Make sure that’s organic, mmmkay?

For a red panda I don’t ask for a lot. Really.


I must have organic pears, apples and grapes.

I insist on hand-feeding [Beady-eye intense look]


I also need my two-toned look kept fierce (Clairol Hydrience Hibiscus Dark Red Hair Color # 32), at LEAST once a month



And let me know when the hot tub is ready. [Scampers back up a tree]


Awesome red panda shots, Jessica R.:D Check out all her shots here. This was all made possible by the Wellington Zoo.



  1. OH my GOODness what a bELLEH!!!!

    LOVE red pandas.

  2. Oof – pic 4 keels me ded!

  3. I get to be the [*****] to comment. yay! pandas are cute….although the commentary is a bit weird…

  4. Born in a wind tunnel was I!

  5. I hear and obey Oh Red Master of the Qte!!!

  6. I love how hes holding the apple in his paw/hand in the second pic… so Cute!!!!

  7. Oooh, panda tongue!

  8. Red pandas are the best. Is he holding his pear bit in his paw in that second picture? Animals holding their food in their paws should be a rule of cute.

  9. Yeah, but can he hold a grape in one paw 🙂

  10. Goodness, I think the gentleman in the interesting sweater is just as cute as the panda!

  11. I don’t ask for much, but don’t disappoint me or I’ll have to *HEADBUTT* you, mkay?

  12. *ded* again

  13. Must…pet…him…

  14. Man, red pandas are the best. CO introduced me to them, and made me fall in lof. WANT!!!

  15. Hello Kitty says:

    Talk about proshnesssss in the eyes!!! My soul has officially been stolen…What a stunning behbeh 🙂

  16. Wow, what wonderful eye color! And so serious… he just needs a snorgle or two. 😉

  17. @ Birdcage – I totally agree! Animals holding food should be a rule of cuteness. 🙂

  18. Gee, is that a cute red panda or a spoiled rich cat?????? Don’t read too much into those eyebrows, people. Surely there’s nuttin but luv in thy red panda.

  19. I am more than willing to volunteer for the duty.

  20. These pictures just made my head explode. I want to rub my face on the top of its fuzzy head. Red Pandas are THE BEST!

  21. Hilde, Norway. says:

    That could totally be a pokemon.

  22. i thought the commentary was the best.

  23. Surely that grape should be PEELED before offering?

  24. LOVE those red panderers.

  25. I don’t think there is anything cuter that teh Red Panda!!!!!11!!!!

  26. scooterpants says:

    omg omg omg!!! me me me!!!! i will hand feed you for-EVA! gimme ! {{{grabbie hands}}}

  27. Tiny tongue action! TINY TONGUE ACTION! Gaaaahhhhh!

  28. momof2kitties says:

    Piccy #4 makes me want a forehead bump.

    *bonk, bonk*

  29. Who could possibly say “nyerhe” to such a face?

  30. squeeeee


    i is dead……

  31. Maybe pandas (red and traditional) deserve their own category? Espesh since neither are really bears? (Steven Colbert sighs in relief.)

  32. ALmost as cute as cats.


  33. DebG — traditional Giant Pandas are bears. Now, as far as *Red* Pandas, I’m going to have to look it up. I know *Koalas* aren’t really bears; they’re marsupials.

    (…OK, Wiki sez they’re not bears, so Colbert is in the clear)

  34. jmuhj, debg — the Chinese word for giant panda is “big bear cat”, and red (how dare the scientists call it ‘lesser’) panda is “small bear cat”. Just goes to show people weren’t sure what they are exactly.

  35. they are such beautiful aminals, really. i must squish heem.

  36. He’s got PandAttitude!

  37. did someone say mcgrapersons?

    (prolly my fave c.o. evar)

  38. *squeeeeeeeee* Red pandas are my FAVORITE! I was literally petting my screen. @_______@

  39. I cannot resist the intense eyes…

  40. OMG! I luv the red panda! Wish I could have one of my own 😉

  41. I must have organic pears, apples and grapes.

    I insist on hand-feeding [Beady-eye intense look]

    I always read the commentary and then look at the pics to appreciate them even more, so I’m glad I had already put down my coffee when I scrolled down to the intense face on the pic below this. Meg, you friggin kill me sometimes 😀

  42. Oh my gosh. Could it get any cuter?

  43. Love the tongue action in the last picture. Red pandas are too cool for school.

  44. I’ve also fed red pandas at that zoo!! Sooo cutes. One more reason to love New Zealand 😛

  45. Oh yeah, here’s the link to the “encounter” page, costs NZ $75 per person.

  46. I have always been a super dee duper fan of red pandas. This just added to my obsessive insanity over them.

  47. catloveschanel says:

    I have never seen one before…..

    I love Creation’s New Fall Line…. Black and White was so last year!

    This is one of the loveliest things I have ever seen.

  48. I want three.

  49. gravyboat- yeah, I’ll take some, too, do you think we could get a discount on the delivery charge?

    Who’s the cutest wittle Red Panda-yes,yes, yes, just the cutest wittle-oh, geez, I’ve got to leave now, I’m about to bust a gut here.