The REAL Spaghetti Cat

People, Spaghetti Cat has gotten tons of press lately. The folks over at Entertainment Weekly can’t stop watching the YouTube video, and The Soup has adopted the non-sequitur, and the real truth is somewhere in between, but that ASIDE people and get a load of the REAL Spaghetti Cat.

This one’s for you, Joel McHale!


  1. Carrie R. says:

    Heheh, I don’t think those are the cat’s dreams…

    But that is one crazy cat.

  2. wow. just wow.

  3. And the winner of creepiest video ever on cuteoverload goes to…

  4. ^ ^
    0 0

  5. Run, Tessa! Get outta there, honey! You don’t have to stay with that crazy lady! Go, baby, go!
    For reals. That woman is bats***t insaaaane.

  6. Space Cowgirl says:

    Oh my! I think this lady needs help!

  7. That cat has better table manners than my husband!

  8. just when we think we’ve seen it all…another kudos to cuteoverload. :P

    my favourite is the “this is the way we wash our hands…” routine!

  9. Oh that POOR cat!!

    I shut it off at ‘This is the way we wash our paw…’

  10. But how does the cat hold the utensils? This baffles me. Unless it’s secretly half-panda or something.

    Also, yeah, that lady is, er…messed up. And/or has waaay too much free time on her hands. Talk about empty nest syndrome, sheesh!

  11. Heee-larious.

    Aw, lady’s not insane. . .just suffering from empty nest syndrome that took an, ahem, unusual form. But the kitteh looks happy, loved & most certainly well-fed. So, good on all of ‘em!

  12. Joel McHale AND Spaghetti Cat on Cute Overload? JOY!

    Thank you Meg for bringing these videos to the masses.

  13. This is so unbelievably AWESOME!!

  14. There’s no way that this is actually real. The cat doesn’t have opposable thumbs; the way it’s holding the spoon when it brings it to its mouth would cause it to fly out of its paw, since nothing is holding it in place the way a human thumb does when we eat. Also … chopsticks? That just pushed it over the top. That woman’s insane and is clearly sticking stuff to her cat’s paws. Notice that it never picks the fork up or puts it down? That’s because it CAN’T.

  15. johnnyjohnny says:

    You can see with the chop-sticks that they are banded to the cats wrist. I’m not even gonna say what I think of this lady.

  16. I would rate the video at about a seven or eight… haha, crazy cat lady to the extreme.

  17. johnnyjohnny says:

    @moggyfan: yea, the cat doesn’t seem distressed about it.

  18. There’s no way that this is actually real. The cat doesn’t have opposable thumbs; the way it’s holding the spoon when it brings it to its mouth would cause it to fly out of its paw, since nothing is holding it in place the way a human thumb does when we eat. Also … chopsticks? That just pushed it over the top. That woman’s insane and is clearly sticking stuff to her cat’s paws. Notice that it never picks the fork up or puts it down? That’s because it CAN’T.

  19. Somewhere, Ivan Pavlov is smiling and ringing a bell.

    Oh, operant conditioning. Is there any behavior you can’t regulate?

    I guess if people can train their cats to pooh in toilets this isn’t really so bad. And the cat is gettin’ some good vittles (victuals, I know).

  20. Definitely not real. Without opposable thumbs, the cat couldn’t hold a fork without it flying out of its paws when it brought the fork up to its mouth. The lady clearly affixed it to the cat’s paw somehow, which is why you never see it put it down or pick it up. Still kinda cool that it can eat with its paws, but not THAT impressive, really.

  21. As far as how she “holds” things, It looks like a rubber band to me.

    And I second the sentiments flying around here about sanity.

  22. omg joel mchale!!!! mmm…

  23. This just takes “Crazy Cat Lady” to a whole ‘nother level.

    Wow. Empty Nest Syndrome goes terribly wrong.

    I’m pretty sure the utensils are attached to the cat with a rubber band.

    At least Tessa doesn’t seem to mind.

    Pretty sure Tessa doesn’t give two hoots about Oprah Winfrey, though.

