The most unbelieveably prosh Scottish Fold Kitteh



Consider yourself warned. You cannot handle eet.

Laura J., you’re right, this Scottish Fold reaches new levels of proshness.



  1. ugh, it’s too cute.

  2. Chunkeh face kitteh!

  3. Now I can sleep with sweet dreams of little chubby kitties on an all night purr! Triple Bleen!

  4. geneticlemon says:

    *plants face in tummy*

  5. Wow. The round belleh, the stubby legs, the background purr… *dies*

  6. OMG! The tummiest of them all!

  7. Aaaaaah! Stubbular leg-waving champeen!!

  8. eeeee, love love LOVE the kitten showing off his karate skills at 1:48!

  9. Wasn’t this posted before, about 3 months ago?

  10. The fluffiness! The tubbiness! [thud]

  11. Oh, wow. Little roundette! What a little teddy bear! I remember when mine were that tiny…

  12. Oh! The wiggling! 30 seconds in I said “It’s true, I can’t handle eet!”, and then I saw that the video is [breathing into paper bag] three.. minutes.. long..

    Them Doraemon kittens is gonna kill us all.
    And take our jobs.

  13. Kitteh is teh fierce! And purring fit to bust. The tiny peep in the middle was hilarious. And the ultimate EXTREME KITTEH CLOSEUP, OMG!

  14. it’s true! i can’t stand eet!
    i’m dying from the qte!!!!!!

    @jason: i thought the same thing, but i can’t tell – is it the same or just similar?

  15. When did Scottish folds become a major import to Japan? And we just got some crappy dinosaur robot/toys in exchange?

    That little plump tail! The round Buddha belly, the difficulty in rolling over! Too much.

  16. The tiny purr!!! The little “don’t touch my butt” meyowp at 2:24! *DIES*

  17. One of the cutest videos ever posted on here! My boyfriend and I were both entranced for the whole 3 minutes. 😀

  18. @Jason and Ashagato – I thought the same thing, so I went back through all the kitten posts (so much fun btw, so many kittehs!!) and found it on April 5th this year. Definitely good enough to watch again though!

  19. This was already posted; I remember it.

    Still cute though.

  20. you’re right – this is so cute it hurts and I’m not joking. the fluff! the belly! the pawsies! the ears! the eyes! the tail! *dies*

  21. His head is almost a perfect ball! Now I know what you get when you cross a Weeble with a Beenie Baby!

  22. His head is almost a perfect ball! Now I know what you get when you cross a Weeble with a Beenie Baby!

  23. I thought I could handle it, but around 52 seconds my head exploded from the cute. And then at 2:22 my computer melted from the pitiful baby mewl. I need to clean up the melted puter parts. But first, I watch kitty again!

  24. OMG, that is lethal! i can’t handle the qte! i want to snorgle that round belly NOW.

  25. My God! I can’t even go to work now!

  26. That is too much cute for one kitten.

  27. Ehn!

    “your fingarrs a’ too fast! Aah I’ll catch ’em! Attaaack!
    I’d bettah destroy tha camera.”


  28. I think Scottish folds like being on their backs swatting at hands. They seem so suited to it. My goodness that is the cutest thing. How tiny, and yet, how completely awe-inspiringly enchanting. You (I) can’t look away!

  29. Roly poly pawsy claps! Oh noes, my head’s gonna ‘splode!!!

  30. FredZeCloud says:

    I murst have ze vicious attack cat in training. Please ship the kitteh to me immediately via overnight FedEx. I am dying from the need to snorgle teh roundest and fluffiest of bellehs and let the kitteh nom my fingers. MUST LET THE KITTEH NOM!!!

  31. I can’t handle it. Tiny purrs, waving stubby paws and a chubby belly? Srlsy! I can’t handle it! You’d killed me straight dead.

  32. I, like so many other brave COers, made it just fine, could stand the stubbular back leg action with out any adverse effect, and then, just when I started to relax, 2:22!!!!1!!!

    *starts cleaning up the brain mess*

  33. I love it when he’s all “Ah! I see! Mine leg is mine enemy!” -nom-

    Wonderful start to my day.

  34. Thank You CO,
    A Great Start to My Friday.

  35. EaterofShades says:






  36. The purring at the end kilt me dead…

  37. Scots Fold
    Scots Fold
    Roly Poly
    Scots Fold
    Scots Fold
    Scots Fold
    Eat ’em up

  38. I’ve never seen anything on here that I wanted to snorgle more than this little one. His top half and his bottom half obviously don’t communicate very well, it takes a little effort to get them to work in unison so he can get upright again.

