Hey, Baby—how YOU Dune?

Know then, that is is the year 10191. In this time, the most precious substance in the universe is the spice Melange.  The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness. The spice softens hands while you do dishes.  The spice exists on only one desolate, dry planet in the entire universe, guarded by the fearsome giant sand-llamas.


If you walk without rhythm, you won’t attract the worm, Amanda L.

P.S. the space-time continuum has been breached! This is the FIRST time a photo has appeared on both Cute Overload AND UGLY OVERLOAD OMG PONIES!!1! – Ed.



  1. That’s llama? Not alpaca? Who stole the legs?

  2. oof. bleens

  3. Wasn’t Legless the archer dude in the hobbit movies? Maybe this guy’s an archer as well.

  4. ???????

    Legless llama looks lame. (sorry couldn’t resist the alliteration!)

  5. “‘Tis but a flesh wound! I’ll bite your knees off!”

  6. looks like a lama slug or a lama worm..heheh

  7. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @aloria: I don’t know my llamas from my alpacas very well, so I might have made a mistake. If so, my bad.

  8. Just made a visit to UglyOverload.com it’s a vewy scarwy place (said in best Elmer Fudd voice)

  9. (the original) Mel says:


  10. TrumanRabbit says:

    I had never heard of uglyoverload. I visited and wish I hadn’t. Sad and creepy. Down with breeders! Up with spay/neuter and pet adoption!!

    As for this hairy hovercraft, I would like to put Barbies and Star Wars action figures on its back for some gallactic romping and mayhem.

  11. (the original) Mel says:

    I’m waiting for the Dune lovers to stop staring at their posters of Sean Young, and to wander, pasty, white and undersexed, from of their caves for comment…

  12. browntabbycoon says:

    Love the Dune reference! This cameloid looks like what I imagine a sandworm might. tee hee.

  13. OMG THX, I *like* Ugly Overload! It appeals to the ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ type naturalist in me. Just click on Amphibians and look at the “Malayan Horned Frog who Doesn’t Like You”. 😀

    PS Spice Llama can see my soul.

  14. lillykitty says:

    whoever does your writing is my hero.

  15. Oh, I get it! It’s missing its ears! Right?

  16. Is this one of those woolly caterpillars I’ve heard about? Can you imagine the butterfly OMG!

  17. ThreeCatNight says:

    You are now entering the Lair of the Llama Worm.
    You have been warned!

  18. Um, you must go to uglyoverload and look up Lester the Lion Kitty. He’s Winston’s understudy!

  19. I used to raise llamas and alpacas. Are you sure that is a llama? Where are the ears! Well, it does have a llama nose I guess.

  20. bseballgrl says:

    It looks like the secret love child of one of those puppy dog boot scrubber statue thingys and a fur seal. 🙂

  21. Ah yes, this is the younger brother of the Baron – the white sheep of the family, Baron Llamadir Wormkonen. He has a thing for tube socks – very embarrassing for the family, and that’s saying a lot considering the family.

    P.S.: Dune rocks!

  22. Cute critter! And I LOVE the Dune reference! The spice must flow!

  23. OMIGOD! Dune reference! My crush continues, NTMTOM

  24. I didn’t know that some slugs have fur. This is much cuter than the kind that eat our vegetables!

    Seriously, though, this guy would probably eat more vegetables than our resident slugs.

  25. Balamuthia says:

    @(the original) Mel-
    The only actor I can bring up by name at the moment from Dune is…Sting! lol

    That Alpa-Llama whatsit would make a most disturbing welcome mat.

    And Ugly Overload. *shudder*

  26. Balamuthia says:

    Also, this entry makes me need to go watch Weapon of Choice on Youtube now.

  27. Good lord…remind me never to go to UglyOverload ever again *scrubbing eyes*…
    Now THIS guy I love! A big cute fuzzy cater-slug.
    “I can has lettuce leaf?”

