A Reminder from Planetary Maintenance

Due to scheduled system upgrades, Gravity will be temporarily shut down from 2 PM to 4 PM EST.  Please secure all outdoor furniture and keep pets indoors.  We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.

(insert 'Blue Danube Waltz' here)

We all float down here, Karen G.



  1. No wonder my allergies are acting up. They need to send out a poor air quality alert due to all the pups in the air.

  2. freetomato says:

    Happy Puppieeeeezzzz!!!!!

  3. Please tell me that’s not barbwire that the doggie is about to jump on.

  4. LOL

    particularly at the It by S. King reference.

  5. Is this a Dog version of The Sound of Music.

    “The Heels are alive with the sound of barking”

  6. Wheeeeeee!

  7. AuntieMame says:



  8. Von Zeppelin says:

    Impressive the way the Dog Instrument Landing System radar brings ’em in right over the fence. Must be tricky in that mountainous terrain.

  9. Mike – awesome IT reference!!! I’m EVERYTHING you EVER were afraid of! Wow, Tim Curry might have played the devil in Legend, but he’s never been scarier than he was as Pennywise the clown.

    That picture’s really funny if you picture that they’re really being lifted away against their will. That one on the far left looks like it’s trying to hold onto the fence as he floats away.

  10. FAN. TAS. TIC.


    I hope the second jumping pup from the left made it over the fence okay…

  12. Verily, that is in fact barbed wire that all those dogs are jumping *over*.

    Please don’t make me end a sentence with a preposition again.

  13. is it me, or the dogs really have fluffy tail tips??

  14. Pennywise made me hate clowns! So scary…..zomg the deadlights!

    I’m hoping, wishing, talked myself into beileving the pup that is almost on the barbed wire is using the non barbed second line to sprong off of and will actually clear the top. It’s what happens. I know it. I feel it. I BELIEVE it!!!! 😉

  15. No, the second dog from the left looks like he’s about to jump ON the fence, not over it. Is it really necessary to play grammar police on a public forum?

    I’m assuming all is right in happy puppy land or else this picture would not find its way to Cute Overload.

    [One more time, this is NOT a “public forum”… but no, you’re right, it’s not strictly necessary to be grammatically correct. However, in this age of LOLspeak and texting, more and more I find that I prefer to, y’know, write better. Speaking for myself. – Ed.]

  16. Ha! Tewtally awesome photo! I don’t know the S. King reference but the writing is hilarious even so! Thanks Karen G. and NOMTOM!

  17. knightofmonarch says:

    The dog on the right with his paws up under him looks like he’s about to turn into an F-18 – fire up the afterburners

  18. BuggyWuggs' Mom says:

    Is that barbed wire that one dog is about to scrape his belly on???? What IDIOT decided it would be a good idea to have his/her dogs jump that??!!! I love the floating dogs, but I’m appalled at the use of barbed wire.

  19. boingy boingy boingy!

    apparently the less fluff you have on the end of your tail, the less you can jump. the one that is about to fall on the fence doesn’t have much fluff at all. fluff = height

    “i’m a hound dog!”

  20. omG! love the 2001! ref on the hovertext!

  21. I can’t believe a fox hunt was posted on Cute Overload! You should be ashamed!

  22. A fox hunt? I’m sorry, but I don’t see a fox. Hunting with dogs is illegal, by the way.

  23. Nifty photo, nifty storyline.

    And: “Refreshingly bouncy!!”
    Thanks NTMTOM

  24. Oh my dog, I could see the controversh on the boards from a mile away. Focus on the cute! The cute! Why is there always a debbie downer.
    Yes we can assume the pup is all right. And yes, we do need to play pretend Grammar Police. 😀

  25. well if there IS no gravity, then obvs. the pup won’t come crashing down on the barbed wire. 😉

    srsly I hope pup’s okay.

    so what kind of upgrades are we getting, anyway? Huh?

  26. You know, this summer in New York, we’ve had a rash of window washers and construction workers falling off buildings. If anything, gravity works a little too well around here.

  27. Hon Glad: LOL — “The Heels are Alive”, indeed! You can almost hear Julie Andrews in the background!

  28. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That just brought a giant smile to my face. Someone clearly forgot to pay the gravity bill.

