That’s what I call CPR!!!

Er, mouth to "meow"th

Er… mouth to mouf

OK, Whatever, a fireman saved a kitteh giving it mouth to mouth resusitayshe!

Check out the full video over on Yahoo!


When asked what giving a cat mouth to mouth tasted like. The fireman said: "Like fur".


Thanks for the hot tip, SparkyPannnts.



  1. Beth (in NC) says:

    AHHHH I have to watch it… did the kitty make it???

  2. Beth (in NC) says:

    PS– Tastes like fur… mmmmmm…. hairballs.

  3. Associated Press is a hot spot for The Cute lately. I just saw an insanely cute and touching video there of a beluga giving birth and the little baby and mama snorgling after. Awwww!

  4. That was… intense. We don’t see that everyday.
    Great job, fireman 😀

  5. Beth (in NC) says:

    PPS- Awww. Phew! Yay. I love Firemen today… check this story out; warms the cockles, it does:

  6. This made me tear up!
    I just sent an email to the New Bedford, MA fire department, about how awesome Firefighter Al Machado is and how they should single him out for a special honor. It’s so moving (not to mention, umm, hawwwt!) to see a big brave handsome fireman do everything in his power to save a helpless little furry creature!
    Let’s all write to the ASPCA and see if we can’t get them to nominate Al Machado for an Animal Rescue Award, or something.

  7. Oh, and also -YEA for rescuing kitties!! This guy is the best! I hope the cat was ok after.

  8. *speechless*

  9. I want to send that guy flowers.

  10. And now, a new category:
    Cats ‘n’ Ax

    C’mon, where’s our ‘Rescue Dudes of CO’ calendar? Got us Mr. January right here.

  11. Bingalulu: Can you share the email? I would love to write to them and let them know how wonderful it is to see someone have such respect for a creature that could easily be ignored!

  12. Yitzysmommie says:

    Did the kitty live? I can’t tell from the video. In the vid, the poor kitteh is not getting any oxygen and is not moving at all….does anyone know the rest of the story?
    Props to the firefighter for trying..

  13. Another one for the Res-Cute category!

  14. I love those men!


  15. I heard this cat is okay!!!

  16. For a REALLY happy cat story, check out:

  17. Furi Kuri?

  18. “The darkness must go down the river of night’s dreaming. Flow, Morpheus, flow – let the sun and light come streaming into my life.”

    What movie am I watching?

    Sure the kitty was okay. It was hooked up to a little oxygen tank and I saw its arm and head move. Besides, I doubt they would have made a big deal out of it if it wasn’t all right in the end.

  19. And it’s not The Matrix. 🙂

  20. I give mouth-to-mouth to a pussy every night. Nobody fking nominates me for an award, or offers to send me flowers.


  21. Just admit it! You *know* we’re all thinking he was gonna say, “Tastes like p@ssy” !

  22. Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    Cuuute kitty.

  23. I hope the kitteh made it though.

  24. “The cat’s breath smells like catfood!”

    Firefighter Ralph Wiggum, Springfield Fire Department.

    (Oh, come on! SOMEBODY had to do it!)

  25. That guy deserves a bonus, a commendation, and a parade. He’s the hero of kitties everywhere.

  26. Jillie — Here’s the address for the New Bedford, MA Fire Dept.: . I found it via Google.

    From what I’ve heard, yes, the kitty survived and is recovering at a veterinary hospital. Yay!

    [You need to leave at least 1 whitespace after URLs you paste into a comment on any TypePad blog, including Cute Overload. Otherwise it won’t work right when folks click on it. Just for future reference… – Ed.]

  27. Slave To Three says:

    Last September my Tabby Sue had a heart attack. I tried CPR, but to no avail. Maybe if I had Mr. Cute Fireman there to do it, maybe things would have been better for her.

    But, I’m going to be taking a first aid course for pets that includes animal CPR. I still feel guilty about Tabs, but since it was acute arrythmia, probably nothing would have saved her.


    Sorry to be a downer. I just miss her still. But, this video is heartwarming.

  28. That was a wonderful video.. made me cry. It is so nice to see someone care about animals that way..

  29. Heather in PA says:

    Well would you look at that, there are still some decent people left on this planet. 🙂 Good job!

  30. Yahoo player does not work on Safari… it only plays the ads.

  31. Awww, poor kitty cat 😦 I hope the dog that was next to it was ok as well.
    Poor lil things. Glad there were some people there that were awesome enough to help our furry buddies.

