I do some of my best thinking in the shower

You know, I’ve been thinking about our business lately…

[Scrubs lavender shampoo into fur with tiny claws]


That the next product we should sell at The Guinea Spa is Melon-Apple conditioner.


Yes! The tween guinea pig market will go crazy for it!

[Places rhinestone clip in hairs]


Emilie S., I’m glad ‘Potato’ is sooo productive.



  1. Hurricane Ike!!! Nooooooes!

  2. That ham has quite a mane. Or is it a piggeh? Whatever it is, sign me up for the stylist’s 4:30.

  3. Does she keep a hamster in her purse and list her occupation as “socialite”?

    Yeah, we know here type…

  4. hahahaha bof back feet stuck in the drain!! I love eeeeet. Funnily enough I just finished bathing and drying my walking wig before I sat here to look at the cute.

  5. WOW! super kewl!!!

  6. What a cute McFluffersons! She really would prosh with rhinestone barrettes!

  7. such a good piggle, mine make such a fuss when they have to be bathed, I end up as wet as they do.

  8. The name Potato alone is worth it!

  9. That is, like, TEWTALLY a wig.

  10. “Potato” – what a perfect name for a peeg!

    Oh, and BEBEH PANDAS!!!


  11. Martha in Washington says:

    I wish my hair was that gorgeous red color. Who’s her colorist?

  12. Hilde, Norway. says:

    Lol, my piggies hate to be bathed.

  13. This just reminds me of when I had piggies and used to give them a bath. They would always get a disapproving bunny look during the bath and blow drying. This piggie looks like she enjoyed it though.

  14. Everywhere there’s lots of piggies, living piggie lives,
    You can see them out for dinner, with their piggie wives… :))

  15. Balamuthia says:

    ACK! Sooooo cute!

    I want a Guinea Piggie sooo bad!

    I’m afraid my kitty would disapprove (and eat her) though. 😦

  16. she looks just like my piggy pig during her bath shes a cutie pie

  17. darkshines says:

    Far prettier than any of my rough and tumble boy peeegs, or is she vearing a veeeeg?

  18. I love guinea peegs!
    This one is so prosh. I wish I had peegy, just so I could call it Potato 🙂

  19. ahaha – so kewt!

  20. What a pretty little piggie! So cutes!

  21. EVENTUALLY!!!!! a piggie yay!

  22. This made my day. Especially after reading the chapter about Ernest the Guinea Pig in “A Wolf at the Table” last night!

  23. Potato?…..POTATO?
    She looks like one sweet potato! Picture two is just too cute.
    The splayed paws!!

  24. PEEG! XD
    Cute little pink FOOTS!

  25. Such a pretty piggy! So patient, too! A bit of a ‘prima pigga’ there! More long-haired Guinea Pigs, pretty-please? Thank you! They rival rabbits in cuteness!

  26. k… I did not even *knows* that one is supposed to bathe piggehs… is it just for long-hair piggehs? or am I a bad piggeh-mama?

  27. Of course her name is Potato! C’mon! Look at her! Now!

  28. “potato?” lol. what a great name!

    beautiful piggie.

  29. wagthedogma says:

    If Potato ever has piglets, will they be called Tater Tots? (Sorry…)

  30. Nice henna rinse on that hammie! 😉

  31. Gail (the first one) says:

    Miss Potato has won “Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year” for her on-going innovations for the Tween market! She’s number 4 on the Forbes Guinea Pig list….

  32. Hah, this reminds me… I wonder what ever happened to my littlest pet shop guinea pig? She had a really long tail.

  33. The “TWEEN” market? What are we DOING, people? Our guinea pigs are getting too sexy, too fast! Keep your piggie off the pole!

  34. Squez mommy says:

    I’m SIIIINNNNGING in the (sink) rain….just siiiinging in the raiiin!

    Where are my curlers and wheat germ?? He-LLO?!

  35. Tater tots? That’s funny. Those teeny toes in the 2nd pic are keeling me!

  36. knightofmonarch says:

    I’m so pretty- Oh so pretty – I’m so pretty !! Hay – turn off that blower – I’m trying to entertains these people out there .

  37. michellemybelle says:

    Piggies are one of my favorite animules EVER – and Potato is just to die for! Adorable. Just adorable.

  38. DustPuppyOI says:

    Gah! Weird thought! Doesn’t the third picture look like a guinea pig version of X-men’s Rogue with the red hair with a streak of white? Erm… back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  39. momof2kitties says:

    Potato is one of those rare beauties who look just as good with wet hair as they do with dry hair. I’m jealous!!

  40. Ah, that wasn’t a dryer, it was a microphone!

    Tater tots,, too good!

    My piggie- as in “Fix the Pig”, was a short hair. I wish I could have a long-hair, but pictures will have to do! Thanks so much for these! Does Potato have her own website, mayhaps?

  41. she looks like my beagle when she’s wet, especially in the toesies area with the pinkness all splayed out. she’s even the same beagle color. veird.

    potatoe tomatoe.

  42. ThreeCatNight says:

    …”And I really love the Kiehl’s Silk Groom. Makes my fur so soft and manageable. Would you mind moving the dryer a little to the right, please? Thank you!”

