Planet Pupulon WINS AGAIN

Hold on tight, people.

Hold ON!


Duck and cover Miriam J. and PBF cartoonist Nicholas Gurewitch.



  1. I’d have made the same pick. Sowwy Earthlings!

  2. Awwww, I want a stuffed toy of that puppy!

  3. you can’t blame them, really. look at us. we’re hideous. (well, except for jake gyllenhaal and kate beckinsale maybe)

  4. Gail (the first one) says:

    @jen: So true…happy puppehs with wagging tails versus cranky, moody humans?? No way.

  5. But … but … what about the puppies on EARTH?!

  6. I love this comic strip…very nice

  7. Jen, don’t forget Colin Farrell and Kate Hudson – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  8. so if we beam c.o. into space, we’ll save the world!

  9. I’m moving to Pupulon now.

  10. ..and Liv Tyler and Zach Braff, too please.

  11. Most of you probably won’t know who this is, but this is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen:

  12. wow, that is one cute puppeh.

  13. ThreeCatNight says:

    Erebella – who is that man?
    And is he on Pupulon or an earthling?

  14. Alright, who screwed up our “Please Do Not Blow Us Up” Proposal? Hmmmm? I distinctly recall telling you to fill the report with pictures of The Cutest Kitten in the World, Winston, and the Fennec Foxes. And why didn’t you take our Pupbassador with you for Pete’s sake? He was supposed to come in with a Bebe Panda riding his back while carrying the proposal! And where did the Hammygrams we ordered go? It’s all in the presentation people!

  15. Actually, 3-cat, he’s neither. He died back in 1996 – he was a very talented actor named Mark Frankel. Dark eyes, dark hair, about 6′ tall, VERY well built, English accent….. He died in a motorcycle accident when he was 34. I firmly believe that if he wasn’t dead, he’d be the new James Bond. There’s a digital channel called Chiller and they’re replaying a short-lived vampire series he did not long before he died – Kindred: The Embraced. WATCH IT if you have it. He’ll bowl you over!

  16. I’m sorry to get so off track, people, but this guy was a hell of a guy and everyone he knew loved him and he was married with a 2-year-old son and another on the way when he died, and I can’t resist putting up one more pic – actually a collage:

  17. If everything on Pupulon looked like that, I’d blow it up. You can go too far. Or maybe I’m just not into anime.

  18. I blame Winston, Metz, on account of not being a puppy.

  19. ThreeCatNight says:

    Erebella, so sorry if I seemed flip; I didn’t mean to be. What a handsome man; how very sad. The Australian actor Eric Bana rather resembles him, I think. Tragic that he passed so young and with so much promise. Was he popular in the UK?

  20. Not That Kenobi The Other Kenobi says:

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried “OMG SQUEEEE!!” and were suddenly silenced.

  21. No, you weren’t flip. I just hope no one’s irritated at me for posting his pics. I’m not sure how popular he was in the UK – I’m American. Also because he did a lot of work here like TV shows and mini-series, with some movies thrown in. Even 12 years later, it still makes me sad to think about him. That show Kindred (I LOVE it) was cancelled after only 8 shows – it surprised everyone because it was an Aaron Spelling show and quite popular and if it had been kept on, he would probably still be alive.

  22. Oh goodness. I thought KtE had potential and apparently they were readying it for Showtime when he died.

    He was in “For Rosanna,” which was really cute. Also, the pseudo-farce “Leon the Pig Farmer.” I’m still trying to picture the hybrid animal at the end.

    BTW, it’s just me but I could blow up Pupulon. Kitulon, I couldn’t touch.

  23. Kar, KtE was cancelled before he died. He filmed For Roseanna and then died shortly after that for it was 6 months later before it came out. I think they had been thinking about renewing KtE, but without Mark………I think he was the best thing about it, and there were a lot of good things.

  24. love it.
    ROFL@Metz and Not That Kenobi The Other Kenobi!

  25. And it’s happening tomorrow: – “LHC First Beam on 10 September 2008”!

  26. Yeah… I live about 5 miles from CERN… We’d be the first to go… You should see the headlines over here – “The World will end on September 10th” – so was kind of depressed when I saw this post. Will check back tomorrow night (or not!)

  27. Pooh — don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  28. Thanks Theo !
    “it points out that Nature has already conducted the equivalent of about a hundred thousand LHC experimental programmes on Earth – and the planet still exists.”
    I guess that’s reassuring, somehow. Also, there ARE other LHCs elsewhere on this planet, and we’re still around. Am not usually a worrywart but it’s the black hole/antimatter business that got to me. Am going to snorgle me some kittehs nao.

  29. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Poohbear: There’s a collider (FermiLab) about 50 miles from me. So far, so good! I agree that the Black Hole possibility gave me pause, too!!!

    Let’s all keep a happy thought.

  30. Some average looking people aren’t so hideous.

    But if we’re voting, I’ll just throw out Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Vicky Cristina Barcelona is pretty hot.

  31. momof2kitties says:

    Well, my two cents would be Heidi Klum and Matt Damon. But that’s just me…

  32. How could we not include Brad Pitt peeps? I still gasp when I see him in a movie!

  33. The Boy and I adore that paricular strip with the sad puppy eyes…

    But having read all of the PBF comics, I’d like to issue a NSFW warning here. The comic isn’t for the kiddies!

  34. Easy decision…

  35. @ Poohbear & Gail #1 – If Fermi hasn’t killed us here in Chicagoland, CERN isn’t going to kill you, Pooh. (But check in tomorrow anyway!)

  36. this is one of my FAVORITE PBF comic strips. the decision was instantaneous, like, duh.

  37. warrior rabbit says:

    On the upside, Poohbear, I wouldn’t have to clean my apartment or pay off my student loans. 🙂

  38. PBF FTW!

    Oh, and I throw my vote in for “Jake Gyllenhaal could save the world from destruction through the very force of his cuteness”.

  39. Yes, Warrior Rabbit, the Great Emptiness does have its appeal, as any student of Zen will tell you…
    As usual, the BBC is doing a fine job of explaining things, with a good beer bottle joke thrown in :
    It seems that any actual colliding is still a few days away, at least. So plenty of time for kitteh snorgling and apartment cleaning – tho you can hold off a little longer on the student loan, WR…

  40. …and thanks for the good cheer, Gail and Wendy!

  41. Berthaservant- no Chenoweth on your list?

    Darkshines- feel better!

  42. I do hope they spared Planet Unicorn… heyyyyy!

  43. Quiet_Desperation says:

    Is it me, or is the comic funnier if it’s Pupulon that gets destroyed?

  44. In most of the ‘end of the world’ stories, it is humans being judged by what they do, their propensity to be violent and vain. Soooo if we are judged by all those nice looking famous people, we are doomed. Lets give a big hooray for the folks who are wonderful human beings. Now thats beautiful!

  45. Quiet_Desperation: they do get destroyed in a different comic that Peter posted above (“The Mercy of Admiral Shlork”).

    The title of this comic is “Executive Decision.”

    And yes, PBF is brilliant and also can be quite cruel.

    However, every single one illustrates the definition of “irony” perfectly in its last frame. I’ve decided to use them in my English classes to this purpose.