Winston gets a book deal?!

Winston_book_4aOne of Winston’s biggest fans (A five-year-old named Ramona) recently sent him a pitch for a potential New York Times Best Seller, tentatively titled: "The Adventures of Winston."

See more of the proposal and cover letter over at FourFour.

The question is—will he go for it!?



As you can see, Winston is reviewing the proposal with great, er, interest.


What? He wants an Annie Leibowitz coffee table book instead!? What?



  1. Dogbreath says:

    What a bleentastic idea!

  2. be nice winston 😉 the drawing is damn cute 😀

  3. Don’t all great Authors want coffee table book deals with Annie Liebowitz photographs?

    OF course Ghost written by Ramona

  4. Ramona is a GREAT illustrator (named after Ramona the Pest I hope!) and how cute is Winston’s LEG in that last picture??? Never mind his grumpy face!

  5. WINSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. First the C.O. calendar, now a book on Winston? I think we’re looking at numbers one and two on Amazon’s best seller list!

  7. AuntieMame says:

    Winston is wondering how much of the royalties he can get payable in tuna.

  8. Will he appear at a pawtograph session?

  9. (the original) Mel says:

    There will be a “No Forced Kitty Dancing” clause in his contract.

  10. Two things: everytime there’s a Winston post, someone goes WINSTON, sometimes drawing out the letters. This ALWAYS makes me think if Ghostbusters 2 when they’re in the old subway or whatever and this deep creepy voice calls the 4th Ghostbuster (Winston Zeddmore).

    2nd thing: This post reminds me of yet another Eddie Izzard skit. Unrepeatable – cat checking out new food: “New and improved – is it really? Hmm. Well I’m going out…….keys.”

  11. This book should be serialised on CO first!

  12. the other Brenda says:

    The Winston mini-series would be the next logical step.
    Then, the Winston wanna-be’s reality program.
    This could go on forever!!!
    Winston’s fans must be fed!!

  13. First a book, next stop, feature film?
    Wilford Brimley could play Winston!

  14. Definitely “No Nude Scenes” needs to be written into his contract.
    Winston DEFINITELY does not and will not do ’em.

  15. OK, peeps, I saw this coming. Remember when the videos were no longer available and I asked if Winston is’going Hollywoood?’

    Well if they can have as much fun and success as the “Good Dog, Carl” books, well, maybe the effort will be worth it. Good luck to them.

  16. Winston:- “What kinda cockamayme; hmm could be lotsa tuna in it for me” fixes beatific smile. “Well my child, I’d be delighted”.

  17. johnnyjohnny says:

    That Winston is one smart cookie wanting Annie Leibowitz. He should open a business school.

  18. I want a Winston book!
    I also want a Winston. Maybe when I move out I can get a Winston-esque cat.

  19. Yes, Winston in the movies! He’ll be a superstar. Love the lolipop head! MORE WINSTON! MORE WINSTON!

  20. Awww, Winnie, why so serious? 😉

  21. I don’t think Winston looks pleased with the deal. He wants his own private trailer with first class cat amenities.

    Oh wait, that is for the *movie* deal negotiations. Nevermind…


  23. I don’t know what almost made me pee myself first-the idea of the book or the look on Winston’s face. Yay for Ramona!

  24. There must be a bunneh somewhere in Winston’s family tree.

  25. AuntieMame says:

    Good lord…there are even nuffs on Winston’s own blog…

  26. I LOVE the idea of a Winston book. I think Winston is upset that she gave him such a big round belly. He’s really not that fat, Ramona. (I imagine this Ramona character is adorable herself, though!)

  27. the book deal, the mini-series, the talk show circuit, the reality show (“winnie’s women”)….

    soon, on vh1’s true hollywood story – winston: crash of cranky cat.

  28. Holy crud, the kid lives in Portland, Oregon and her parents named her Ramona. That is some hardcore Beverly Cleary fandom right there.
    Also adorbs.

  29. I want a Winston Book! Go for it Winnie!

  30. aurallaura says:

    OMG, that belly!

  31. lol I wuv you winny.. poor winston looks like he hasnt slept in days in the second pic.. maybe hes been working on a sequel…

  32. Lauren Featherston says:

    Is there a “I Love Winston” Club and teeshirt.

    If not there should be, Winston is the best!!!!!!!!!


  33. Weeeeeestooooooone!!!! I wubs his grumpus face. Clearly his unimpressed with your characterization skills and lack of inclusion of a romantic interest in volume one of the six-part chronicle.

  34. Also, I agree with someone in the last Weeeeeeenstone post who said he needed his very own tag-egory. I would like to have all my Winstone-fix in one place.

  35. binky-mama says:

    How is it that no one has mentioned Winston’s leetle man-gut? I must poke eet!