  32. Martha in Washington says:

    I love firemen!

  33. Here’s an article about it:

    Apparently it was arson. And not all of the animals in the building were so lucky. 😦

  34. fish eye no miko says:

    Lone: “Furi Kuri?”

    [hits you with her guitar]

  35. it was mouth to meow-th resuscitation. 😉

  36. Wow, C.O. is on top of things. Seeing this on Yahoo news, I just had to check if C.O. had posted it. Resuscitation AND oxygen tank – again, wow.

  37. LOL@ Lone and fish eye no miko
    Fura Claw [ku-ra]?

  38. Aesthetica, you’re comment has made me very happeh.

  39. Juniper Jupiter says:



  40. I heard that mouth to NOSE is the way to go when reviving our furry loved ones.

    “Eskimo kiss of life”

  41. Oooo – happy animal story! Much better than the sad kind :o(

    This makes me happy! Plus I never knew you could do animal first aid training, so I’m going to look into that one :o)

  42. kathryn,

    i wish i could take credit for it, but it was on the video and article, and it made me giggle so much i had to share.

  43. slave to three, i’m so sorry to hear of your loss. i know it’s hard.

    and al machado and his colleagues (did you all notice the other rescuer stroking the unconscious dog lying next to the cat?) definitely belongs on the imaginary *men of cute overload* calendar.

  44. My late dads fave cat Bramble got hit by a car in the road and he rushed outside in his underpants and gave it mouth to mouth crying his eyes out. Only after it was revived did he look up and see the shocked mothers and children that he realised he had done it in the middle of the school run.

  45. Awww, made me cry too. The guy sitting with the cat afterwards too. *sob*

    Just when I was losing hope about human beings again, that reminds me that we are not that bad. Stories like this give make my day.

    Give the guy a medal.

  46. As soon as you’ve located a similar story, with cute photos,
    about a puppy, you could caption it
    “Cute Puppy Resucitation”!!!
    Just thought I’d put this on the table, for plannning purposes!!

  47. i couldn’t get the link to the video to work, so after some diligent searching (this is important, people!), here is the actual link:
    for anyone else who was freaking out not being able to see a macho fireman helping a little animal…

  48. I gave my mom’s cat CPR when she got sick and died on the way to the vet. Sadly, it was too late for her, her kidneys had shut down. But I certainly tried.

  49. Awww. This story made my morning commute so much better too. Yay, for revived kittens and brave fire fighters.

  50. Info for NB fire department here:

    Super Kitty Res-cuter Firefighter’s name is Al Machado.

    I live not far from New Bedford. I am proud of that today.

  51. momof2kitties says:

    Another candidate for the Res-qte Hunks of CO calendar. Yum-O!

    And the vid worked fine on Safari for me.

  52. I saw this story on my local news station yesterday (I’m in MA) and the firefighter they were interviewing said that it was “like an ark” coming out of that house. They rescued some lizards, pocket pets, dogs and cats. When asked about giving a cat mouth-to-mouth, the firefighter said that the cat was trying to bite him. Unfortunately, two of the cats they brought out did not survive.

  53. For those of you who want to take pet CPR classes and cant find them in your area…take regular CPR classes and then use the information that you recieved there on pets. Like for a small kitten you would use infant CPR, but on a larger dog you would use adult CPR. Just check with the local Animal Hospitals to see if they can give you any tips.

    On the ambulances in my district we carry animal o2 masks for just this reason. We had a fire a few years ago in a house that had quite a few animals. Most of them were good but the masks really helped. Infant Ambu bags work really well for getting kittehs to breath as well. Thankfully I have not had to do CPR to many times on animals but its a good thing the New Bedford guys cared so much.

    Hope the little guy is doing good.

  54. Love goes out to ALL firemen today. A good day to remember the hard work and sacrifice these people make to save all lives.

  55. I guess using the nose would help you to create an air-lock (or whatever it’s called). That would be difficult on a medium to large dog (via mouth), maybe more doable on smaller animals.

  56. What a hero!!

  57. @Kimski: On smaller animals its easier to cover both their mouthes and their noses when you give CPR but on bigger dogs you close their mouths and breathe directly into their noses, there is no other way to do it, unless the dog is intubated.

  58. I’m sorry about the other two cats who died, but happy that this fireman and others tried to save the animals.

  59. is that man married? y’know, cause i’m totally available…

  60. I would marry a man who would save a kitten too. I’m currently with someone but could be swayed by this kind hearted gentleman.

