Ma’am, I think we’ve located the problem

The bad news is that you have a major clog.

The good news is if you give the clog a treat it might fix the problem.


I think you should do what we’re suggesting!!! AmandG.A..!



  1. Take THAT, Cats In Sinks!

  2. alternately, you could just run the water, in which case you would have a mighty angry clog with pointy teeth and claws zooming around your bathroom.

    Hmm, you’re right, plumber Meg. Treat recommendation is definitely better.

  3. cheesybird says:

    What kind of animule is that?

  4. (the original) Mel says:

    That looks like…a bear?!?!

  5. Just waiting for the bubbles, bubbles, bubbles………………….my bubbles

  6. (the original) Mel says:

    Beware the tub bear.

  7. Karen B in To says:

    That’s actually, um, a very nice bathroom…

  8. I wonder if they put in one of those heated floors?

  9. Hey, is this a double post? Or a double caption? Either way, twice the cute is good cute!

    This furtastic blob looks like the huge chunck of burnt, permed hair that I pulled out of my bathtub drain after I moved into my new apartment. Gross! I’ll take this one anyday.

  10. Er, that be chunk, not chunck. 🙂

  11. i’ll take care of the furclog, ma’am. i’ll just relocate it to my bed. i’ll also relocate the ceramic puffer fish to my bathroom. thx.

  12. nads- i had about 30 minutes of gross fun with one of those serrated hair catchers that you stick down the drain after we moved into our apartment. i pulled out about half a small garbage pail full of disgusting smelling hair and clumps of gooey hair dye. those things work wonders for slow drains. they also work in bathroom sinks too. harsh chemicals are a no go.

  13. Nads — double what? Huh?

  14. Marie N — we have one of those too. Disgusting, but effective.

  15. thats a CAT?? looks big. be carefuls! bring treats!

  16. Jen — I don’t actually know. In fact I kinda doubt it, but I suppose I do know a few cats that size, or even larger.

  17. It’s either a cat or someone’s left his afro behind after using the hottub.

  18. marie_n, thanks for mentioning the hair catcher. I need to get one of those for my bathroom. I did resort to harsh chemicals recently to clean my bathroom sink when it was draining slowly, but I would have preferred another option. And I know I’ll have to do my bathtub eventually: the strainers that you stick in the drain don’t catch all the hair.

    As for this picture, I’ll gladly remove that hair clog for you. I’ll take the bathtub too! It’s much nicer than mine!

  19. Looks like the winner of America’s Funniest Videos last night — a great dane who jumped into the jacuzzi-tub with a 4-year-old boy who was taking a bubble bath. The dog kept biting at the bubbles and nearly knocking over the now-standing bubble-covered kid. It was so cute!

  20. Oooh, I’ll take the dog AND the tub!!!

  21. My cat loves the bathtub. She jumps in and moo’s at us when we are on the potty. Rather odd creatures they are.

  22. You cat MOO’s?

  23. Ugh! YOUR cat. YOUR cat. I hate typoos.

  24. My cat will sit on the floor outside the bathtub, between the shower curtain and the clear liner that goes inside the tub and watch the water run down the liner. She even bats at it as it runs down, sometimes .

  25. Okay, the idea of this is cute, but you can’t even see this well enough to determine what animal it is. How does this make a post on the site when the pictures of my dog, which are perfectly clear and very cute, don’t make it? Not exactly fair.

  26. NotAnotherMilo says:

    My cats sits on the edge of the tub when I’m bathing and soaks his front paws in the hot water – like an old Palmolive commercial. “My claws get so rough from all that napping, what’ll I try Madge?”

    He’d love a tub this size!

  27. I have no idea what that is but I’m sure it’s cute…

  28. I thought my cat was the only bather out there. He watches the water on the clear liner, puts his paws in the water, stays in the tub until the water gets to his knees (if you can call them knees). His most favorite activity, though, is bubble destruction. Any others out there?

  29. belphebe- you can get one for like $2 at walmart. much cheaper and better for the environment than chemicals, and if your drain smells funny, put baking soda down it and then pour white vinegar in there and let it sit for a few minutes. that’ll take care of the odor. 🙂

    my beagle doesn’t actually come in the bathroom because she hates baths so much, but she does sit at the door and watch me pee. kinda weird.

    i do, however, have a friend whose kitty gets in the bathtub and licks the bottom of it. now that’s a show while you’re sitting on the potty, and can be quite startling to strangers.

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    I got one of those hair clog remover thingys and love it. I tried harsh chemicals (reluctantly) and they didn’t even work. I was overjoyed to find the other thing. And it works!! (I have lots of hair. It clogs quickly.)