  24. Okay, Nick. Settle down. We heard you the first time. No need to repeat yourself over and over again. (And ????!, manapwns?)

  25. Anniebird says:


  26. Not to mention the fact that fish, whether meant for humans or in canned cat food is horrible for them- too many minerals that cause urinary tract problems and they’re even more sensitive to the mercury content than we are. All my cat gets is some of the liquid from canned tuna when I eat it every once in awhile.

    I’ve seen other cats that eat like this, and yes, the fork is strapped to their paw. I’m pretty sure that the cat just likes to scoop the food with their hand and the humans decided to add the utensil.

  27. Michelle S says:

    Hahah that loopy lass is cuter than her cat. Very entertaining!

    “She would like to be a movie star” >.<

  28. My cat used to scoop food up with his paw at meal times. At some point though he’d realize that his paw was caked with food and start the frantic paw shake/sling food bits routine.
    I imagine sometime near the end of dinner in this household we sing a different tune –
    “This is the way we duck the flying fork, wash our paws, the spouse and the wall”

  29. “and she was left with only her husband, Bill, for company”…..LOL.
    i’m trying to imagine the pained silence of faye and bill’s dinner conversations before tessa became one with utensils.

  30. doomchild says:

    I thought the lady was insane.. and then she started ranting on about Tessa’s dreams. How’s taping utensils to a cat’s paw a family secret?

    I’m sorry for her husband.

  31. omg, lol! that’s hilarious… and cute…

    I think it’s actually pretty amazing.

  32. GreyhoundMommy: Heh, my cat does this, but not with his (dry) food — he does it with water. It’s especially cute when you run the faucet, he’ll cup his litttle paw and stick it into the stream for a minute, and then pull it back and drink, pretty much the way I would if I didn’t have cups and opposable thumbs.

    As for the OP — I think Ms. CatLady is probably pretty harmless, although I did sort of wonder about that slight twinge of desperation in her voice when she said she wanted to have someone besides her husband to eat with…

  33. Capital R Redonkulous!

  34. poor cat – horrible, stupid woman! This is not cute, this is definitely sad.

  35. Why???? “I’ve taught her to eat the most expensive food”. Huh? Surely one of the good things about having a cat is that they eat cheap food. Also thought the plate of food she was giving her was kinda sizeable, the cat will barely be able to get it’s chubby paws round its fork soon.

  36. Gail (the first one) says:

    I, too, LOL’ed when she started the “This is the way we wash our paws…”!!

    @becca: I have a paw-drinker, too! It’s pretty cute, except when he jumps up to cuddle with the wet drinking paw!

  37. i bet the cat dreams of just savagely tuck into that spaghetti pot.. stuff ur face kitteh!!

  38. OMG to the nuffers. This cat is so happy it’s not even a doubt. You guys are the crazy ones if you think for one minute this cat is in any kind of danger. And it doesn’t care what this woman does to it as long as it’s fed and patted. She is not hurting it or it would not sit there with the fork for very long!

  39. why is she giving her cat ice cream? way to give yher diarrhea

  40. lucy's mommeh says:

    OMG-sketti eating cat! They’ve been shoving a stuffed cat with a plate of sketti in a baby high chair out on the Soup lately…and my husband & I just crack up over it.
    And yeah. No harm done to the cat, people, just relax!

  41. That’s cruel. That poor cat. Someone steal it from that monster, please. The woman is utterly crazed.

  42. OMG that cat looked my cat Artemis! I thought it was mine for like, 20 seconds when it started. The face, the eyes, the colouring, the shape and movement. Seriously effing creepy!!!

  43. Man–can’t believe the self-righteous ’nuffs on this one! Whatever the deal, this is funny, the cat is clearly very well-loved (and well-fed), and I’m pretty sure if it develops problems, this lady’s vet will tell her. Frankly, this is a pretty damned good life for this moggy compared to many I’ve seen.

    I’ll be this couple’s kids are perfect ladies and gentlemen, too!