  29. IT! That line is from IT! I’ve been trying to get it to come to me for a hour now! IT!!! Tim Curry is my hero!

  30. Beth (in NC) says:

    I was young when IT came out, but my mean 6th grade friends suggested we watch it anyway. I was TERROR-fied!!! That was Tim Curry???? No wonder I was scared, he’s a fantastical actor. But I am still scared of clowns. {shiver}

  31. And I’m freeeeee…..

    Chorus: Free falling…

    Free faaaallliiinng,

    Chorus: Free falling…

    Yeah, I’m freeeeee…

    dum dum dum dum….

    (tx to Tom Petty)….

  32. biscuithead says:

    Don’t worry! Plenty of former fox hunters do the drag-the-smelly-thing style ethical hunt, thus allowing the horses a good run + the dogs their fun, minus the carnage of the old days.

    And my I just say:
    Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!
    Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

  33. um, barbwire = badness 😦

    [Tell me about it… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115624/ – Ed.]

  34. Not sure one of the doggies gonna clear the barbed wire? Not to worry: one nanosecond after this photo was taken, floopsie earses converted into hovercraft mode, efficiently carrying her up and over the fence. Phew!

  35. BTW, do you have Prince Albert in a can?

  36. Z O M B!
    This is most perfectional laffagorical gaspinducinal
    picture and capshun I haf seen.
    System upgrades indeed.
    Kudos Mr. NTMTOM Kudos!

  37. It could be worst.. at least its not razor wire.. and also, where in that picture is there a fox???? Is it impossible to believe that these dogs are just running around in a field??

  38. i’m really glad i’m the only one who became concernicus when i saw that the pup 2nd from the left doesn’t look like he quite made it. really really REALLY hope that guys okay!!

  39. Starling: Hunting with dogs is not illegal. People do it all the time with bird dogs, such as the German Shorthair dog in the picture (highest jumper).

  40. Release the hounds!

  41. Why is this “cute”??? Dogs jumping over BARBED WIRE probably chasing a fox in a HUNT!!
    For god’s sake!


    I wanna see the dogs turning somersaults in mid-air like you see the astronauts do!

    Watch out for the monolith, puppers!

  43. FLYING Walker Coonhounds?
    (yes, I know they aren’t that type of hound but I couldn’t resist!)
    And for the nuffers – the dog in danger clearly has his hind legs about to reach the second wire – and sporing hin clear of the fence! I have seen my beagle boy do this so I know it is possible!

  44. the warning is very Douglas Adams.

  45. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Beep, beep, Richie! And stop calling me Eddie Spaghetti! You know I hate that.

  46. Ah but hunting MAMMALS with dogs is illegal, Pussytoes.

  47. It seems all kinds of dogs are affected…

  48. wow. those guys are getting serious air.

  49. The wonderful thing about Puppehs
    Is Puppehs are wonderful things.
    Their tops are made of rubbers
    The bottoms are made of springs.
    Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!!!

    The wonderful thing about Puppehs
    Is I’m the only one

    I’m the only one !


  50. Oh man, I love that funny flying dog video! And what a cutie!

  51. This looks like a pack of hounds on a foxhunt. It is NOT illegal in all states, most states have a certain time of year, and this sport is very popular in england as well, so it may not even BE in this country. I have followed hounds on horseback before while I was in London, and saw the dogs clear fences much worse than this without a problem. They are very strong, well muscled dogs, so they won’t have a problem. You can hunt mammals with dogs in the US, but only during the time of year that it’s OK to hunt that specific animal. (Hunting is REALLY big where I live, which is how I know all this) Hope this clears up some confusion. Foxhounds are great dogs, so cute, but sooo LOUD!

  52. biscuithead says:

    Blair banned foxhunting in the UK some years ago.
    Hence the drag-the-smelly-thing style ethical hunting of today.

    Guess the US needs to catch up on this one.

  53. *resists the urge to make a political comment about bears, hunting, offices, Alaska, and suchlike*


  54. That said, *steers convo in another direction*, I wonder where this is? Could be the Lakes, or Derbyshire.

  55. Gail (the first one) says:

    GREAT caption!!! I bet animals are the only ones who ever notice when Gravity is down for maintenance—witness my cat on top of the fridge, etc.

