[About to get the ice cream headache of a lifetime]

Hot Tip: Stay cool on Labor Day!

Pup: My suggestion? Order a touch of meelks, a touch of sugares, and iced coffee the size of your bodeh.


Um, and a straw meant for smaller muzzlepowsches would be good.


[Internal body temp dropping, coffee getting sucked down at record speed]


Dang it’s hot out there, People. Stay cool Pup McKayla and Sender-Inner Gordon S. 😛



  1. BLEEN

  2. Keep cool little fella!

  3. AWWWWWWW!!!! 🙂

  4. nuff, nuff, nuff. No doggies in hot cars this labor day. nuff, nuff, nuff…….

  5. Whoa, as if those pups weren’t already hyper enough. That little fella’s going to be doing bouncing off the walls of the car after the Starbucks.

  6. (the original) Mel says:

    And then after she had drunk her coffee, McKayla blasted off into the cosmos, never to be seen or heard from again.

  7. New Starbucks End of Summer Drink: Iced Yappachino.

  8. Can dogs actually suck out of a straw? Cute pup, gets an A for ambition, but I hope he doesn’t actually get a sip of that iced coffee. This said by someone whose dog was sent to the emergency vet for taking a bite of coffee grounds. =(

  9. Cute, but I hope it doesn’t give someone the wrong idea! Coffee is toxic to pooches at large enough doses.

  10. Cute or gross?

  11. MinPinsRule says:

    yay! A miniature pinscher! I love these dogs! They are so hilarious. I think they do things on purpose to make you laugh.

  12. LOL @ 260Oakley

    Iced yappachino indeed!

  13. the second picture made me so happy XD

  14. My ferrets try to do this all time, but straws don’t work when you don’t have lips. (No suction.) Pretty hilarious to watch though.

  15. i hate that i have a flat tire and my dad ain’t home at the moment. i’m jonesin’ for my Starbucks fix!!!!!

  16. I’m almost 100% sure tat dogs cannot drink through straws, sillies.

    The puppy is just huffing up the yummy scent of that delishis drink!

  17. I love how in the second picture there is the teeniest glimpse of a fang.

  18. OMG, that’s deadly cute! The little mouth around the straw, the ears tips hanging down just so, the squinty happy eye capsules, and that look on her face in pic 2 just keels me!!!

  19. the size of its bodeh, indeed! I’m glad that the pup isn’t able to slurp…

  20. scooterpants says:

    if only she had leeps! she could finish off that sucker in no time! 🙂
    adorable pics!

  21. awwwwwwwww i have two red miniature pinschers!! i now need me a black and rust one…. for contrast!!

  22. Urm, cute, but those drinks are bad for humans — wouldn’t it be even worse for puppehs?

  23. @Kala; Even iced coffees in moderation aren’t ‘bad’ for humans, unless you’re allergic or sensitive to an ingredient. Otherwise, we can enjoy having one a week as a special treat. They are SOOO yummy. As has already been stated, the pup can’t drink from the straw, it’s just a few adorable pictures. Stop nuffin on everyone’s enjoyment, both of the pics and our treats.

  24. I’m pretty sure dogs aren’t quite clever enough to figure out how to suck from a straw. 😉

  25. Oh now that’s just low, Lucy.
    Not that I disagree.

  26. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t think it’s cleverness so much as it’s hard to create a seal for suction when your lips go halfway around your skull. 🙂

  27. Iced Grande Skinny Latte, No Whip, extra… Dogslobber?


    Hope his human has a fresh straw.

  28. No one has pointed out the big issue here …
    The dog is in the driver’s seat!
    And I simply cannot condone drinking and driving …

  29. Oh yes we got trouble, my friends,
    Right here in River City!
    With a capital T and that rhymes with C and that stands for COFFEE!
    (and CUTE!)

  30. You people are so naive. Starbucks wants to eliminate all pets, and they don’t even really give their money to the rainforest, they actually just support international drug smugglers. Signed, Someone with no affiliation whatsoever to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

  31. [many snickeringks re: Gillie’s comment]

  32. AuntieMame — nah, that just means he’ll have a hard time playing the oboe.

  33. B-Serv — LOL. You win a little iron pot that never stops making pudding.

  34. @berthaservant: ahaha! <3

  35. A caffeinated Yapperschnoodle, IN DA DRIVER’S SEAT! Set up the roadblocks and call the state po-lice, we gots a CRRRAAAZY one behind the wheel!

