People, THIS is why it’s The frakking Overload

Will you PLEASE get a load of this pic that is pushing Cuteness to it’s XREME limits.


Oh Don’t enhance! NO! we can’t take—


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH! (In other words, thank you, Tundra B.)



  1. I love the puppy’s confused look. “Do I snorgle it, or eat it?”

  2. awwww……really…you need a gun permit for that one *dead by cuteness*

  3. fightinfilipino says:

    so adorable it’s causing my computer to divide by ze-


  4. Love the kitty’s crossing the legs… leaning right into the dog fluff.

  5. That one did me in for the day. Hopefully I can recover for Caturday!

  6. oh, fine. just kill me. ded. the floofiness! the eyes!!!! the crossed-legged kitteh! the beautiful interspecies snorgling! squeee

  7. dragon_sanctuary says:

    *Bleensplatdie* Ahm dun. Steek a fork en meeh.

  8. hahaha that was my reaction exactly when they went closer! “AHHHHHH!!!” OUT LOUD! ^_^

  9. As much as I am a cat person…

    …puppeh wins the cute prize. o_o

  10. Ahhh, thank you, I needed this set of pics this morning… 🙂


  12. I agree with commenter Yoshi – as cute as the kitteh is, the dog totally wins it. But then, I’m biased – I think Samoyeds are *always* cuter than pretty much anything else… 🙂

  13. Hey,aren’t you supposed to warn us before you blindside us like that?! Woah!

    /me needs to go lay down and recover from that cute overload.

  14. I think puppy is trying to keep kitty from falling down the stairs. And he (She)is using her exponential floofitude as an airbag. CUTE!

  15. Cuteoverload! You are KILLING me! Is that what you want? Huh?!

  16. O..M…G. I’m making unintelligible sounds at such a high-pitch right now that they’re inaudible to human ears. If you’re windows and glassware breaks, you know why.

  17. Er, that should read ‘break’. BTW, these photos so need hovertext!

  18. It’s Arwen reincarnated!!! That Spitzy looks EXACTLY like my sister’s dog Arwen (who passed away about 25 years ago). Spitzy is all “What the–” and kitteh is all “Mom’s watching and you can’t touch me, nyah nyah!”

  19. I could be happy with you
    If you could be happy with me
    I’d be contented to live anywhere
    What would I care…….

  20. That look on the dog’s face, we see it a lot when a teeny kitteh comes so close. It means: I don’t know what you are but I’ll try to be buddies with you and not eat you cuz I’m a GOOD dog.

  21. The crossed legs on the kitten are just keeeelin me!

  22. Heaven
    I’m in Heaven
    And my heart beats so that I can’t feel my toes
    And I seem to find this giddy feeling grows
    When we’re out together, dancing nose to nose

  23. Kitten: “I lof you…”
    Dog: “Kee-ronch.” (wipes floof off of lips.)

  24. awwwww gosh!!!!!!!!

    lol pup is all concerned looking,haha! But I bet it all worked out in the end.

  25. One day last year I said “I would like to see pictures so cute they make me feel like I’m going to die. An overload of cuteness!” So I innocently googled “cute overload”. And it hurts.

  26. True story, Duckling?

  27. Everytime someone says “frakking” Glen Larson curses himself for not copywriting it.

    That is stereotypical Qte, a kitten cuddling a puppy? With crossed legs? Moist nosicles?

  28. Welp, looks like pup belongs to kitteh now.

  29. It’s true, Theo. Especially the part about the hurting.

  30. Cheer up.


  31. Mary (the first) says:

    “If lovin’ you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.. “

  32. knightofmonarch says:

    Supreme Happiness times two

  33. Awww…. fuzzy kitten and fuzzy puppy! i have died of cuteness!!!!!!!

  34. Yeah, yeah, don’t eat soup when you’re look in at Co, I know, but did I listen? Noooooooooo, I didn’t.

    Ran out of napkins, too.

  35. you said Frakking!

    kitteh enjoys the floof as much as anyone.

  36. De feets, de feets….

  37. oh. my. GOD. DEADLY CUTENESS!

    I see stars… all dizzy… urkkk


  38. Of course, kittoon is Qter than Qte!

    That other thing??? YUK!

  39. Gail (the first one) says:

    I’m thinking this picture was taken right after kitteh received an “ear kiss” from the puppeh, which nearly bowled her over, hence the crossed legs and leaning against puppeh’s shoulder.

  40. thank you, CO, for combining “frak” for the geeky sci-fi addict in me and adorable floofy lovey cuteness for my mushy mcweaksauce addict in me. i salute you.

  41. scooterpants says:

    ok. puppeh is SO tolerating that kitteh, and NOT trying to show how much he REALLY luv’s the babeh. “no, its not right, I am a dog, I am a dog”…

  42. “Hoping to reconcile after their contentious argument following McCain’s speech, Calliope approached Winter and nuzzled him, whispering ‘I’ll always love you, even when you vote Republican.'”

  43. This is the really essence of cuteness of all universe 🙂 no question !
    Oh how I want to hug them 🙂

  44. BigCatPants says:

    AAAAAAAAAAHHH its official, I has died from teh cute…

    [Hashi? Is that you?? – Ed.]

  45. scooterpants says:

    thank god.
    i truely thought that Calliope would turn to the dark side…
    sheesh, i am so relieved.

  46. To me, it looks like puppykins is sad and the kitty is trying to comfort him!

  47. The puppy looks just like my Kiki! But my puppy doesn’t like cats much, because of the few encounters with cats didn’t go so well as the cats weren’t too friendly with Kiki. But yes the kiki in the picture is very cute and fluffy! Go eskies!

  48. This kind of action always made my German Shepard very nervous.

  49. Totalee Puppy says:

    I like that there’s a Natural Food Month ad beside this…the kitten is looking up at the big puppy like…”How about a

  50. Totalee Puppy says:

    PATITO GIGANTE–Sorry to be so late to send you this note…I didn’t know your note
    was there until now…If it wasn’t for Cute Overload, we would never know you, one of the best guys ever…I’m sorry I joked around about going to Denny’s…just being the stupid puppy I am…my jokes are no good…I’m always telling my family about what Patito Gigante said today on CO, and we have eaten mega-mounds of mashed potatoes…
    Maybe you weren’t thinking about us at all, but we care about you,
    Totalee Puppy

  51. Yay, Theo! The pain of Maude The Cat getting my face has distracted me from the pain of “Teh Qte”.

    And I totally feel the love, Totalee.

  52. Your videos are a hoot, PG. Do continue making them.

    A personal request — can you push the cooking-show format a little further? Just one more episode? It can be the last. In fact, you might demonstrate your recipe for The End of All Things. You know, dash of prophesy, carefully measured judgement, generous portions of armageddon. You’d need to decide whether to serve it hot or cold; some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. Of course there’d need to be a happy little teddybear angel with a golden kazoo. You get the idea.

    What to *call* it, though?…

  53. (I hold with those who favor fire, btw)

  54. “Apocalypse MEOW” has been taken 😦

    Thanks for the encouragement! I’m currently scripting a coconut sorbet cooking show with a telenovela segment and P Funk soundtrack. If that’s not a sign of the End, I’m the bunny’s uncle.

    Now Mr. Giggles won’t shut up about a “Pimp Kazoo”.
    Be afraid.

  55. Works for me.

  56. I miss my Samoyed, Polar, so much. She’s been gone 2 years and it feels like yesterday. Thanks for the pic.

  57. Awwww. Is that a calico?