La la la la [covering eyes with hands] la la la

GOP candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant!? La la la la I can’t heeeeeeeeeear you! I’m watching kittennns!

Great submishe, NTMTOM 😉



  1. lots o’ laughs.

  2. OMG! SO cute!!

    But what’s the point of having a door?!

  3. I love when the kitty stands on his back legs, spreads out his front paws and then jump pounces … on nothing.

  4. momof2kitties says:

    I call matchingks!!

  5. Shouldn’t that be covering ears with hands? Cause how can you see the kittens?

  6. momof2kitties says:

    “I shall bite your buttocks!”

    My kittehs play this game all the time. So cute. Unless you’re the bitee.

  7. I LOVE how you hear the scampering of their little paws out of frame, then BAM, there they are again! LOL Bless them, they’re so adorable!! 🙂

  8. Cheryl-Lee says:

    Thats made me so laugh out loud! They’re just chasing thin air! Ba-doing, ba-doing… funny little souls x

  9. Ah, someone else noticed it too!! Shouldn’t it be hands over ears to not hear them, or do your eyes have special features? LOL.

  10. OMG. I love kittens so much.

    It took me a sec to realize my sound wasn’t on, and thank the gods I noticed, because it’s so much cuter with the scampering-paw sounds!

    Also, I snorted from laughing while watching this.

  11. LOVE IT! Right around 0:31 the one kitten skitters right under the other kitten. So sweet! I like how they pounce on nothing a lot too. Great!

  12. Oh, I love kittens. So funny. And the tiny tails!

  13. Yeah, I think I’d be putting a sleeping bag in the hallway so I wouldn’t miss a second of that. That was great. Add a bit more white and less gray and they look just like my Pookie!

  14. At some point that door is gonna have to get taken off, because the kitties will get stuck under it, which is how they will figure out that they don’t fit any more.

    I hope that it only happens the once, and that the kitties’ people are there to help when it does! Maybe they should lower the door or otherwise block it when the babies start looking big enough to get stuck.

    Meanwhile, though, I would be hanging out there by that door all day every day watching the circus.

  15. i paused it 6 seconds in and thought it was a video of a really long kitten. i was a little scared. not gonna lie.

  16. They are gonna be so mad when they grow up and can’t fit under the door anymore. xD
    thanks for two and half mins of bliss NTMTOM.

  17. further proof that kitties are made of jello and springs, not bones.

  18. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I think that there are actually THREE kittens in this video: Two that we can see, and one that only that one kitten can see.

    I mean, look at it! It’s just waving at the air half the time! Totally adorable! 😀

  19. What are those kittens are on…
    (wait for it…)

  20. Ooops!
    One too many “are’s”

  21. Definitley funnier with the sound on. It reminds us that two little kittens can still sound like a little herd of terribly adorable elephants.

    So damn funny. Win. Very win.

  22. Ooops!
    One too many “are’s”

  23. little scramblers!!

  24. I love the little thumpity thump noises the pawsies make!

  25. I like the pouncing, though I think kitty’s trying to swipe at littermate’s tail.

  26. Yeah, the kittens are cute but don’t ever hire the carpenter who installed that door! That thing’s gotta be 4 inches above the floor.

  27. wagthedogma says:

    Is this kinderlurkensproingen?

  28. Soooo Cute!!!! One of them looks like it has a twitch in it’s paw at 27 and 42 seconds!!!!

  29. Kitties + crack under door = instant awesome. Ours are far too large to fit under any of the doors, but they do enjoy reaching their little arms through the crack and grabbing at anything that happens to be close enough.

  30. Kitties are too adorable.

    But “crack”? I think of a crack as maybe an inch or two wide. If kitties are freely flying about, isn’t that more like an opening? The door looks like it’s floating a good 4-5 inches off the floor. That’s some mighty fine handy work there.

  31. I think that one kitten is able too see into another dimenshuns! A dimenshun of cuteness!

  32. oh yeah, can’t wait until those guys find the laundry basket and the toilet paper roll. Gonna be GOOD!

  33. I love how EVERYTHING is a toy to a kitten! Even the air, lol!

  34. you got that right, Aimz. everything is a toy to a kitten.


  36. This makes me want kittens 😦

  37. I was holding my foster kitten, Pepi when we saw this. She was intensely watching it. I put my hand in front of her eyes and she moved her head to watch. I rotated my computer chair and her head stayed glued to the screen. Then she tried to get closer walking over my keyboard and closed my browser by stepping on the wrong keys. I brought CO up again but she wasn’t interested. Maybe another time.

  38. i could listen to this without seeing the video…i love hearing the scampering of kitteh paws. great video!

  39. Us has gots the pownceez!

  40. This is not helping my desire for a kitten. *MUst not think of how anerable kittens are*

  41. Awwwww . . . . I’m laughing (for obvous reasons) and crying (because they look like my Maggie, who died three years ago). Best part: Thundering Kitty Hooves!