  44. OMG lol.. this is the way we wash our paws.. wash our paws.. wash our paws..
    thats ganna be stuck in my head all day hahhaha

  45. Lighten up folks, I’m with Amanda. This cat is loved, seems to be healthy and happy, so what’s the harm? I think the whole thing is somewhere in the middle of ridiculous, sweet, and funny.

  46. The nuffs here have totally spoiled my day and I’m not even halfway through my moring java yet.

    YOU are the ones who should be ashamed with your quick judgements and negative attitude. Oh, and Nick? Guess what? WE HAVE EYES. WE CAN SEE HOW THE DAMN FORK IS ATTACHED.

    Yeesh, there are some days when I wonder at the wisdom of checking out the comments here. Some folks just suck all the joy out of life and I honestly wonder if the people around them restrain themselves from giving out smacks upside the head for utter stupidity.

    I thought the lady was sweet and crazy in a fun way, the cat is clearly not in any pain AT ALL and is happy and healthy and spoiled. Oh, and the ‘dreams’ at the end? HOW ABOUT A JOKE PEOPLE?????


  47. What a coincidence! Just last week, one of my rabbits told me that he wants to meet Tiger Woods. He doesn’t want to be a movie star, though. He wouldn’t like the paparazzi.

    Did anyone else notice that when the guy said, “only a spoon will do” that it isn’t a spoon? It’s actually a spork.

  48. lol….yup Erica, I did notice it was a spork. I giggled.

    I want a spork. But I’ve never been given a spork.

    (oh, and side to the person who thinks ice cream gives cats diarriha. Most cats are lactose intolerant, but not all. One of my cats is not lactose intolerant and therefore gets the occassional dairy treat.)

  49. I’m speechless.

  50. (the original) Mel says:

    Help me Oprah Win-i-frey!

  51. haven’t laughed that hard in a loooooong time… then I read the angry comments… >.<

  52. She seems like a sweet lady. A tad eccentric (a tad), but sweet. :P

  53. girlnextdoortn says:

    What a freak. Her husband obviously thinks so too, as indicated by the pained silences at the dinner table, apparently. Some people have zero sense.

  54. There is also Sara’s customized shoe design over at the Best Week Ever blog!

  55. lol “cute or weird?” That is one beautiful kitty though!

  56. My cat eats with his paw. He dips his paw on the plate and then eats the food off of his paw. He also knocks food off of the plate and it gets all over the floor which is very messy. I wish that I could teach him to eat with a fork or spoon because it would be cleaner around the plate of food that I give to my cat. I do not see anything wrong with this woman. She loves her cat dearly and the cat loves her in return. I love my cat like he is my child and he loves me in return. The fork is obviously attached to the cats paw for the cat to be able to eat without the fork falling off.

  57. Michelle S says:

    *gives Vampy a big ol’ squeezy hug*

    I wonder about the people who suck all the joy out of everything too.

    For the record, lots of cats tolerate a smidge of milk or ice cream just fine.

  58. Yeah, crazy, but it ain’t the cat. (O_o)

  59. cute, mebbe

    psychotic? oh yah

  60. We also have a cat that will pick up (dry) cat food using his paw and then feed it to himself by bringing the food to his mouth.

  61. WHAT A GOOD KITTY!!! life has dealt her a…somewhat strange (albeit obviously good-hearted) owner. but she seems happy and healthy, and she’s sooooo tolerant to put up with the paw-washing, etc. what a sweety!

  62. Anne Boleyn says:

    Try a little kindness people. I like this sweet (and somewhat eccentric) lady a lot better than a lot of people who have dreams that could make us all even worse off than we are.

  63. *nervous laugh* Heh heh…as long as the teaching “technique” isn’t torture…I suppose…it’s…O…K….

    People food – that’s another issue…

    The paw washing is hysterical.

  64. I totally saw this same lady on pet star with a different cat!!! I am serious.

  65. Cats are so enjoyable because of their prissy, fussy, sweet, curious, and INDEPENDENT nature. This cat’s owner has forced it to behave contrary to its nature, and that’s not cute, thats SAD.

    I hope that will not post videos or photos of this kind in the future.

