And now, Sir Richard Puggenborough’s African er—South American Safari

[Trustworthy English accent] "We’re here in the deepest Amazon, wading in croc-infested waters where ANYTHING CAN HAPP—"

Amphibious Una, originally uploaded by WelcomeToTheDoghouse.

"Did ANYONE prep this place before the shoot!? DAMMIT!"

Frog face!, originally uploaded by WelcomeToTheDoghouse.

[clears throat] "We still rolling? OK, let’s recycle this (ahem) DANGEROUS plastic bottle."

"And Karuthers? you’re so fired."

Vitamin Water Ad, originally uploaded by WelcomeToTheDoghouse.

This exciting adventure brought to you by Alexis T. from Welcome to the Doghouse.


  1. Hahahaha! That’s amazing. And it kind of looks like my friend’s goggie.

  2. The second photo looks like FREAKIN SHARK WEEK! lol!

  3. sooooooooo cute! is he a boston terrier?

  4. Um, hate to mess with a good joke, but the Amazon isn’t in Africa…

  5. warrior rabbit says:

    It’s Una the ‘Up’ dog. I know because I spent part of the morning going through her flicker pictures.

    I might have chosen the mlegh froyo pic, or the ones with her amorous friend Frankie, but these are great, too.

  6. Bunny Troublemaker says:

    The Amazon is in South America, not Africa.

  7. Try It!

  8. Obviously, the imbeciles who failed to prep the site also failed in their research for the script. Don’t blame the spokesdog.

  9. Sweet mother of Jonah! This has to be the funniest “story” I’ve read in CO – or anyplace else, for that matter, in a long time! I actually LOL’ed – heck, I’m still grinning and chuckling as I type.

    And guys, the fact the Amazon is *not* in Africa (a fact of which I’m sure Meg is fully aware) only makes it even more redonk.

    Jolly good work, Megs! By Jove, jolly good work indeed!

  10. David Bowie pup is all [insert Bowie reference]

    [...wet? - Ed.]

  11. Holy mother of Jonah, this has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen on CO – or anyplace else, for that matter – in a long long time! I actually LOL’ed; heck, I’m still grinning and chuckling as I type this.

    And guys? The fact that the Amazon is *not* in Africa (a fact of which I’m sure Meg is fully aware), only makes it more redonk…

    [insert proper British accent]
    Jolly good work, Megs! By Jove, jolly good work indeed!

  12. i think you mean sir david puggenborough, not richard. david does the nature documentaries. that is one adorable doggie!

  13. Oops. Sorry about duplicate. I thought I’d erased the first one.

  14. David Bowie pup is all…”scary monsters”???

  15. hiLARious!

  16. I can’t read the teeny-tiny print between the pictures!

    [Dammit, not this again... using embedded Flickr code causes this sometimes; I'll work on it... - Ed.]

    However, the pictures are great, and the pup is adorable, wherever he is!

  17. Not that this puppy isn’t totally adorable, but we had 2 pics of him yesterday with a link to the blog that had these 3. There are other cute puppies in the world!

  18. David Bowie pup is all…”Oh, You Pretty Things!”

    And also: I weel get you, Winston!

  19. Season Jones says:

    Tiny print is:

    [clears throat] “We still rolling? OK, let’s recycle this (ahem) DANGEROUS plastic bottle.”

    “And Karuthers? you’re so fired.”

  20. OK, fixed the teenytinytype! woohoo

  21. Who is this little guy? He’s adorable! He’s the pup from the Up… post, right?

  22. His face attacking that plastic bottle is HI-larious! Let that be a lesson to all you litterbugs. If you don’t want these eyes honing in on you, don’t throw trash into the waters.

  23. omg. The second picture made me nearly poo a little laughing. Cute goggie!

  24. Hey! Different coloured eyes. Cute.

  25. Sorry Theo, but the teeny tiny type is still there :/

    Cute dog, but that’s a boston terrier, no?

  26. Chicklet — some Flickr tininess is unavoidable. All the parts that Meg wrote should now be readable, though. If not, the page is probably still cached in your browser; try doing a page refresh (press F5).

  27. OMG! The Amazon is NOT in Africa? Why am I just hearing about this? Thanks, thanks alot. Oh, and by the way, this dog is priceless–the facial expressions alone are worth kajillions of dollars!

  28. Nearly as good as the cat in the boat Croc safari we had a while back. Anyone remember it?

  29. Jezebel, it’s even funnier when you watch the DVD extras and find out they pieced the whole show together out of old Steve Irwin footage. heh

  30. Super cutie =]

  31. Does he have a glass eye?



  33. Erm… this is the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen. It kind of scares me.

  34. Strong work with the captions, Meg. I almost had a small bout of incontinence with the giggles…

  35. Don’t think Sir Puggenborough is a Boston Terrier, think he must be a French Bulldog.

  36. Here I was thinking that you meant the type to be teeny tine on all those posts. D’oh!

  37. That’s….teeny tiny.

    *rolls eyes*

  38. platedlizard says:

    lol, I love Bostons, they have the best expressions.

  39. And when I get excited
    my little Bowie dog, he says..
    “Oh baby, just you shut your mouth.”

    He goes..

  40. PG, you and Aubrey need to come over & hang out on the deck I’m rebuilding.

    (patience is rewarded)

  41. Hooray for Una! CO’s newest darling!

    <3 her.

  42. That definitely is one adorable dog. Hope he didn’t pee in the water though. Wouldn’t want one of those fish to swim into his hooha there o_O

  43. HAHA, the expressions + storyline! Funneh and cute!

  44. awesomely funny captions, meg. and una’s too funny.

  45. I probabaly shouldn’t have been eating my lunch while looking at photo #2! Hirarious!!!

  46. ginger is spot-on: It’s not Richard but rather DAVID who is the crawl-around-in-the-wild-for-a-documentary brother.

    And speaking of identities, Teho, where the hell IS Aubrey, anyway (or am I the one who’s been missing)? As much as I’m sure she would appreciate the deck-in-progress (and PG’s charming tune/photo offering), I haven’t seen her around these parts in a while (though I note her blog is still up and churnin’ out the goods)…

  47. revolution724 says:

    Love the shot of Una with her mom, with that huge doggie grin on her face.

    Winston may have a challenger.

  48. This looks like one of the happiest little dogs I’ve ever seen.

  49. Picture 2 is hi-fricking-larious! My first laugh out loud moment of the day!
    If any of you watch Psych, I can just hear the Gus scream emanating from her!!!

  50. I laughed so loud, people came to see if I was OK…

    I love this pup!

    David Bowie Pup Says:

    Rebel Rebel

  51. The second picture was hysterical. The text made it even better.

  52. i have a boston terrier with one blue and one brown eye too!

    i wonder if this cutie is deaf like mine is…

  53. I love Una!!! AND Sir David. AND the Geico Gecko, who wants Sir David off his case! I love ‘em ALL, I tell ya!

  54. PS RE: Bowie– I was re-viewing some ’70s Bowie footage recently, and thought it kind of weird that Mr. Stardust, in all his weirdness, was playing a plain old acoustic guitar. Shouldn’t an alien-looking thing like him, be playing something more unusual and futuristic looking? Like, say, Prince’s symbol guitar?

  55. OMG! That 2nd pic made me *GUAFF* out loud! GOL?

    It’s freakin’ Marilyn McManson!

  56. tis the wierdest fish i’ve ever seen.

  57. That frog face (2nd pic) KEEEEEEEELED me. Freaky-funny!

  58. Very beautiful dog! I’ve never seen a Boston Terrier with one blue eye and one brown eye before.

  59. David Bowie dog says…

    “Dance, magic dance!”

    “Diamond Dogs”

    “I’m happy, hope you’re happy tooooo…”

  60. BTW Theo,patitogigante has a KILLER recipe for fish tacos on her You Tube channel…I’m just sayin’, yeah, I know it doesn’t have anything to do with this post. But, YUM!!!

  61. I looked at this dog’s first picture and immediately thought “Nina Hagen”.

  62. Carolina, oh I know. I know. There’s a sandwich, too.

    With pedigreed lettuce.

  63. [blushing] Oh stop, you guys!

    Lee- Nina Hagen, LOL! I can see Una singing “New York New York”, and it’s beautiful.

    J.Bo, what’s the URL for Aubrey’s blog?

  64. PG, you’re a HER? For some reason I just assumed you were a HIM!! Sorry!

    P.S. I was thinking about our McCubberson family of lions. Wonder how they’re doing? I know you were one of the long addicted bunch!

  65. [takes off helmet, shakes head as billowing mane of pretty hair cascades over football jersey]

    Let’s google ‘em!

  66. Wow, what gorgeous hair you have!

    Thus far, no luck with Google. Everything dates back to June. :( Guess we’ll have to take a trip to Norway to find out for ourselves!

  67. Is that face for real? OMG that facial expression is priceeeeeeeeeeless! Hahaha!

  68. This is not a pug.

  69. PG — Aubrey’s blog is of course (and we miss her). She does have this other sorta side project thing on Vox though…


  70. Theo-love the Ken Burns effect on the picture of the lady and the (!) I won’t tell.

  71. Hilarious! I love that facial expression. lol