Put the vacuum back in the closet

I already vacuumed up the food bits left under the dinner table.

I think the vacuum is still hungry though.


I really like the super schnozzle suction on this model, Karen G.

p.s. you’re hosed! 😉



  1. Our daschund used to always nuzzle herself into any available sleeve just like this and then need help getting unstuck 🙂

  2. He’s GOTTA be related to the space llama.

  3. This is amazing! I want one! I’ll bet they work on hardwood floors and tile, too.

  4. (the original) Mel says:


  5. Hehehe, my cat used to do this in coat sleeves. It was the funniest thing ever!

  6. Oh no! Sand worms have invaded the city!!! Geez, where’s Muad’dib when you need him?

    My dog is TERRIFIED of the vacuum cleaner. I can just leave it in front of something she likes to chew on (like the couch) and she won’t go near it all day.

  7. Juniper Jupiter says:


    How on EARTH do cats and dogs do this? My three cats NEVER do this!! They tend to get claustrophobic when it comes to getting under the covers! One doesn’t mind getting his butt wedged in my face when we sleep at night, tho!

  8. Roofees wants to be a sausage Dawg.

  9. “Has dog or cat hair become a nagging chore? The Flowbee Pet Groomer makes grooming fun!”

  10. “Put that thing back where it came from
    “Or so help me, so help me, so help me!”

    …aaaand CUT

  11. ThreeCatNight says:

    The new, improved Dachvac, an improvement on Dyson and Eureka, and much more snorgable.

  12. that is either one small dog or one REAAAALY big sleeve (Maybe a pant leg?)

    My ferret does this a lot with my shirt sleeves, but the cats stopped after the work jacket incident of 2007. (Pippin fell asleep in the sleeve of my turn out coat and it weighs so much and he weighed so little at the time that he went to the fire with me… Imagine my surprise)

  13. reminds me of my aunts dog.. it climbs on your shoulders and “cleans” your hair by nibbling at it.. lol

  14. I think this dachsy is stuck. We’ll need the jaws of life to free him.
    Our daschund used to do the same thing, but she could get herself out. On a cold fall day, nothing is more hilarous than wondering why your coat is on the floor… right before it LOOKS at you.

  15. D’ya think his name is Hoover? Or possibly Kirby?

    (Growing up, I did have a dog named Hoover. It was a very good name for him. He was the sweetest creature, too.)

  16. Has anyone seen Two Weeks Notice? The scene where Sandra is drunk and stumbling and slipping down the stairs of the boat – omg, she did that so perfectly – I must have rewound about 20 times and I was laughing so hard my dog repeatedly came over to make sure I was okay.

  17. OMG!! LOL!!!

  18. Great choice, Meg! That was one of my faves in that group. I believe I actually L.O.L.ed…..

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    I was confused as to the size of this dog and couldn’t figure out what he was in .. thought it was something like a doberman or whatever. Thanks to Geo for mentioning “dachsund”.. it all makes sense now.

  20. LULZ! My weinerschnapper has done this before. They’re just such a perfect size for getting stuck in sleeves! Once while I was at work, she spent an entire day stuck in a sleeve! At least a few hours anyway. LULZ!

  21. Check the animated youtube video for Hello Sunshine. Your teeth will hurt, and you will go on your way sadder but wiser.

  22. Great Leto’s Ghost! Another sandworm!!!!!

  23. Erebella- That is one of my very favorite movies- she is a fine comedian and slap-stick actress.

    Jmper-I’ve never had a dog or cat do this, but I can only imagine the surprise when your critter went to work to a fire, in “Poor Pippin’s Work Jacket Inciden of 2007”-am I awful to have laughed at that? The look on your face must have been priceless! What did you do with him while you were fighting the fire?

  24. I’ve had a rabbit do this…he ran into the sleeve of my bathrobe (which was on the floor) and got stuck. (Imagine large, black, very suprised looking rabbit with his little front legs jammed out in front of him…)

  25. When I ordered my Dyson Animal, this is not what I expected.

  26. (in a very plummy accent) I started thinking…standard vacuums have a basic limitation, without electricity, they eventually lose suction power. But if you run a vacuum on kibble, no loss of suction. So I put my (genetic) engineers to work…and voila! the Dog- son Vacuum

  27. Is that a giant geoduck clam hiding in your closet, or are you just happy to see me?

  28. What I love most is the pooch’s forlorn look, like he’s been lying there for a while in the doldrums, wondering if anyone will ever notice his burrito impression.

  29. WickedWendy says:

    This is funny to me because my mom has a daschund and my boyfriend calls him Hans von Hoover, cuz he’ll eat anything he can get his mouth on!

  30. I didn’t know my doxie came with an attachment nozzle. Where can I find one? Oh the coat closet?!
    Excellent, but he has already done all the tile without the attachment. Oh,oh.

  31. Susan James says:

    Wait! Isn’t that a Dachitto?

  32. Susan J — you’re making me hungry.

  33. This isn’t exactly the same thing, but our rat terrier likes to fuss about a lot to get under the covers and is a fitful bed buddy. A few times in the winter, he finds a way to nose into the duvet cover. In the morning, when he figures it out, there is some panic on his part and some laughter on ours as he noses around and tries to figure how the get the heck out (we usually have to unbutton the cover and let him out).

  34. LOL!

    The same thing happened to mine but it was a sweatshirt sleeve and she got stuck on top of an armchair (where the hoodie was) and her head was hanging over the side of it like a wet noodle. She was lodged in TIGHT and I had found her after realizing I hadn’t see her in HOURS.


  35. Our Dachshund Hamish loves to snuggle under our sweaters. I honestly don’t know how he breathes. In the winter it’s nice because Dachshunds are the warmest dogs on the planet!

  36. This one is going to end up on ihasahotdog.

    [ *biting my tongue* – Ed.]

  37. It looks like Rusty my in-laws dachsund that died a few years ago. He would nose into everything he could snuggle into.
    When I saw this it brought back cute memories.

  38. @Katrina: When we have a fire the ambulance goes along just in case someone needs help. (I’m on the ambulance) so I held him until he fell asleep and then I wrapped him in a towel and stuck him in the cabinet with the stuff animals (they are sealed so no kitteh fur got on them) and he slept through the fire. He must have only been 8 weeks old? or there abouts. Some one left him at the fire station when he was only a few days old so I took him home and have had him for almost 4 years now.

    Actually that fire was when our grade school burned down. I remember worrying that he would have to go potty or something because we were on scene for 12 and a half hours. But my Dad came and got him.

    Sorry this story was so long I just had a bunch of caffeine and my fingers wont quit typing.

    Okay Im done….theriously

  39. Isn’t that a cat scratching post in the background of the picture? That explains what happened to poor little Doxy — kitteh told him it’s the latest thing in fashion and he believed her!

  40. I thought I posted the comment but now its gone so if this double posts I’m sorry

    *I also put the wrong date it was the work jacket incident of 2003 not 2007

    [No biggie; all fixted… – Ed.]

    @Katrina: When we have a fire the ambulance goes along and sits on scene just in case someone needs help (I’m on the Ambulance) and Pippin stayed in the rig with me until he fell asleep and then I wrapped him in a towel and tucked him in the cabinet with the stuffed animals (they are in ziplock bags so no cat hair got on them) and he slept there for most of the fire. (They are clear cabinets and i could keep an eye on him) He was around 8 weeks old when this happened (Someone left him at the fire station when he was just a few days old) and hes about 5 years old now. My dad came and got him after work because I was worried he was going to have an accident. We were on scene for 12 and a half hours with that fire. Our grade school burned down (No one injured, fire started by the janitor)

    Sorry Im going on and on I just had a bunch of caffine and I cannot stop typing.

    Okay Im done…theriously

  41. ::SIGH::

    It was a double post…this is so not my day.

    If one of you kind mods could delete my first post please?


  42. punkinberry says:

    @Theo: “We’re practicing a play. A musical!”

  43. Thanks Ed!

  44. Punkin — gold star

    Jmper — you’re welcome

  45. willnobilis says:

    *-tosses it a hot dog in bun-*

    “My anaconda don’t want none unless it’s got buns hon!”

  46. the other Brenda says:

    The original ROOMBAH!!!

  47. the other Brenda says:

    Beth, did your in-laws Rusty have an anger management problem? My dad and mom had a Rusty ( in Indianapolis)who bit everyone in site and they had to give him away to some people who had a farm where he could be away from people. They said he ran the show as far as the other dogs were concerned. They gave him a loving home until his death a couple of years ago.

  48. snoopysnake says:

    Snakepup! snoopysnake likes!

  49. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Ah yes, this brought back memories of one morning when we couldn’t find Max anywhere. We called and called, offered treats and NOOO Max. We finally found him in the closet stuck in my sweatshirt sleeve. He’d been there all night lol.

  50. violetgreen says:

    It’s in the DNA! Deprived of their badger-hunting tradition(dachs/badger…hund/dog),
    dachshunds dive down sleeve burrows looking for imaginary badgers. Just a theory.

  51. darkshines says:

    She’s out of our hair, and just when I dare to care, she says ‘au contraire’…

  52. Whaaaat is this goggie stuck in? It looks like a ginormous sleeve but I actually can’t figure out what it is.

  53. No, you’ve got it. Looks like an inside-out sweater to me.

  54. @B-servant – burrito impression! I LOLed. This pic makes me giggle more than most anyway, but that really did it.

    @jmper – awesome story, thanks for sharing. And kudos to you for rescuing and KEEPING that kitty!

  55. jackie31337 says:

    @sara: “This one is going to end up on ihasahotdog.”

    I kind of think I’ve seen it there before.

  56. That poor little doggie is sending brainwaves: “hepmeh, hepmeh!”

  57. in my family, we call the dustbuster the “electric dog”. This is why. 😀

  58. Gail (the first one) says:

    My perception is out of whack—I thought it was a big dog wrapped in a rug!!!

    @Jmper: What a great story!! You started “Take A Kitten To Work Day”!!! Now, to make it global……

  59. Caitlin — what you need is an ATOMIC DOG!
    Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay.

    ( http://www.squidgrid.com/images/misc/yay_pic.jpg )

  60. scooterpants says:

    me hopes that he did not fall from the “top shelf”.
    hmmm… ouch.

  61. Your petvac worked overtime! Still cute as ever!!