  39. awww this was too cute…what a lovely kitteh!

  40. He’s all like, “Touch my belly fool! I dare ya.”

  41. The fluff! The waving! The tum! The nose! The nomming! Ded. Dedditty deddity ded.
    But in a good way.

  42. headddd explodess.

    computerrrrr crashesss.


  43. Get in my belleh!

  44. Ahhh! My teeth hurt after 10 secs of this video. Behold…the power of Qte.

  45. Oh my gawd I want a Scottish Fold kitten SO MUCH NOW!!!!

    Usually I think reposting is lame since I like to look at the archives sometimes and it renders that pointless. But lucky for me I missed it the first time!

  46. The purring charge at the end just killed me.

    The kitteh is beyond prosh, but the hand is not so smart. It’s fun to play with a kitteh like this, but it’s a different story when a grown cat latches onto your hand with all teeth and claws. The kitteh that learns to play like this grows up into a badly behaved cat.

    Sorry to be the party pooper.

  47. AUGH! The excess cuteness has given me an icepick headache. Gah.

  48. revolution724 says:

    “The kitteh is beyond prosh, but the hand is not so smart. It’s fun to play with a kitteh like this, but it’s a different story when a grown cat latches onto your hand with all teeth and claws. The kitteh that learns to play like this grows up into a badly behaved cat.”

    I have known approximately 8 zillion kitties who played with their people’s hands as kittens and who miraculously did not turn into slashers as adults. Cats figure out how not to harm you with their claws. Mine still latch on to my hands in play sometimes – with velvet paws and gentle teeth. Lighten up.

  49. Wait, didn’t we see this before? Or are all scottish fold kitties so blindly cute, with their fuzzy chunky limbs rolling and flopping around, that they’re just starting to look the same?

  50. Yitzysmommie says:

    HA!! I handled eet! I did, I did! I was not done in by the purrs or the flailing proshly adorabuhls stubbular limbs. The round leetle yeys did not KEEL me!
    Now the nuff….
    YM throws the new chocolate with caramel specks pudding starting the general puddin’ brawl..

  51. That little one sure had it’s motor going. : )

    I love Scottish Folds!!!

  52. OMG! The tubby belleh! and the wiggling! And the feets! Oh, and did you see what he did there with the nomming????? DID YOU SEE!!!!! OMG!!!! My head just went splort. I’m dead now.

  53. OH.

  54. MY.

  55. GOD.

  56. Bean – you are incorrect. Adult cats engaging in this type of play behavior are unlikely to hurt anyone as they learned how to control themselves through play behavior when kittens. The only way this behavior can create a poorly behaved adult is if it is taken to the extreme, of which I see no evidence in the video.
    You’re pulling non-issues out of your party pooping rear. Get off your pedestal and enjoy the kitten.

  57. that part at 1:47 was extreme.

  58. wagthedogma says:

    I had to bail at :30 because I was perilously close to dissolving into wracking sobs over the unbearable proshness.

    @Jenny – LMAO and Go You!!! 😀

  59. That is sooo cute…how do you know when a Scottish fold is pissed off? Guess you have to go by the tail only?

  60. Tiny Fold or big cat — can’t resist no matter what. My cats do this to me all the time. What’s the prob, Bob? I love eet!

  61. What a yummy little purr machine!

  62. Dat not a real kitteh. Dat is a composite of all the cute from all teh kittehs.

    I can see the execs around the table now, “Yes, yes–dis one’s belleh and dat one’s little tozes. With all dis cute in one place, we can Rule The World!”

  63. PS: Maniacal world-dominating laff!

  64. Meg and Theo and Tom:

    Thank you for all the kittie posts today. I’ve had a horrible, horrible week, my back is aching, I’m flat broke, and one of my so-called friends decided to go south on me. I’ve really needed cheering up and you have no idea how much CO helps. God bless you all.

  65. Kitten is ADORABLE. I have to agree, though, that if you play with a kitty that way too often, it might grow up to be a biter/scratcher.

    My boyfriend did that with our cat Benny (before he moved in here) as a kitten, and now Benny the cat is much too aggressive. My boyfriend and I have the scars to prove it. It seems to be an inherent problem with him, but I’m sure playing with him like that contributed.

    That said, playing with a wee kitten like that every once in a while probably wouldn’t do any harm, and the kitten in this video is SOOOOOOOOOO cute!

