Smallest vet collar EVAR.


Poor little ham needed a vet collar. So prosh—it’s held together with a staple.


Get well soon, little Dude! Thanks, Brynne M.



  1. So pathetic it’s cute!!!!

  2. He’s even thinking to himself “must…not…scratch…”

  3. aww poor little ham ham!

  4. Selphie van der Boffin says:

    Cute! 🙂

  5. My brain just exploded. This is much, too much for a post-long weekend Tuesday morning!!!

  6. Aw, what happened to the wee lad?

    *kisses nose and wishes him well*

  7. get well soon, hammie.
    the collar was just made to fit this tiny-tiny-dwarf hammie.

  8. i didn’t realize that people brought their hamsters to the vet.

  9. *brain starts melting*
    That serene, sad face just tops it all off! ><

  10. Poor little mite (kisses on tiny peenk nose)

  11. momof2kitties says:

    *offers sad hammy a sunflower seed*

  12. This isn’t Sad but Cute?

    But it’s so cute! And it’s kinda sad. So glad their furparents and vets were ingenius in their care.

  13. shhhhhhhh…keep the noise down…i think i’m gonna cry…

  14. Now that’s a hammy with a loving owner. How sweet!

  15. Must think of the littlest lampshade joke to throw at the adorable hammie, but the cute-ness is distracting me!

  16. Awwww… I can literally hear my heart breaking 😦 Get well real soon, cute little fluffball…

  17. Capt' Tightpants says:

    Next on TMZ: even in the face of a medical emergency, Hammy McHammersons always finds a way to stay fashionable. Check out her little pink collar just below the plastic – fabulous!

  18. S’called an E-collar.

  19. Awww, poor wee hammie. *kiss kiss*

  20. Oh, that’s so precious, my precious. Sorry, I watched The Two Towers yesterday. Tricksy hammieses!

  21. I think that is a Barbie house lampshade.

  22. Awww, get better quick hammy ham. You’ll be running in your wheel and running through tubes soon enough.


  23. That just about destroyed me.

  24. OOHH NOOO what haaappeeennedd??!!!

    That poor sweet little hamham, can it eat okies? i didnt know vets would do this sort of thing!

  25. OOHH NOOO what haaappeeennedd??!!!

    That poor sweet little hamham, can it eat okies? i didnt know vets would do this sort of thing!

  26. @Jocelyn: Concerned and responsible pet-owners of *all* species take their charges to the vet. A $5 hamster isn’t any less of a life than a $500 dog.

  27. This is totally cute or sad. 😦 Poor hammie!!! I hope he gets better soon.

  28. is that tiny little guy a siberian hamster?

    what a sweetie – i hope he feels nbetter soon 😉

  29. “i didn’t realize that people brought their hamsters to the vet”

    Oh, but they do! I myself have taken several of my gerbils to the vet, and one has even had surgery (she didn’t have a cone though, didn’t know there were any that small)

  30. hisss-s’called a squee-collar, yes?!!

  31. I’ve taken my hamsters and mice to the vet for various ailments. The hamsters especially loved the antibiotics (they were fruity tasting)!

  32. You go Boy! There’s always gotta be a negative nelly. I say if you have nothing funny, cute or sweet to say don’t say nuffink! It’s nice to know people take care of their pets no matter how small! Good luck hamsta!

  33. Poor little dude!

  34. Not many vets in my area will see the teeny tinies and exotics, pretty much the vet school is it. I couldn’t find one to help my poor Siberian hammie a few years ago (now, if I had a cow or a chicken…). But snap on the pink lacey neck detail there.

  35. aw i like how they stapled it from the inside so that the sharp ends are outside and hammie won’t hurt himself. aw good peoples!!

  36. I’ve had the loving company of dwarf hammies for 10 years now and I’ve taken about 6 hammies to the vets for various ailments. Doesn’t matter if they are hammies or hedgehogs, if they need medical care, they get it. I hope this little hammy will be ok.

  37. scooterpants says:

    ah. iz on ‘e’ collar.
    maybe we got ourselves spaid or neutered today?
    do they do that to teenie hammies?
    Love the little dainty decoration round the bottom of the funnel, so as not to look too clinical.
    get well soon precious little bundle!

  38. Poor bebbeh. I love the disgusted but resigned expresh.

  39. The best/easiest thing for them to eat if they can’t use their paws for some reason (like, a broken back foot, making them tipsy… Or.. a collar?) is Oatmeal.

    Plain quick-cook or long-cook oatmeal, uncooked 🙂 They can practically lick it up.

