Cats with white paws listen up

Here’s a tip. You can keep your paws twice as clean!

By using a ‘stacking’ position, you save on cleaning by not letting one paw touch the floor at a time.


You can thank me later, Betsy M.



  1. ChibiKitten says:

    Aw, looks like my old Sarah-cat. 🙂

    *tickles paw-pads*

  2. ThreeCatNight says:

    Now there’s a cat to give one major pause (or paws, if you wish).

  3. Gail (the first one) says:

    Spotted toe-sies!!!!! So ripe for teeekleengs!!

  4. The combination of white feet and black beans is like Kryptonite to me.
    I’m meeeeeeeeeeeelting!

  5. ohhhhhhh, GOD! Cat FEET! I’m DYINGKS!

  6. “Whatchoo lookin’ at, Willis.”

  7. Aww… this looks like my Rocky! I want to neeble the feet! 🙂

  8. wagthedogma says:

    I love how the cat’s expression is all, “talk to the stack, dude.”

  9. Juniper Jupiter says:




  10. warrior rabbit says:

    Kitteh: Dude, don’t even think it.

  11. Yep, CAT FEET!!!


  12. Wow, four kitteh posts in a row … did Caturday come early this week? (NOT complaining!)

  13. Quit lookin’ at my bum!!!

  14. this key-key so could have gotten goosed by the cameraman/woman. i goose my beagle all the time when i can sneak up on her. it’s hilarious! then she does the crab shuffle because she’s startled.

  15. If any cat ever ought to be called “Sambuca”…

  16. That is the cutest cat I have ever seen.

  17. Insidious Twinkle says:

    Wow! Till I realize that his toes aren’t pink, I thought that was a photo of MY cat!

    See him here:

    So similar I have to declare him the cutest kitty I’ve seen on here!

  18. Insidious Twinkle says:

    RealizeD, not realize.


  19. Whoah, Insidious Twinkle’s cat is super cute too!

  20. momof2kitties says:

    I spy licorice jelly beans!! Yummy! My fave!

    @B-Serv: Go back a few posts to the end of the Cute Co. comment section. That should help cheer you a bit.


  21. We call white feets plus black toes “special order toes.” The rich color makes them more deleeshious.

  22. WickedWendy says:

    @ Mel2, that made me laugh cuz Gary Colman was on Divorce Court yesterday (yes, I work, we are lucky to have a tv in the lunch room! Yeah boss!)

  23. *sob* *sob* I miss my tuxie who had cute little white feet like this too (with cute black toe beans).

  24. In my town there is a road called
    I just love to say it-“COTTON PAWS! COTTON PAWS!”

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    My next cat is definitely going to be a tux. No question.

  26. Why wait, Mary1? Target has peroxide AND shoe polish.

  27. I’ve had several tuxies with black beans. It keeels me. One of them even had white feet/black beans AND black cheeks/white whiskers. I call it “mixed options.”

  28. scooterpants says:

    ” and now, for my next trick, I shall rabbit punch your stupid camera-picture taking *ss right in the face, now, go get a life a quit taking snaps of my fuzzy butt “.

  29. He’s all:

    “What? JEALOUS???”

    Yes. I am.

  30. Both my guys have white paws. Stinky has all peenk tootsies. Dante’s are marbled, black and pink. My late Mimi had white paws and black pads. So until I have a black cat with pink toepads, I think I’ve had every permutation. 😉

  31. PS Stinky has the main floor all mapped out so that he can move all over it and never touch the floor. Bookshelf to armchair to ottoman to piano bench to piano (BONK BONK BONK) too coffee table to (YAY!) couch. 😉

  32. Nice, Theresa, I do hope you keep the piano open for little Mozart to compose as he metaphorically swings from tree to tree! Wouldn’t it be just so wonderful to be so lithe and do that?

  33. Totalee Puppy says:

    If that’s your bum, you’re in trouble…

    Glad I saved the kitteh pix for Caturday! All the comments are so great!!

  34. Totalee Puppy says:

    Chanpon…Sounds like your
    tuxie was the cutest…You must miss your kitteh a lot…Hope there are happy
    memories, too.

  35. Yitzysmommie says:

    YeeHaw! My Yitzy the Moo Cat (black & white splotchy on top & white underneath) has four white paws and every permutation of peenk and black pads you can imagine. My fave is the two feet that have alternating pink & black pads…

  36. Here…Smell deez!

  37. His feet are as big as his head! MWAHHH