These Ragdoll kittehs want to know how you’re doing.

"Oh Hey." [Looks up from wrestling to acknowledge your presence]


"Glad you could stop by.

How things were going?" [Looks at you intensely]


"Ah huhn."


"We’re all glad to hear that.

See you again soon?"


See ALL the ragdoll goodness over here at CattFuzz. Thanks, Sender-Inner Claudia D.



  1. Eeeeeee!!!! My favorite breed and they’re killing me!

  2. Kitteh leeps! Kitteh leeps! *smooch*

  3. Aw. They care! They really care!

  4. Ahn. Look at those wise little blue eyes. I could look into them all day.

  5. Whew! I was so glad to see in the last picture that there were more than 2 kitties. In the first picture, it looks like the kitty’s head is detached from the tiny body and that it is just meowing away on it’s own. So glad to know that it was 2 separate kittens – Or was it???

  6. meowandwoof says:


  7. momof2kitties says:

    DO. WANT.

    Must kees peenk kitteh leeps!!!

  8. O! M! G!

  9. ThreeCatNight says:

    I just want to kees, and kees, and kees, and kess, until I can’t kees any more, and just make a bloody fool of myself, and collapse on the floor near my desk! This could get seriously embarassing.


  11. That second picture keels me. He/she looks so concerned!

  12. If those are ragdolls, they settle down. My dad had a neighbor with a ragdoll– the kids would take it on the trampoline, and the cat would fall asleep while the kids jumped up and down.

  13. These bebeh kittehs be very qte, but look at frowny eyebrowses! Talk about yr disapprovals! Uh-oh. Do these bebeh kittehs have toefloof as well as peeeenk leeeeps? If they do, I am lost! Lost, I tell you!

  14. Or mebbe they are just concerned?

  15. Those are really called ragdolls???? There is a stray kitten where I live like the one with the dark nose and I feed him and his sibling and mommy nearly everyday. In fact, yesterday was the first day he actually let me pet him. He’s so pretty!

  16. Erebella, Rikki looked like one of those (the one with the dark nose) too, hence “Reykjavik Ricochet Ragdoll”, but I know for a fact that he’s at least half generic tabby. Heh.

  17. Their eyes are so…round! Even their pupils…almost human like. Perhaps that gives them the more “concerned” look?
    So is ragdoll a breed? And are they called that because of their demeanor? All floppy and chill…?

  18. AWWWW! Love the lovely Ragdolls! I have one of my own and they are the most sweet, lovey, cuddly, precious kittehs! And soooo sofffffft

  19. yes, floppy and chill. sweet and cuddly, extremely soft fur, gentle and mellow cats. if that’s not enough for you, they are also extremely cute. here’s mine

  20. Floppy and chill, lol. Or like Eddie Izzard would say: relaxed and groovy.

  21. Picture 3 breaks my heart! Thank you kitty, for being so concerned about me. 😡

  22. Now I will be singing the songs from Don Quixote…

  23. Buddha kitties! Wise *and* chilled out!

  24. Is it just me, or does the last photo remind one of Children of the Corn? Is one of those kitties named Malachi??

  25. Oh the pink leeps – can’t stop staring!! There nothin like a kitteh with pink nose and pink toes.

  26. snoopysnake says:

    Oh, thank you kittehs! You have saved us from a bad day! How can we ever repay you? Twelve gallons of milk and a colossal shrimp ring? Done!

  27. Oh, my! Such serious faces! Don’t you just love it when kittens try to act cool?

  28. Oh my god, that last pic is like the Bad Seed. Evil little ones with the intent to take over the world, and giving you that deadly stare. Except rather than glowing eyes, they have redokulously cute furry faces – but just as deadly.

  29. omg, i have to get a better camera so’s i can get pics like that.
    oh wait… i need kittehs too!

  30. OMG< I was JUST gonna' say "Midwich Cuckoos"? I mean REALLY...Re/donk/ulously cute, but still a leetle scary...
    “We. Are. Ragdoll. Resistance. Is. Futile. You. Will. Be. Assimilated…”
    In their tribe? Gladly!

  31. Gail (the first one) says:

    These kittehs are “Counselors-In-Training” and practicing their Empathic Listening expressions.

    “So what I’m hearing you say is that you feel guilty about spending so much time in a box, is that right? Mmm-hmm, let’s explore that. Do you feel you are neglecting your humans when you are in your box?”

  32. OMG Aquila, that is what I meant. I GISed for Children of the Corn for images like this one:

    but of course could not find it because I totally had the wrong movie. Thank you so much!

  33. Aww… look at those little faces. I want to kees and kees them! 🙂

  34. knightofmonarch says:

    Black eyes – Pink nose and month- white wiskers – I’m done for the weekend – never get over this till Monday

  35. Izzit PAWsibbuhl to bii annai–anny — KILT — three tymez?


    —yup, itz PAWsibbuhl. Kittoonz ar wayyyyyy tu Qte to be believed.

