Ssssh, I gotta tell you…

Shhhhhhh! Come closer!

[Looks around to see if anyone is listening, claws grip tightly to branch]

Cutest Koala, originally uploaded by Erik K Veland.

I must… tell you something! Ssssshhhh!

Look into my beady eyes!




complete me!


Ahn, thanks, Lil’ KoalaPants!



  1. unBearable…..

    couldn’t help it.


  2. i had no idea until now that koalas had goat pupils. that freaks me out a little, but not enough to keep me from wanting to snorgle the bejeezus out of that one.

  3. jessismore says:

    cutest picture ever. hands down

  4. KOALA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Goat eyes are horizontal.. this is much less freakish, and much more cat-like.

  6. This reminds me of that Simpsons episode where they travel to Australia, and at the end there’s the closeups of the koala clinging to the airplane.

  7. (sobs) Shut up. Just shut up. You had me at “Ssssh.”

  8. Meg, YOU may not be ready for that kind of commitment with a koala, but I definitely am!! Send him my way, would you?

  9. i don’t think they have goat pupils… i think they are just slits because it’s bright outside.

  10. “Hey, fellas! Wait! Come back! I want to hug one of you… and feed you a leaf.”

    Chubby little round body = cute

  11. Oh good Lo’ will you look at the tum tum?!? It’s so teenies, and, and, I think his head is bigger ‘n the rest of his body, and the ear tufts and and…
    Scrape me off the ceiling would you, and please don’t leave any of me up there. Thanks…

  12. I LOVE koalas!! So cute and looking dumbstruck every time!

    We used to have a small koala doll (that you wind up and it played Waltzing Matilda) that we picked up during our first trip Down Under almost 30 years ago. Had a funny musky smell, and I still smell that every time I see koala photos (and yes, Waltzing Matilda proceeds to play in my head in music box fashion).



  14. SNORGLE.

  15. If someone was trying to design the cutest animal imaginable? This is what they’d come up with. Little darlingks…

  16. My darling hubby and son took me to Australia for my 50th birthday, so I could live my dream of hugging a koala! Went to Featherdale Wildlife Park and hugged koalas all day long. It was heavenly!!!

  17. Nuthin cuter than a koala bear. Moar koalas on CO, thanks Meggie-pants !

  18. Koalas are the most stuff-animal-looking mammals that I know of.

  19. My first “teddy bear” was actually a koala bear. Have had much love for them since then.

  20. Every time I see a koala I forgot how cute they were! Always a pleasant reminder.

  21. Oh no! A drop bear!

  22. Darkflame173 says:

    Okay, I actually gasped outloud when I saw that! It cannot be real!!!!

    Zomg, just too, too, TOO cute!!! <3

  23. Has all the font just gone really tiny for everyone else too? Or is it just me?

  24. C – The font has gone REALLY tiny (I thought it was me–obviously ’twasn’t!).

    I want to kiss that precious little schnozzle!

  25. Martha in Washington says:

    C.-Nope, not just you.

    How could you NOT commit to a Koala, for heaven’s sake!! I mean…IT’S A KOALA!!!!

  26. i can’t believe it! i did a huge pencil drawing of a koala positioned just like this, on a tree with its top cut off, just like that, like 6 years ago! the picture i based it off of was different than this one–it was darker and there were more leaves. but how weird!!

  27. Martha in Washington says:

    Jan-Is a koala’s fur soft? It sort of looks like a brillo pad, especially close-up.

  28. I have to admit that any time I see a koala, all I can think of is the Mitch Hedberg stand up routine:

    If only my apartment could be infested with koalas!

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    There appear to be other koalas in the background.. sigh .. a clutch of koalas? or what is it??

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    oh and @chanpon, thanks a lot, now I have “Waltzing Matilda” running around in my brain .. make it STOPPP!

  31. The collective for bears is “sloth” or “sleuth” — I don’t see one for koalas specifically…

    And don’t get too much closer, Meg, or we’ll end up with a COXCU of the booger in his left nostril.

  32. Well Little Koala you.. YOU.. Complete me too.!!!

  33. Courtesy of wikipedia:

    “Although taxonomically incorrect, the name Koala bear is still in use today outside Australia — its use is discouraged because of the inaccuracy in the name.”