    AND I love the “It” reference!!! Great book and best film adaptation of a Stephen King novel (okay, “Stand By Me” is a great film, too! And,the original “The Shining”, even though Mr. King didn’t like it! Oh, and “Delores Claiborne” and yes, “Misery”, too.)

  56. I didn’t know that hunting mammals with dogs was illegal. Is it illegal in all states in the U.S.? I live in Texas and think people might still hunt squirrels and wild hogs with dogs. Just wondering….

  57. Thx, Angel…i was typing my comment and didn’t realize someone had addressed the subject.

  58. momof2kitties says:

    Yipes! Who mentioned Pennywise the Clown? Now I’m going to have to hide under my bed tonight with ALL the lights AND the TV on.

    Are these German Shorthairs? My husband is thinking about getting one (for bird hunting. Gack.) I’m not sure my cats can take that much anti-gravity energy…

  59. Love the hover text NTMTOM! ALso the IT reference : ) one of my favorite books.

  60. We raised Walker Hounds when i was young and my dad was a fox hunter. I went with him sometimes, but we never killed the foxes…just ran the dogs to hear them sing. I was young and didn’t know better then, so please don’t judge me. But I did enjoy listening to the hounds working and it was a nice way to spend time with my dad.

  61. You’re all wrong. This is the 2012 Summer Animal Olympics Lurkensproingen team. The dogs will not be conceding the gold to the cats again.

  62. Maybe these happy doggies are competing in the Ubersproingen competition. They don’t seem to be lurking at all. 😉

  63. Shawshank Gail…Shawshank.

    And how is it that I follow a link to a puppy on a plane and before I know it, I’m watching a video of a man pooing while running?

    I’m sick man…I’ve got to quit youtube.

  64. I liked “It” right up until it got weird and all the guys had sex with the girl. King took it just a smidge too far for my tastes.

  65. Anyway, this pic brought back a lot of fond memories for me. I’ve been thinking of my dad this week…Wed would have been his 80th birthday. He died when I was 11 and I still miss him. We spent a lot of time together caring for the hounds…and I spent a lot of time in the puppy pen when we had pups. 🙂 I didn’t know about snorgling back then, but that’s what I was doing!

  66. This is the most ridiculous FUN HAPPY PUPPY pic I’ve ever seen! LOVE IT!

  67. That’s my problem with King, BB, I start a book because the story seems interesting, and then at once point he goes to far and I just don’t wanna know anymore. Latest victim: The Stand.

    (I meant hunting in Britain, I’m not in the States!)

  68. Release the hounds!!!!

  69. None of these are German shorthaired pointers.

  70. (Air) Bourne Supremacy.

  71. Mary (the first) says:

    Excuse my ignorance but does England have mountains like that? I picture it more gentle-hills-like. ??

  72. Mary (the first) says:

    (see … of the many topics brought up here (1) what kind of dog (2) Stephen King (3) hunting (4) where is this .. I choose # 4 as my topic of interest 🙂

  73. Michelle S says:

    “Ah but hunting MAMMALS with dogs is illegal, Pussytoes.”

    Depends where you live. Animals like bobcat, fox, bear, deer, opossum, rabbit, rat, racoon, weasel, etc are all still legally hunted with dogs in areas of N. America and some of those even in the UK as far as I know.

  74. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Birdcage: Now I wish I’d thought of “Release the hounds!” for my hovertext. D’OOOOHHHH! Well played! 🙂

  75. Can we go back to the fluffy tails? I hear tell they leave the tips extra floofy soz you can see em in the rough. Not necessary here as the sproingin’ keeps them visible.

  76. yes, coyote are still hunted with horses and hounds here in los angeles’ outer edges. sadly. it’s the uk that outlawed it.

    the 2001: a space odyssey reference in the hovertext is awesome.

    and i will try not to think about that poor doggy and the barbed wire. 😦

  77. Sweet Scout says:

    This gave me my first LOL since losing my kitty on Wednesday. I work in science publishing…I’m thinking this HAS to be included in all Earth/Physical science textbooks in any discussion of gravity.