  42. Thank you, thank you, thank you CO… I had a very rough day, and watching this video just now made everything better. ^-^

  43. turbofloof says:

    I was reading the YouTube comments – the brother kitten is named “Captain Peanut.” Excellent.

  44. the other Brenda says:

    KITTEH HAB FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!

  45. saucy bernaise says:

    I lurve, lurve, lurve KITTEN-TUDE! Attack your buddy, attack the air, attack the evil cord on the floor, annnnd SPAZ!

  46. According to a recently-released Gallup poll, most Americans consider these kittens more qualified for the vice presidency than Sarah Palin.

  47. Sam — two words for you: Dan Quayle.

    Just sayin’.

  48. I LOVE the scampering of the paws! Especially when they scamper out of frame! this made me laugh! 🙂

  49. was worried one kit was otnay ootay ightbray, [potato/potatoe] or it was southpawing methane fumes, then realised they’re just wee and practicing whapping/pouncing.

  50. AuntieMame says:

    Were those kittens father by an elephant?

    (And please, people…can we leave the political wisecracks at home?)

  51. milquetoast says:

    What were those kittehs swiping at? I didn’t see a laser spot…

  52. Yitzysmommie says:

    Kittayns for Prez
    Puppies for VPees
    Bunnehs, hedgies, kneesocks with eyes for cabinet posishes, and finally Pandas for foreign policy. (with snakes and tarantulas & other creepy crawly horrid things for defense)
    A ticket I will happily vote for!

  53. Oh, this is one that needs to be bookmarked, for those stressful, or sad, days! Like everyone else, I loved the scampering paws!

  54. Technically, Meg, Governor Palin is the presumptive nominee for the Vice-Presidency. Even the Republicans wouldn’t be stupid enough to consider her ready to be nominated as President…oh….wait….logic…breaking…down….
    can’t…follow…talking points…..

    …back to the door kittehs!!!!

  55. Aesthetica says:

    i hope the palin grandchild follows the insane family naming pattern, like tundra or caribou or algebra or hoops palin.

    and i watched these kitties eleventy-thousand times. seriously!

  56. O.k., gotta love the THUMP of the kittybean connecting with the door at about 2:00…. and aaabsolutely no reaction to the head bop! Just… keeeps… playin’!

  57. that’s not a door

    that’s a kitten vending machine

  58. Damn! do those kitties ever sleep?!

  59. Ah, siblingness.

  60. Happy, happy, happy happeee!

    I favour Artichoke Palin for the Behbeh. 🙂


    Love the scrabbling sounds. I was giggling with glee at the thought of them swiping cookies from a jar.

  62. Squee at the batting and scramblingks!

  63. P.S. I second AuntieMame – please keep ALL political talk and politicians out of CO, irrespective of the party! If you MUST allude to politics, please to have bebeh donkehs and bebeh elephants instead, k? Thxbai.

  64. btw when they are older and no longer fit, the paw under the door will amuse them for hours on end. and hooman , wear thick socks when the time comes.

    *wonders what kittens are available at local humane society*

    *no I can be strong*

  65. @Pie: That does look like a bebeh kitteh agenda. And these bebehs are stickin to it!

  66. I’m all enjoying the kitties scampering about, chasing each other under the door, when my spoilsport cabinetmaker spouse, on his way out the door to work, walks up to my computer, takes a look, and says, “Nobody cuts a door that high! Only a home owner would do that!” Snerk.

  67. snorglepup says:

    Oh, the things I could do if I didn’t have such a big butt!

  68. Dick Cassidy says:

    A thundering herd and the sound of a thousand hoof beats — from two kittens. And about 2 minutes in, there’s a pronounced thumb when Nimrod 1 forgot to duck his/her head going under the door. Great stuff.

  69. Dick Cassidy says:

    Or thump, if you prefer.

  70. Katharine – if I showed you what a helpful neighbor did to one of my doors, your husband would have nightmares.

  71. Dan Quayle thought it was bad for FICTIONAL characters to have babies out of wedlock.

  72. WOW. Just WOW. Flashback to when my Dante was playing 23 hours a day. Also love how they get so over-stimmed that they attack their shadows. 😉

  73. PS, every time I hear about “Palin” for VP, I have a moment’s hope that Michael Palin might be a heartbeat away from the White House. Then I remember . . . 😛

  74. Thunderpaws!

  75. Now THAT is some fancy tap dancing!
    Theresa-if only…….

  76. Metsakins, I can’t take cabinetmaker hubby anywhere without him giving me a detailed rundown of how the cabinetry in whatever place we’re visiting was built and how it *should* have been built. Sigh.

  77. PitterPatter of little feet!

  78. lilspotteddog says:

    If only we could harness all that boundless energy…. Who needs petroleum? An excellent midday break of cuteness.

  79. Hey, do a La La La video for how Obama’s two private sector projects both failed and put millions of dollars into the hands of Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers.