  61. Well said, Lesley. A sweet reminder of how much we owe firemen, especially today.

  62. i lurve fireman, especially today, and after seeing this vid.

    i salute all of them, except for the ones who light the fires.

  63. I love how the firefighter is so nonchalant about the whole thing. You’d think he gave CPR to cats all the time. I love these guys!!!

  64. Here’s another story in a similar vein: Reynolds is a blogger and an EMT with the London Ambulance Service, who one night last year ferried a cat to a vet hospital after a fire.

    ‘One of the firefighters seemed a bit upset, “Don’t lose him, we had a cat die on us last week”.’

    The cat was given oxygen in the ambulance and the pix and story are here:

    Also, there are more photos of the reunited tortoiseshell with her owners here:–NINE-years-disappeared-home.html

  65. knightofmonarch says:

    According to the story on IE the firefighters had several dogs and the cat to revived – Being a vollie firefighter myself In know that there is a mask that is used on animals to give them fresh air from the same bottles that we carry on our backs. We can even share the air throught what is called a “buddy “fitting on the regulator by pugging in an extra air line and attatching athe special mask – They proberty had the other mask in use and the cat was given treatment the old fashion way – Great job and kodos to my brother firefighters – Also great stiry for 9-11

  66. It is so cockle-warming to see that people are now caring about our companions in fires. I’d have an awful time of anything happened to Killer Corgi- just thinking bout it gives me the creeps. She is a ‘hider’ under stress, too I doubt anyone would find her if they weren’t asked to look for her. Thank goodness for these fine people and role models. I’m going to call up our fire dep’t and find out if they care for animals, too! Thanks!

  67. I nominate this for the “pet health story of the year!”


  68. I wrote this letter to the fire chief, from the link provided above:

    Dear Mr. Leger,

    I suspect you may have received a few letters about the recent incident in which a cat was revived by firefighter Al Machado. I was moved to add my voice after seeing the video of the incident on the Internet. I am so grateful and appreciative that firefighters like Mr. Machado are willing to take the time to care for our pets!

    I have been the victim of three major house fires (although the first was at my mother’s home). My mother’s dog died in the first fire, and there were cats who barely survived the other two fires. So I can very easily put myself in the situation of the owner of this cat. As a pet owner, I struggle to find the words to express what that would mean to me; to know that a firefighter took the time and care to revive my animal, who is like a family member to me, would make all the difference in the world. And, as someone who has had the experience of going through a fire, it also gives me hope that if it were to happen again (God forbid!), there is a chance that someone would take the time to care for my cats.

    I commend Mr. Machado and all the other brave and caring people who work among us as firefighters. I realize that policies come down from above, and so give you credit as well for fostering a caring philosophy in your department. Truly, this gives me hope for humanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  69. Too bad about the other kittehs–don’t forget to put the rescue sticker on your window so the firefighters know to look.
    Also, most lost cats seem to stay very close to home, so don’t give up looking nearby!

  70. @ Mitsu – Very nicely said!

    Great job, Al! Truly a wonderful thing. This story makes me proud to live in Mass! 🙂

  71. Uh, the video did NOT actually show him doing mouth to mouth, just petting the cat???

  72. Ok, correction. I didn’t see the first part of the video…so glad it turned out good!

  73. @Slave to Three – I am so sorry for your loss. ((Hugs))

  74. I read a story years ago about a fireman giving CPR to a dog. When some jerk asked why, another foreman said, “See that woman crying? That dog is her child.”

    A local animal welfare group is giving animal-sized oxygen masks to fire stations. Don’t know where they get them, but you could do it too.

  75. Fireman, not foreman. Maybe a foreman too.

  76. That just melts my heart!

  77. My younger brother is a firefighter, and he is my hero.

    Once again, I request a “Res-cute” tag for this and future posts.

    I can’t really comment any more because I’m too busy being thankful for people like this who take the time to help animals survive disaster.

  78. Someone mentioned an imaginary “Men of CuteOverload” calendar. I can imagine a fundraiser catalog with firemen (and/or other male rescue workers) posing with cute animals.

    I mean, can’t you just imagine a hunky shirtless fireman cuddling a kitten?

    It’d sell like hotcakes, I tell you…

    P.S. Bouquets to Al Machado.

  79. *tears*

  80. I have a newspaper picture of a rat being given oxygen by a firefighter. He used the small animal oxygen mask, cat sized probably, the rats whole head fits in it. An apartment fire in Idaho in 2006, the rat was burrowed under it’s paper bedding, the cage charred. The firefighter just whisked the entire cage out and thought it impossible anything in it could still be alive. There were four cats saved as well.

  81. Oh, the PET rats name was Halo, BTW!!!!!

  82. That brought tears to my eyes! It’s heartwarming to see the love and care that humans can have for animals.

  83. Blessings upon Al Machado and all of his fire-fighting kindred, especially today. I’ll be attending a candlelight vigil tonight and will have them in my thoughts.

  84. I used to live in New Bedford, MA during grad school so it was heartwarming to see something positive happen. Glad the little cat is recovering and kudos to the fireman for saving cat.

  85. I am overcome with gratitude that Al showed such kindness and compassion toward the kitters. So glad it was videotaped. I loved how he just kept petting the cat, like he was communicating “just hang in there buddy, everything’s going to be okay.”

    Thank you to all rescue personnel, whatever living beings they rescue, they are AWESOME!

  86. How sweet! And a good reminder of why I’ll be taking a class in dog/cat first aid and CPR this coming Monday night. I only hope I can help save my own cats or someone else’s someday.

  87. That fireman is a true hero. Nothing says more about the humanity of a person than how he cares for little creatures.

  88. S23, I’m so sorry about your loss. You were there with your baby and that was a comfort to them.

  89. When reviving kittehs and puppehs, we call the technique “mouth to snout” as they mostly breath through their noses (esp kittehs). It helps to extend the tongue to open the airway, there are some great pet first aid books around. But this firefighter just bought me to tears as well…I agree, Meg, we need a Cats n Ax section…hot firefighters with kittehs/guinea pigs/pugs etc would make my day!!!

  90. Hooray for Mr. Fireman!

  91. kitty go bye-bye -_- 😦 sorry thats my kids

  92. i /so/ recommend everyone taking some first aid for animals 🙂 here’s a good place to start: plus the site is in lots of languages.

    if you’re familiar with human first aid, you’ll find a lot applies – except generally you close the mouth & breath in the nose :), and most animals are small enough that chest compressions are done with one hand around the ribs, squeezing them together. honestly though, the best thing i can say about CPR/rescue breathing is that without you they are lost. even if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, do it!

    crap i was sure i left a space!

    also, the humane society i worked at kept a photo of a firefighter coming through a window holding a cat in our investigations office. it was soooo hot, and i’m not even usually into guys 😉

  94. Rescuers need to know how much we appreciate their efforts.
    As a group, we can really make a difference, you know, How the hell many of us are there? We cover the globe!

    So, write to your Fire Chief, as Mitsu did and we’ll have a giant impact on the issue! Thank you Mitsu for your leadership!

    Slave to Three- I’m so sorry for your loss. We are a kind and good-humored bunch, stick with us and we’ll help you through this, just one more benefit that Meg and Theo and NOMTOM didn’t anticipate-I send you what could possibly be the largest group hug- one day at a time, and everyday.

  95. When my cat was a kitten (we rescued her at a young age), my family went away for a while and left her with a good sitter. This sitter bought a different kind of litter than the kitty was used to, and she had an allergic reaction to it and stopped breathing.

    Our sitter gave mouth-to-mouth to our kitten.. and saved her life. That woman gave our cat another 14 years of a great life. I have so much respect for people who do things like that.

  96. it’s so admirable.

  97. You can make breathing masks for dogs and cats from 20oz and 2 liter pop bottles. Cut the top 1/3-1/2 of the bottle You should have the opening and about 3-5 inches of plastic. Long enough to go up to the bridge of the nose. Pad and tape the cut edge so it won’t hurt the animal and can make an air lock. You put the mask over the snout and breath in to the opening. You can also attach ties to the bottom to use it as a muzzle.

    FYI fire fighters will help animals ONLY if no humans are involved.

  98. There was a story in Germany some 15 years back where in a small town a man saved a chicken from drowning in a lake by giving it mouth to beak. Now here comes the bit that made the story reach the news: the chicken, who belonged to someone in the neighbourhood, started visiting the man’s shop every day and lay an egg in his wastepaper basket. It had to flap over a fence and walk down the street to the mans kiosk to do so. I googled it, but can’t find the story anywhere anymore, probably to long ago.

  99. The New Bedford fire department website is

  100. I did something along the lines of this like 2 years ago. I still have the article!