Kids, this is where Q-Tip fluff comes from.

Q-Tip cotton swab fluff is harvested from the tiniest, fluffiest puppehs so that YOUR EARS can stay clean, wax-free and well, attractive.


If you don’t believe me, just look at the package yourself…


(some swabs may contain Pomeranian.)


Thanks for the education, Sender-Inner Veera J. and Igor the Japanese Spitz pup.



  1. It’s too much to handle! Such fluffitude…

  2. Ha! Careful kids – don’t stick him in too far into your ear.

    He can, however, replace my pillow any time he likes. He looks just as soft and cushy.

  3. OMFluff!

  4. Oh yeah, I’ll take a wet willie from that floof over a q-tip anyday. That’s almost as good as a thorough foot licking.

  5. (the original) Mel says:

    NAH-AHN! That is NOT REAL! That is a FAKE DOG that is actually MADE of Q-tips.

  6. and of course, he’s a japanese puppy. once again: japan whups our ass in the Cuteness department.

  7. blah…bleh… cute i am choking, no words…bech…bah

    wuv dis puppers

  8. Oh, the baby possum is back outside my window here at work. Pretty late for it to be out. It’s been showing up after I put out this new birdseed I got. They are awfully cute then they’re little.

  9. So cute it makes me want to spitz.

  10. You can’t tell me there isn’t Pudge under that Floof.

  11. That’s just too cute. You might get cavities. For your safety, I will remove this species *runs away*

  12. I have a dog who gets fluffy as well (not as incredibly fluffy as that dog, but still). And when she gets fluffy, she looks like she is a little tubby dog, but when we trim her, she actually doesn’t have that much pudge! So I think the floof is deceiving in that sense. 🙂

  13. (the original) Mel says:

    It’s like a “pillowy cloud of mashed potatoes” on legs!

  14. The more you know…

  15. White face + black nosicle and mouf = Lurker squeeziure

  16. Oh, he’s beautiful! I know he’s a Japanese Spitz, but he looks just like our Minitaure American Eskimo when she was a puppy – her full name is Her Royal Fluffiness Nina, Princess of Puff’n Paws…

  17. Fluffilious!!!



  18. Looks like someone took that dog, battered him in butter, and dunked him in cotton candy! His fluff is king.

  19. Yay, it’s a Finnish Japanese Spitz! (Judging by the pup’s favourite lit-ritz-er in the backround.)
    Cute but oh so serious.

  20. What a ridiculous fabulous amount of FLUFFY FLUFF!

  21. They’re good for applying makeup too!

    A spitz? I thought it was a Samoyed…

  22. Jacquilynne says:

    Dear sweet mother of god, do not do a google image search on ‘japanese spitz puppy’.

    ur brain asplud, i swr!

    But check out this pic anyway:

  23. scooterpants says:

    ah, Jac. – cant you just see the vicious owner from your post saying, “NO! You MUST stay outside! You are an Outside dog , a watch dog, not a family pet!”
    poor sweet adorable baby.

  24. Where it says “just look at the package…” I read “Just look at the puppage”!!!
    Puppage is a word, yes?

  25. I have often complained (to myself) that there are not enough pomeranians on CO.
    But this is just as good!

    I luff the fluff.

  26. Does he eat dandelion floof?

  27. In keeping with the YF theme (everyone say it with me…)

    “It’s pronounced EYE-gor!”

  28. It looks exactly like an American Eskimo puppy. Therefore, the Japanese have not laid claim to this one. Honestly, I don’t know why they’re considered two different breeds, because there is no one out there that could possibly tell them apart. Look it up yourself.

  29. Japanese Spitz and American Eskimo are very different from Samoyeds. Samoyeds have a flatter face, stockier and much larger body size, as well as shorter fur length. I think the only difference between Japanese Spitz and American Eskimos are that American Eskimos also come in 2 other sizes (including a toy size) while Japanese Spitz have only one size.

  30. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    MADAMEX- FABulous name! my weiners are Leopold Von Weinerschnitzel and Fritz Reuben on Rye with Extra Kraut! lol

  31. So… WHY isn’t having foldy-over ears a Rule of Cuteness already???


  32. SQUEEEE!!! The second pic — what an adorable fuzzball!

  33. DaytimeDeb says:

    Running to check out new package of Qtips… alas, no pomeranian was present.

  34. darkshines says:

    Do not put Q tips in your ears, that is NOT what they are for!

  35. OK, darkshines, I’ll bite, what are they really for?

    My Norwegian father had a painting client (honest to everything) use Q-tips to clean the keyholes of her doors. I still remember if 40 years later! I always wondered for what other purposes people use Q-Tips….

  36. i shall never clean my ears again!

  37. aurora- can you hear me?

  38. [reaching for the gravy]

  39. o my gosh that is the cutest ball o fluff anywhere!!!

  40. Ahhh, I must hug eet! *arms flail*

  41. Wow thanks for posting Igor´s pics:) Heh nicely spotted Janni, he truly is from Finland. Igor is very happy about your comments… I only wish he behaved as cute as he looks*__*

  42. No kidding, Veera. Everyone: don’t be fooled by the fluff! He peed on my friend when I visited him just now!

  43. Dammit Topsu! Igor and I know where you live!! 😉