  34. Brandi7920 says:

    Wants!! Omg – must snorgle that bebeh!!!

  35. Aw, you complete US, Koala!

    Meg, have you been about the CuteTalk Mansion lately? You know we love small text!

  36. …I think I could be ready for that commitment, koalapants.

  37. Oh my god, you guys just made me google “goat pupils.” The more you know…

  38. Totalee Puppy says:

    Shhhhhhh…Let me keees…

  39. Oh my god it’s so cute! I just want to cuddle and snuggle it and scratch it and kiss it and hug it….I want one!

  40. Balamuthia says:

    @Em- same here! I had to know!

    OMG! Koala!!

    *dive snorgles the belly*

  41. downunder sugarglider says:

    Martha – yep Koalas are soft as. well – all the ones I’ve met have been. unless the parks use fabric softener when we are not looking.
    they were originally hunted for their fur.
    I admit – that is the CUTEST koala I have EVER seen

  42. Hunted? Noooooo!! Must snorgle live teddy’s like he can see into my soul. *Hug meeeee. I’s very soft and eat all of your bamboo.*

  43. um… am i the only one who thinks the close up of the koala is creepy?

  44. I LOVE HIM.

    I can smell the eucalyptus from here!

  45. That koala ownz my SOUL. Sometimes a picture on CO will literally take my breath away with teh qte. This is one of those.

  46. Martha in Washington says:

    Downunder Sugarglider–Now I have visions of Aussie Park Rangers furiously bathing their koalas in Downy each night. As the water goes down the drain in the wrong direction.

  47. “Yeh Yeh! my big secret
    I’m not a Bear, yeh honestly, I spect no one else knows, I’ma Marsupial, see you didn’t know that didya, Oh oh yer did!”

  48. Hamster & Rye says:

    These words ain’t perfect– but EVERYBODY SING!

    Take me koala back, Jack–
    Take me koala back–
    Don’t leave him there on the tracks,
    Take me koala back!

  49. Hamster & rye-i sang that song inside my head and i thought of jack as jack hanna

  50. *grabby hands* I can has koala huggies? *grabby hands* *runs off with koala-bebeh*

  51. *goat pupils*…aaah…say true!

  52. Oh…. so unbearably cute… -melts into a puddle on floor- D:

  53. Call 911! I fell off my chair due to extreme cuteness! Must…look…away…

  54. I see it’s time for my Aussie Impression:
    “And on the lift there is the famous koala Beah? Faound only heah in God’s own? After we dip the sheep, we cockies all gither raound and huff a few koala Beahs? We like to take ’em surfing, too, but thiy smill when thiy git wit?”

  55. please to post C.O.X.C.U. of wee clawsers on back feet wrapped around twig?

  56. @Martha, I once had the good fortune of being able to hold (and, yes, snorgle) a koala. Their fur is thick, nappy, and soft — perfect for burying one’s nose in. Which I did. It was heaven.

  57. I have been conquered, by a koala….
    so friggin cute.

  58. Hi Martha in Washington!
    Yes! Koalas’ fur is like a soft-ish Brillo pad! They are so thick and sweet and huggly/snuggly!! The koalas hardly move at all, and so you can go right up to the low branches onto which they cling, and hug them and have your picture taken with them! Afterwards, you can sit inside the kangaroo area and hand-feed, pet and kiss the kangaroos, as they hop all over your lap!! Without question, for a “cute-lover,” Featherdale Wildlife Park outside of Sydney, Australia, is the ultimate heaven on earth!!!

  59. Koala’s control the weather, and they’re telepathic. (according the the movie ‘Nines’)

  60. Many years ago, I was in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, near Canberra (BTW, to the non-Aussies, that’s really not a joke, although it sounds like one ;)), and the koalas were hiding. I found one because of the falling poop from one tree.

  61. Leetle Koala, my density has brought me to you, I’m your density… *sigh*

  62. PS Australia holds many kinds of cute– the Little Penguins are excruciating!

  63. Ermine, density [SNORT!]

  64. Martha in Washington says:

    Theresa–your little penguins made me laugh out load! I wanna snorgle him!