  66. SixFootJen says:

    Did anyone else think of the “Greg the Bunny” sequence where Greg eats his spaghetti dinner in the bathtub and spills the whole plate over himself?

  67. BANANAS!

    this is like the future of everyone who reads this blog

  68. It looks like the kitty gets to eat faster with the utensils = happy kitty! Well, I’m glad the woman is dealing with her Empty Nest Syndrome with a cat and not by having more babies!

  69. Good. Now that this is out there, someone can contact SPCA and get that poor animal away from this crazy woman. Cats aren’t meant to live like that, and she’s assuredly being abused, forced to eat like a human with the utensils affixed to her like that.
    Also, not a tabby, Mr. Announcer.

  70. Edith: Do you actually, personally KNOW this cat and this lady? Can you prove 100%, beyond ANY shadow of a doubt that this cat is FORCED? (and please, go look up the meaning behind the word FORCED, you’ll find yourself surprised.)

    Many commentors here have clearly stated many personal examples of their own cats eating or drinking with their paws. It’s easy enough to TRAIN (go look up the word train, and skip past the locomotive part, you want the VERB train and not the noun) a so-inclined cat to do so with a utensil gently attached to their paw. And without ANY ‘forcing’ or cruel treatment or abuse at all.

    And while you can hope that CO stops posting pictures or videos that go against YOUR sensibilities (which I question quite frankly), Meg, NTMTOM and Theo are not under any obligation to function under YOUR outlook as to what qualifies as cute.

    So tell me Edith, do you expect the entire world to conform to your personal standards? How’s that working out for you?

  71. Ebby, I hope that was sarcasm.

  72. My cat likes to eat with her paws, as well. We actually got a place mat for under her bowl because she likes to pull the food out of her bowl with her paws, before eating it.

  73. Heather in PA says:

    Mmmmmmm Spaghetti…..Mmmmmm Joel McHale. Both yummy.

  74. michellemybelle says:

    Did anyone else catch this week’s The Soup where Joel kissed Spaghetti Cat at the end of the show? I laughed long and hard at that one.

  75. while this cat may well be holding forks via rubber band… they actually can grab things pretty well. My cat has been known to gotchernose me.

  76. Yeah, maybe someday people in this society will be able to appreciate the beauty and skill cats NATURALLY have in everything they do, and not: dress them up in clothing; “teach” them “tricks”; exploit them in any way; or require them to do asinine things like this.

  77. Freaking, flapping, HILARIOUS!! Last night when they had the spaghetti cat on The Soup, i laughed for about 3 hours. I did the same with this crazy cat. Who loves Joel McHale – I do!!!

  78. I would pay moniez to have dinner with that cat. I love her soooo much! Plus, I’ve adopted the lady as my new mom.

  79. hedder fedder says:

    No one noticed the commentator called it a tabby at the beginning of the clip?

    Aside from that, I’m at a complete loss for words.

  80. Considering all the nuffing going on over a cat eating gourmet vittles with a fork, I guess I better not submit that video I have of my cat learning to use the curling iron.

    Too bad… cuz my cat would really like to meet Nathan Fillion, Viggo Mortensen, and that cute hunky sheriff on “Eureka”…

  81. Jennie Mello says:

    whuuuuuuu….that is dreadful.

  82. *cough*

  83. That is a very lucky cat to have a human to love her, feed her, and take care of her but… Would it hurt that lady to BLINK every once in a while.. her eyes are freakin me out!!!!!!
    P.S. My birds dreams include: Meeting Johnny Depp, being in the next “The Birds” remake and being on broadway.. ;-D

  84. This post belongs in “cute or sad.”

  85. Ah, Vampy, I love your posts. :)

    Everyone who thinks this video is ‘sad’ has obviously never owned a cat. There’d be an awful lot of scratchin’ if kitty was ‘forced’ into this!

    Delightful video, super-cute lady.