  28. DustPuppyOI says:

    *snicker* One of the commenters at ugly overload calls it a “monorail llama”: http://tinyurl.com/5oyhjc

  29. Yeah, didn’t Sting look GREAT in that movie?!?! I loved the red hair. Mmmm, remembering the steam bath scene………drools………

  30. I would bet a silk Pajama you’ve never seen a three “I” IIIlama.

  31. Mad props for the Dune ref, Meg. This is why you’re the Padishah Emperor of the Intertubes.

  32. mmm Arrakis.. and Sting did look divine! Must go home and rewatch the movie again.

    Here a llama, there a llama … now the Llama Llama song is stuck in my head

  33. (the original) Mel says:

    Sting. Sooooooo delicious. Also in Quadrophenia.

  34. Mary (the first) says:

    ack!! I had never heard of Ugly Overload.. and now I wish I hadn’t.. too much “cute or sad” action with it all being “sad”.

  35. Janet Weeks says:

    We had llamas for a for a year or so, just loved them. We put out a kids pool for the ducks to swim in, the llamas took turns siting in it that summer. How funny to see them in a little pool maid for a toddler.

  36. That is an incredibly strange picture!
    I saw nothing terrible at uglyoverload, though I could do without seeing ANY spiders EVER. Nature certainly produces some interesting specimens, though they are not always ‘cute’.
    Really, where the heck are this things legs and ears?

  37. Not the first time the uglyoverload.com and cuteoverload.com nexus has happened, you know. Clear nosed skate and glass squid have both sealed the breach between the houses as well.

    [Links, we need links!… – Ed.]

  38. Does Janet Weeks have picytures?

    Thank you for telling me about the awful website. I’m actually one of those people when told NOT to go somewhere, doesn’t go!

    So, thanks, I get creeped out easily these days.

  39. (the original) Mel

    I like Dune. True am pale as I am a redhead and can’t tan though I have tried very hard. I spend a lot of time outdoors, love it, but I have to bathe in sunscreen first. I don’t have a poster of Sean Young, and I don’t live in a cave, or my parent’s basement, or any other derogatory insult reserved for those who like sci-fi. I’m actually a scientist which might be my attraction to the genera.
    The lama looks pretty weird without its legs, but cute in a fuzzy caterpillar kind of way. I also absolutely love the Dune reference.

  40. oh…oh…yes, I went to uglyoverload too and wish I had not…put me off breakfast…happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts…
    I DO love, however, the lolllamma hovertext – Ha!! Hon Glad, I tink you might have lost your bet;)

  41. I love llamas! When I volunteered at a zoo last year I had the opportunity to help care for a baby llama.

  42. Llama looks kind of freaky…maybe he’s a sandworm outcast. He doesn’t produce spice, he produces…something else..er…

    Btw, LOVE Dune! It’s my favorite book!

  43. I’m gonna ride my llama
    From Peru to Texarkana

    Sting was also yummy in “The Bride” though it’s a crappy film. (No, I’m not gay, I just recognize when other men are yummy sometimes).

  44. Wonder if he’s any relation to the 40 specially trained Ecuadorian Mountain Llamas that directed Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

  45. Talk about ugly overload, have you seen that HUGE spider they’ve stuck to a building in Liverpool? Apparently it’s going to “wander”. Can you imagine waking up with something like this on the building opposite you?


  46. Cute Overload and Ugly overload have taken different sides on several specimens:

    Pygmy Hogs


    I think there was another llama post that was on cute overload then ugly overload.

  47. charliewabba says:

    when the woolly worms get
    as big as the lamas,
    it’ll be a rough winter–
    get out your warm ‘jamas.

  48. charliewabba says:

    i mean llllamas.

  49. I don’t have a poster of Sean but I wouldn’t mind hooking up with Sting or a young Kyle MacLachlin. I’m moderately tanned and highly over sexed so here is my Dune reference.

    He who controls the Llamaworms controls the spice…for He IS the Kwisatz Haderach!!!

  50. This picture is driving me crazy!

    Where are its ears and legs???

    I mean, it’s cute, but…

  51. Fuzzy Sand worms, where would you put the hooks?

  52. The Kwisatz Haderach? Not the Kumquat Hagen-Daz? The Freedmenmen will not be pleased…

  53. Lamma, Lamma, Lamma, get your adverbs here…

  54. llllamas? They be the Welsh version, right? They say “baaah” a lot.