  31. Squez mommy says:

    Ooooh…what species of fluffy might that be? I vote…wombat! No, a very small, black giraffe! No wait….a….oh, whatever. It’s cute.

    On a bathroom note, my cats treat our potty time as mandatory petting time. They KNOW we can’t move, so they go under our ankles and purr until we pet them a ton. sigh.

  32. Ooh! I need one of these hair clog remover things of which you people speak! Without a trap, my drain clogs in three days. Even with the trap, it stops up in a few months. Do hardware stores have these thingies?

  33. I’m kind of with Kathryn, this photo is underwhelmingly cute, although the cap-shuns and hovertext are first-rate.

    And it is a nice tub.

    And the comments, of course, are fabulous.

  34. i looove when they curl up like that! precious.

  35. Martha in Washington says:

    Squez Mommy–My cat does that too!! Then she gets up on the seat to watch the water when we flush. I fear she will fall in one day and need a bath. I do not want to give her a bath! And, she just discovered the joys of toilet paper unraveling! Lucky us!

  36. Um, don’t baths come with “traps” over there? I’m sure I’ve never seen one without one on this side of the pond.

  37. platedlizard says:

    Well, SOMEONE has certainly never had a bath in that tub is all I’m sayin’. As a kid we couldn’t get the dog or the cat anywhere NEAR the bathroom willingly. That was where Bad Things happened.

  38. Kathryn, its the caption that really made the post. It made me smile (and not a lot does), so to me, its definitely worthy of posting.

  39. Must be my laptop — all I see is a brown spot.

  40. Awww, looks like puppers found a cool spot to nap on a hot day.

    My dog is a weirdo, he loves to lick the floor of the shower, he also likes to lick lotion off your arms and legs. I have to put lotion on in secret if I don’t want a doggy tongue bath.

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    @hey-h, I got mine at Home Depot, I think. Just asked the guy if they have things to pull out clogs and voila.

  42. Love it! Coolest place in the house! Great tub!

    My cat also likes to join me when I’m in the bathroom…walks in, sits down, stares at me and then starts meowing…so you feel compelled to talk was your day-you and the dog see anything interesting out the windows today?

  43. momof2kitties says:

    We had a scary experience with our Georgie when he was just a wee babe. We have a huge tub like this and he jumped in it when there was a good foot or two of water in it (hubby filled it and then left the room). Somehow he got out ok but the bathroom was soaking wet and he was really scared. Now we keep the door shut when there’s water in the tub!

    And he still LOVES water. We have to fill the sink for him when we brush our teeth (one for him, one for you) and he splashes happily. Weirdo.

  44. Jennie Mello says:

    A little vinegar and baking soda will clear that right up. I think.

  45. Yitzysmommie says:

    Let’s see. Is it a:
    skunk with his stipey hidden?
    a bebeh bar, curled up in a ball?
    a GINORMOUS black floof monster of a cat?
    the neighbor’s lab puppeh?
    one of those big Roooshin fur hats?

  46. Yitzysmommie says:

    not to dis Mr McSkunkersons, that would be his stRipey…

  47. Martha in Washington says:

    Yitzy–Don’t be silly…why would a Roooshin fur hat wanna take a bath?

  48. darkshines says:

    Hang on a minute, Kari?! You have a SEE THROUGH TUB?! THATS AMAZING! I would LOVE one of those! Unless I complately misunderstood the story….

  49. Totalee Puppy says:

    If I didn’t work for Mr.
    Slippery, maybe I could afford a tub like that…

  50. I had two cats who would sit on the side when I was taking a bath and dip their tails in the water. It was just so much fun to watch them watch the water fill the tub- better than TV, for them and for me! I still miss them, but that was very long time ago.

  51. ThreeCatNight says:

    What is that? A cat-cuzzi, rac-cuzzi? In any case, it looks mighty sinister.

  52. Another environmentally friendly fix for a clogged drain is a small, sink-sized rubber plunger. I bought it from the local hardware store and it works wonders!

  53. Re: Kathryn’s comment.

    That kind of comment is becoming so common it deserves to be a special category of nuff. The “not cute eNUFF, my kitty pics are cuter” nuff. Any suggestions.

    Geeze Berthaservant, I found your comment a bit underwhelming too..; )

  54. Oh, dear peeps, if your drain smells funny check for an infestation of clowns.
    Ba DUM bump.

  55. It’s not a cat, it’s my flat-coated retriever, Peevie…