  43. platedlizard says:

    The little splayed toesies in the second picture KILLED ME GUYS. And that’s bad, because I can’t work if I’m ded.

  44. Yea! We need more guinea posts! S/He looks like my old Piggle, Ms. Piggy! But I have a cat named Potato!!!

  45. Now I want my own hammie just so that I can give him a bath.

  46. awwwh. little peeeeg. mine had mites and needed weekly baths– he hated it so moiche.

  47. When I was 7, we had a piggie that my dad would wash in the sink on Saturday mornings. This takes me back,,,

  48. When I was 7, we had a piggie that my dad would wash in the sink on Saturday mornings. This takes me back,,,

  49. Adore how potato’s just chillin in the sink by him/herself… adorable!

  50. Oooh, that’s a nice hammie spa. Looks luxurious.

  51. “We’re going to have to wrap this meeting up — I have a mani-mani-pedi-pedi in an hour.”

  52. Aw, my little Tater Tot is an internet celeb… Good thing he doubles as cfo of marketing *and* spokespig!

  53. laughypants says:

    OMG @ Mel2!!!
    mani-mani-pedi-pedi?!?!?! i’m dying right now. funniest thing i have heard. evar.

  54. That piggah is way too prosh for me!

  55. Ms.McPantiesinaBunchnuff says:

    “k… I did not even *knows* that one is supposed to bathe piggehs… is it just for long-hair piggehs? or am I a bad piggeh-mama?”

    You can bathe them….just not so much that it dries out their skin. I just bathe mine once a year in the summer, cause they hate it! 😀 Maybe once a month I wipe them off with baby wipes. It’s not a huge must tho..just kind of personal preference 😉 Your an excellent piggie mom. Just the fact you were concerned that you weren’t…tells me you indeed are! 🙂

  56. Piggie SPA!! Mom always bathed the pigs, they were so happy with her, and fought so hard with me…


  57. i think i’m going to print out that last photo and take it to my hairdresser — i want THIS! some serious Farrah Fawcett styling going on in that last shot. quite the prosh piggie.
    LOL@theresa! “keep your piggie off the pole!”

  58. Mm..yeah, that’s a guinea pig, not a hammie. Sorry, I’ve been conditioned by this site to consider any cute, fuzzy creature of brown and white a hamster.

  59. Cheryl — more like Ferrous Faucet.

  60. Mary (the first) says:

    I don’t see any shampooing going on .. are we sure that Potato just didn’t decide to stand under the waterfall for a few minutes?? just for fun ??

  61. Kanyu fit mii in fur a 1:30?

  62. this craaacked me up!


  63. This is just enjoyable on so many levels. ;D

    Love the photo story, love the guinea and love the name Potato.
    Thank you so much for sharing your baby!

  64. @Mary (the first), behold the soapy wonder of the full-body mohawk!


  65. Second image – all i can see are feeeeeeeeeeeets!!

  66. OMG this is too cruel! Guinea Pigs groom themselves all the time and do not take baths in nature! NOT CUTE!

    (What? It works for the cat photos.)

  67. Beth (in NC) says:

    @ Theresa: Keep your piggy off the pole? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Classic!!

  68. Potato has cute tootsie 🙂

  69. I would so have luuurrvved an enhance shot of those teensie feets. Very prosh. Just going to have to sit here and stare at them and wish. Sigh…

  70. This hammy is very fashionable. All she needs is her Hermes handbag and she is ready to go!

  71. I bathe my guinea “licorice” whenever she gets wood chips, and stuffs caught in her long hair especially if it makes mats. Thats also when she gets a trim too… much easier in water. I think the hair dryer is her favorite part… she backs right up into it!

  72. Aw, come on, I’m starting to feel like Berthaservant and the Marmies- now I really want a long-haired piggy.

    Temporary theme switch-
    Our new neighbor has a cockatiel – sorry if that is misspelled- now that is one noisy bird, it is like having a peacock next door! Any advice from bird lovers? I mean really, really loud- I don’t know how they can stand it! Ear muffs, I guess, (but just where are a cockatiel’s ears- haha)? Seriously noisy, much louder than any dog barking. Can the owner help this or is the solely bird in charge of the sound?

    And now, back to the piggy with the wig-hat on…..

  73. Abad — that’s no hamster, that’s a guinea pig!

    (I actually can’t stand that animation, but it’s kind of a old standard)

  74. ooooooooooooooooooooooh! My first guinea pig looked just like him and I had to bathe him every 3-4 weeks. CAN’T TAKE the cuteness!

  75. tehe, guinea pigs have the silliest hair.

  76. I WANT A GUINEA WIG. ♥ That’s adorable. I usually bathe mine starting with my blonde Abby. She’s a petite girl, so I can just hold her with one hand and lather with the other, rinse beneath running water, and done! The others? Well.

    I have four piggies, so by the time “Piggeh Salon” is done, *I’M* wet, too. I blow dry them too (on low, of course! And not too close…), and then wrap them in towels and let them air dry during CUDDEL TYME. ♥