  55. I heart Ugly Overload. I know that UO has been ‘inspired’ by Cute Overload posts in the past. However, I think this is the first time a cute/ugly thing was featured on Ugly Overload first. : )

  56. Is that ET’s cousin?

  57. For he ith the Kwithatth Haderatth!

  58. Best. Caption. EVAR.

  59. Blue eyes people? Where are the blue eyes?(It has been like forever since I saw Dune.)

    Just saw a segment on UNC-TV PBS station “North Carolina This Weekend” for an Alpaca Farm outside of Elkin, NC. Those babies are SO cute!! I have GOT to go visit one day. I hear the fur is softer than cashmere.

  60. Awluvtehabuv.

  61. jessismore says:

    He looks like a worm! and why on earth would someone want to visit a website titled “ugly overload”?!

  62. so this is what happens when an alpaca breeds with a seal. a legless alpaca with no ears, or a flipperless seal with fur. dun dun dunnnnn!!!

  63. jessismore says:

    He looks like a worm! and why on earth would someone want to visit a website titled “ugly overload”?!

  64. S’trewth, C.O & U.O have indeed crossed paths before.

    Actually, the first time it was because of another, hum, peculiar llamma:


  65. A little known fact is that the sandworms of Arrakis shave themselves regularly, since they consider their natural fluffy bodies as not being “intimidating” enough. After all, an oversized caterpillar just doesn’t engender the same kind of respect and awe. Instead, people think…aaAAwwwwWWWWWWW FLOOOOOFFYSNUGGLEUMS!!! He’s like one of those long body pillows I cuddle next to

  66. God Emperor Llama communicates solely by telepathy.

  67. (the original) Mel says:

    @Patricia: It was a joke! I’m a sci-fi fan. It’s just like making fun of slashdotters when I secretly love them and all their nerdy ways.

  68. jessiore-even more disturbing, who would start it?

    I like fluffy animals. Always have- from feathers to fur and hair I am just a sucker from the word go.
    (Yes, thanks Theo for the word “go”.)

    I saw some bebeh alpacas this Summer, I’m hoping to go to the New York State Wool and Sheep Festival, and am really looking forward to the furry walking things. I wonder if this guy has his own cart like “Porgy” in “Porgy and Bess.” Na, I bet he/she has leggies tucked underneath there somewhere.

    “There’s a boat leavn’ soon for New York,
    come with me,
    that’s where we belong- sistah!” From Dune to Porgy and Bess, now that’s a spectrum!

  69. OMG Dune reference! “I will face my fur. I will allow my fur to pass over me and through me. I will turn to see fur’s path. Where fur has been will be nothing; only llama will remain.”

    Or something.

  70. Mrobinson587 says:

    One daye ize be a purty butterfly….



  72. omg I am not often inspired enough to post but I MUST POST! :O

    Dune is like my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK/SERIES and the Frank Herbert Dune is TEH BESTEST MOVIE EVAR! :O :O :O

    I love you guys.

    I just peed my pants laughink. 😀

  73. “I will beeend likes a reeed in the weennd”

  74. Blondie — Obscure Schoolhouse Rock reference FTW!!!!!


  75. @berthaservant

    I’ll be here all week…

  76. snorglepup says:

    I just wanna know.
    Who’s taking all the legs and ears!!??

  77. TW: someone else who’s read DOON! hurray! I’ve always wished H-D made a kumquat flavor.

    NTMTOM: brilliant as always, esp. the softening hands part.

  78. Went to Ugly Overload and watched video of Japanese Goblin Shark. Whoa Mama!! I never knew it had a whole other mouth inside of it’s nose. ACK!! Cute Overload is a lot more my speed. (Whew, back where it’s safe!)

  79. darkflame173 says:

    Dune ref FTW!!! I laughed for a good minute seeing that XD Loved it!!

    I am such a Dune nerd ^_^

  80. My husband and I thought that I was the only female dune fan! Love Dune!

  81. Oh, and LMAO at “I will face my fur”!

  82. That this picture is the first cross-posting to Ugly Overload is simply untrue! I know becuase I submitted one long ago. >>

    See Exhibit A: http://uglyoverload.blogspot.com/2007/07/canine-vandalism.html


    Also I tewtelly laughed aloud at the caption for this llama picture–it’s exactly what I was thinking!