  66. jackie31337 says:

    This is weapons-grade cute-onium! Some gentleman from the government will dropping by shortly to see you. 😉

  67. I call Berthaservant giant hug! Give it up for Berthaservant, peeps, we’re needed!

    Berthaservant- this week is gone and we are here, as always. Courage mon brave! Will any of this matter in 365 days? If so, talk to someone about it, if not,well, maybe we can help you work it out with zee cute!

    Play the elephant card, BS- go play with the elephant baby, that’ll help!

  68. Oh. Mah. Gawd.

    I was squealing and making such nonsensical I-wuv-you noises that my mom rushed in to make sure I wasn’t having some sort of seizure. I MUST SNORGLE DIS KITTEHPANTS NAOW!!!!

  69. Berthaservant, I send you hugs and happy thoughts and rainbows and buckets of marmie kittens. Know that, even though we only know you through blog postings, the CO peeps love you and are here for you.

    Please note that I want a Scottish Fold soooooo badly.

    In response to the aggressive-play comment: my Rigby is over a year old and enjoys playing this way, but she has learned to play gently, mainly due to me pulling away my hand and exclaiming “Ouch!” or “No!” or “Gentle!” when she would get too enthusiastic. It takes a little time, but kitties can learn what is okay and what is not!

  70. (‘Course, that’s just my experience with a naturally timid cat. I don’t know if it works for all cats. Just my two cents!)

  71. Thanks Katrina. Compared to the other stuff that has happened to me this year this isn’t nearly as bad. It just sucks to be in pain and then have someone you trust add (public) insult to injury.

  72. At first I thought of a Weeble Wobble, but then I realized that the kitteh never really quite gets upright. It’s an anti-Weeble!

    Berthaservant, I feel your pain…I had a so-called friend do that to me after 5 years of friendship. It won’t always suck as much as it does right now, I promise.

  73. Berthaservant:

    Sorry you are going through all that. I know all about the “having someone you trust go south on you”. I could write a book.

    Hope things get better for you soon. Best wishes.

  74. This is what I have running through my head as I watch this kitten play it’s little button tail off (more?)…

    “I are ruff tuff Niponese Soldier…grrr”

    Bonus points to the one soul who knows what book that cute-i-sized quote comes from…

  75. o.m.g. why the ‘ – why??? its, its its its

    not it is button tail off.

  76. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:

    Ew…I’ve seen enough of the “fat, disembodied hand poking at a kitten” theme. Kittens should be taught to play with toys, not human fingers. Leave the poor thing alone!

    [Oh wah. – Ed.]

  77. omg! *squee* doesnt he look like puss in boots in the movie Shrek wehn Puss does that big eyed-cute face? 😀

  78. Sarcasm-hime says:

    I know everybody goes ga-ga over the Scottish Fold, but they just don’t do it for me. They look kind of like weird Ewoks to me, not like cats.

    I think animals with big ears are incredibly cute – Corgis, Abyssinians, bunnies…big ears FTW!

  79. wagthedogma says:

    {{{B-Serv}}} Hope next week is better!

  80. The gams.
    The. Gams.
    T H E G A M S !

  81. Berthaservant-I don’t post very often (I usually can’t think that clearly after seeing the pictures) but I’ve grown very fond of you from your posts. I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry about your week & hope you find comfort in your friends here.

  82. I think that kitten is part monkey.

  83. Hello, I’d like to report a Qte Overloadage on my computer. Yes, that’s right, the computer was ded mid-squee.

    Actually, the power wasn’t plugged in properly and the battery reached its limit. 😛

  84. I think the least you could have done was to issue a disclaimer warning diabetics not to watch this video.


  85. Chloe Sparkle says:

    OMG. The cuteness has melted my brain. That kitten just put the overload in “Cute Overload.”

  86. Overload indeed. 0:49, the “paws up!” pose is to die for. And the purrrrs. The PURRRRRS! *dies*

  87. sarah luvs kittes says:

    i want to squeeeeeez it!
    so cute! that is my favorite breed too.

  88. thats 3 min. of pure cuteness!!!!!!!! its boring what he does, but its SOOOO CUTE that you cant turn it off!

  89. How could she have stayed at arms length for that long. I mean, after about 23 seconds I would have had to already smooshed my face right into that tum tum. That cat you have to experience by face.

  90. SQUEEEE!!! Yes, veddy veddy qte.

    but, I’m gonna put on my 16-year-head-veterinary-technician hat an agree with the nuffers here. The paw play is fine, but the noms are not good to encourage AT ALL. Cat bites, even from teenyweeenycuuuutiemonster nommage, are naaasty. They come with a load of major bacteria, and get infected rapidly. If we even got nicked with a tooth and work, we dropped everything to go wash up. If we got punctured, it was off to the clinic for antibiotics, no exceptions. You can play rough and wrestle, but the key is to teach Kitty to not use his mouth. We nom on THEM, not them on US. 🙂

    My work here is done. Back to our regularly scheduled cuteness.

  91. i want heem.

    i think this guy deserves a few new Rules of Cuteness.

    How about: if you can’t control your limbs so good, it’s cute.


    if the noises you make are bigger than your body, it’s cute.

    that purring! the roly-poly-ness! i really need to move to japan.

  92. It really irritates me to see people playing with kittens like this because it teaches them that hands and arms are for biting and clawing later on and not petting and loving. Then when people complain about their cats being too aggressive with them or scratching them, I want to smack them in the head.


  93. wee_squirrel says:

    Queekly! I am being attacked, I must expose my belleh! Enh!

  94. I’m just a nom-machine!
    And I don’t nom for nobody but ‘chu!
    I’m just a nom-machine!
    And I don’t nom for nobody but ‘chu!

  95. I’m just a nom-machine!
    And I don’t nom for nobody but ‘chu!
    I’m just a nom-machine!
    And I don’t nom for nobody but ‘chu!

  96. That is one ferocious beast.

  97. Roly poly teddy bear kitty! AW!

    Wee_squirrel, actually, cats really do roll onto their backs in a fight sometimes, so they can rake with their back claws. You’re just seeing it as play behavior here.

    And no, it’s not a great idea to play with kittens this way, they get the idea your hand is a thing they can bite. Much better to use a toy. Cute though!

  98. Christine H says:

    Aww, it flails so fluffily!

  99. That video was so cute it got our dog’s attention. She was trying to lick teh kitteh and licked my monitor instead 🙂

  100. But, but, I need my brain. I have to work and pay bills stuff

    *looks away*

    *taps desk, looks up at ceiling*

    ‘don’t look, just DON’T!


    ASPLEWDE!!! dying gasp: ‘oh well, what a way to go’

  101. michellemybelle says:

    I hope to never meet a Fold in person as I know I’d lose control of my faculties and who knows what else.

  102. Adorable! Looks like a fluffly little bear! 🙂

  103. not all cats turn to biting monsters from this type of play.



    little nom chomper with real mini motorboat sound effects!

  105. I just died says:


  106. Totalee Puppy says:

    BERTHASERVANT–It sounds as though you are experiencing more than one kind of pain. I’m sorry I think I didn’t understand your song/poem about 1 2 3
    Red Light as it may have been about hurting and loss and not a sign of feeling better, as I originally thought…I hope that the appreciative thoughts and prayers of friends at CO will form a
    climate of caring which may
    help you to gradually heal from all you have been going through. I apologize for my awkward sentences…

  107. Totalee Puppy says:

    Little Scottish Fold kitten…You are so sweet, so prosh! So happy to see
    you again…your purrs are so…your purrs are so…
    so…(adjective function gone…SHUT DOWN! SHUT DOWN!…ack…splort…

  108. TPup — no, the song was just the 1910 Fruitgum Company, although now that I think about it, it was kind of apropos! TOTALLY unintentional!

    By the way, three days later and this vid is still teh wunnerful.

  109. Hi Berthaservant

    Just seen the comments after being away for a couple of days-had to get another dose of foldiness – and really sorry you’re having a bad time. Hope it all improves soon.

  110. OMG OMG OMG


  111. Nora- we all become so eloquent in these situations in which CO puts us. Well said!

  112. Excellent reminder of why Scottish Folds are so awesome. Had to re-watch with volume up to catch the purrrr.

  113. oh. my. gosh.

    how adorable is that?

    is it bad that i touched the screen to try and pet it’s adorable-ness?

  114. I want one.

  115. OH MY

    DA WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If only my two cats were not two and three… They would want to fight the stranger kitty.
    I’m so sorry Berthaservant,
    I’m having a hard time too!
    I just moved away from all my friends a long LONG ways away, have no real friends 3 months after,Had my double digit birth day with out them,
    Am having break downs and have a cold.
    Oh well..
    It cheered me up!

  116. By the way .. both my cats, Bo and Co Co we played with with fingers, and they are the SNUGGLYST KITTIES EVER!!!!!

    Yes as much snuggle as that Kittie!


  117. Then again…