Where were those kittens filed again?

They’re filed under ‘P’ for prosh.


Mae D., way to stay organized.



  1. I thought ‘M’ was for McFluffersons… either way!

  2. Or was it ‘t’ for trubz?
    No, wait.. check ‘b’ for

  3. Aww, rats!

  4. No, cats.

  5. PS — et tu, duckling?

  6. momof2kitties says:

    No, no they’re under “Q” for Qte!

  7. AGGGH!!! SQUEEE!!!! *splode*

  8. I was thinking “H” for “Helping”.

    Cats… :tsk:

  9. I think they’re actually under “O” for OMG, THOSE KITTEHS ARE SO ADORABUHLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Berthaservant will need to brace himself, those marmies are killer cute!

  10. I definitely thinking ‘S’ for Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  11. I’M, I’m.

    Sheesh. Somehow it’s almost 11 am and I am still not awake…

  12. Now how come I never find anything that cute when I open the file drawer at work? Huh? Life just isn’t fair.

  13. Not K for kitteh?

  14. C
    for comfortables

  15. ‘H’ for Happiness is…

  16. Okay, my glasses were smeared up with hummus.
    No. I was using “rats” as a cuss, because I was sore about being number two.
    It was childish and irresponsible.

    Love the marmie paw on dilute tortie’s back. “Excuse me, ma’am? Ma’am?”

  17. This is a good way to motivate the interns to do the filing.

  18. File under ‘E’ for EEE OMG, SOOOOOOOOOOO blargh ded from cute.

    I want to kiss all their little wee faces!! And paws, and bellies!

  19. Under “A” for A tabby, A marmie, and A tortie.

    I file most things under “A.”

  20. AuntieMame, I bet your accountant loves you… hahaha

  21. Von Zeppelin says:

    Mr. Slippery, that manager frog from a few posts back, is going to be VERY UPSET that that gray kit was misfiled with the marms. How the heck are we supposed to find ANYTHING in this office?!

  22. Adorable in the extreme.
    Auntie Mame: love your logic!!!! (however a grammatophile would look over his/ her glasses … “don’t alphabetize by the article”…presumably, no grammatophiles are employed, or work, chez vous!!)

  23. A for adorabulls!

    If I could have kittens in my office to play with during the day my job would be SO much easier to take. Le sigh.

  24. OMGosh, those Marmies are SO gorgeous! And I simply MUST have the grey one… MUST HAVE MUST HAVE MUST HAVE! I NEED to nibble and kiss on heees leeeetle head!

  25. Is this one of those new self-cleaning file systems where the kitties know to destroy anything older file or folder than 5 years?

  26. *Opens file drawer in her desk*

    Drat, no kittens!

  27. ThreeCatNight says:

    How about “D” for “delicious” or “darling”?

  28. Gail (the first one) says:

    Yes, I was going to say “H for Helpingks”, too!!

    Here is the preferred method of transporting the File Clerks from client to client:

  29. speaking of kittens.. Im getting mine tomorrow!!! yey!!!!

  30. I didnt know file cabinents came with super cute kittehs! I’m sooo jealous now. Maybe if I buy a file cabinent my Sully will hide in there?

  31. I opened up my file cabinets looking for kittens also … none! now i’m a sad panda. 😦

  32. knightofmonarch says:

    File under T- for three or maybe I – FOR INCREitIABLE -OR R – FOR ROUGHHOUSEING – OR -OOOOOO what was I doing

  33. No kittoonz in mai kabinuht but kaliko kittoon abaowt wan yard awai frum kabinuht!


  34. a – adorable
    b – baaaaaaaby!
    c – cute!
    d – dahlink!
    e – eeeeee! so cute!
    f – fluffeh!

    yep, these kis can handle any letter of the alphabets.

  35. G for Gahhhh!!!
    A for Awwwwww!!!
    S for Squeeeet!!!
    P for Poofity Cute!!!

    D for Delish!!!
    E for Ebil (but Squeeet-see “S” above)!!!
    D for Delifeful kittehz!!!

