It Happens Every Time …

It never fails:  You bring home that stylin’ new HGLÄGTH bookshelf from IKEA, save the packing material, organize all the pieces neatly, follow all the instructions to the letter — and when it’s all put together, you still have that one kitty left over. [Seinfeld voice] I mean, what is the deal with that?


Keep it, Shannon G., you might need it later.



  1. the eyes. the ikea reference. the innocence. *plop*

  2. I forgot to add: the pink collar!!

  3. The extended clawsies…
    they say to me, “you will NOT clean this up, I am not done playing wif dem yet!”

  4. That face is pure mischief.

  5. (the original) Mel says:

    Hm. What to do with the leftover kitty. What to do? What to do?

  6. Guilty!

  7. What a great shot! Peanuts are 2nd only to catnip, I think, as far as a cat’s attraction to it. They’re addicting, aren’t they?

  8. I feel a not-so-sneak attack coming on… what’s that german-esque word you all are throwing around? something about sproingen…

  9. Pups'nstuff says:

    omg it looks like kitteh is wearing a tiara!!! love the collar bling…

  10. Yeah, the face looks innocent, but then you see the claws…

    That does look like a pretty stylin’ collar!

  11. Kitteh is up to something!

  12. Karen B in To says:

    That’s nothing. After I put together my IKEA Splörtkenagen combo computer desk and spice carousel, I had a kitteh AND a gerbil AND a few loose screws left over.

  13. I think the kitty goes on top of the bookcase. As a special added value design feature, of course.

  14. Sweet kitteh looks like she’s saying, “You can’t see me as I hide behind these funny little kibble-looking things, preparing to attack you! My camouflage is working perfectly!!”

  15. This looks smaller and less slimey than what was left over after I assembled my R’LYEH bed and GLAAKI night table. Same eyes, however.

  16. Peanuts and any other styrofoam substitute. I was putting together two small tables from Target (yes, Target people – I’m not stylish enough for Ikea). Kitties lost in sleep somewhere in the apartment, and as soon as I opened the boxes, the boys appear out of nowhere to sleep on, bat and bite the styrofoam packing. It’s like teleportation!

  17. wagthedogma says:

    I can has angel turds?

  18. Peanuts are only second to shredded paper in our house. Everytime we empty the shredder it is kitty attack time. Rico is fond of pouncing in, grabbing one piece out of the middle and running off with it. Repeat. I find paper for days afterwards where he has stashed it!

  19. I think I might have just his size Allen wrench….

  20. Hey! I didn’t get ANY kitties with my last IKEA purchase, let alone an extra one! I demand a refund! And a kitty.

  21. @Kris, it’s definitely Luurkenschproing season in Kittehville.

  22. That’s odd…. I coulda swore I counted all the parts that came in the box…. Must be the “Deluxe” Model of the Sauder U-Put-It-Together-If-U-Have-MIT-Engineering-Degree Armoire I bought 2 years ago…. I don’t think mine came with a kitteh, but since I have Mr. Picky, I guess I don’t need it after all.

  23. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I helped Boomer’s hooman put together a bookcase, and there wasn’t a kitty in there, either! Not an IKEA bookcase, though. That could have been the problem. Besides, Boomer’s house is a one-pet (and a dog, at that) household. He does like cats, though. He’s always very confused that they don’t often seem to want to make friends. 😦 I do agree with the “few loose screws” left after finishing a DIY project.

  24. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    oh, @ wagthedogma: Angel Turds?! You keel me! ha ha ha ha!

  25. Oooooh, kitty looks devilish! Styrofoam peanuts everywhere better watch their collective ass!

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    Is that a nascent raised-butt-wriggle-of-doom I see?

    Someone’s in store for some pointy ends!

  27. @T: Thanks for the Arkham reference, I hear you, so absolutely hear you…

  28. Now I’ve got that Poco song stuck in my head.

  29. If you believe that face is innocent then you’re missing several cans of tuna, several balls of yarn saved for Christmas sweaters, a black American Express card and the keys to your new wheels.

    And you still believe that they’re “misplaced.”

  30. sob! okay kitty you can have whatever packaging you want! just stop with the eyesssss!

  31. My day job is working with packing and shipping materials. The stuff is all over the place. Apparently, if we had a kitteh in the store, all would be well.

    :: rushing off to Ikea ::

  32. TW, I’m crushing on you just for that Cthulu reference.

  33. Von Zeppelin says:

    I guess the cat will just have to go in the drawer with all the other stuff I have left over from putting things together: nuts, washers, screws, spleens, pimentos, fruitbats, buggy whips, and a small fusion reactor. I use the styro peanuts to keep it all from rattling around.

  34. angel turds!! oh my god, i snorted with that one. that kitty makes my day!

  35. @Von Zeppelin – buggy whips? I can understand having a left-over fusion reactor or two, but buggy whips? I didn’t think anyone made those anymore!

    I wonder if there are any spare kittehs in the Parts vending machine at IKEA. Must check next time I go.

  36. Holy kitty claws! Have those kneading your legs.. :S

  37. TW: ROTFL — you won’t buy those models again, will you?

    I never have kitties left over after my IKEA furniture! Which is good b/c my grumpy tortie would hate that.

    (For the old-timers, my tux boy is having a big operation right now. What, me, nervous?)

    I believe this kitteh is
    “Luurkensproing mit Lingonberries”.

  38. People, if you have leftover kitties from DIY furniture, I’ll take them off your hands.

  39. That’s not a kitteh, that’s a wolfie!

  40. I’m with you, debg. We’ll each take some, okay?

  41. kitty is so like
    ” don’t even think about taking one for yourself”
    “mine! all mine! i tell you it’s all mine”!!
    “read my paw”
    “mine mine mine”!!!

  42. Martha in Washington says:

    I just helped my sister put her Ikea bookcase together and we didn’t have any leftover kitties either. Or in her new Target kitchen table either. I think she should take it all back!!

    BTW, this pretty babeh looks just like my Gemma, claws and all.


    how is it that kittehs manage to be simultaneously cute and terrifying?

  44. Ikea sometimes writes “Cat not included” under their pictures in the catalog (which show a contented cat on some soft padded furniture)

  45. Gail (the first one) says:

    @lurkertype: Hope your tuxie is doing well after his operation!!!! Let us know…..{{HUGS}}

  46. Gail (the first one) says:

    @warrior rabbit: OMG, “raised-butt-wriggle-of-doom” is the BEST description EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One for the glossary!!

  47. Lurkertype-fingers crossed for you over here, too! Stay with us, and tell us what’s what!

  48. NTMTOM – You’ve outdone yourself with this post! Kudos to you my friend.

  49. The kitty looks like it’s hiding.

    So cute.

  50. tee hee, this is my prosh kitteh! her name is Miss Pants 🙂

  51. Well, Shannon G, best of luck with Miss Pants, beware the bubble-wrap stage of development and for heaven’s sake keep her out of the wrapping tape aisle, it would be a disaster! She is a prosh kitteh, for sure!

  52. Jennifer Beard says:

    SO SWEET!!