I’ll give you a twenny for that kitten

Check it out, this little kitten is just about to take off on a magic carpet ride with Andrew Jackson:

I can’t figure out if the mew sounds are delayed or there is ANOTHER off-screen kitteh making those prosh sounds, OR it’s some synth recorded sound triggered by some kid on a keyboard—which is it Jenn?



  1. SenseiKrystal says:

    That kitten has a giant head!

    Cute, though.

  2. Martha in Washington says:

    Krystal–I was just thinking the exact same thing! Kind of a live bobble-head. But cute nevertheless.

  3. Kitn would be MUCH smaller than the $20 if it weren’t for that giant head!

  4. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Time delayed mews? Whut, did the FCC git a hold of this viddy? 😛

    Oh, and WANT!!!!


    And I LOVE the giant head! Just means it’s SMARTER! So NYAH!!!

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    Kitty is saying, “My money! Back off!”

  6. SenseiKrystal says:

    Ohh his name should be Brain! Then they could name another one from the litter Pinky…

  7. cheesybird says:

    That kitteh is freshly minted! Considering the teeny-tinyness of this bebeh, I suspect that mom and siblings are just off camera, mewling away.

  8. Soooo cute! Looks like a cross between a kitten and a stoat!

  9. Clearly as a safety measure, the soundtrack was delayed Imagine the effect if those tiny tiny meows were in synch.

  10. Sounds delayed. And a little bit distorted.

    Very cute tiny kittehh. Meeeeow.

  11. Clearly this kitteh is an extraterrestrial traveler, come to earth on his silver dollar to warn us of the impending doom.

  12. Tiny mews from a tiny kitten!

  13. It’s mama off screen, keeping tabs on her bebeh. Bebeh is answering with the silent meow — dedleh !!

  14. Sure, the kitty’s cute, but all I could think was, I sure hope it didn’t leave Andrew Jackson any presents… otherwise I sure pity whoever gets that bill next.

  15. Ooooooh! Reminded me of the baby ferret that was posted a week or so ago.


  16. Awww! Little wobbly! Give him back to his mum! Or – here’s an idea – give him to me. Please? Never mind the money, you can always launder it 🙂

  17. Sounds more like a theremin than a synth. Theremin… that would be a good name for a kitteh! This one is sure cute.

  18. Oh, I love the squeak-toy sounds of kittens! <3 <3

  19. Why a 20 instead of say, a dollar bill? Someone clearly wanted to show off. 😉

  20. Kitteh sounded like a theremin. Kyoot!

  21. That is a beeg head! I think the mewwing must be from him, but its just delayed, i’ve seen videos like that before.

    how could no one comment on the “magic carpet ride with andrew jackson”? I snorted out loud at that.

  22. momof2kitties says:

    Are sure this leetle guy isn’t part kneesock wif eyes? I’ll need to take him home with me just to make sure. You know, just for a little while, in the name of science, of course.

  23. Oh, widdle baby. I think the timing’s just out of sync with the video.

    I can imagine bling-bling kitty demanding “I wipe my butt with 100 dollar bills only? What’s with this 20 crap?”

  24. Definitely a five-head; almost a six.

  25. Eeeesh… that’s definitely desynchronized audio, like more than a whole second of delay, which is a shame because that’s some AWESOME bebekitn squibblings.

    I had the same problem with YouTube back in the day when I tried to post video clips of the Dooneses. Google Video worked better, at the time.

  26. michelleolgoy says:

    The kitteh is a ventriloquist

  27. The kitteh is a WIZARD

  28. awwwait.. I’ve seen this kitteh somewhere before..
    Heed! The “worlds smallest” cat. He ish a munchkin.
    Check out this picture of him fully grown next to his non-munchkin sister:


  29. no wait, sorry, that’s heed’s first baby. Still, check out kittens dad. he’s awesome.

  30. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Teho: That is one cute video!!!

  31. scooterpants says:

    ok. what the heck is up with the head/body ratio in this vid???
    and where can i get me some?

  32. Kitteh is just auditioning for a role in the next “Gamera” film, where she will play a stripper.

  33. scooterpants says:

    well BS’rvent-
    she has a lock on whipping around the pole, with that head a leader, i’ll be suprised if she doesnt start McCains drilling a lil early.

  34. If it is out of sync, maybe whatever has it out of sync is also causing the thereminesque sound? E.g. by slowing down the end of the mews or something. Still cute!

  35. I think the sounds are real – I wanna think that anyway! I like how he keeps making the noise between the 6-10 sec. mark…an extended mewl for maximum cuteness!

  36. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!

    And yes, I agree, that kitten is a theremin-impersonator!

    Any of you haven´t seen the mini theremin kitty, here´s a video: