Kitten treats at 3 o’clock, BALL OF STRING AT 9 o’clock!!!

[Ears go in bof directions]


Kitten!, originally uploaded by swaza.

Swaza, I suggest a magic eight ball for these difficult, difficult times.



  1. hoverkittehloaf

  2. and shuffleboard at 6! these kittie cruises are just jam-packed with fun! ooo – did someone say jam?

  3. As cute as he is, kitty has a slightly constipated look from the indecision.

    I was doing this to one of my kitties the other night. In one hand was his favorite dangly toy and then the other was the new feather puff – the kitty was thoroughly confused.

  4. Kitty’s definitely looking at the hover llama, going “there’s only room for one hover craft in this field…”

  5. “Ask again later.”


    Screw it, I’m gonna take a nap in the sun.

    :: honk-shu ::

  6. Monorail kitteh has a delay due to indecisiveness. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

  7. Lovebarker says:

    Actually, kitteh’s ear flaps are arranged in take off position. Just waiting on runway clearance…

  8. If only there was a ball of string with a kitteh treat INSIDE. Zomg!!

  9. This is doing to end with the back end of kitteh going in one direction and the front end going in another. 😉

  10. What is happening? Who is stealing all the legs? Why do the last FOUR c.o. posts all feature legless creatures? Hmmm?

    I, for one, welcome our legless overlords.

  11. They’re killin’ me with all the tinee tabbees. If a have a little weakness, it’s a passion for the tinee tabbees.

  12. momof2kitties says:

    @B-serv: You never fail to put a smile on my face. Every. Day.

  13. momof2kitties says:

    Oh, I plum forgot to add- teh kitteh is teh qte, too. I can has?

  14. You can’t has, I saw it first.

    *runs away with kitteh under coat*

  15. momof2kitties says:


    *finds other kittehs to snorgle*


  16. BeckyMonster says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to kiss the black off his little nose! My cat Mookie had a black nose as a baby that slowly changed to pink with black edges. My name is Becky, and I love kittens with black noses.

  17. Hi, Becky!

    Thanks for coming to BNKLA–Black Nosed Kitteh Lovers Anonamouse. (BiNKLA) You have found a safe place here. NO judgments, no last names. Ever:-)

  18. ThreeCatNight says:

    Decisions, decisions.
    Shall I stay, or shall I go?
    If I stay there will be trouble,
    If I go there will be double.
    What to do, what to do…. 🙂

  19. Ryte az alwuz, Lurker.

  20. neither of them. come straight to me kitteh, straight into my aaams.

  21. Oh sweet Kitteh Overlord, come to me and I shall shower you with all the Kitten Treats and balls of string your widdle heart desires. Oh, and catnip, too!

  22. Sweet Scout says:

    Thanks Meg and all the CO posters…I’m generally a lurker but love all the posts and especially the Nuffing Wars. I lost my sweet marmie Julius today ( and am finding much solace here. Bless you all. BTW, Julius was a string addict–he needed stringhab.

  23. Sweet Scout says:

    Sorry, that post shouldn’t have included the close parens as part of the url:

  24. yankeebird says:

    My condolences on the loss of your wonderful kitty, SS. He was beautiful.

  25. Oh Sweet Scout I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Julius. What a beautiful boy you had; and he was obviously loved and well cared for. My cat Niki lived with me for 17 1/2 years before dying from heart disease. Take good care. You are at the right site today to get comfort from lots and lots of animal lovers. 🙂

  26. Sweet Scout: Julius was just a couple of months younger than my Rider, who passed four years ago, and he loved Xmas trees too! I’m so sorry for your loss and thankful that a kitteh had such a wonderful and caring home!!!

  27. SS- what a splendid cat– born the same time as my wonderful Stinky. THey made good cats in ’91.

  28. Sweet Scout Hugs and condolences in this difficult heart wrenching time. How lucky you had time with your adorable Kitty Julius.

  29. scooterpants says:

    i’m needin some Dulcolax here peeps… anyone? Pleeze.

  30. Sweet Scout says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments about Julius. Sorry for the temporary stoppage, scooterpants. Sometimes too much string can do that to a kitteh. 🙂

  31. Kitty’s gotten some Spice from the sandllama/alpaca.

  32. Sweet Scout; sorry for your loss, for Julius to pass away in the month of Julius, seems fitting. It will take you a Year or more to partly recover.

    Picture tells me Cats hear things we don’t, see things we can’t and live other secret lives.

  33. So sorry for your loss, Sweet Scout. Just think what a good life you gave him.

  34. Oh, Sweet Scout, I’m so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful kitty. We’re here for ya, hang in there, and hang with us.

  35. That’s the FARK kitty, all growed up.

  36. noffin better than a mackeral tabbie with white eyeliner and chubbular chest stripes ! nom

  37. ScoutsMommy says:

    I just love how a cat gives a little bum wiggle right before the big attack. I can just imagine the tiny bum shakin on this little guy.

  38. the other Brenda says:

    Becky, black noses are cute, but my Chloe has an “eraser” nose. Like your pencil eraser. I just love it.

  39. scooterpants says:

    dearest scout-
    please be assured that i was not refering to your sad circumstance, but only making a quote for the kitteh pictured, i feel so sorry for your loss, and would never make lite of eet.
    my deepest sympathies, i am so very sorry…

  40. Sweet Scout says:

    Thanks, scooterpants. I’m totally floored by the outpouring of sympathy here, even though I’ve never been a poster before. It’s been extremely comforting to receive kind and warm sentiments from people I’ve never even met but who understand the huge role a pet can play in a person’s life.

    Though be warned…this warm community outpouring just might make a regular comment poster out of me.

    And now that I look more closely at the pic, I better understand the Dulcolax reference. Talk about your ‘ehn!!!!’

  41. scooterpants says:

    yep. now you’re hooked!
    you have no where to hide!
    and if ya dont show up. peeps will whine and cry about where you are. so be warned. 🙂
    ya, poor lil kitten is definately ‘straining’ over somethin! ha!
    have a wonderful weekend!

  42. Sweet Scout says:

    Oooh, scooterpants…I love a good challenge. Check me out! I already commented on “A Reminder from Planetary Maintenance.”

    Back atcha on a wonderful weekend.