  78. Just because an activity may have been outlawed it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Anyway, nice to know I sparked some interesting conversation. And, I am not a complete downer – the picture and caption are funny.

  79. darkshines says:

    I dreamed I had a puppy last night, I have never been happier than I was in that dream…..

  80. biscuithead says:

    Mary (the first)

    Do a Google search for The ‘Lake District’ in the NW of England.
    It’s mountainous (though not Rockies’ scale) + utterly beautiful.

    More sheep there than hounds.

  81. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Jen: Of course, I forgot Shawshank! Way more good movies than I initially thought!!!

  82. scooterpants says:

    the idea of puppehs flying over barbed wire with their tiny lil nibbly parts and smooth exposed bellehs is terrifying to ME!!!! (looks away quickly)
    please make it stop.

  83. floofenstein says:

    Don’t worry about that second puppeh. She’s still on the way up. Really. Her back legs are going to clear with about as much clearance as the first puppeh. Trust me, all the hounds I’ve owned jumped like deers. Tremendous back leg strength. Rest easy.

  84. Your captions are HILARIOUS!!! This one CRACKED. ME. UP!!

    How do you keep coming up with new and great material??

  85. Looks like it’s raining dogs!

    “Hmmm. Better bring in th’ washin’ ma, it’s gone from drizzling chihuahuas to dripping foxhounds!”

  86. who let the dogs out?

    [WHO? WHO? WHO WHO?? – Ed.]

  87. HI GANG!!! I’m at home, rather tipsy, and watching IT on tv – it’s on RIGHT NOW on the digital station Chiller. How about that?! Gosh, I miss John Ritter and love Tim Curry and “Beverly Marsh” is just about to finally stand up to her abusive boyfriend. See ya later!!! 😀

  88. focusonthecute says:

    Why do people come to this site if they’re always going to ignore what is obviously adorable and focus instead on something maybe, potentially dangerous/not cute.

    I think gravity-less dogs are hilarious and assuming they are mid-hunt is just absurd.

  89. It might be fox hunt. Dogs seem to enjoy though. Fox hunt not illegal everywhere. Declawing cats is, except for the USA. that’s my serious statement for today. Going back to cute dogs flying and about to make it over barbed wire. (gogogogo pull in that belly!!!)

  90. It looks like a decidedly British landscape though, Maria. Mind you, both in the Lakes and Derbyshire you’re more likely to find stone walls, not wire fences.

    Darn! Now I’m curious!

    *goes to call the aliens to ask if they’ve picked up any hounds lately, and where they came from*

  91. darkshines says:

    If it is a photograph from the UK, then I say its Wals. We have some beautiful mountains here, and a lot of people keep sheep, hence the wire fences, and possibly the need for a fox hunt. I live in Cardiff, and study in Treforest. Google “Vale of Glamorgan” to see some gorgeous Welsh mountains.

  92. darkshines says:

    Oh “Rhondda Cynon Taff” which is the mountainous bit…. *blush* the Vale is the coastline…..

    Heres Ferndale: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photos/05/20/052041_0ba9d2bf.jpg

  93. “Depends where you live. Animals like bobcat, fox, bear, deer, opossum, rabbit, rat, racoon, weasel, etc are all still legally hunted with dogs in areas of N. America and some of those even in the UK as far as I know.”

    Hunting any animal with more than two dogs is illegal in the UK, has been for a couple of years.

  94. OF COURSE they are fox-hunting dogs. They are the breed that fox hunts, and why on earth do they have so many if they aren’t using them to hunt? These are definitely on a fox hunt. Just because there is no fox in the picture haha you all don’t believe it.

    Cuteoverload often posts pictures that I don’t think should be on here (does anyone remember the photo with about 30 guinea pigs in one cage?) I don’t think pictures showing overcrowded cages should be on here. That is animal abuse.

  95. You don’t know how old this photo is also. This could be 10 years old.

  96. They’re not hunting, they are a particular slightly obscure breed (whose name escapes me just now) who compete in a sort of cross crountry event where a scent trail is laid down for them to follow. Apparently these dogs are really highly trained to just focus on the trail, a rabbit could run right by them and they probably wouldn’t notice.

