adorable tho!!

  92. OMGLMAO! I kept imagining the theme from Jaws at the kitty got closer and closre and closr. Oh that was so funny.

  93. Yeah, minute 1:04 nearly gave me a heart attack, even though i fully knew it was coming. 😉
    Great video. That cat’s obviously an excellent hunter…

  94. I totally agree with last comment. that kitty is going to be great hunter,, very stealth

  95. Fantastic! I think it’s even funnier cuz it’s soundtrack-free. Just a kitteh and a camera. Kudos to both cinematographer and star!




  98. Don’t blink
    Don’t even blink
    Blink and you will be


    the transcript ends here. Good luck.

  99. AWESOME!

    Aww got me giggling through my snuffled up nose.

  100. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Marianne: ROFL!!!! That is perfect!!

    I have taken to referring to mine as “Wild Kitten(s) of Borneo” when they get all worked up!!

  101. Love the vid. I want to make vids of my hooligans to share with their grampurrents, but I don’t know what equip to use. Who uses YT or other video sharing place, and what type of camera do you use?


  102. My husband and I actually play something similar. You say “Close your eyes” then you move and then while holding your new pose you say, “Open them.” Repeat till you are uncomfortably close and the other person starts giggling nervously. It’s like live-action stop-motion animation, for lack of a better explanation. So I’m particularly liking this cute kitty video.

  103. scooterpants says:

    U r scaring US!

    (gee len, that’s kinda sexy, guess you havent been married QUITE 28 years then I’m thinkin?, good for you, carry on (with exteme prejudice). :))

  104. Haha – it’s been a while since a post had me lauging out loud! Love it 🙂

  105. intransigentia says:

    Love it! I have never met a cat who can resist the peek-and-pounce game. guaranteed ice-breaker with the most disapproving of kittehs.

  106. Totalee Puppy says:

    Well,hey, BERTHASERVANT, looks like you might be
    feeling better…Hope so!
    Had your Frisky Flakes this morning?
    KATRINA…I was away from CO during the storm along the gulf–Our area was spared flooding and damage, but we have prayed for others this weekend…
    I send you a serenade by a
    chorus of baby animals accompanied by handbells. Please select the song they will sing for you:
    “Eidelweiss”, “My Favorite Things” or “We Dream of Katrina, the Light of our Way”… A bouquet of wildflowers for Katrina is our humble gift.

  107. Oh, wow, I laughed so hard my eyes watered…

  108. That is brilliant. You ought to put a dramatic movie soundtrack to it! 😀

  109. LOLOL!! Very cute.

  110. This broke me. Totally broke me. I watched it this morning at the office and was laughing so hard I ended up playing it over and over for all my coworkers as they wandered over to see what I was laughing about.

  111. TrumanRabbit says:

    I almost got a little scared watching this video! I was fearful, yet I could not look away, or stop laughing! The suspense was too much!

  112. cute yet creepy!

  113. Such a great video!!! That kitteh sure did a great job at the game. Sneaky, sneaky! I’ll definitely be watching this over and over.

  114. I nominate “drunk kitty” video

    As a good laugh alternative. I caught this in the menu of videos under the red light/green light video.

  115. Launa Fauna says:

    Oh my god it hurts. It *is* a bit creepy, but in an adorables whey.

  116. My eyes are filled with tears I am laughing so hard at work. My old cat used to love this game. Cats are freaks.

  117. Omg this is tewtelly sweet and cute I had to rewatch and fav. it twice. I didn’t knew kittens do this and now I want to own a kitten after watching the video! xD

  118. a movie so scary its cute
    or so cute its scary?

    my cat does this, its adorable!

  119. LOL!! Great start to my day! sometimes my kitties do this too. 🙂

  120. LOL. Kitty says I will stalk you! I totally thought kitty would pounce in the end.

  121. This makes me think of the Doctor Who episode, “Blink”. And I just read back and noticed I’m not the first one to realise that. : D Glad to know I’m not the only one!

    The angels have the phone box.

  122. I WANT THIS KITTY!!! any body else think dr who “blink”?

  123. Mary (the first) says:

    Yep.. I laughed too at the very end when kitteh is suddenly RIGHT THERE!! This one would know better than to “chatter” at her prey.. that’s for darn sure!

  124. So funny I have tears in my eyes!

    One of C.O.’s BEST vids!

    Thanks for the laugh… I feel great!

  125. The Cat is pleased.

  126. Starling,

    I’m with you. My first thought was “Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re DEAD!”

    All hail the purveyors of wibbley-wobbly timey-wimey kittehs.

  127. Thanks, Totalee Puppy, now I’m blushing over here!….

    I think you’re cool, too!

    Have a great day, peeps! I’m off to go DO things!

  128. OMG, I can’t stop watching this! Soo frakking qte!!!

  129. This is absolutely too funny!!! Hilarious!

  130. Seriously – this was delightful as well as frightening. Has you understand the anthropological root of the feline as being a true stalker and able to capture their prey! I never had a kitty play this game as well as this! She really seemed “in the moment”!! Highly entertaining because of the dual fear/comic factor!!!

  131. HAHA!

    omg. I laughed waaaay harder than I thought I was going to. Oh goodness.

    The cat was so good at that game, the video felt fake. Like. Clip art cat getting closer and closer.

    Oh my…I almost laughed iced tea all over my keyboard, since I wasn’t expecting how funny that struck me. Whew.

  132. I just laughed so hard I cried.