  86. Hahahaha! Personally, I thought this was pretty hilarious! Esp. the part when the crazy lady informs us that the reason she taught Tessa to use chopsticks was that they were going to Korea. Would Tessa go with them? I would truly like to see her eating with chopsticks in Korea (sequel please!) :)

  87. I was beginning to worry that I had crossed the line into “crazy cat lady” territory. Thank god I have a benchmark. Also, this kitty is obviously loved. As are all kitties of “crazy cat ladies”. Or so I’ve heard. Not that I would know.

  88. so_much_love says:

    But does she do the dishes as well?

  89. Help! Run away from that crazy woman!

    But then…. Tessa gets such great food, would she WANT to leave?!

    Seriously, those eating utensils surely must be stuck with an elastic band to the cat´s paw or something. The laws of physics would go out the window otherwise!

    And TABBY??? That´s not a Tabby!!!! I hate it when people mistake the word “moggie” with “tabby”…. :O

  90. A spork? Tessa is too classy for a spork!

  91. Wow. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I’m sorry but feeding your cat food like that will shorten it’s life considerably. I know she means well….

  92. spacebunny says:

    I think someone needs to cut the chord and realize her babies have finally left the nest. If that were my mom, I would have gone to college when I was 8.

  93. This woman is weird. The Soup’s spaghetti cat is wayyyy more fun to look at. Just my opinion!!

  94. It was the candles on the table that did it for me. Kitty, however, looks happy and healthy and, I think, is purring. An adaptation, survival-of-the-species thing, no doubt, although Darwin woild probably be rolling over in his grave.

  95. this post belongs in the weird section

  96. Wow…that’s really all I got…(I came over from cakewrecks.)

  97. maybe one day kitteh learns what ELSE it can do with a fork (muhaha evil laughter). aim for the behind kitteh!!!

  98. Not cute. It’s fine if she wants to teach her cat tricks like using a spork, but it’s disturbing how proud she is of feeding unhealthy foods to her cat. Cats are carnivores and shouldn’t be eating pasta. People here say she “loves” her cat, but I think she loves attention more. If you love your pet, you educate yourself on how to take care of it instead of spoiling it to satisfy your own ego.
    The kitty is pretty though.

  99. Ummm….yeah. I seriously doubt that the cat eats nothing but pasta day in and day out.

    Let’s not take a brief video put together for a soft news item as the entirety of the cat’s life and food intake. It’s called logic. It’s a good thing.

  100. The part that baffles me the most is how she got her cat trained to walk with a LEASH. There is even no harness attachment. The first and last time I used a leash/harness on my cat he immediately melted to the ground and wouldn’t move.

  101. wagthedogma says:

    If her husband is anything like mine, she probably gets much more scintillating dinner conversation out of the cat.

  102. Hey! Just so you guys know.. the lady in the video is the owner of Spaghetti Cat. I can’t believe no one who reads CO watches Pet Star! That lady in the video brought spaghetti cat onto Pet STar. I’m pretty sure the spoon and fork were velcroed. Hasn’t anyone else seen this????? crazy….

  103. You people are weird..

    This isn’t cute, it’s disgusting. This lady has psychological issues. Expecting an animal to behave like a person.

    That poor cat should be taken away from her.

  104. Weird… sad…

    That lady needs a hobby.

  105. Not knowing this woman, it’s obviously difficult for us to make accurate statements about her life. However, I suppose that a few observations are in order…

    One, there’s no indication that her children ever visit her to begin with, so this isn’t simply “my kids are away at college” kind of empty nest — they’ve left for good, and I don’t get the feeling that they come back too often, so that speaks to a deeper sense of loneliness and a certain sense of estrangement.

    Two, I think something like this indicates a prior condition — it’s not empty nest syndrome, the issues were there before the children left. I think it’s just that the leaving tipped the scale, per se, and she made Tessa the child who would never leave her.

    Three, poor husband. I think he loves his wife, despite her desperate attempts at making her cat seem more humanlike. I mean, how does that make him feel? “I wanted someone else to eat dinner with” seriously! There are two types of people who don’t get divorced: the religiously convicted and those deeply devoted. I’m guessing he’s one or both, and kudos to him, but if this woman fell into the psychologically disturbed category, I would understand why he perhaps silently suffers at being displaced for a cat with a rubber band and a plastic fork.

