Tiny peeg, tiny feets

Sender-Inner Ellen recently snorgled this pot-bellied piglet with the tiniest of feets.

He’s about 10 days old, and lives at Domino’spetting farm in Ann Arbor, MI.


According to Ellen, there are about 20 of thesefreshly-borned little guys running around in the pen, and they all sleep togetherin a long line. Ahn. [Head tilt]


Excellent footage, Ellen! 😉



  1. A cute, bleeny, piggy indeed – but those feet are rather worrying

  2. Tiny peeg….biiiiiig eyelashes! He looks ever so soft and kissable.

  3. Those little porcine feets are so cute, I would nibble them, even though they’re not kosher.

  4. Trot-lets?

  5. EYELASHES!!! Wheeee!!!! Soft, floppy ears, and a snoutlicious nose!!!

  6. My hometown! Maize and Blue Piggies REPRESENT! Go Blue!

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    Just don’t lick the wet snortsicle; there’ll be an uproar.

  8. biscuithead says:

    Those teensiest of feets are also called trotters + I want to nibble them!
    Then snorgle da belly!

  9. Bird of Paradise says:

    Yay, I’m in Ann Arbor too! I must visit this place!

  10. “Beware mine prickly head hairs, for they are deadly with cute”

  11. That is so cute.

  12. O look how clean are the little trotters! I want to touch them with my nose.

  13. (the original) Mel says:

    Ham hocklettes.

  14. They have llamas there, too. Sometimes you can see them from the freeway as you drive by.

  15. The ears! The ears!

  16. Karen in Toronto says:

    I’ll be the first to note the very nice manicure on the piglet-holder. And that’s a really soft and cozy looking shirt the piggeh is snuggling up to.

  17. Hamtocks!
    Excellent footage, indeed!

  18. yes, beautifully manicured hands to display this adorable leetle piggy!
    The head fuzz is makin me crazy

  19. Domino’s Farm? He’ll be pepperoni soon!

  20. I bet if you combined this piglet with the rescued bunny from Ireland the result would be a Black Hole of Cute that could destroy us all.

  21. momof2kitties says:

    Hey, I’m close to A-squared, too! I like seeing those long horned cattle-ish thingies when we go by on the highway.

    And yeah, my team let me down big time today. Go Baroooo!!! 😦

  22. momof2kitties says:

    I just looked it up. It’s the watusi that’s so cool. And fun to say!


  23. This is a catur-piggie-day? A cat-a-pigg-ur-ie-day? A piggie on caturday?? A catapig?

  24. What, that isn’t a kitten? Looks like a kitten to me, “*sheesh*”, well it may not meow, but baby things are pretty-much fungible from where I sit. Oh, a little oinklette and perhaps a little snufflette would sound so good right now…

  25. They have a herd of buffalo there also – quite startling when you first see them from the freeway! LOL at Go Baroo! The Wolverines certainly did not do well today.

  26. Is there a “Scenic Overlook” or something” Are all of you peeps about to get rear-ended? God, you’re scaring me-how does anyone get past you on the highway? (snicker, snicker)
    “Things with horns” can be cars, too!

  27. AND now I have The Wa-waTusi song in my head, thanks…..oh, that’ll last all night!

    Where is Hon Glad?

  28. While I’m at it- Slave to Three-how are you doing? Write back!

  29. momof2kitties says:

    No scenic overlook, it’s just that the meadows and grazing pens are by the highway side of the road and the buildings and such are farther in, away from the traffic noise, I suppose.

    LOL @ “things with horns”. I haven’t been honked at-yet. Maybe everyone is slowing down at the same time trying to sneak a peek at the cute leetle piggies?

  30. One would hope, momof2kitties, one would hope. I know I’d be there hangin’ off the side rails….

  31. Sweeeeeet!!!!

    Does anyone else think piglet looks a little like Yoda?

    My favorite pigs are guinea, but this one is awful cute. Want to hug!

  32. SQUEEEE!!! I love baby piggies!!! And I LOVE Ann Arbor!!!! =)

  33. oh, I miss a2…

  34. I DEMAND to see pictures of the piggehs sleeping all lined up in a row.

    :: pounding fist on table ::


  35. momof2kitties says:

    Road Trip to A2!! Who wants to go to Ashley’s for a beer or three?

  36. Jennie Mello says:

    I would spell that hawnshes.

  37. scooterpants says:

    Ellen and the piglet both have the most nom-in-ish manicures eva. but my adoration is not lost on the supreme knobbly-knee axe-E-ons.
    since i know i cannot have, pleeze make it stop.
    does this actually mean caterday is no more???
    Piglet-er , pIGGZZZZday…SSSSSSS????.
    donnn get it.
    i am creature of habit… must have kitteh on caturday.

  38. One Skunk Todd says:


  39. Deborah Serrano says:

    Tiny trotters!

  40. I don’t like his eye *cowers a bit*

  41. Cuuuute! But where’s the kittehs for Caturday? I’m very concerned.

  42. warrior rabbit says:

    We had a very large dose of kittehs yesterday, peeps — didn’t you ration?

  43. Totalee Puppy says:

    AAAAAAWWWWWW…Snorgle Snorgle Snorgle…I love the little foot in the shirt pocket…

  44. Feets so small they aren’t worth pickling.

    Whoops, I meant tickling!

  45. 1: I second Berthaservant’s harrumph.
    2: I’m also astonished that no one has yet made the obligatory (?) pun, about your caption for “this
    little Piggie’s” feet … the fact that you referred to the quality of the [wait for it …] “Footage”!!!???

  46. Just to correct one of the comments – those aren’t my (Ellen’s) hands in the picture, they are owned by one of the very nice ladies that work at Domino’s who was kind enough to sort one of the piglets out of the bunch for us to pet.

    I don’t have a picture of them all sleeping in a line, but I’ll try to get one next week. Meanwhile, there are a couple of his many siblings over on my blog, along with extremely hi-rez originals, here:

  47. “Watch out for the wet snortsicle.”

    (Snort laughing in appreciation)


  49. Totalee Puppy says:


  50. Totalee Puppy says:

    I am a benign visitor to the Planet of the Piggies.
    I will bring beet borscht,
    cabbage soup, potato latkes and other kosher goodies so that piggies
    will get a severe case of grabbie-hands and slurpy-mouf and sniffy-snout…

  51. ThreeCatNight says:

    Prosh piglet with adorable hoovage; so petite!