Top 10 Sites You have to Check Every Day

Pcm_15_header THAT’S RIGHT MOFOS! We’re #4.

Come back daily, Capische!? [Holding hand up in ‘capische position]

Thanks, PC Magazine for calling Cute Overload one of your 10 Essential Websites!



  1. warrior rabbit says:

    Daily? As in once a day? That’s *all*? I think that would be a reduction for most of us, who regularly exceed our recommended daily allowance of Teh Cute.

  2. Martha in Washington says:

    Way to go CO!

    I would also add “The Onion” to that list.

  3. Um, DUH?!

  4. I’m with Warrior Rabbit: only once a day would be…. “a drastic reduction” is an understatement!

  5. My name is Zaff and Im a HamHuffer and CO addict…………and PROUD!

    6 hams a day habit PLUS aprx 6 peeks at the CO justincaseMegspostinginthemiddleofthenight ifyouknowwhatimean&ithinkyoudo.

    Yay! Congrats CO!

  6. Hmm, well PC got that wrong.
    It should be numero uno, after all who wants the News, Yuk! Sport, yawn-yawn, Celebrity Gossip, Puhlese.
    Nope it’s twenty visits a day plus a home check.

  7. I come here at least 3x a day!

  8. Woods Walker says:

    Actually I check this site twice a day. Is that okay?-Woods Walker

  9. CO is 100% of my USRDA for teh cute!

  10. So I guess sitting here constantly hitting refresh over and over is a bit much, eh? 😛

  11. CO really should be at #1. The world would be a better place if everyone started and finished their days with a moment of Cute.

  12. Totalee Puppy says:

    Congratulations Cute
    Overload! I can do 3X a day easy! Thanks to Meg, NTMTOM, and Clorox Man…

  13. momof2kitties says:

    Ummm…. I’m sorry. It sounded like you said once a day? In my case it’s more like once an hour. Just ‘cuz you never know when something new and priceless might have been posted. And it needs to be looked at IMMEDIATELY.

  14. temperance says:

    technically it says ‘every day’ not ‘once a day’. thank goodness! that means my constantly hitting refresh in hopes of new cute is not a serious problem, right?

  15. CO is the only site on that list that I regularly visit. ESPN? I think not…

    Thank heavens for C.O.’s RSS feed, I know about new cute within minutes and can come racing over 🙂

  16. Woods — it’s maybe a little light, but considering the length of time you’ve been coming here, acceptable.

  17. yeah, I’m one of the Constant F5’ers. Refresh, come back 5 minutes later, Refresh, come back 5 minutes later, Refresh…

    [because what if something CHANGES? you wouldn’t want to MISS it! – Ed.]

  18. Wait, now I’m “Clorox Man”?? LOL. Hi, TP Lady!

  19. And most of these sites I wouldn’t go to. But I did visit The Consumerist for the first time, and found this photo that CO will appreciate:

  20. Whoa, the Consumerist has a Meg too? What are the odds??

  21. Theo: 100%.

  22. Smartass. 😛

  23. Wow, CO is the ONLY site listed that I check on a daily (or several time weekly schedule). Poop like sports? Who the latest celeb in rehab is? Come on…

  24. [snicker]


    [say in Obama-rally-style “Yes we can” voice]

  25. There are some really brilliant sports related websites ( is my favorite)…and some great news and political sites…and of course, the social networking on the Facebook is the fun….

    ….but lordy, I could not live without CO and the peeps here. Congrats again on the good ink, gang.

  26. Congrats! Well deserved. The pictures are cute and the commentary clever. I don’t know how you do it, but I even think you get better at it all the time. Thanks for many, many smiles, Meg!

  27. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Without fail, this is a daily visit for me. No matter how crappy I might feel, for whatever reason, this site puts a smile on my face, if only for a few minutes, but a smile nonetheless. Love you, CO XXOO!!!

  28. Congrats Meg, Theo & NTMTOM – I agree CO should be numero uno!!! And this is the one site that I MUST check at least once a day (usually it is much more then that)!! Thank whomever for those RSS Feeds

  29. We are #4 – who on earth are one two and three – Heck I gotta go see this list

  30. Hamster & Rye says:

    Cute Overload–Since laughter is the best medicine, thank God you guys are available 24/7. You are the greatest: Theo, Meg, and Not That Mike The Other Mike.

  31. Congratz! CO is #1 on my list, followed only by icanhascheezburger and the Daily Coyote.

  32. :hugs: for Beverly

  33. C.O. should definitely be #1 on the list ! Can’t thank you enough , Meg and guys !
    P.S. A BABY on cutetracker ??? PLEASE………..

  34. I am constantly appalled at the cruel antics some people show towards their pets and to YOU for putting them on the net. Have you no shame, do you not vet the submissions – in particular two kitten films this week have been dreadful. One showing a tiny kitten obviously too young to be away from its mother and today a kitten being put into filing cabinets a d mail boxes. If this is the standard you are allowing I am not sure I want to be part of you. As a life member of the SPCA if I could learn of who these unthinking people were I would report them for cruelty.