  65. Martha in Washington says:


    note to self: proofread first, then post.

  66. He’s just so eager to talk to us, and he’s just so sweet and ahn and, and, and….

  67. Ermine & Theresa — Sponge Bob FTW.

    Martha WA — nah, the typos only serve to emphasize your poit.

  68. Martha– imagine HOARDS of them surfing into shore at sunset, and charging up the beach!! Yelling!
    It’s divine. 😉

  69. What, your beach runs on batteries? Penguin power?

  70. Theo, I saw it with my own eyes!

  71. Funny, Theo!!!

    I MUST go to this Featherdale place. MUST.

  72. Jeez, ai’d lurve tu, littuhl Qtii, butt ai am alreddii taikun. Bai mai kittoonz. Naow THERE is LOVE.

  73. koalas is sticky! cute, heavy, spongy and sticky.

    I got my koala snuggle in while in Brisbane. Didn’t get a darn t-shirt though… sigh

  74. Does anyone else think this koala sort of looks like Meryl Streep? Or have I seen the Mama Mia trailer too many times…?

  75. had me hello

  76. Wow. Thanks for all the comments on my little picture there 🙂

  77. lol I mean “had me AT hello”

    geez I guess I was excited.

  78. ::beeps nose::

    ::beeps belleh::

  79. Martha in Washington says:

    Theresa–now I’m invisioning little penguins in rubber boats, fresh from the undercover submarine, storming the beach and rescuing hostages while leaving only footprints and befuddled captors behind.

  80. Martha in Washington says:

    Theo–is my poit showing again? Damnit!

  81. Shelly Neumann says:

    Yes koalas are cute but they hurt like hell when they bite, and it’s so sudden. One minute they’re nestling into your arm and the next ‘pow’ a deep single puncture wound. The ‘zoo’ koalas are safe tho.
    Plus the New Zealanders are the ones who turn their e as in ‘wet’ into i as in “wit”.

  82. Hamster & Rye says:

    Theresa–LOL everything! Loved your Aussie impression. You…you…complete me…

  83. Totalee Puppy says:

    MARTHA IN WASHINGTON…Penguins in rubber boats storming the beach…
    I’d love to swim alongside them, but I’m afraid a scuba suit makes my poit look fat…

  84. Totalee Puppy says:

    No way to turn “a” as in “fat” into “i”
    as in “fit”…

  85. Martha– I love that! But it’s more like this. The penguins nest in burrows up the beach, and they mate for life. Every day, one of the pair goes out fishing in the ocean all day, and they all return at dusk. They really do body surf in, and land on their little feet. It’s incredibly cute. Then they do go waddling at top speed up the beach (to avoid predators), and reunite with their families at the burrows with many happy squawks!

  86. “Poit is the new Bleen”

    I really need coffee. Seriously.

  87. scooterpants says:

    there is no obvious excuse for this, except to torture us all.
    so. there is NO mercy EH???? revenge is ours…

  88. Martha in Washington says:

    Theo–here you go, a grande double shot hazlenut latte with whip and sprinkles… or something.

    “Poit” is my new favorite word. I’m going to sneak it into the conversation at work tonight.

  89. scooterpants says:

    what is this word you say? ‘Poit” pleeze to splain it clearly.

  90. Martha in Washington says:

    TP–everybody’s poit looks big in a scuba suit. I say go for it.

  91. Martha in Washington says:

    Scooter–see Theo’s comment about my typos. About 25 comments ago. Splains it all.

    [It does? – Ed.]

  92. Martha in Washington says:

    Ed (I actually have a brother named Ed)– Well, I thought so…at least as far as it bein’ splainable, anyway.

  93. Is your brother’s full name “Editor” too?

  94. Martha in Washington says:

    Unfortunately it is the usual boring Edward. (I really shouldn’t say that though because my son’s middle name is Edward too.) My family actually calls my brother “Sonny”. Only his boring friends call him Ed. Would you like the history of the rest of my family’s names too?

  95. Nah, I’m good. Thanks.

  96. rubber duck says: