The Tale of a Rescued Hare

It was business as usual at the office, when a baby Irish hare, only a few hours old was discovered, dehydrated and solo. Unable to find the mother, they hoped to release him after nursing him back to health.


Unforch, they soon discovered the little guy was blind, and not so suitable for release.



Thankfully, Buster the Bun is now eating well and enjoying the garden in a loving home in Dublin, sproinging around.


Nice find, sender Inner Susan C. Read all about Buster’s adoption and rearing on his blog!



  1. Bunny!

  2. Oh my god the sproinging bunnulence! And at 4:32 on a work day! That’s it. Surely no one could expect any more work out of me now.

  3. That is one cute bun, and some super special peeps to take him in.

  4. WoW! What a good deed done for the bunny.

  5. Would a mini *sproing* be a *spng* ?

  6. scooterpants says:

    how adorable and what a great story, sorry for the head/cement accident, perhaps a teenie helmut is called for? or , teach him to shoot a gun? (take that you silly kitty)
    of course driving a car is out of the question.

  7. Buster hopped his way right into my heart.

  8. Get Buster a Guardian Cat! My Wascal Wabbit had Shadow Cat. They were best friends, shared a litter box, and slept together. No mean stray cat could mess with Wascal when Sadow was around!

  9. He is so adorable! Read all the entries in the blog. Congrats to the people who took him in. I hope he continues giving you a lot of joy. 🙂

  10. er..Shadow..

  11. Rubeh Begonia says:

    *grabby hands*

    I wanna HOLD THE BUNNEH! (Sorry for shouting. I got a little out of control there.)

  12. WOW…he’s grown up to be quite a handsome fella, too!

    I think res-cute should be a tag. Res-cute is instant win.

  13. Yay! There’s a whole lotta bunny love going on in that household!

  14. Fail vs impossible cute bunnitude results in

    ~Oh I wish I was a little brownie bun!
    Oh I wish I was a little brownie bun!
    I’d jump for a start
    Into everybunnies heart
    Oh I wish I was a little brownie bun!~

  15. Oooh, Berthaservant, I definitely agree!

  16. ^^^ I meant about the “res-cute” tag, but of course I also agree with the first part too.

  17. What a little doll baby!! Great adult pics too – those legs are amazing. Bun wants to high-five, cool. He’s awfully lucky, especially since he’s in IRELAND! *wonders how she got born in the wrong country* erin go braugh, bun bun!

  18. I bet that hare has a really awesome accent. I agree, Res-cute would be an excellent category. Everyone feels good seeing an animal that was in danger but is okay now because somebody helped. It’s also one of the few opportunities grown people have to be really cute!

  19. momof2kitties says:

    Holy shamoleys!! Didja get a load of the legs on this guy now that he’s grown? Would that I had half the leggitude of this lil dude.

    And the tum-tum is pretty qte, too. Poke! Poke, poke!

  20. Another vote for a “res-cute” tag. You get a feel-good story with your cute! What’s not to like?

  21. meowandwoof says:


  22. what a great story! cheered me right up

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    Awww…All bunnehs should find such caring people. What does a bunny with an Irish accent sound like?

  24. This post rocks and so does the blog. Awesome pictures! I can’t believe how small Buster was as a baby and how long his limbs are now. Sweetie!

  25. That last picture takes the cake (carrot cake, naturally). Great story!

  26. SPROING-tacular!


  27. As heartwarming as this sounds, I really wish people would leave wild bunnies alone. Mothers are often unseen during the day, in order not to lead predators to the nest. They pretty much only return at night. This, of course, makes people believe the bunnies are abandoned when they really aren’t. However, handling a wild bunny *greatly* increases its risk for death and *greatly* increases the risk to be rejected by the mother when she returns. Without actually being well educated in the rescue of wild bunnies, they seriously have a less than 5% chance of survival once a human comes in contact, doing what they think is something good.

    Not such a happy & cute ending after all. 😦

  28. Normally I’d agree with you, Mary, but did you manage to check the blog first? He was found in the middle of the road, and he’s blind. I don’t think rescuing him was a self-indulgent act. He was not left in a nest by his mother.

