Puppyhuffers Anonymous

"Hello, I’m Bryan H., and I’m a puppyhuffer." (crowd: "Hi, Bryan…")

"It all started innocently enough.  I was at a party, and someone was passing around a … a puppy.  And I’m thinking, just one puppy, what harm could it do?  Well, now I’ve got a five-puppy-a-day habit, man!  I just can’t stop huffing them puppies!"

And you weel huff me tooooo ... yesss you weeeel ...

We’re here for ya, Bryan and Celia H.



  1. This is your brain.

    [picture of normal brain]

    This is your brain on puppy.

    [picture of brain with super-sized puppital lobe]

    Any questions?

  2. …my puppyhuffer habit is so bad, when I walk in the park, I huff total strangers’ puppies…PHA, please advise…

  3. “We’ve secretly replaced Bryan’s regular puppeh with a puppeh made from Folger’s crystals…”

  4. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    oh my puppy huffing is so bad even my own puppies gave me an intervention. I went to rehab and was kicked out after a month when my puppies came to visit and I just couldn’t help myself! I mean, I have DACHSHUNDS.. they smell like fritos! It’s more than I can handle sometimes. It’s a high like no other…

  5. Better a huffer than a nuffer!

  6. HuffPuppies!!! yummy 😛

  7. Whoa dude … The puppy’s eyes are tripping me out man … It’s like he knows … lol

  8. Reminds me of the mouse sketch from Monty Python:

    Hehehe cute.

  9. AuntieMame says:

    That pup’s an enabler…

  10. The Power of the Puppy … 10 fold stronger than your power to resist the need to huff.

    NO ONE And I do Mean NO ONE can huff just ONE!

    [Ehhhh… I’m more of a kittenhuffer, myself. No offense. – Ed.]

  11. lol… is a huffer a smeller? bleck on sniffing your pup but damn, I love the pups happy expression! The tongue sticking out happily it too much!

  12. (the original) Mel says:

    Dear Peg of Tilling: You have cracked me up for the entire rest of the day. Thank you.

  13. But puppies smell SWEEEET!

    (I WOULD huff kittehs, Teho, but allergies force me to appreciate them manually only… and even then I must thoroughly scrub MY paws afterward with PhisoHex, lest I inadvertently touch my face and induce terrifying sneezing and swelling…)

  14. Michelle S says:

    Our blue dog’s forehead had the most amazing smell as a puppy. Somewhere between Juicy Fruit gum and pine trees. As she got older, the pine smell got a bit stronger, but she always smelled delicious. At least her forehead did. Her feet often smelled like Fritos. sigh.

    I always love pics with guys and puppies or kittens. Truly an overload of cute!

  15. Oh noes! Yet another fad that parents will have to warn their kids about.

  16. As a kitten Huffer myself, all I have to say is there are worse habits. (Empties roommates ashtries, again, boy they stink!!!!)

  17. Dog paws are famous for their Frito aroma, Michelle S.; it’s part of their charm.

  18. My name is Melissa, and I am a kitteh huffer.

  19. That pup DOES look really maniacal, like he’s trying to brainwash you into becoming a huffer too.

  20. warrior rabbit says:

    I am an equal opportunity huffer and luffer. Rock on, furry cuteness!

  21. Julia (the one in BC) says:


    Are there no puppyhuffer nuffers?

  22. Huppypuffers.

    But they both look so happy, how can it be so wrong?

  23. I prefer cat-huffing myself!


    Smells like warm, clean laundry…

  24. charliewabba says:

    having been a long time huffer of many vertebratae, I have to say nothing comes close to cockatiels for a pure head-spinning high.

  25. lucy's mommeh says:

    I’m not sure zactly what Lucy smells like, but it’s a clean sweet smell.
    We had one cat whose furs smelled like sweet hay. They were indoor kitties, so there was no way they were getting IN hay.
    Laying in the sun enhances the kitteh huffing enjoyment…:)
    I mean the kitty laying in the sun…:)

  26. Maximim snorglization.

  27. My dog Pokey, who has since passed away, used to smell like cheese popcorn when she was a puppy! I thought I was crazy for thinking that, but its not that far off from fritos – so apparently I’m not the only one LOL

  28. My names Zaff and I am a HamHuffer…………….and PROUD!

    6 a day habit, often undulging more at weekends.

  29. Question from a non-huffer: do you have problems with hairballs?

  30. Not to be confused with harblls.

  31. And for those peeps with allergies, snuggling and cuddling can amount to a huff.

    Now, chickenhuffing? I don’t think so….I think it needs to be furry, yes?

  32. momof2kitties says:

    I, too, am ohsoguilty of excessive kitteh huffing. Puppeh huffing? Not my cup of tea.

    and LOL @ Erebella.

  33. hey, dude, don’t bogart that pup! the rest of us need a huff, too

  34. AuntieMame says:

    Katrina, there’s a floofy chicken in the next post. I guess you can try it and see how it compares.

  35. I find the best way to relax, is to breath through Stan’s (my long haired Tux) coat. Mind you the story of cats smothering Bebehs, is very nearly true of him, his coat is so dense I nearly pass out, perhaps this is what Michael Hutchence was doing 🙂

  36. Hamster & Rye says:

    Peg of Tilling-Wonderful comment!

  37. LOL @ super-sized puppital lobe!

    I have no pets, so I, uh, huff pizzas.

  38. WendyLeigh says:

    Zaferina…never fear…a fellow HamHuffer is here! There’s nothing like a little ham’s belleh right after a nice cage cleaning…softie snorglie…huffin’ heaven!

  39. My cat smells like cat spit.

    I still huff him tho’.

  40. My parents dog has a spot on his head that we all swear smells like maple syrup. Delicious for huffing!!

  41. Does anyone here ever get problems with a blocked sinus?
    Maybe we can get some mentholated animal- a koala-who eats eucalyptus, for head colds!