  36. I will add to last photo:

    One of us!
    One of us!
    One of us!

  37. Those kitties have “fruit punch mouth” a la

    Ten points for someone to get the not-so-obscure reference!

    [Season One, no problem. – Ed.]

  38. OKAY, Squeeeeee-there, ya happy now? My gravy, I’m exhausted from all of today’s cute and oh, no baby elephants, too? One at a time people, one at a time!

  39. You cannot resist the power of the fuzz!

  40. Brown nose or pink nose? Brown nose or pink nose?

    I’ll take both!

  41. I for one welcome our cute & fuzzy feline overlords.

  42. I should have skipped therapy today. These three were all I needed.

  43. aww….I have a Ragdoll, a humane society critter named Muffin, can’t figure out why she was there. She’s got seal point markings, just a floppy beautiful lazy creature who’s been my best hang buddy for nearly two years now. HUGE round blue eyes. I never heard of the breed until I got her.

  44. I’m sure they’re little sweeties, but that last picture is giving off a real Village of the Damned vibe.

  45. catloveschanel says:

    I’m pretty sure I would tell all when the kitteh asked, “How are You?”

    Oprah, look out.

  46. OMG the CatFuzz site is TOO MOISHE! I just barely made it out with my life! You. Havebeenwarned. Say in Capt. Kirk voice.

  47. RAGDOLLS! My second favorite breed (after the Birman). So freaking cute!

    For more info:

  48. I *knew* CO would use this submish… lol, I fell in deep deep kitten love when I saw the pictures!

  49. I’m kinda snickering at how “submish” looks a lot like “sumbich”.
    Carry on.

  50. Heh, I’m showing my age, but I was thinking “The Midwich Cuckoos” (aka “Village of the Damned” in film) for the last photo.

    “Children of the Corn” were too interactive/animated (they were just kids, albeit led astray) and I haven’t seen the Bad Seed, but the kids in “Village of the Damned” were beings from another planet…

  51. scooterpants says:

    another example of the few having so many and the rest of us NOT HAVIN ANY!
    argh! i just want ONE. whats so wrong with that???? SUMBICH!!!!

  52. so_much_love says:

    Are the kitties always so stubbular? Their little stout legs are keeling me softly over on their blog.

  53. Oh my god. Must. Have. KITTIES!!! This is truly overload. I want them alll… I want to snorgle them all to tiny pieces.. Wait.. they are already tiny.. babble.. babble…

  54. “I’m kinda snickering at how “submish” looks a lot like “sumbich”.
    Carry on.”

    THEO: When I typed it out, I DID type sumbich, had to correct it,lol. That was because of mozilla’s handy red line… of course submish has one too… but I left it alone lol.

  55. Thanks for the link to the Cat Fanciers, Mary-I had fun exploring!
    Coffee Cup- Buffy The Vampire Slayer first season and this dude is the ubervamp who gave the young Buffster some minor troubles.

  56. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:

    what’s TTFN, SYS????

  57. Ta Ta For Now… So You *Say*.

  58. warrior rabbit says:

    SYS is see you soon, not sure about TTFN but it’s something ‘…for now.’

  59. warrior rabbit says:

    What? So You Say? I don’t think so, unless you run with constant skeptics.

  60. TTFN, SYS = Ta Ta For Now, See You Soon.

    Yes, ragdoll is a breed. A big, fluffy, sweet-natured and people-oriented breed, with big blue eyes and no jumping ability. They’re named that for their tendency to relax in your arms. I have a shelter cat that my vet and I believe is a ragdoll mix, as he has every trait except that he’s not a long-hair – but he has the super soft fluffiness! The shelter thought he was a siamese mix when he was there, because the color on his back hadn’t come in yet – they darken up to either colorpoint (like siamese) or bicolor over their first two years. Mine turns out to be a creamsicle bicolor.

    He has the same huge round blue eyes, and yes, in all but the brightest light his pupils are round, and he does often get a concerned look on his face – I call it his worry face. He also gives kisses, freely, on command, and in return for my kissing him on the head or the cheek. It’s like having a small dog that purrs and washes itself! He’s so sweet and adorable-handsome that the vet snorgled his belly on the exam table! Unfortunately, he knows just how cute he is and uses it mercilessly!

  61. Yitzysmommie says:


  62. Totalee Puppy says:

    Held onto these adorable
    pictures for Caturday! Then it’s PROSH-RUSH for the rest of the day…No
    caffeine, no choc milk, no
    mini-marshmallows, no Pringles…Theo comments in moderation only…

  63. Totalee Puppy says:

    The last photo looks like
    a concerned support group saying, “Thanks for sharing.”

  64. Oh, how much sweeter life would be if everyone had a support group like this!

  65. They are simply irresistable! 🙂

  66. Totalee Pupy-I thought the same thing!
    “OK, who has something new and different this week?”
    Sweet puddy-tats.