  36. Hey Gillie, McPupperson there has fewer germies in his dogslobber than YOU do! Plus healing enzymes!! 🙂

  37. Ooops, in HER dogslobber. My bad.

  38. Thank you, Teho. I will donate that pot to an orphanage so all of the kids can have pudding forever!

    (and I’m not the kind to go around donating pot, if you know what I mean)

  39. Pic #2 – head-tilt 🙂
    #3 – I just like this pic a lot.

  40. Wanna stay cool in summer? Come to Britain! 15C and raining. All summer.

    I spose iced coffee is cheaper, though …

  41. LOL @ B-Serv.

    I lurve iced coffee! And puppehs.

  42. With a pup that size, a brain freeze could make his head explode.

  43. This is kind of cute, but I would like to amend a statement made earlier. These dogs do not do things just to be cute. They do things specifically to anger people that lack a sense of humor. There is no cute-intent inside these animals, only mal-intent. This guy here is thinking about eating the life jackets on the boat parked in the yard as soon as he gets home.

  44. Hope that min-pin doesn’t die from that…

  45. Silly peoples. Dogs cannot slurp from a straw. They has no lips!

  46. Chihuahuah + caffeine = bad idea.

  47. Um, I would have tagged this under Gee-ross! I mean, whoever would let their tiny doggie accessory sip a Starbucks is inevitably going to drink from the same straw.

  48. But people also let their pets lick them on the mouth…ew? Yes. This isn’t actually very different. Me, I would’ve just replaced the straw.

  49. (the original) Mel says:

    @starling: That sounds like Heaven, actually. I live in Dallas.

  50. I guess you all would be disgusted that my husband let both dogs drink out of his water bottle, then he proceeded to finish it off! I know *I* was disgusted!!! hahahahahaha

  51. New Starbucks End of Summer Drink: Iced Yappachino.New Starbucks End of Summer Drink: Iced Yappachino.
    Just tooo fun, I had to type it twice, 260Oakley! Perfecto!

    I doubt the doggie got any liquid in it at all.

  52. Yappachino! 260Oakley-great one! I can’t drink coffee, so from now on that is what I’ll call iced coffee..”I have a large yappachino, thanks!”

  53. *sipping grande nonfat iced latte* If pets are like their owners, I know for a fact that I’m going to walk in on my future Corgis doing this.

  54. scooterpants says:

    hmm. so many stats on the disgusting things humans unconsciously ingest in a year-
    i’ve heard-
    5 lbs of various pet,human and rodent hair.
    7 live spiders and various bugs.
    *numerous events of crap in processed food that you would not believe.
    and some of you peeps are worried about getting licked in the mouth by a DOG?(*proly cleaner than the last person you swapped spit with)
    its surely the least of your worries, unless you live in a bubble.

  55. Future Corgis? What is this about future Corgis, Monica the tiara chick?

  56. Doggies has leeps! Leeps covers tooths. Kittehs do, toos, but only want to chew on straw, not use for sucking up of drinks. Otherwise not interested in hooman bevvies. [Mr. Picky turns up his nose at same.]

  57. Those not leeps! Those muzzlepowches.

  58. Bert and Earnie:
    la la la la lemon,
    la la la la lamppost,

    No, Bert, there are more lovely “l” words,
    La la la la Laughter,
    la la la la Lullaby,
    la la la la lights in the sky…..
    Bert: la la laaaa linoleum…..!
    No, Bert, listen to me, ’cause “L” is such a lovely letter in words like “licorice” and “lace”
    the letter “L” lights up your face’
    so why not la la la laaaa….with me?

  59. Ewww, coffee breath.

  60. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Caffeinated Yappershnoodle?! OMG DickiesMom, that’s too funny!

  61. Maybe it’s decaf iced coffee! AHA! No risk ‘tall. Just cute.

  62. Totalee Puppy says:

    Let’s have iced meelks! la la la la
    luscious! Then we’ll
    go home for a nap…
    la la land.

  63. Totalee Puppy says:

    Patito Gigante–You don’t like Starbucks and coffee breath cause they don’t sell pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes…You can la la la la all the way to Denny’s!!

  64. Hi I was wondering exactly what kinda of dog is that cause I own that pups clone and we’re not sure what kind she is, she looks exactly like that puppy you have there.

  65. Hamster & Rye says:

    Jake, sounds like you got a miniature
    pinscher–also called a MinPin. Have lots of fun!