  83. A llama is bigger and its ears are ‘banana-shaped’, (but its ears are back: it’s gonna blowwwww! Orgling llama spit! Blargh!) and alpacas tend to have topknots.

    Alpacas have eyelashes, llamas don’t, so we’d need extreme CO for that.

    In the meantime, rofl’d at the Dune and Schoolhouse Rock refs, and now am happily singing ‘
    Llamas, alpacas, vicu~nas, too/ . . .

  84. scooterpants says:

    iz jus a fresh wound!

  85. Hon Glad: The author’s attention has been called to a type of conflagration known as a three-alarmer. Pooh.

  86. OH! ‘scuse me, sorry for no links.

    Clearnose skate here:

    and in the uglyverse:

    I see the dates in the posts: came up on the Ugly four days after the Cute, so I’m thinking someone Did Not think it so cute!

    Glass squid here:


    This was on the Ugly the month before it was on the Cute. Don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe it took longer to go through the Cute inbox? Methinks yours is a bit more full.

    I check both Ugly and Cute every day, so I notice when photos from there end up here or the other way round. It has happened on several occasions, as the commenters have noted.

  87. Wow, this is the second time the Alpacas from Beacon Hill Park have been featured on this site!

  88. binky-mama says:

    Cuteness is the mind-killer…..


  89. Out of all the inspired captions to come out of this site, I think this one is my favorite. The comment “cuteness is the mind-killer” is a very close second. Genius. Love it.

    *retreats back into lurkerdom*

  90. Michelle S says:

    No CO post has ever made me squee like this one has. I cannot stand how cute this is. The eyes, the eyes just make it so much more of a mind-killer.

    NTMTOM, srsly. We need to bottle and market you.

  91. Not llamawerm, not llamacatterpiggle, not llamaloaf. Is TEACOZY! (A-herm. A teacozy is a parka for a teapot, designed to keep the contents of said teapot warm.)

  92. My son saw this one and says, “Oh! It’s a big dog worm!”

  93. It looks like a Shmoo!

  94. I <3 the hovertext!!

  95. Mau d’ib!!!

  96. Llamputee!

    leave it on the wrist wrist
    Llama taboot taboot

  97. But if you walk with the rythym
    You’ll sure attract the Wimmin!

  98. Hmm take out the the’s.

  99. Brandi7920 says:

    “fur is the mind killer” – omg I busted out laughing. That’s awesome. Bwahaha

    I heart Dune! (and Sting – and James McAvoy) hehe

    Someone nommed that fuzzy sandworms ears right off! /gasp

  100. Shmoos are not shaped like this TEACOZY. Shmoos are shaped more like butternut squashes with feet.

  101. Arachnophile says:

    BOOGE! One of my buddies from both UG Overload and here.

    Teh Ug and the CUTE are my right and left hand. I comment way more on U.O. Great place. Wombat is a really funny writer too.

  102. Hee hee!! Oh man… the writing for this one just cracked me up. That, and the fact that the llama looks like an apostrophe.

  103. I loves the ugly, too. There’s more to life than cute! I need them both.

  104. Just for the record, that “-Ed.” line in the body of the post wasn’t me. That’s Nom Tom being cheeky and [ahem] not *entirely* accurate, as some remarkably thorough commenters have pointed out.


  105. LOL!!!

    He seriously looks like some sort of llama-faced giant fuzzy caterpillar.

  106. Uninitiated into the Dune series, but fun post!

    For the pic itself, a limbless snuffleupagus comes to mind. Or maybe just the trunk of one. A trunk with a face at the nostril end? A bodiless limb? A face with a really long, jointed neck that’s bodiless? O.o

  107. Um, Ed?
    Did you not feature this little guy?


    Correct me if I’m wrong, please.


    [Doesn’t look familiar to me… – Ed.]

  108. Omg it’s the Schmoo!

  109. Ha!
    Errrm, Not That Ed The other Ed.
    Ed. to Ed.

  110. Turn the other cheeky!

  111. Oh, Meg … I worship you from afar.