What’s That, You Say? A Waffle?

"Why, for goodness sakes, it IS a waffle!  And to think, when I sat down here, purely at random and for no particular reason, I had no idea that there would be a waffle nearby — and yet, here is a waffle!  How mysterious the mechanisms of Fate must seem to someone such as I, who likes a nice waffle on occasion, to find one’s gaze suddenly and for no reason fixed upon … but hark, I think there’s someone at the door!  I’ll bet it’s those nice Publisher’s Clearinghouse people with a really big check!"

OK, stay calm ... exude nonchalance ... I think he's buying it ...

Riiiiiiiiiiight, Kyle C.



  1. Once again NTMTOM, you nail the image perfectly. Good jorb.

    *eyes waffle with puppeh*

  2. Oh dear, he’d undress that waffle with his gaze if he could!! 🙂

  3. almost as subtle as a kitten with the slowly extending paw. Too funneh!

    (I read that several times “who likes a nice waffle on occasion”, teehee)

  4. dottiejean28 says:

    Puppeh sounds an awful lot like Ed Grimley from SNL and SCTV back in the day.

    I was dying because I kept picturing Martin Short hopping around like a moron.

  5. Von Zeppelin says:

    Sensors in search mode. . . searching. . . searching. . . BEEP!! TARGET ACQUIRED! LOCKED ON TARGET!

  6. hahahaha. This has to be some of the best captioning of all time.


    I love how dogs, my muttley included, will just stare at food as if they can will it to jump off the plate and over to them.

  7. Hahahahaha! This is a great one, I love how sometimes you can just read a dog’s mind. My dog is just like this little guy, his little face is so expressive.

    Don’t be heartless, give the little guy a bite of waffle!

  8. hes like gir.. he “Loves wafflezzzzzz”

  9. That’s as giant a waffle as I’ve ever seen. Pup’s going to have a challenge in taking that stealthily.

  10. That waffle looks a bit aenemic, is it ill?

  11. Dude. Where can I get a waffle that big?!?!?!?

  12. You mean waffle…cake!

  13. momof2kitties says:

    Our kitties do this all the time if you happen to sit down with a bowl of cereal or ice water.

    Mia: “Oh, were you going to sit here? Well, what a coincidence, so was I! I think I’ll just stick my paw in your bowl there and sample a bit of what you’re having, mmmkay? You don’t mind, do you?”

    Me: “Mmm, cat hair in my Cheerios.”

  14. (the original) Mel says:

    Ah the happenstance of fate.

  15. Starling, I was thinking the same thing! And did that dog actually say HARK? What is he, a Shakespearean actor? You mean Bark, right?

  16. Doggies and waffles are not a good mix! Several years back we gave our lab/chessie mix leftover waffle on Christmas morning…she sat around us while we were opening presents dropping silent stink bombs! We’ll never feed her waffles again!

    I’ll take some of that waffle, to spare the dog and the humans the trouble… 😉

  17. that waffle looks really dense and undercooked. i’m not surprised mr. euroshirt left half behind.

    but mr. chihuahuapants doesn’t care if it’s a golden-brown fluffy belgian waffle or a delicious belgian mcsconersons. he must have eet!

    p.s. that’s pretty much the size you get from most waffle makers if you make them yourself, which is dead easy. trus’ me. you’ll have to get a dog to clean up your extras once you start, but i hear that is a reward in itself…

  18. @NTMTOM: You nutz, man, you know that? The novella/capsh is so right on, itz scary! *mberkie0 rofling*

  19. What kind of dog is that? It looks like an African breed to a layman like me. One of those Pharoah dogs or the one that doesn’t bark but does blush.

    He’s obviously a good tracker. Look at the way he’s zero’d in on his prey!

  20. Yo quiero taco belgian.

  21. Hee hee-I am familiar with that maneuver AND that conversation!

  22. I’ve had a real Belgian waffle – it’s nothing like breakfast food – OHH it’s good. nomnomnom. Anemic waffle, ha I’m still chuckling.

  23. My dog does this but the staring at the food is followed by staring at me, then back at the food, then back at me, and so on until I give into the puppy eyes and give her a bite. I have no control when it comes to puppy eyes, which is why my poor baby is overweight. Bad human!

  24. NomTom — it’s Stewie with a snout!

    Kris — ay carramba, sacre bleu!

  25. Martha in Washington says:

    Hey, I had waffles for breakfast!! But they were those little frozen ones. (And yes, I did toast them before eating them.) My dog didn’t seem to care that I had waffles. Now…if it had been POPCORN she’d have had the same look as Senor Chihuahua there.

  26. Michelle S. says:

    I love the pic, but the caption is spot on. You’ve obvy lived with waffle thieves.

