After Labor Day, Pre-Easter Fashion Rules

I hate that I can’t wear white shoes after labor day—who made up this stupid rule anyway?

F&#k it. I’m going to put on a linen suit right now.

cute puppy, originally uploaded by .klash.

Thanks to the always fashionable C.S.O.



  1. :still dumbstruck from previous post:

    :fortunately can still type:


  2. yankeebird says:

    Noooo, not seersucker!

  3. is that one of those Easter seals I’ve been hearing about?

  4. OMG! Beep-able nosie! *BEEP*


  5. Neverending Story.

  6. turbofloof says:



  7. Falcor! The magic dragon said we can wear whatever we want to!

  8. Surely that puppy said Fork it, right? And I think that would be an earsucker suit, with q-tip cuff links.

  9. Adorable puppy!

    Does that mean my tuxedo kitty is unfashionable, she always has white shoes.

  10. Hmm.. is this a puppy, a seal, or some unholy mixture of the two?

  11. Goodness!! What language this puppeh uses! He needs his mouth washed out with soap and water! Other than that, he’s adorable!!!

    And I still say that if you want to wear white after Labor Day, go ahead and do it — technically it’s BEFORE Labor Day, anyway (next Labor Day, that is).

  12. Puppy puddle!! With bright, super moist eyes. I can stare into them forever.

  13. This pup has seized me by the snorgular vein.

  14. But the black patent leather nose is very appropriate post-Labor day fashion.

  15. I’m told my golden/cattle dog mix Trixie looked like that when she was little – so fair she was almost white. She was almost 8 months when I got her and was already nearly done growing so I missed out on the little pup stage. Wahhh.

  16. Martha in Washington says:

    FYI-in Kentucky, fashionistically speaking, you are allowed to wear white before Easter because the ladies all wear their summery best (including white shoes) to the Kentucky Derby. Which sometimes falls before Easter.

    But this little snorgle puppy could wear nothing and still be completely fashionable! In fact, I vote for the “naked look” myself. (I mean for the puppy, not me. Nobody wants to see me naked. No really, you don’t!)

  17. Don’t worry, puppeh. You’re not the only one. I wore white today just to spite those who insist you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day.

  18. Some pups are clearly BEYOND fashion.

    I’m not sure which ones, because I am fashion blind. But this pup could probably get away with belts and a suspender.

  19. badass, you’re my hero for the Falcor reference.

  20. Puppeh prolly feels that these rules seperate the sheepies from the goatses.

    [Um… no comment – Ed.]

  21. want!!!! i NEED this pup, fashion defiant or not.

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    He appears to have elegantly crossed paws under his chin.. which I think negates the no-white rule. Elegrantly crossed always wins.

  23. fish eye no miko says:

    I can’t figure out whether hes a pooped pup or a pensive pup… ^_^ Either way, he’s cute!

  24. It’s a rare breed I have only heard rumors and legends about: A LabraSeal Pup!

  25. Oh, what a face! I can’t stand it – want to put my nose in that neck fur and inhale deeply. Guaranteed to lower blood pressure and ensure blissful sleep. No sleeping aid in the world can compare to a good puppy snorgle.

  26. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    I agree woofysma! I miss when my youngest was a small puppy. He would sleep on my neck and between my boobs at night. ahhhh puppy snorgles. I too had to look twice to see if this was a seal LOL. My Fritz has so many whiskers on his chin that I call him my little walrus.

  27. Could you get round and scratch behind my right ear? I can never quite reach it.

  28. Hamster & Rye says:

    Move to Florida, puppers–Wear whatever you want, whenever–Whatever!!
    We’re not talkin Junior League, here…We’re talkin happy, comfortubuhls puppy!!! We’ll have a great time–Maybe lose the white bucks for walkin on the beach–just a suggestion.

  29. That puppy looks a little like a seal! So cute 🙂

  30. Juniper Jupiter says:

    jimbeaux sez “beepable”?

    I sez “BOOPable”!

    AHEM….*reaches over*



  31. saw this and did a double take. puts a whole new meaning on seal pup.:)

  32. Puppeh is totally in style–muzzlepuff and whiskers are so in right now!

  33. oh my goodness, so much WANT!
    He needs a forehead kiss, right this minute!

  34. Well I’m sticking to my usual, peekaboo bra, thong, boob tube (sparkly natch)RaRa skirt and f**k me stilletos. :0}

  35. Aherm… According to “What Not To Wear,” one CAN wear white shoes after Labor Day. Provided they elongate the leg with a pointy toe and are appropriately heeled. So don’t you worry, puppers, you can wear your white shoes until snow flies. And then you can hide in the snow, because no one will be able to see you!

  36. LOL Hon Glad!! I would say I gotta see that, but, then again…

    And fellow “WNTW” fan mberkie0 knows what’s up. And anyhow, I may not be able to get away with breaking fashion mores, but clearly this adorable face can, will, and DOES! *KISSES LEETLE MOUF*

  37. bryn: Awesome, that’s the least amount of effort I’ve ever had to put into becoming someone’s hero.

  38. It’s Falkor from the Neverending Story! What is this, an episode of “Where Are They Now?”

  39. Face like this makes you feel okay about splaying your face on the floor next to it!

  40. Oh the unbearable cuteness… too much.