    Tiring stuff, though 😛

  97. DLR in Canada says:

    I really hope that is not a picture from a fox hunt which by the way is an absolutely barbaric tradition and CO shouldn’t be posting pictures from such a thing. *frowns*

  98. dottiejean28 says:

    I was gonna say…I had a neighbor who used to have 2 gigantic choco labs…they hunted ducky mcquackersons and goosey mchonkingtons

  99. IT! I still can’t step over storm drains! I’ll have to stay on this web site for at least an hour to recover. And now, back to the regularly scheduled Olympic Synchronized Dog Flying Jumping competition

  100. Kat: Fox hunting with dogs is illegal in the UK. Yet you still see people who own large packs of hounds. They most definitely do NOT use them to hunt for foxes. They’d get arrested.

  101. this kind of reminds me of a Gary Larsen cartoon for some reason.

  102. *IMHO: this is one of COverload’s most-widely appreciated photos (re. the “anti-gravity” cuteness).
    *Evidently the viewers of COverload have a wealth of background experience, knowledge … & a quite sharply tuned sensitivity on the topic of Fox Hunting (wonder what the percentages are, of responses from folks alarmed by the violent aspects of the activity & those who feel there can be relevant reasons, that perhaps the photo doesn’t indicate contemporary people intentionally choosing to do something harmful in the here & now)
    *Being a Gemini, I often find myself seeing both sides of the coin. For what it’s worth, my politics are Hippie but not quite leftist radical & of course I hope folks today, know better than to spend time, money & skills of both horses & dogs — toward the objective of hunting foxes, to be killed not as a search for necessary food, but as supposed “entertainment”. The group chasing a “smelly rag” thing, works fine for me!!

  103. Floofensien: thanks for the info about the jumping. It made me go look up TONS of dog jumping pictures.

    Its only the angle that makes it look like the dog is coming down on the wire,or not gonna clear it. There were other series of images of dogs jumping that looked from one angle like they were on the fence, but a different camera angle showed otherwise.

    Puppy cleared the fence this I am certain of.
    I was gonna post a link, but stupid me closed all my other windows before posting this so I can’t remember how I found the pictures of other dogs I do know it took me a few hours of digging. (mostly to see hover doggies tho)

  104. Awww, can’t we just see the cute?

  105. i could count dogs to sleep.
    and ze dog jumped over ze moon.

  106. I -love- the gravity gag. Seriously. But if I were the owner, I’d sue the aliens for not warning them on time 😛

    Hey leslie, your post gives me deja moo!

    I’m also a left-of-the-middle kinda person. I can’t stand the way so many people talk about “leftie loonies” nowadays. We don’t all wear sandals and chain ourselves to trees, you know. We just care about other people, what’s there to be ashamed of? How can you have a go at people for CARING?!

    *shuts herself up*

    *takes deep breath*

    AAAAAAAAAAANYWAY, I shall have a cuppa and turn in.

  107. Remembered the name, kept thinking it was ‘Lakeland Terrier’ and coming up with pictures of the fluffy black and tan peuppehs. They’re called ‘Lakeland Trail Hounds’ and as I said before are nothing to do with hunting, they aren’t used for that, they are bred for stamina over varied terrain when they compete in what are called ‘drag hunts’.

    Not a bloodsport, they follow an artificial scent trail set down shortly before the event, as I mentioned before.

    Which is good, ’cause, you know, hunting sucks :p

    Here’s some info ’bout this breed, well, a relevent page at least 🙂


  108. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Leslie and starling: Right there with you, politically….I like to think of myself as being a pragmatic liberal. I wish somebody would stand up for the term “liberal” and make the connection of caring about others as you said, starling!

  109. srry their wus no comment i accidentally pressed enter.

    i see my cat jump from the couch to the window, she seems to defy gravity

  110. aquasaline says:

    CAN’T we go back to the floofy tails People?!

  111. For those worried that puppy won’t clear the fence, don’t be… At my mom’s house, there’s a fence that’s 5 1/2 feet high, topped with barbed wire, all around except for one 2 foot stretch that’s 5 feet high. I took my beagle-mix over there one day, and he made it in one jump.

