Bunz and Frenchie’s Daring Caper

"All right, Frenchie — the coast is clear.  Time to make our move."

Some Lalo Schifrin music would be nice here.

"The old dame keeps the jewels in the penthouse apartment.  All you gotta do is (whisper, whisper)"

Huzza guzza whuzza fluzza...

"Right, boss — here I go!"


"Oh, and I forgot to tell you — the jewels are in a lead-lined safe with a quintuple-combination lock guarded by a laser-targeted motion sensor, fourteen armed guards, three rottweilers, and a delusional attack lizard.  So good luck!"

I'm behind you all the way, pal!

We lose more frogs that way, Janine F.



  1. I love the super-extension action shot of the frog.

  2. A marmie at the root of the crime. I KNEW it!

  3. RumpleTeaser says:

    hummm. do i see a book in the making?

  4. “Huzza guzza whuzza fluzza…” as the whispering noise in the rollover is *brilliant* and I love it!

  5. MingoJerry says:

    and what’s Frenchie got that I ain’t got?? c-c-c-courage!

  6. That darn cat! 😉

  7. Wow, what a pretty froggie!!! All I ever see is toadies where I live but I love them too. I’m always moving them from the sidewalks and petting them. My dog almost stepped on one last night. And is that a long-haired cream-sickle??? Cool!

  8. Long-haired creamsicle! Good description!

    I was just thinking what a beautiful cat that is. Someone is very lucky to have such a beautiful animal.

  9. violetgreen says:

    A gray tree frog! Chorus singers here in New England. Had one fall out of a tree onto my arm once; felt like a wet gummy bear.

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    He has toe floof, too! In addition to (apparently) a good working relationship with other species.. so sweet and gorgeous!

  11. (the original) Mel says:

    Hello my baby
    Hello my honey
    Hello my rag-time gal
    Send me a kiss by wire
    Baby, my heart’s on fire
    If you refuse me
    Honey you’ll lose me
    Then you’ll be left alone
    So baby telephone
    And tell me I’m your OOOOOOooooowwnnn!

  12. so_much_love says:

    I luff how marmie’s floofy hind paw is wedged into the crack in the decking for traction. I wonder what it looks like from under the deck – I bet it meets some kind of foot-floof cute criteria.

  13. This could be my cat’s twin! Its almost spooky!

  14. wagthedogma says:


  15. I want to nuzzle this kitteh! Sooo cute!

  16. I worship Not That Mike The Other Mike.

  17. marsheeeee says:

    Frenchie!!!??? What a great name for a frog!!!


  18. Von Zeppelin says:

    This frog looked taller and more debonair when he played opposite Grace Kelly in the Hitchcock classic “To Catch a Thief.”

  19. I had never seen a cream-sickle before this year. There’s a stray that hangs around my complex, sometimes napping on my balcony during the day. Boy, he’s pretty but he won’t let me near him. There’s also an adorable calico (but with grey instead of black) that sleeps there too, though never at the same time.

  20. ThreeCatNight says:

    Sure, Frog, sure. Get a Cat Burglar to do your dirtywork for you. You set some example for the tadpoles in your neighborhood!

  21. Now, I was thinking Frenchie was the cat’s name…you know Marmalade, Lady Marmalade, Voulez vous cooshay (!!!) avec moi…
    but Frenchie could work for the Frog as well…

  22. I detect toe-floof!!

  23. yes! the toe floof!

  24. Voulez vous snorgle avec moi????????

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    My previous next door neighbor was a “creamsickle” cat.. solid peachy color and the thickest, densest fur on earth. He was also very sweet and friendly.. liked to hang out in my front yard.. to the dismay of my own cat.

  26. marsheeeee says:

    Well, I figured with “Frog” being what the British call the French that “Frenchie” was the name of the frog. Subtle, but cute! Hey, whatever.

  27. kitty looks buttery and creamy. may i neeble just a momento?

  28. darkshines says:

    I found a froggy on the walk back from work in the early hours the other morning. I was feeling rough (I still am, it got worse) and seeing a froggy hopping in the puddles made me smile 🙂

  29. Wan wud hoap taht Erabella wil ADOPT thoz Qte kittoonz. Wan DUZ hoap. 😉

  30. Oh, how subtle, Marsheeee! Perhaps I would have thought of that at some point… maybe it wasn’t musical enough for me. ;o)

  31. Mmmmm, what a delicious-looking butterscotch kitteh! Nummy nummy.

  32. bookmonstercats says:

    I hadn’t actually seen M’seur Le Frog until the he jumped full length. I thought Frenchy was a good name for the beautiful cat, but (given I’m British, marsheeee), I realised right away then it was the frog. ROFL’d at the reference to “delusional attack lizard”, NOMTOM. Great post.

  33. that key-key is an orange dreamsicle!!!

    which reminds me, i have some of pops in my freezer. yummy.

  34. warrior rabbit says:

    Oooh, crossed pawsies, Auriga. Very kyoot.

  35. this is my mom’s cat- thanks all so much for the wonderful comments and thank you Meg for posting the pics, you totally made my day! BTW, the shelter where we got her should get full credit for the wonderful name Ms. Bunz (her litter mate was “Sgt. Mikey Marmalade”)

  36. You know, we really DON’T need another sequel to Oceans 11, do we?

  37. Gail (the first one) says:

    But what if the sequel had a Marmie in addition to George Clooney??? Please????!!!

  38. Oh, the mittens. THE MITTENS, I TELLS YA!!!

  39. Good Lo’ this is a beautiful cat! I’m actually jonesin’ to snorf that cat! Wait ’til I get home Sunny, it’s gonna be snorgle city!

  40. scooterpants says:

    sush a wAzzie poozzie…..
    my cat would a had it “swallowed” in bout 2 seconds. yummah! frog leggs!

  41. Gail, isn’t Brad Pitt technically half-marmie? (Most of the girls squee when they see him and he does have kind of an orange tint).

  42. I know my screen is small on my laptop, but I was peering at the last pic and it looks to me like tiny Mr Froggypants is wearing plaid trousers! Maybe he is Mr. Froggy McPants! 😀

  43. What a gorgeous kitty! There’s an orange cat I sometimes see in the window of an apartment downstairs that orange color, but without the white markings. And my own cat is a shorter-furred (but bunny-soft) version, with much more white, but the same creamsicle shade of orange. Given the fur on them and their size, I think they may all be ragdolls – my vet and I think mine is a ragdoll mix (he came from the shelter).

  44. I want to snuggle that cat.

  45. Awww now I miss my kitty… and my frog pond… *siiigh*

  46. What a beautiful cat! Who’s playing with who here tho!!??!!

  47. Bittersweet Cat Mom says:

    Ok – I’m pretty sure that this guy is the cat I had to surrender to the Washington Animal Rescue League (it broke my heart). If it is him, I’m so happy to see that he has been adopted and can spend some time outside. If it is not, I’m going to keep thinking it is….Thank you!!

  48. I have to say, that is a beautiful cat. Worthy of a pic even without the Michigan frog.

  49. Oh my gosh. The cat in the pictures looks EXACTLY like my Maine Coon…a cream tabby with white. They could seriously be twins. I’d love to know the breeder they got him from…