  29. Yes, and wild rabbit mums let their little ones get dehydrated….and can cure blindness.


    Doesn’t hurt to *get the whole story* (like reading the captions or looking at the blog) before nuffing…but then, if ya get the whole story, what would there be to nuff about???

  30. michelleology says:

    Based on the torso alone, I wouldn’t mind being cuddled by the Irish lad in the second photo. Cute belly roll – ROWR!

  31. warrior rabbit says:

    Buster is Little Nutbrown Hare! Totally.

  32. @Mary, it was a cute and happy ending. He was dehydrated when he was found, leading me to believe his mother did abandon him. If the blogger had not taken him in, his blindness likely would have resulted in him becoming roadkill. Better he has that much love in a human home than be squised, I would think.

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    Er, he’s totally Little Nutbrown Hare if you look at his blog, that is.

  34. I really want to adopt him, the cutest little bouncing hare ever! I would be a full time hugger or this leeeeeeeeeetle man

  35. Super cool day at CO! Love all the awesome animals! Thanks so much!

  36. How much did I cry reading that freakin blog???? Little Nutbrown Hare how I love can see the disapproval starting to kick in though..eet is ever so slight…even blind buns can disapprove i am sure, although I am no expert. I only have disapproving goggies.

  37. Too cute! Hare-lovers, check this out: They have a live Hare Cam showing leverets!

  38. Oh, my bad. It’s not live right now as the hares were released. But still very cute!

  39. What an expensive hare-raising. Props to his adopters.

    Check out the ‘nyerhe’ to indoors/antibiotics on his blog!

  40. Wouldja lookit them legs! Tyra Banks, eat yer heart out!

    If he had a little blue jacket with buttons and some slippers he could do Peter Rabbit.

  41. Also, the Irish hare is unique to Ireland and very endangered, so these wonderful people’s efforts with Buster are helping to conserve his species.

  42. Mary-no one likes a kill joy. I’m just glad Buster was saved! Every body deserves a chance, Buster definitely got his–he would have died left to the elements! One of the best pets I ever had was a baby squirrel my dad found in the middle of a busy road barely alive. Squiggy lived with us for nearly ten years–we never kept him in a cage and he could come and go as he pleased. It was a great experience to nurse a baby animal back to health and he loved me and my family and we loved him!

  43. Bunnybunny!

    Too cute. And a great story.

  44. OMF’inG!! What an entirely brain-splodingly cute mini-bun! Either that guy is 9′ 8″ with foot-long hands, or that is one of the mini-est buns I’ve seen.

  45. I wonder if, perhaps, Irish buns are less inclined to disapprove. After all, what does this little feller have to disapprove of? He lives in Ireland, he has a garden, he has people who dote on him, he gets to have a cool accent. Also? Thanks to these fine bun loving people, he got to live longer than 1 day! Yay for Irish bun rescuers!

  46. How adorable is this guy & how heartwarming is the tale? I feel like we just found a new chapter from All Creatures Great/ Small; or from Oliver Twist or some
    such “orphan adopted by the richest, kindest family in town” …literature!
    Cute Overload = “Happily Ever After”!!

  47. Awwww – what a great story!

  48. awwww, blind bunny?! awwww!!! kudos to the fam who took him in and gives him loving care. wow.

  49. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Those people are AWESOME! So much love and warmth and caring in her words. They are doing everything to help this bunny live a happy bunny life. What a privilege to know there are people like Ileana and her husband in this world.

  50. Excuse me but this level of cuteness is ILLEGAL! I’m afraid I’m going to have to take this bunneh into custody.

    *reaches out with grabby hands*

  51. Spring,
    We love you!

    Me and my blind kitty approve of this bun!

  52. awwwww aww aww.

    …and I can hear him saying “Wot wot?” (I KNOW there are Redwall fans here ;))

  53. the Buster O’Hare story gives me much joy. 😀

  54. I actually squeaked for the last 10 minutes because this is just too prosh. Too. Prosh.

  55. *stammers* Heart breakingly cute!

  56. Wow-what a great story! And, if possible, he even got CUTER as he got older.

  57. So incredibly sweet what they did for that adorable bun! I have to admit, they have kept a better blog for him than I did for my newborn son 2 years ago. ;P

    Yay for Res-cute!

