And you will like eet

And I shall wear bird pantaloons while I do eet


Some bright spark out there find out who J.C. Sanchez is PLEASE!

What a hoot <—-boo!, Sender-Inner Karen G.!




    owls are so cool.

  2. owl luv u forever

  3. Owls are a**holes.

    Just kiddings. Just quoting some T-shirt I saw the other day. I love me some owls.

    [You can’t fool owls! – Ed.]

  4. These are familiar– but I love them! What sweet blinky eyes!

  5. hasselblad,indeed!


  6. So moishe in luf!

  7. teenage owls bout to get yelled at for teh PDA 😀

  8. HOO loves you, baby?
    awesome photo.

  9. I love bird pantaloons! Last week I saw some chickens with very fluffy pantaloons, but I did not have my camera with me, it was sad.

    Anyway, such a sweet picture!

  10. Owls are wise. which is why they know the wisdom of a loving facesnorf.

  11. knightofmonarch says:

    AAAhhh- My Little Chickodee-Use W.C. Fields voice

  12. Owl be seeing you… in all the old familiar faces…

  13. And oooooooowwwwwwwwwl will always love yoooouuuuuu…
    (sung like whitney, of course)

  14. AWWWwwww!! They look like a sweet old couple to me: old man givin his old lady sweetheart a kees – great pic!

    I was at my parent’s house recently and noticed the neighbors across the street had at least a dozen crows swooping and cawing at what looked like a huge cat sitting right on the peak of their roof. I thought “How the hey did that big grey cat get up theerr….waaaait that’s a frickin huge OWL!” I swear that owl was as big as a medium/smallish dog sitting up there calmly ignoring the fearsome crow attacks, not budging. Weird weird weird. And cool.

  15. I think they are talking about WHOOOO passed their O.W.L.S. (Ordinary Wizarding Levels).

  16. biscuithead says:

    [You can’t fool owls! – Ed.]

    OMG ‘-Ed’!
    That’s hilarious!
    And quite insane!
    From now on, I’ll never be able look at a can of Bisto without thinking of owls.

  17. You should see some of the other toons on Weebl’s Stuff, then, from whence come all the Weebl and Bobs, Kenya, Magical Trevor, Badger Badger Badger Badger, etc…

  18. btw, I had to look up “Bisto”…

  19. pookiepuff says:

    I loooooove owls! This is such an awesome picture!

  20. I want to bury my face in their FLOOOOFFFFINESS!! But very, very gently, so as not to disturb the gentle faciosnorgling!

    BTW – I’m a bird pantoloon lover, as well… More bird poofaloon pics, please.

  21. They’re so in love!!! This makes me smile.

  22. Are these burrowing owls? Don’t think so. But them’s my favorite. They are so much even cu-WHO-ter than regular owlses.

    These 2 are awwwww.

  23. pantOWLoons

  24. What you don’t see is the one Owl’s wife on left side of the picture screeching…
    “Whooooo are you, WHoo-oo, Whoo-oo? I really wanna know…”

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
    These owls are gorgeous.

  25. Kristin Howard says:

    Wasn’t JC Sanchez in NSync?

  26. awwwww how sweet! they’re wearing matching necklaces!! that is just adorables. it srsly looks like she’s smiling, too.

  27. They have perfect eyelids.

  28. I think those are little owls………….no, seriously, that’s a type of owl. Owls are just the coolest birds, though if I had my choice, I’d like to be snorfed by a barn owl – those are the best!

  29. I’m surprised no one has said, “Love, twooo love.”

    Mawwage is what bwings us togeddar today…

  30. biscuithead says:


    Oh Peter Cook was great!
    So perfect a quote for this pic.

    Da wing!
    Man and wife!

  31. Thank you, You have enlightened me to how lovey-dovey owls can be, and how much they like to snorgle each other. More snuggling owls, please.

  32. God, I can’t get enough owl pics! Soooo beautiful and sweeeet!

    We have to create an official “Owl Day” puhleeze! Even a half day.

  33. I have been having such a bad day at work-one of those wanttosneakintothebathroomandcry kinda days….and then I see this pic…and smile… I am so happy this site exists!!

  34. Owwwwtstanding

  35. I’ve got my handy-dandy guide here and *looks over spectacles* they sure look like burrowing owls to me. Yep, Athene cunicularia. Definiteleh.

  36. momof2kitties says:

    Awww…dey ees so ka-yute! And once again, dear Meg, the captions, they are geeenius!! Geeeeenius, I say!

  37. johnnyjohnny says:

    I searched for “JC Sanchez” and all I can find is reference to a biologist’s various studies. None seemed to pertain to Owl life, love, or Owl snorfing.

  38. awwww

  39. Exsqueeze me, but are those owls doing a BUTTERFLY KISS?

    Talk about interspecies snorgling.

  40. Martha in Washington says:

    The owls are sooo sweet. They make me say “Awwwww”.

    BTW–who are these people at Weebls anyway? I want to meet them in a bar and hang out with them.

  41. Knock-knock.
    Who’s there?
    Who who?

  42. It’s my birfday and it’s been kinda craptastic until now – OWLS! Tanks for the wicked birfday present, CO!!!!!

  43. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    MandaBain are you SURE that wasn’t a ‘fake’ owl.. many people put those big wooden owls on their roofs to keep the woodpeckers away.. at least that’s what I think the reason is.

  44. Aww, how sweet.

  45. OWLh my Ghooood 🙂 love me tender…

  46. Happy Cake Day, Birdcage!

  47. these are the happiest damn owls I have ever seen

  48. scooterpants says:

    “ah, my sweetest luuuuverre, i keeees your beautiful eye bulbish eye leeps and nom the teeniest of lil parasites from your lashes, so sweet from your nector, you’re are my beloved one, i would DIE for your nommedness, i adore thee, PFFHHTTTHH PFFT PFFFFT , hmmm , gotta lil hair there… pleeze come back to my pent-nest and i will show you my etchings in mouse trails…
    my beloved..

  49. I’m pretty sure that me and my boyfriend look exactly like that. Feathers and all.

  50. Owls…so ro-manteek!

  51. So cute! They’re so fluffeh! Haha.

    Btw, what is snorfing, exactly? ‘Tis not in the CO Glossary :\

  52. I cannot look away…it’s just too cute for my senses to handle!….

  53. They are going to get married, and have an egg, and when the egg hatches, it will be a little owl who grumpily sings “Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes” but when his dad’s not looking, he’ll sing “I love to sing-a
    About the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a”
    [deep breath]

  54. scooterpants says:

    annie- its proly also what your daddy did when you were a sprout, and snuggled his prickly half-day stubbled face in your neck to make you giggle when you were a lil babeh girl. (at least i hope most people got that… priceless)

  55. Sweet Scout says:

    Happy BirdDay, Birdcage!

    This message encouraged by scooterpants, who has encouraged me to become a regular commentator here.

    I hope to become a much valued punster, not a Nuffer.

  56. Sweet Scout says:

    Could I say ‘encouraged’ one more time?

    [Not only will we let you, we actively encourage it! – Ed.]

  57. Nice pair of hooters ya got there

  58. This is aNOTHer CO perfecta!!!

    Luffly Wols.


  59. Theresa, Lol. Seriously. (There are ‘coons eating catfood off my porch at this moment.)

  60. Overloaded!!

    I think owls are the cutest birds…so overloadingks! They should show up here more often!

  61. Most precious photo CO ever posted!

  62. Love birds!

    I luff owls.

  63. Hamster & Rye says:

    HAPPY BARFDAY BIRDCAGE!! Oh, was that birfday?

  64. Hamster & Rye says:

    Theresa–You are a charming lady–that’s all I got to say.

  65. bookmonstercats says:

    Theo, how lovely that you had to look up Bisto (btw, it’s nasty).

  66. Totalee Puppy says:

    Totalee Puppy Song Parody Alert!!
    Scroll down! NOW!

    “What’s it all about, Owlfie?
    Without true love we just exist…Owlfie…
    Until the moment when we
    we were lonely…Owlfie…
    and love is what it’s all about…

  67. Totalee Puppy says:

  68. Mutual preening leads to copulation. 😛

  69. Theresa…OMG, my FAVORITE cartoon!

    Merrie Melodies produced “I love to Singa” in 1936, featuring little “Owl Jolson”.

  70. I’m afraid you’re way behind times. Russia is one of the good guys these days, it’s the USA that can’t be trusted and eats up others.

  71. Isabelle — two things: 1) you’re on the wrong post, and 2) it’ a joke

    Oh, and extra-credit #3: Do you keep up with current events at all? Seriously. History is repeating all over the damn place.

  72. (gahh… I need a marmie huff)

  73. tigerbunny says:


    creepy gif, anerable owls

  74. Thank you, Tigerbunny.

  75. OMG! Cutest thing ever! Thanks for posting.

  76. Hamster & Rye says:

    Was it Scar in “The Lion King” who said,”I am surrounded by idiots”- “When someone don’t understand–
    Your witty comments and the current stuff–
    When you’re feeling like
    you’ve had it tough–
    I recommend a marmie huff–
    Yes, it’s a marmie huff-
    makes you feel better when the day was rough–
    Pick up your marmie by her furry scruff-
    And huff till you’ve huffed enough!”

  77. 😆

  78. (curtsys with finger under chin)
    The baby owl shall do the Charleston!!!

  79. @Deb, I love that cartoon too, had to introduce it to my –I love the jazzy li’l wol of course, but I must confess I love his grumpy singing best.

  80. Whoops, finger slipped– meant I introduced it to my niece and nephew owlets. 😉

  81. Totalee Puppy says:

    THERESA AND KATRINA…I would like to arrange for
    Synchronized Serenades by two choruses of grumpy-sounding
    baby owls (Yes, we take
    requests)holding a bouquet of flowers for each of you…wherever you are…
    beginning to sound like Durante…I think it’s best to let you know so you won’t think you have won Publishers Clearinghouse…

  82. Eef I ever has a weddingks this will totally be the picture on the invitation.

    He is murmuringk sweet nothings to her: “I have a dead mouse for yous, and eef you eats it we will make teh whoooopee and then I will show you several different apartos complete with dead mouse carpets and you shall peek one and we will live happily ever afters with our little owlets.” All this from barn owl courtship rituals, but I bet burrowingk owls aren’t much different.

  83. lovesick owls,oh lovers what would the world be without them ,amore

  84. @Totalee Pup, then we shall ALL do the Charleston!

  85. Why, Bisto, of course. I used to have a Gordon Setter named Bisto.
    “MMMMmmmm, Bisto!”, Bisto Kids.

  86. Awwwwwww!

  87. Remember… the owls are not what they seem…

  88. Aww, i love hoot-hoots