Dewd, have you been to 2% yet?!

That new milk bar 2% on 16th has got the greatest atmosphere. They have this grass-like carpet farm-thing going on, and they serve this awesome drink called the Cow Nipple—all the lambs are hanging out there.


Trisha V., I’m at the booth in the back.



  1. Yay lambs!!

  2. See that one lil tailio at the left, wagging so hard it’s a blur?

  3. SQUEEEEEEE! Lambs! I was in New Zealand recently and it’s lamb city – they BOING BOING BOING all over the place! Soooooo cute!

  4. lambies!!! love the action tailio on the left! and the caption!

  5. I’d go, but the crowd makes me feel a little sheepish.

  6. are the green bottles soy milk? or skim?

  7. I’ll take all 8 on special order…and put a rush on it please. *tries to squish all of them into shirt pockets anyway*

  8. the other Brenda says:

    I love them!!!
    No skim for these farm beauties!

  9. That is adorable. I love it.

  10. i’ll have the double de-calf mocha la-a-a-atte, skim, no whip

  11. this photo was taken in New Zealand on my sisters farm, all the lambs are orphans. Her hubby built the ‘lambateria

  12. Trish – that is teh awesome. Your brother-in-law rocks!

  13. spikedcolor says:

    Yay! I was wondering where the mamas were- good to know they’re adorable orphans being cared for.

  14. The Ovis Milk Bar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.

    [Heh… starring Ma-a-a-a-alcolm McDowell? – Ed.]

  15. biscuithead says:

    Love visiting sheep country during lambing season.
    Especially the milk-activated tailio-wag switch that gets the little guys going.
    Once they finish nursing, the tail goes limp.
    It’s hilarious.
    Just plug ’em in + watch ’em wag.

  16. I want a lamb!

  17. ha! a lambateria! too cute, trish!

  18. Left Lambykin is the best! *wag wag wag*

  19. PLEASE tell me they will NEVER end up as lamb chops on someone’s plate! Vegetarians rule!

  20. Mass happiage!

  21. My parents keep sheep because they love them, but they love the lambs the most, especially the way they leap around in play. Mom caught a photo of a little lamb jumping up on top of its momma’s back and just looking around at the world, astonished by its new point of view (Shall see if she’ll part with it, I’ll scan and post it if so ^^).

    So cute!

  22. I was going to make a “Clockwork Orange” reference, but Peter and “Ed.” (Teho, I suspect?) beat me to it…

    P.S. “Lambateria”? Too funny…

    [Oh why on earth would you suspect that? Land sakes… – Ed.]

  23. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Lambateria, LOL! Trish, your BIL is awwwwwwsum. A buncha lambikins nomming breakfast, now that’s a perfect start to the day.

    And 260Oakley, I seez whut u did there :).

  24. But shouldn’t that drink be called a Ewe Nipple?

  25. They’re using old soda bottles … green ones must be Mountain Ewe …

  26. These poor lambies must have such bad gas.

  27. yeah, but the male ones can burp the alphabet…

    [That’s nothing. There’s this sheep on EweTube who can bleatbox. – Ed.]

  28. What cute lambikins!!!
    Trish, your sis and BIL must have so much fun with these babies!!!

  29. hey is the formula green, or just the bottles?

  30. snoopysnake says:

    I’m craving some lemon-lime soda right about now….

  31. bleatbox?? booooo

    heh heh

    laaaaaambs drinking laaaaates

    I totally thought of Clockwork Orange too.

  32. I’m gonna hire this crew to jump over a fence at night so I can go to sleep.

  33. What’s wrong with you? Were you raised by a wooden crate full of Mountain Dew bottles?

    Why, yes, yes I was.

  34. for some reason when i first looked at this pic i thought they were all piggies.. I guess a double take was in order…

  35. Redzilla that is hilarious!

    The first thing that popped in to my mind was
    “Mare’s eat oats and doe’s eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kid’ll eat oats too, wouldn’t you?”

  36. sunnymum: akiddleedivey!

  37. Juno – lol

    I just checked in again… loooooooooong meeting. 😦

  38. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    yeah it’s Mares eat oats and Does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kid will eat Ivy too (akiddleedivey), wouldn’t you?

  39. Sheep wagging their little tail stubs is one of the most precious things ever!

  40. Gail (the first one) says:

    Lambie-kins!!!! These guys look so sturdy!

    @Trish: What a wonderful thing, a lambateria!!! Congrats to your sister and brother-in-law on such wonderful lambs and a lot of ingenuity!!

  41. Clearly, this is my kind of baaaaar…

    Too obvious?

  42. Totalee Puppy says:

    BlAIR–Really liked “de-calf mocha la-a-a-te…”

  43. Totalee Puppy says:

    BERTHASERVANT…Maybe change name to BerthaSerta…

  44. Hamster & Rye says:

    Loving these comments! Shoulda bought stock in Milk Bars when I had the chance**These guys don’t tip, but they’re the cutest customers you could ask for!