  58. There’s a new LiveJournal feed for the site over on LJ now. Just search for “bustersjourney”. I was creating one, but somebody beat me to it!


  59. This woman was meant to raise this bunny. I’m sure of it! What a cute little guy. Good job, Ileana! He clearly loves you like you were his own mom. You are, to him! So amazing.

  60. I love this story too! And so does Marvin, the marvelous Lop-eared bun who rules my house.

    If you love this bun, maybe you all can help make a big difference in LOTS ‘o bunnies’ lives by asking safeway not to sell them as snack foods. 😦 Learn more about it here:
    Even a single email from every CO’er could help. I’ve started seeing this product in the safeways in Seattle, and it’s all so sad.

  61. The hovertext, “Nice kitchen. Now where are the carrots!?” keels me. I squeeled and baroo’ed at this and the blog.

  62. Ill chop him up and eat em!!

  63. another *men of cute overload’ calendar entry! and i second the *res-cute* category idea by one of our own *men of cute overload* nominees, berthaservant.

  64. Is a baby hair called a leverett?

  65. LOL hare….

  66. Pat Trenner says:

    “These legs are made for sproinging
    And that’s just what they’ll do
    One of these days these legs
    are gonna sproing all over you.”
    “Yeah. Uh-huh…”

  67. What a beautiful bunny! His legs have gotten SO LONG! Yay for rescuing him!

  68. He was, however, SUITABLE FOR CUDDLING.

    Another laugh I needed otw out to a new job with not so new cold/bronchitis 😛

  69. Yes, Darkshines, a hare less than a year old is a leveret. And totally Squee-worthy!

  70. @caitlin: first thing I thought was, someone wandered away too far from Salamandastron…and with those huge feets, this little dude is Long Patrol material, wot wot!


  71. Hi all,
    I just went to look at my blog and I noticed all your comments!!
    Wow, our little Buster got famous overnight!!!
    I’m still not sure how Buster got on Cute Overload in the first place..!
    Anyway, it’s great to see so many posts and comments about him!
    I have some more *big* updates about Buster and I’ll be updating the blog later on today, so keep posted!

  72. So prosh! And those legs! But…. shouldn’t we tell Ileana that Buster was probably found ’emaciated’ and dehydrated, not (as she writes) ’emancipated’ (which of course means freed) and dehydrated… although I suppose he probably was emancipated as well… but I do think she meant emaciated since that means super-thin and scrawny… It’s hard to be an editor and still keep your friends… sigh… Little buster, both scrawny and freed, you’ve got a happy home now!

  73. Sorry, Ileana – I’m not being mean, really! It’s just that I’ve got this damn editor brain that can’t stop picking out miswrites….! Buster is so lucky to have found you!

  74. (Listen for orchestra in background) …Born free…..!

    to sproing in tall grass. You go, Buster,


  75. thanks for checking in Ileana.

    I can certainly understand why you’re having trouble giving up bottle-feeding this adorable bun.

    thank you also for caring for this lost soul.

  76. @grannymoon

    Ah, thanks for pointing it out, will correct the mistake! thx

  77. warrior rabbit says:


    So glad you popped by! Your own personal Little Nutbrown Hare, Buster, is adorable. Sorry he had the run-in with the cat (and the wall). He seems to get around pretty well for a blind bunny (up the stairs, etc.) Perhaps he can see shapes or shadows?

    What a sweetie. Thanks for rescuing and loving him.

  78. *melts*

  79. Sharon Wilson says:

    OK, it’s official–baby hares are definitely cuter than baby rabbits!

  80. Sniff..sniff..sniff….
    It’s all just too much! My stress level is out the roof and I come here and I see this sweet baby bunbun, and I just, just,….. WAWWWWWWW!!!

    Thanks, I just needed a good cry. It’s nice to know that innocent animals are taken care of and loved so much by sensitive people in the world. Can’t wait to get home and squeeze by daughter’s little Netherland’s Dwarf bunbun.

  81. I’m in love with this hare <3

  82. OMG Scooterpants! The idea of a little helmet on that bunny, with his little ears sticking out, made me go all to pieces (I imagined a red one with white racing stripes). Too much cute! The world would not be safe.

