I’m pretty sure there’s a chicken in there somewhere

Fluff: 97.4%

Beak: .6%

Margin of error: + or – 3%


According to Sender-Inner Chandra M., this Beak ‘n’ Fluff was exhibited at a local summer exhibition in British Columbia.



  1. OMG! DED from the flufytude!

  2. I love fancy chickens! Thank you!

  3. It’s the abominable fluff man!

  4. What is the other 2%?

  5. ooh, that reminds me. i really need to dust. cute.

  6. Hehe, he looks like a feather duster.

    I don’t want to nuff here, but wouldn’t it be problem keeping that fluff clean, or is he just groomed regularly like a long-haired kitteh?

  7. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Fluffy McFluffersons!

  8. Call a press conference! It’s the abominable snow chick!!

  9. Holy powder puff Batman!!!

    I wonder if he has wee beady little eyes!

  10. If the other 3% ain’t yeti, it’s . . .

  11. It’s a UBO! Unidentified beaked object. Surely it has a foot on one of those balls of electricity things, causing its feathers to stand on end. Either that or it’s really just a floofy Great Pyrenees that’s not quite finished eating a chicken.

  12. A friend of mine used to have some of those and she said they had no clue that they were floofy, prissy chickens and loved to run and play in the rain and mud.

    The picture of a bunch of those caked with grime and looking at you like, “What?… What?!” amuses me.

  13. The other 2% is fear. Because I am sure this thing scares the crap out of anyone who sees it for the first time.

  14. I love silkies!!!

  15. I saw some of these at a zoo once!

    I’ll tell you one thing. They make one hell of a racket compared to other chickens.

  16. Prize silkies are bathed and groomed just like any other show animal. They’re a riot to watch in the yard; it makes your lawn look like you have roving cotton balls!

  17. That chicken is EPIC, y’all.

  18. (the original) Mel says:



    Old McDonald had a breakdown…

  20. There’s a bunny version of these too!

  21. I want some clucking cotton balls, lol!

    @ornith: Those bunnies are redonk!

  22. ..as Big Bird goes grey….

  23. No, No, (the original) Mel, you did not day “Ni!” AHHggghh!

  24. Yep. It’s the Paris Hilton of chickens.

  25. Clara Cluck on crack.

  26. Bah!

  27. [rushes off to the PNE]

  28. This is why you shouldn’t put your chickens in the dryer.

  29. PixiePetals says:

    It’s a muppet!

  30. The other percentage is his feet *snerk*

    Must be the good ol Pacific National Exhibition, ahhh I can smell the hay and cotton candy now.

  31. momof2kitties says:

    @(the original) Mel: eckie eckie eckie!!!

  32. When I worked at the zoo we had some of these guys and they were MEAN! Always trying to kick you. The Chinese call them “black meat chickens” and they eat them. Although there’s not much left when you see them in the freezer case.

  33. Not Really Nuffing. says:

    OMG! Who put that chicken in the dryer?!

    That’s so mean!!

  34. OMG! Are you sure those are feathers?!

  35. You ain’t seen nothing, yeti! XD

  36. happy dusters!!

  37. OMG! A Japanese Silky! *small spazz attack* I adore those birds. They’re are surprisingly loving little farts. They lay blue tinted eggs and will try and hatch any egg you put under their butts.

    So imagine if you will; a clucking grey puff-ball, no bigger than a football, with five or six half grown goslings waddling after it.

    That, my friends, is why I’m taking my camera on my trip out my aunt’s farm.

  38. More chickens! More chickens!

  39. @ pscaley and claudia
    This chicken is actually at the Saanichton Fair (in Victoria).
    I was just there yesterday and commented on how completely redonk his hairdo was and that he would need a clip or barrette to hold his hair back!!
    Great picture Chandra M!

  40. Chase that one around the house for a coupla times and ma in law won’t find any dust bunnies -anywhere-.


  42. Whoa. O.O

  43. Scrambled eggs super dee dooper a la Peter T. Hooper!

  44. AUUUUUUUGH! It’s a big giant cottonball come to make my day all better.

  45. [shifty eyes]
    Do I have to say it?

  46. Totalee Puppy says:

    Cotton candy! Nom, nom, nom…

  47. Totalee Puppy says:

    KATRINA–Big bird going grey–Love it!!

  48. Hamster & Rye says:

    Cirque du Soleil!