Names have been changed to protect the innocent

Solitary Boxhab Confinement patient "Pebbles" warns young kittens:

"Stay in school!

Don’t do boxes!"


"I’ve wasted weeks of my life addicted to napping in boxes—when I could have been lounging in sunbeams or catnip fields like other cats. [lights cigarette, takes drag] But no. I’m hooked."


Shameful, Maxine S. [Shaking head] just shameful.



  1. By Lucifer’s Entrails! Everyone, Nosh!

    And you know what, I’m gonna say it:


    If God didn’t want us to lounge in boxes, then WHY DID HE CREATE THE CONCEPT OF THE CUBE?

  2. The solitary confinement is not the best way to boxhab. It only perpetuates the problem.

  3. P.S. “10:29…box time, heh heh heh”

  4. Trisha Iris is lovely – I’m surprised shes comfortable in that box!!!

  5. Abolish boxhab!

    Being in a box is not bad for kittehs!

    Cats! Stand up for Boxhabhab!

  6. er, I guess that should be “lie down and nap” instead of “stand up”.

  7. I think as long as you use boxes responsibly and in moderation there is nothing wrong with it.

  8. Oh c’mon, everybody knows catnip is way worse than box, but that’s legal. It’s a conspiracy.

  9. Oddly enough, my cats aren’t big fans of boxes.

    …well, maybe Daisy does, but she likes paper bags SOOO much more.

  10. I know I can beat this, I want to beat this, I am trying to beat this. WHAT am I sayin, I love it, I crave it, I need it, sod it, it,s boxes for me!

  11. My guys are so ready for boxhab. I have an unopened box sitting in my living room and they already can’t leave it alone – crawling/sleeping/lying on top of it. They’re going to go bats tonight when I finally open the thing.

  12. It’s been proven that box is really a gateway to more serious problems, like bags, basins, sinks, and, heaven forbid, suitcases.

  13. momof2kitties says:

    I live with two hard-core box addicts.

    We have completely given up the fight and have a lovely (and by “lovely”, I mean truly tacky) row of old, bent, teeth-marked, hair-covered shoe boxes under our coffee table. We call it CatLand.

  14. Ding — oh yeah, suitcases, luggage of any kind, that’s the hard stuff all right, man. It doesn’t even need to be *open* to be irresistable.

  15. All I can hear is Nelly’s mom singing… Nelly needs to go to boxhab, but she says No No No…

  16. darkshines says:

    I think we should have a boxhab category that could also cover dogs in sleeves and ferrets in tupperware…..

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    Being a fan of kitteh whiskers.. I love the XCO of the kitteh’s face.

  18. Gail (the first one) says:

    Not every box user has a problem. Boxhab is not for “heavy” box users, but for those box users who have lost the power of choice over snuggling on the couch and being unaccountably drawn into any available box, even one that might previously have been unacceptably small. A lowering of standards is considered a classic sign of the “problem” user.

    At the latest conference of the Council for Feline Box Addiction, one of the many topics discussed was an interesting research paper by Dr. I.P. Dailey, making an argument for a broadening of the admission criteria for boxhab to confinement addictions as a whole. Members who objected to the presentation cited increased
    interspecies snorgling as contrary to the core principles of boxhab.

  19. Oh please, people. Sunbeams are acceptable, as is the ‘nip (as someone indicated). We even ENCOURAGE our kittehs to lounge in pre-fab “beds” sold in pet stores, it’s an entire fraking INDUSTRY devoted to getting cats to rest in semi-confined corners.

    Boxhab is frowned upon only because of the culture wars. It’s another right-wing conspiracy perpetuated by the high-rolling pet furniture industry who want us to buy their CRAP instead of allowing kitties to do what nature intended, which is to scurry, scutter, and snooze in and out of whatever corner/sack/box/suitcase that happens to be present.

    “They try to take away your box, you say nyehre, nyehre, nyehre!”

  20. scooterpants says:

    “embrace the box”, allow as much box as possible,
    eventually, the addicted will learn to own the box, and in the end , not fight the box.
    “god give me the ….”
    you know the rest.

  21. This is my kitteh! *Beams with pride at being making it onto CO*

    But seriously. This anonymous stuff is getting her nowhere. Her name is Betty Lebowski and I’m exposing her because she needs serious help. I’m afraid that public humiliation is her final hope. I hope that seeing this will be the shot in the arm that she needs. Otherwise… I fear for her future, I really do.