  83. Irish hares are pure troublemakers. Visiting Ireland fairly recently we were driving down a country road at night and suddenly a rabbit starts running in front of the car, his fuzzy tail and back legs boinging up and down in our headlights. He does this for about at least a good quarter mile, and we’re freaking out. We figure, he’s probably scared, slow down and let him get out of the way. But when we slow down, he slows down. So then we come to a full stop. The bunneh stops too, and then finally hops away into the surrounding fields.

    All we can think afterwards is, man, if we had a video camera, we’d have a million views on the youtubes, easy.

  84. I think my favorites are the way he sleeps, belly up, in her lap.

    Talk about trusting.

  85. OMG they rescute him! SO caa-yuuuuute. I wanna snarffle him up!

  86. A girl named Buster??? The BEST!
    I can’t get over how TALL she is!
    I love her.

  87. aww sweet bunneh and “her” servants. 🙂 i’m glad that they are raising her and snuggling her up right.

  88. How kind you were to take Buster in and care for him so well. In an indifferent world, you are so compassionate. And how patient of you to deal with these bossy, if concerned, blog poster folks. You are an excellent couple and a lovely example of just what it means to be humane.

  89. Ileana,
    Whatcha got there is a baby Pookah. That’s right, Jimmy Stewart’s friend, Harvey. You see those legs, how do you think Harvey got to be 6 ft 4 and 1/4? Now you know. Now, watch out for shenanigans and for his wry sense of humor.
    My very best wishes to all of you, and if you ever can’t find, him- ask him to reappear- they like to be invisible! Love the blog, I know it is time consuming, but you are bringing joy to MEEELiions!
    Or the same people many times over at least!

  90. ThreeCatNight says:

    (To be sung to the tune of “McNamara’s Band”)

    Oh, me name is Buster Rabbit,
    I am such a lucky lad.
    But let me tell you all now,
    When they found me,
    things were bad.
    They couldn’t find me mother,
    Down at the office space.
    And then some kind soul noticed,
    A sad look upon me face.
    And then this lovely person,
    Took me home to stay.
    And now I’ve grown and run and jump all the hours away.
    Buster the Rabbit,
    yes that’s me.
    Buster the Rabbit,
    Buster the Rabbit,
    All because someone just took a look and fell in love with me!

  91. OMG it’s so tiny! <3

  92. I was thinking about the luurkensproinging possibilities, but his leggies are so long and so powerful he’d have to luurkensproinging someone 20 feet away or he’d luurkensproing right past the target!

  93. Gail (the first one) says:

    What a great story and yes, I support Res-cute as a category, too!!!

  94. Ileana- do you really live in Dublin or do you live right outside of Dublin and get tired of telling people you live right outside of Dublin so you say you’re from Dublin?

  95. Perhaps no one likes a killjoy, but sorry if pointing out reality downs some people. Wild hares taken care of humans have a less than 5% survival rate. That’s the reality. Great someone felt good about it, unfortunately the chances of survival aren’t exactly higher than that of being on a road.

    Normally I applaud rescue efforts. But if you’re going to try and rescue something, it’s VERY important/vital to know the facts of the situation because this just “inspires” people to do these things without sharing the reality of the situation. I work with rescues on a daily basis, so yes, I tend to be very passionate about it. If learning the realities of rescue bothers people, take the rescue to someone who can handle it…the survival of that animal is much more important than seeing the “aww how cute” photos of it.

  96. warrior rabbit says:


    Funny how you keep spouting off about facts, but still haven’t bothered to acquaint yourself with the facts of this case.

    Your self-righteous blather is misplaced.

  97. Mary – So…uh… I’m confused. Lemme get this straight… you’re a rescuer… and if you came across a roughed-up little tiny hare in the middle of the -road-, you’d leave it, because it’s ‘chances of survival with humans’ was less than 5% anyway, and wild animals should be left alone? The little guy was blind! I doubt he’d last long out there anyway… I’d take my chances with the nice people. That said, great job! He grew up to be so handsome!

  98. Selphie le Boffin says:

    Mary – how ’bout bothering to read the blog before thinking you know what’s going on? The hare’s survival chance being left on the road half dead and blind with no mother was a 0%. The hare’s now grown up and is doing fine despite, gasp, being handled by a human.