  40. I hears an echo.

  41. Picture this- my Mom was in the hospital having Ca surgery. We have two little boys who are very worried about their Nana and then their guinea pig develops gallstones. Very sick pig= very sick grandma in a small child’s mind. “No way is this pig dying, says I”.
    To the Vet: “Fix the pig”.
    “That’ll be $500 thank, Katrina.” Thank goodnes for the Visa people.
    Yes, people take their tiny little animals to the Vet. Mom was fine, the pig lived on another year or so. The boys were unscarred. My husband was, well, piqued, but didn’t have to wear any kind of special collar at all!

  42. hey, it’s that rule -the one where if an everyday object makes you look small, it’s cute (the object in this case is the staple). What # is that?

  43. Sweet sweet ham. Pleasant dreams!

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    I love the picture in my mind of the ham’s .. “mom”? dad? vet tech? whoever .. trying to find/create the tiny little cone ..”let’s see.. a strip of this and we can curve it around and staple ..maybe some edging so it won’t be sharp on her neck.. there we go…” VERY sweet.

  45. girlnextdoortn says:

    I luff.

  46. Katrina? You are made of awesome.

  47. Mary (the first) says:

    And btw of course you gotta take the hammie to the vet if he needs it. Snakes, mice, doesn’t matter.

  48. E-collar = Elizabethan collar. Check out the ruffs on Elizabethan collars and you’ll understand why they’re called that!

  49. My hamster has been to the vet several times. The vet and all the techs love him. He’s quite a little…ham.


  50. Perhaps it is an Elizabethan collar for a hammie costume party. That would be one explanation of the bling. Is there a Shakespeare ham around the corner?

  51. for the hammie’s safety (since the collar was put together by a staple), pls make sure at night when your hammie is very active or try to clean her/his body. the staple or the plastic won’t come off or hurt him/her. i had a hammie who went thru surgery done by the vet, she ended up opened up her stitches/wound during the night coz it was very “uncomfortable” and it’s a total foreign object to the hammie…. though the collar looks cute…

  52. I want to know how they intend to keep it on the hamster. My rats would totally push something like that right off themselves.

  53. Totalee Puppy says:

    Tiny-Toons…Love-love-love! Guess hamsters don’t eat chicken soup…Maybe I can make “Hamsters
    Herbal Healing Blend”…(sorry…no recipe right now)

  54. I can’t even imagine trying to get that little teeny thing to fit just right, so that the ham couldn’t pull it off her head. It’s usually difficult to find a vet that’s familiar with rats/hammies. I looked online to find one when my baby rat was sick and getting too skinny, I wasn’t going to take her to that cat/dog vet. $100 and a few months later, she’s doing just fine (and she’s even getting fat 😐 )

  55. Awww, poor wee bebeh.

  56. jackie31337 says:

    @Katrina: “My husband was, well, piqued, but didn’t have to wear any kind of special collar at all!”

    Whether or not you meant it that way, the mental image of a husband wearing a special collar cracked me up.

  57. mandy_Reeves says:

    Hmmm….I took a ham to the vet once…cost me like 40 dollars…she had a mammary tumor and they gave her a shot in her heinie.

    A week later, she was crying in pain…so I took her out to comfort her…and she committed suicide. Jumped out of my hand and onto the floor. And this was a ham who was nearly indestructible, so she must have been real sick.

    RIP Shiggy shiggy co co pops.

  58. Poor ham ham!!

    Looks just like my two sapphire winter white dwarfs, Piggles and Pouch – except rather annoyed and tired.

    I would take my hamsters to the vet for forty quid and more at the drop of a hat. No questions asked.

    What happened to this poor sweetie? 😦 Kissies on his teeny nose. xx

  59. omg mandy_Reeves …




  60. Ashley the Historian says:

    My hamsters go to the vet…one of mine (who has since passed away from cancer) had surgery three times…twice for an abcessed foot and once to remove a tumor. We have the best hamster vet in the world here in south central PA.

  61. I had a rat who needed one of those collars. The vet used xray film and hand cut it. Poor rat crashed into everything, even the ground, he got so upset he just found a corner and sat in it and stared. He was very happy to be free of it.

  62. jackie31337 – I assure you, I meant it that way, thanks for the feedback!

  63. ratchic — one of my rats had a collar too, to keep him from chewing on his incision after he was neutered. he also did the staring thing. it was very sad. he would get it stuck facing downwards, and i would just find him there squeaking very softly and dejectedly. the worst part is that these critters eat with their paws, and with the collar on, they can’t raise their paws to their mouths. so i would take it off and snuggle him in a towel while he ate, or hold food up to his mouth for him. i ended up taking it off a little sooner than the vet said to, because i thought it was just too hard on him.

  64. Awww… poor little babe.

  65. that just ripped my heart out! so so sad. get well soon, lots o kisses from me!

  66. Is tha E-collar made out of cat-scan film? How cute. =D

    I once had a bunny who got a broken foot…the vet used a metal coat hanger to use as the base of the bunny-cast.