In Soviet Russia…



Remember: the hovertext will set you free.  Pleasant dreams!



  1. VentureSister says:

    No way? First?

    Anyways. This is terrifing. Please make it go away.

  2. i snorf eet back!!

  3. bleen poit! woot! woot! (or was that hoot! hoot!?)

    [ *SLAP* – – Ed.]

  4. darn. 😦

  5. Theo, your usual Friday insanity is always appreciated, but the eyes and half-smile action this time are BRILLIANT!! You rock! Come join me for a beer……………there might be some left. 😉

  6. Er… Teho, cleanup on aisle 4 ??? Thx !!

  7. BTW, vereh funneh RCF !!

  8. Totalee Puppy says:

    THEO…We bow before your
    creative genius…
    Totalee Puppy and

  9. Theo– It’s like “Hello Dali!”

  10. Hamster & Rye says:

    Theresa–You’re always makin me laugh.

  11. Did… did this picture change to a weird animated one, or did I just not notice it doing that all along??

  12. Lynne — I added this one last night, after some fast-and-furious animation work. It was still Friday in Mountain Time and zones further west, when I finally posted it, though I didn’t quite make the official RCF cut-off for Central and points east.

  13. methinks Theo needs to remember the no snacks after 8’oclock makes you do crazy things!

    [I suppose we *did* have pizza kinda late… – Ed.]

  14. [delurking]

    Teho you are amazing! Full of win and awesome!!!!


  15. Galaxy owl iz serius about her meditation classes.

  16. At a glance, I thought those eyes were real.

  17. I’m stuck at work on a Saturday. Now I feel a little bit better. Wink wink.

  18. That was giggly-weird. 😉

  19. Elmo&Dana — oh, they are! I just, you know, *borrowed* them from pix of other owls. Hehe.

  20. I want some of whatever Theo has been smoking.

    [Heh. Never in my life, though, Limegirl. Really. – Ed.]

  21. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Great animation, but, uh, Soviet Russia has not been around for a fair while. Although, the present regime would probably be up to this. Or the Russian Mafia.

  22. …or Yakov Smirnoff.

  23. That is so great!

  24. AuntieMame says:


    First I started wondering why I hadn’t noticed the weird eyes yesterday.

    And then it started m o v i n g…

  25. Theo’s becoming the Dr. Who of morphing gifs. >_>

  26. i’m glad you love family guy too, teho.

    next he’s going to tap her with his toe and say “loooove youuuuuu!”

  27. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Wow. Just. Wow. Had to send it to Boomer’s Uncle (the tenant of his hooman)… Theo, you’re famous. Or is that infamous?

  28. Hamster & Rye says:

    For Best Animated feature,
    the NOMinees are:
    Theo for “In Soviet Russia”
    Teho for “Face in Space”
    and our foreign entry–
    Theoux pour “La Visage
    Qui Rit”

  29. the other Brenda says:

    Dang! This vodka is good!!!

  30. love this. so cool.

  31. Tch. You’ve done the Yakov Smirnoff before. At least next time maybe do an Ilya Baskin.

  32. …or ANY original joke, yeah I know; it was Friday and my creative energy wasn’t in my writing…

  33. Lone: [groan]

  34. Marie N — it’s the kids that are into Family Guy, really; have they done “In Soviet Russia” gags too? (heck, they’ve done just about everything else)

  35. the other Brenda says:


  36. Teho: As always… YOU ROCK!
    Thanks. I love the RCF posts.

  37. scooterpants says:

    oh theo. me no likey.
    takes away from the luvin-ness.
    but, we shall allow eet….

  38. Doesn’t this have a Pink Floyd soundtrack?

    [OK, sure…

    – Ed.]

  39. yes, when peter was shopping for a car. “in soviet russia, car drives you!”

  40. LOL!