DId you post the Behbeh Squirrel Monkeh yet!?

Chief Sister Officer is insisting [stamping her foot!] that I should post this baby squirrel monkey vid from the Bronx Zoo. It’s no Spaghetti Cat, but it works for moi.

See the video for the lil’ guy here at the Bronx Zoo site. The second video down…


Thanks, C.S.O., everyone loves a little muzzlepowsche/schnozzle dark patch action. 😉



  1. “Oh so soft and cuddle-y!”

  2. I could say bleen, but I’m not like that.

    [“Bleen, I like you, I really do, but just not in that way” – Ed.]

  3. I’m such a sucker for big brown baby eyes!

  4. Wow, those eyes are like little black pools I could just drown in. …….glub, glub…….

  5. johnnyjohnny says:

    What do you s’pose is the selective advantage of having a dark circle around the mouth?

  6. funny, he looks a little like cy to me:


    except for the whole having two eyes thing.

  7. That’s the worst Clark Gable impression I’ve ever seen.

  8. Awww that last scene where he snuggles up to Mommy’s back is so adorable!

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Spaghetti Cat = Weird
    Spider Monkey Baby who looks like a stuffed sock monkey with a brown instead of red schnozz = Very Cute

  10. I like squirrels. I like monkeys. I love this!

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Did I say Spider Monkey? I meant Squirrel Monkey. Not enough diet Coke this AM.

  12. For the love of all that’s fluffy, somebody get Oakley some COFFEE.

    And none of that ass coffee either.

  13. 260Oakley says:

    Sorry, Theo, I prefer my caffeine in a can. Much less chance of finding things like soggy-bottomed Chihuahuas that way.

    Thanks, though, for giving me the chance to snigger like an adolescent over “Dunkin Dognuts”.

  14. I was at the Bronx Zoo last week and saw these little guys…they were all huddled up together on a branch looked somewhat terrified. Each of them was touching another one with a tiny “hand”. It made me want to turn around to all the other zoo patrons and say “SHHHHHH… be quiet! You are frightening the beh behs!”

  15. The tiny, floppy sea lion pup is a must see, too. You can catch him/her at feeding time for a real treat.

  16. Don’t miss the baby seal, folks– matching mom-and-kiddie seal mini-tailios and tocks!

  17. The bebeh monkeh has kind of a sad clown face.

  18. Nuff Said says:

    Obama monkey.

  19. Wait a cotton picking moment. It says posted by Meg and yet you say the Cheif sister officer told you to post it; is there schizophrenia going on here? :)}

  20. I was in Costa Rica recently, and these guys were the absolute cutest.

    The sea lion pup video is also pretty awesome!

  21. Oh Hell, Chief I meant Chief, honest!

  22. OMG. Wantz!

    The chocolate schnozzles just kill me. 🙂

  23. They look exactly like the sock monkeys my cousins used to have when I was a kid. OK, not exactly – these are much cuter, of course. And they have bigger weirder ears.

  24. Squirrel monkeys are just the cutest. But when I revisited Costa Rica last week, I didn’t see them again. Their numbers have dwindled and tourists have (rightly) become less likely to feed them. Thank you, CO, for supplementing my fix.