    Unfortunately, that was the first sign that he can’t be kept in a “cage” (except for his crate, which he loves for some reason).

  112. scooterpants says:

    Let leslie post that LONG post 4 times?
    [The old browser-caching issue, I assume… – Ed.]

    I LOVE that these puppehs are doing what they were bred to do. have NO issue with hunting with dogs.
    just gives me a lil cringe, what with that top layer of barbed wire, i’m sure they dont care if they are scratched, or cut, and i know its part of their heritage/breeding, most likely , cant be bred out of them, when the hunting dies, so will their breed.
    so be eet , progress.
    great jumpers they are though , NO????

  113. Totalee Puppy says:

    SWEET SCOUT…I’m sorry you lost your kitty this week…there’s a lot to miss, for sure…I’m glad this picture gave you a happier moment…check out HON GLAD’s song…and keep checking out more cute…Take time for your heart to heal, and you may
    find another kitty for company…


  115. Gotta do it.

    I am the real grammar police, and I assure you that there is nothing wrong with ending a sentence with a preposition:

    “It’s Usually Not Wrong to End a Sentence with a Preposition”

    “Prepositions at the Ends of Sentences: Further Explanation of Why the ‘Rule’ Is Wrong”

    “A Response to Readers Who Still Insist That Prepositions Must Never Be Used at the Ends of Sentences”

    (BTW, I too was upset to see the dog with his belly so close to the barbed wire.)

  116. Gotta do it.

    I am the real grammar police, and I assure you that there is nothing wrong with ending a sentence with a preposition:

    “It’s Usually Not Wrong to End a Sentence with a Preposition”

    “Prepositions at the Ends of Sentences: Further Explanation of Why the ‘Rule’ Is Wrong”

    “A Response to Readers Who Still Insist That Prepositions Must Never Be Used at the Ends of Sentences”

    (BTW, I too was upset to see the dog with his belly so close to the barbed wire.)

  117. “A Response to Certain Pompous and Impatient Readers Who Click the ‘Post’ Button More Than Once”

  118. warrior rabbit says:

    Thanks, tblue! I was going to say it, but then I was just too tired (in advance) of all the likely nah-ahs.

    The preposition thing is a myth; true grammarians and advanced word nerds know the preposition is just fine bringing up the rear.

    P.S. Richard Lederer, mentioned in one of the articles, used to host A Way with Words, which is a locally produced program. He and Charles Harrington Elster (I liked them better than the current hosts, but what are you going to do?).

  119. I’ve had this photo on my kitchen wall for a year or so now. Its taken near Keswick, Cumbria, UK in 2003 and is houndtrailing – there was no fox involved, rest assured.

  120. Pupsnstuff says:

    Dog on barbed wire NOT CUTE and definitely NOT COOL. 😡

  121. Dog definitely not on barbed wire.

  122. scooterpants says:

    lol loses some of its luster when ya wikipedia it, kinda ‘nerdsome’.

  123. It never had luster; LOL has a *flavr*.

    Arguing the proper treatment of the term LOL might fairly be called “farce” btw, and to this I say YAY. YAY, I say! http://www.squidgrid.com/images/misc/yay_pic.jpg

  124. Starling is incorrect. You can hunt just about anything with dogs here in Wisconsin. You can hunt deer with dogs in many southern states.

  125. why would anyone post this picture? unless there’s something i’m missing, one of these dogs is about to be seriously hurt. pretty upsetting and disappointing, cuteoverload:(

  126. Anyone who thinks that just because it’s illegal to hunt foxes with hounds in the UK means that it doesn’t happen, is horribly naive. It’s a tradition (yes, a brutal one) and for all of the upper to upper-middle class people who hunt and have hunted for generations, one change of the law by that labour idiot Blair will not change a thing. Everyone that I know who hunts still does. Nothing has changed after the ban. People do NOT get arrested. If they are caught killing a fox, they say it was caught unintentionally during a dummy scent chase. The only difference is that people do not discuss it as openly. But it still goes on as though the ban never happened, the scent drags and bird of prey hunts are a tiny minority, and a cover.