    Four, I don’t know whether human food is okay, and from some comments here it seems to be okay, but it’s more disconcerting to me what this woman might do once the cat dies. Attachment is a powerful thing.

    Five, mmm Joel McHale.

  106. Allow me to introduce myself: The nuff nuff.
    the reason her method is a secret is that it is probably cruel. what IS she washing his paws in? how long did he go without proper food before he decided it’s spagetti or nothing.
    How did she encourage him NOT to eat directly with his mouth to the food?
    this vid creeped me out bigtime.
    cute? I dont think so.

  107. ummmm…..



  108. 1. Cruel? Let’s try reading back over the various comments and the simple fact that others have stated that their cats eat with their paws and take it from there. No need to jump to the ‘cruel’ accusation.

    2. I’m guessing the paw washing takes place in that horrible, nasty, evil, cruel substance called water.

    3. There is no proof whatsoever that all the cat eats is spaghetti. All you are going by is a heavily edited soft news piece, and please note that in several segments in that very soft news piece, the cat is eating something I like to call Cat Food.

    4. I seriously doubted the cat ever went hungry a day in his furry little life.

    5. Cat likely already ate with his paw, as is shown to be the habit of some cats indicated by comments right in here. Simple to gently train to eat with a utensil, and without cruelty at that.

    6. Jumping to conclusions. It’s an extreme sport.

  109. I don’t understand why some people think something has to be physically painful in order to be cruel. You could be healthy, well-fed and even generally happy if I forced you to eat all your meals with a baseball glove for my amusement… but that wouldn’t mean I wasn’t being a cruel asshole.

  110. Speaking of “Jumping to Conclusions”, most of the nuffing hasn’t claimed that she only feeds her cat spaghetti all day. The cat appears quite accustomed though to eating various people foods. Feeding junk food on a regular basis (as you would probably need to do to train the cat to eat with chopsticks) to your cat is a bad habit- ask your Vet or local SPCA- and open to criticism. No, I doubt she starves the cat, beats it, or that we need to take the cat away from her. But that doesn’t mean she’s kitty-mom of the year or that we should think what she’s doing is cute instead of weird or creepy.
    Pets often are neglected, injured, or mistreated not because the owners are mean and want to hurt their animal- they simply are uninformed or misinformed and believe long discredited old wives tales. i.e.: they might not know that you shouldn’t strike a cat when it “misbehaves” or that a cat won’t just survive by hunting if you leave it behind after moving, or that most outdoor dogs need some shelter in especially cold weather, or that 3 big goldfish don’t belong in one small bowl or that overfeeding a pet can lead to many health problems. When pet stories are in the news, they can either encourage these myths or provide sound info. One little error in a soft human interest might not seem like a big deal, but if these stories could be more informative over time we might weed out some of myths. That’s why this story could use a little nuffing.

  111. so what you’re saying, fluffy, is that things things we’ve been saying here have been…

    sweet nuffings?

    (i am so so sorry.)

  112. @Cephi: I lol’d. So hard. My jaw is stuck now…

    Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could get rid of the morbid curiosity that takes me whenever I see ‘<150' comments for a cute post and makes me read all of them. I'll keep trying.

  113. @ Vampy:

    This is definitely NOT about jumping to conclusions at all. We all have eyes, and we see what this lady is doing! She may want the best for her cat but a cat is not a child. It’s likely that the cat ate with its paws already, but that doesn’t mean you should force it (yes, FORCE because the fork and chopsticks are obviously tied to the paw – I highly doubt the cat did that to itself!) to eat with a freaking FORK! And feeding it noodles and icecream? Good Lord, it’s a miracle this cat doesn’t have serious health issues (yet).

    And come on, “sucking the joy out of everything”? How can you possibly justify letting your cats eat at the table, dip its paws in a bowl of water (while cats are very capable of cleaning their own paws thankyouverymuch) and feeding them icecream and noodles while forcing them to eat with a fork and chopsticks? Let the cat be a cat!