  80. How much fun are two kittens???

    1. Enjoyed the concept of the door’s new definition as “kitten vending machine”
    2. Back to the earlier question… how could the person who posted his/ her comment, even consider the idea of removing the door? It & the kittens provided FREE JOY to themselves & to us!!

  81. I use to enjoy coming to this site. Now it has hit bottom by going down the dirty road of politics of personal attacks. Removing this site from my bookmarks. 😦

  82. Want!

  83. OK, politics is all around us. I’ll back off if everyone else backs off. There is plenty of space for political stuff elsewhere, hmmm? (At least ours were funny.) I know I’m not the moderator, but I just don’t want to read flares here? How does everyone else feel? This is CO and as such should be off limits, IMHO.

    Winston, remember, we love you when….

  84. Well, Harold, I never…..

    Yes Wagthedogma, this is

    When they get bigger will the kitten be like Jeter and his square hole?
    But seriously folks mppmmhmphmepmrmr…never mind.

  85. Oh noes, Harold. Oh noes.

  86. I bought my 2 year old daughter a about 10 years ago toy called “bounce around Tigger -you would push down his head and he would hop up and down” When I saw this the phrase “pounce around Kitties” just popped in my head. LOL – oh Carp. I just harshed my cute buzz thinking How she’s a young lady now – um I think there is something in my eye….

  87. warrior rabbit says:

    I usually don’t care for irrelevant political comments (irrelevant as pertaining to cutesy aminals) coming out of nowhere by commenters, which is usually how it happens — but Meg opened the door and it’s her blog. So, I don’t feel I can complain or attempt to set ground rules.

  88. Still think the political stuff isn’t called for. Can we just go back to nuffing cats’n’racks?

    [Oh who does THAT anymore? Heh. How about Cakes’n’Wrecks? – Ed.]
    [ ]
    [I’m not making that up, btw, and neither is Cake Wrecks – Ed.]

  89. Well, I’d submit my own ‘n’Racks photo, but I don’t think my koi would cooperate.

    …oh my. Cakes’n’Racks. *shakes head* Try explaining how THAT frosting got *there*. XD

  90. Megumi: Don’t be Koi, givas a flash. :0}

  91. Tracey Weiss says:

    To those curious about the door height, it’s VERY common in manufactured homes for inside doors to be a good 2 inches or so off the ground. I don’t know why but that’s the way they build ’em. Makes you wonder because modern manufactured homes are so WELL built everywhere else with their vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors, picture windows and great insulation. It’s a head scratcher.

  92. when we first brought home our
    now 4 month old kitten Emma she was no bigger then a handful as we say around here. I put her in the bathroom until i could set up a room where she could be introduced to the other cats one by one. Not two minutes later i saw her scampering around the kitchen.
    ” who let the kitten out of the bathroom”!! my teens and hubby said they hadn’t. my hubby wondered if maybe she crawled out from under the bathroom door. ” there’s no way she could, it’s a very tiny space between door an floor.” we put her back in the bathroom and damn if she did’nt pull a ferret. She just flattened out her body and squirmed under the door. Ms.jello spine wanted out to play with the others. So of course out she stayed.
    It surprised us all that she could get so flat but it still makes us laugh. it’s become a family story of Emma’s first day as a member of our family.

  93. i could watch those kitties all day! why does the one look like he’s waving his paws in the air like he’s playing with an invisible ball? :52 is so cute!! looks like he’s trying to pounce at air! i wonder why he was doing that. is that something that kittens do?

  94. I love the sort of mid-pounce-second-thoughts paw waggle. Like… “Raaagh…wait, is this such a good idea?…oh well too late now – raagh!”

  95. Awww guys, you HAFTA watch the video that comes up in the list after this one finishes. I think it might be the same ppl, as the opening credits are the same. This one’s called “Perci the Kitten – “Attack Mode”. What a cutie with his Yoda ears and purry kitty-kisses. Squee!! Both vids are excellent.

  96. Erm, I didn’t mean to cause consternation. I hate conflict — all I intended was some good-natured bipartisan ribbing. Back to the cuteness, perhaps?

  97. Hee… when my two cats were kittens, one always used to try to bite the other one’s tail like that!

    @angie: Kittens do pounce at air! At least, mine always did. But in the video, if you look really closely, there is a bug at one point.

  98. DaytimeDeb says:

    My doors are all that high from the ground. When I moved in, the place was carpeted. I removed the carpets and refinished the hardwood floors, but left the doors alone. Now they are “too high” from the ground, but my kitties love ’em that way!

  99. warrior rabbit says:

    There’re a bunch of other videos starring Captain Peanut and Perci. More door cracks, kittens riding on top of their people’s heads, Captain Peanut developing a fascination for water… Adorable!

  100. You do realize that you’re going to have to chop off about four inches from the bottom of that door over time, don’t you?

  101. You got a mighty big crack.

  102. Wow – I just stumbled across this… those are MY kitties! Who knew they would become so famous from one cute little youtube video we posted? Love my babies! Thanks to whoever featured them here!