    T for Tufts of Fluff!!!
    H for oh the Humanity!!!
    U for Ultra Soft
    D for Dere Be Kittenz!!!

  36. Even the marmies at this moment cannot cure my aching back. Though it helps a little. 🙂

  37. BTW, Reportell’s link has a disturbing image. As does a recent ad about the Governor of Alaska’s opinion about hunting wildlife from helicopters. If animal rights (or, for that matter, hunter’s rights) are a political issue for you, you might want to check out the ad.

  38. berthaservant, did we askeer u awai from our forum? 😀 We did go a wee bit overboard in our welcoming and then we went WAAAAY off tangent. We really need a good kitteh file organizing system over there. LOL

  39. Berthaservant: Marmies make wonderful heating pads. So good for the hurting muscules. I hope you feel better.
    My elderly gentlecat Mr. Picky sometimes sleeps smack up against my aching back and he is a wonderful heating pad, just not so comfortable in the summer.

  40. File ’em under H for Hazard. Warning: these puttins are extremely hazardous to a bad day at the office! Take three and call me in the mornin’!

  41. Hey Metz — no, not scared away, just haven’t had as much time in the last few days. I’ll be back.

  42. Yeesh. Just reread my own post and realized it made no sense whatsoever. I blame you, damn all-too-adorable-kittens. Thank you for short-circuiting my brain.

  43. I’m considering a portable format, kind of like Gail’s Prosh Digitail* Fluff, myself.

    (* cringe)

  44. Berthaservant- Make a box of extra large Thermacares your best friends. Put one on your boo-boo back and let the heat relax your muskles. This is from experience. I know muskles.
    You especially should sleep with with a Thermacare and the heat will help, promise. Get a cane, with which you can do all manner of marvelous things, including reaching and sweeping small children from in front of you as you walk.
    Only sit up in short doses. Listen to your body and if it hurts Don’t Do It. You will be better, I promise. IF you are under the care of a medical person, take all meds as prescribed and give in to the boo-boo. Your progress will be marked perhaps in days, perhaps in weeks, but it will happen. Don’t do anything dumb, please. Dumb includes twisting, skateboarding, laying on your back or tummy and other non-traditional back-exploding things.
    Oh, yeah, put a pillow between your knees when sleeping, resting on our side. That is all….until later. Best wishes, Katrina

  45. Pups'nstuff says:

    Ummm… file under ‘B’ for BOXhab!!!!!!

  46. Totalee Puppy says:

    Katrina…How about filing Katrina AND the kittens under H for healing?
    For an aching back, do you approve of a Memory Foam mattress pad? We have had good results at our house, and the cost is so low compared to the cost of an entire mattress…We got ours at Sam’s Club…

  47. Totalee Puppy says:

    Patito Gigante…LOL “T for

  48. Why are kittens the Thai food of animals?

    You just cannot ever have enough and you just don’t care how many places you can find them already, you’re happy to find one more.

  49. DLaw- the extend the metaphor- you also are never quite sure what you are nomming until “*snap* you either ate the red thing or the grey furry thing got your nose!

  50. Leslie, I used to work at a doctor’s office where I was in charge of maintaining the patient files. One of my first tasks was to go through and alphabetize them, which took DAYS. And my coworkers apparently thought names beginning with “Mc” belonged in their own section, at the beginning of “M”, rather than where it they should have gone. *sigh* And they didn’t understand why I moved them. *double sigh*

    I’d file these under “F” for Fuzzy. Or Feline. Or Ferocious. Or Fantastic.

  51. Totalee Puppy- each person is different-I tried on and it took my husband and the salesman to get me out and I thought I’d die from the pain. A friend loves hers! Go figure!

    I think backs need support, however that works for someone! We got the hardest mattress we could find 21 years ago and it is still great, not quite as hard, but it has a ‘me’ sized groove in it!

  52. Can we sub-categorize O for “Orangey” for the two orange kittens? And make it my specialty?

  53. We could color-coordinate the files with the puddies. That might help us find them again.