  27. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Michelle: Sadly, you’re right. It was a dark chapter in my life, one I’ve been reluctant to talk about until now, but the time has come to face up to my lurid, diabolical crimes. And you can read all about them in “Jonesing for Syrup: My Life Among the Waffle Thieves” (Simon and Schuster, $29.95)

  28. Kris- you are made of fabulous!

    I love waffles and doggies and NOMTOM, too. I’m all set for the day, thanks!

  29. knightofmonarch says:

    Yes sir that’s my waffle- No sir it can’t be awful Yes sir that’s my waffle now,now ,now – dives in to the plate

  30. Is that a miniature pinscher?

  31. How to Hypmotize McPuppersons:

    1. Get anerable pupper (“prosh” is also acceptable).

    2. Cook anemic waffle. EAT APPROXIMATELY HALF.

    3. Place pupper near to waffle. Issue firm “stay” order.

    4. Enjoy.

  32. NOMTOM…Is your book available on Amazon, I’d really love to read it as I am contemplating a psychological study of waffle thieves. Well, as soon as I get this syrup off my hands.

  33. I think you mean PUPlisher’s clearinghouse 😉

  34. fish eye no miko says:

    “W” is for the many Ways that you’re served!
    “A” is for the Admiration you deserve!
    “F” is cuz you’re Fluffy, you’re Flaky, you’re Fun!
    And “F” is for the Flavor that is second-to-none!
    “L” is for how Light you are, you melt in my mouth!
    And “E” is for Eggs!
    Oh, baby!
    Put them all together with a how-do-you-do
    Only Waffles we love you!
    -MST, “Viking Women and The Sea Serpent_.

  35. Oh, yeah, read the cap really fast, a la Ed Grimley, and it’s even funnier. I can just see Martin Short, with that goofy, pointed hair, jumping around the room – this is a ripe opportunity – I must say…

  36. Another classic, NTMTOM!

  37. BTW, all, thank you for referencing two of the top 5 all time TV shows, SCTV and MST3K. (Rounding out the top 5: original “Twilight Zone,” “The Simpsons,” and “Fawlty Towers”).

  38. fish eye no miko says:

    berthaservant said: “BTW, all, thank you for referencing two of the top 5 all time TV shows, SCTV and MST3K.”

    Hey, we’re cool like that. ^_^

  39. That caption made me giggle in a most undignified manner. Good work, NTMTOM!

  40. YAYnESS! WE met the cuteness factor! LOL.

    But to those that were asking the dog is a minpin/chihuahua mix that my friend rescued for my b-day gift! She only came in extra large ears though. LOL.

  41. A. Non Ymous says:

    winnie the pooh homage, anyone?

  42. Not that Mike the Other Mike — you have the best captions EVER. It truly is a gift.

  43. It has been bugging me all day about where I have heard that quote! For some reason, I want to say it was on “House”, because I know I heard that quote recently and I was watching House a lot last week.

    Please NTMTOM, where is it from?!?

  44. We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I’m making waffles!

    If I do that will this doggeh appear?????

    Or I could just share them with my marmie Jerry who is learning Leggo my Eggo.

  45. I just love the use of a good “hark”! This one made me giggle with pleasure! My Rosie used to be a bun thief (we didn’t eat waffles) – she would “steal” one and tiptoe away – quite sure we didn’t notice – and hide them for later … sigh … good times!

  46. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @P.Earl: As far as I know, I wasn’t referencing anything specifically, but sometimes I reference things by accident. 🙂

  47. That waffle is bigger than the doggeee! 😀

  48. Psyc-harlot says:

    My puppeh steals waffles but not to eat. He thinks they’re toys to hide. Nothing like reaching under your pillow on the bed and finding a sticky belgian (never frozen or anemic) waffle that the clever shelter-muttley has hidden away.

  49. Psyc-harlot- my Corgi hides half-masticated biscuits in our-away-at-college son’s bed. When he comes home he has treats under his pillow. Some service huh? Priceless.

  50. Diana Balton says:

    THAT WAS PULLED STRAIGHT OUT OF PETER SELLER’s (CLAIRE QUILTY’s) MOUTH FROM STANLEY KUBRICKS LOLITA. Still though, very clever use!! only makes you even COOLER in my eyes!! 😀

  51. heh heh, fish eye no miko, now I have the Waffles Song stuck in my head!

    Waffles, won’t you?

  52. I rarely comment on Cute Overload photos, but the caption on this one sent me over the edge. I read it out loud to my husband (who rolls his eyes at my CO addiction), and even he laughed.

    Excellent work.

  53. A Non Ymonus-“Well, I’d like a slightly bigger smackeral than that!” Winnie Ther Pooh