    Double whammy: Kids drawing ani-mules is always cute.

  36. Winston seems to want a better deal. Maybe a much bigger advance?

  37. Michelle S says:

    Okay I’m dizzy from the cute. The deadly combo of children’s drawings and Winston is too much to take.


  38. @Laura Featherston: I so would wear an I Love Winston t-shirt!

  39. Gosh he has the best scowly face! I didn’t get Winston at first but now I do and he is magnificent.

  40. if you scroll through some older posts at fourfour, there does appear to be something in the genre of TEAM WINSTON (or TEAM RUDY) items.i think.

    also: this is kind of the post thing ever, and i’m only a low-grad Winston enthusiast (i like him a lot, but not obsessively. but this? is fabulous)

  41. @kb: Winston’s videos can be found at

    (not exclusively Winston vids tho – these are all of Rich’s recent vids, incl. Winston and Rudy, amnong other musings):

    Winston posts can be found @

    You’re welcome!

  42. Winston rocks!
    I read the post on his site and shook my head in wonder that the nuffers have leaked over there too. Such a cute story and pics 🙂 Who cares if its real or not? The pics of Winston are great! 🙂

  43. Oh Em Gee, I love him *so hard*.

  44. Aesthetica says:

    i love that winston has a belly button in the drawing. 🙂

    excellent work, ramona, i can’t wait to buy the first edition!

  45. I can’t get enough of Winston and his face!!!!!1

  46. i love that winston has a belly button in the drawing. 🙂

    Cats have belly buttons; it’s just that you usually can’t see them:

    (I hope he was dreaming and not just cold.)

  47. Awww, lol.

    Winston, why so serious?


  48. You people at Cute Overload are totally and completely mad – that’s all I have to say 🙂

  49. LOL love the caption for picture 1.

    His little buddha bel-bel in pic 2 is nommylicious.

  50. Oh now that is a splendid idea! Must put in a pre-order for a Winston book! 😀

  51. Gail (the first one) says:

    I LOOVE Winston, too! But what really puts it into Overload for me is Ramona’s book!!!

    I don’t know why, but there is something about the pictures that kids draw with the careful printing that squeezes my heart (in a good way)!!!!

    Great job, Ramona!!!!!

  52. Sigh… there are nuffers on Rich’s site, claiming this is a hoax. Shut up, I WANT TO BELIEVE. 😛

  53. “Lollipop head cat.”

    This girl is brilliant.

  54. “Lollipop head cat.” Good one!

  55. Love that face!

  56. Winston: ‘I DO NOT look like that -.-‘

  57. Awwwwh what a grump

  58. Are we sure “Romona” isn’t really a 35 year old Madison Ave exec?

    Just challenging the graphix the way folks talk about photos being shopped, ‘sall.

    Hope I’m thinking through my hat…

  59. Winston is the Jack Nicholson of cats.

  60. This fantastic publication just re-enforces the fact that Winston is a SUPSERSTAR!!
    Er…I DEMAND Winston merchandise!!

  61. AuntieMame says:

    I’m pretty sure mom helped write the captions to the pictures. Compare the different handwriting on the letter, esp. where Ramona writes her age, and mom writes the translation to her little scribble.

  62. Aesthetica says:

    @brandi: whoa! that cat has a belly button but no nipples! it kind of looks like an alien. i’m really freaked out.

    now i want to see winston’s bely button. rich must shave him now (he, no, no shaved kitty jokes for me, i’m way too mature for that). ah, i just loves me some winston.

  63. I love Winston’s look in the 3rd pic.

  64. I love the clear disapproval in the last piccy: ” Don’t call us. We’ll call you.”

  65. Yes! I thought it was “Fine. Where’s my advance?”

  66. Lorel J- I have the same questions. The bigger drawing was not done by any 5 year old. Neither is the writing. The picture near Winston’s paw could be authentic, but that one with Winston hates taking a bath- an adult did that, IMHO.

  67. he is so cute

  68. Katrina, yep, I agree. There’s a puzzling combination of inconsistencies and overconsistencies in our little prodigy’s work.

    For some reason this bugs me even more than photoshopping.

    (Grumps off into corner, then returns to CO…but a different item… to cheer up.)

  69. To all the grumps:
    This is Ramona’s mom Oona(yes, Ramona is a real child in Portland, OR who starts kindergarten on Friday and has her own cat called Oliver) and yes, she really did draw the pictures for the Winston book, every one. (It’s only slightly obvious where she wrote and where she dictated the words to me)

    You must not have kids of your own. Now please, back to your tinfoil hat factory, sheesh.

  70. There’s a FACTORY for those?!!

  71. i swear winston is the ‘coolest cat’ i’ve ever had the pleasure to watch on youtube or read about on your website. he is just a source of endless entertainment. i hope the updates continue! lol.