Our names are "Yin"

And "Yang".

You got a pro-layme with that?


That looks pretty comfortuhbuhls, I think, Sherri…


  1. TOO CUTE!! I miss my babies being fluffy kittens. Now they’re fat bums!


  2. Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together and love one another right now.

  3. My two do something similar, but since they are full grown, they are slightly less adorable.

  4. Nicolletta says:

    *dives into kitty pile*

  5. All those fluffy stripes!

  6. Interlocking kittens! New from LEGO!

  7. Aww! The kitten-fuzzies. :)

  8. Desdemona says:

    Turning into rolling fuzzy beach ball in 3, 2, 1 . . .

  9. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    When I was little we had a grey striped cat and a black striped cat, brother and sister. They’d end up like this if we interrupted a brawl where each was rabbit-kicking the other in the head. They’d stop and look at us, as if to say, “excuse us, we’re just working things out here, move along…” I wish I’d gotten pictures!

  10. snorglepup says:

    They’re beautiful, but the concept would work better if one were all black and the other white.

  11. Awww! :) I luv lil kittehs, and 2 is definitely better than one! :) especially lil fluffy ones!

  12. MoonCatty says:


    Our footies got tangled and we can’t get up!!!

    Softest, cutest, most adorabuhl Gordian Knot EVAH…

  13. AliceBlue says:

    Shouldn’t that be “Fang-shui”?

  14. HHQueenCat says:

    snorglepup – it’s not about about concepts, it’s about kittehs …

    live for the moment – this moment

  15. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Tha Kitteh Mitten POAWSSS!!!

    MUST HAVE!!!

  16. The power of the eyes, it holds me.

  17. They are adorable. But… I… I… don’t understand the hovertext? I know it’s obnoxious to explain a joke, but… someone? Halp?

  18. @jenjen – that’s just a play on typical feng shui advice. Money trees would bring prosperity and good fortune, and of course feng shui is very dependent on the direction or where you place these objects.

    That being said, I thought this reminded me of some inscrutable Chinese kitty puzzle at first glance.

  19. fighting! whose fighting?
    we were just umm um hugging.
    ya that’s right! we were hugging.

  20. Tetris kittehs.

  21. Totalee Puppy says:

    KATRINA…Thank you for the inspiring song. I keep this kind of thing in the north corner of my heart.

  22. Two. *gasp*
    Tiny. *gasp*
    Tabbies. *gasp*

  23. Very cute! But it would’ve been even more appropos with Siamese! :)

  24. binky-mama says:

    That is a serious case of static! Did someone rub a balloon on the poor kitteh?

  25. momof2kitties says:

    Am I REALLY the only one whose mind went to a slightly different place? Really?

    That said, these guys are so cute. George was a stripedy grey fuzzball just like that as a wee babe. Awwwww!!

  26. AuntieMame says:

    One more picture like this and we’ll need a “yin yang” category.

  27. Tangled toes
    Twisty tails
    tummies touching
    Tiger twins

    This post brought to you by the letter T

  28. [picks up tabby knot]

    [head tilt]

    How do you untie this thing?

  29. Totalee Puppy says:

    1. OOh-Kaay, I’ll be the dumb one…BERTHASERVANT, what does Tetris Kittehs mean?
    3.I’ll take the stripey pretzel–salted,please, with a packet of mustard.

  30. knightofmonarch says:

    Look into the hypnotic kitten- deep into the hypnotic kitten –{cats start to spin}

  31. Squeeeee teh fuzzies! ::snorgle::

    Me, I call it “fang shui” myself, especially when I used to come home and find rocking chairs overturned and other household items upended. I must have been doing it wrong! :)

  32. Kitten 1: “Your back paws… de smell like de lavender flowers in Spring time… “

    Kitten 2: “Oh, but yur back paws exude de soft sweet musk laced with clover… “


    Kitten 1: “Dude, is it working?”

    Kitten 2: “No way bro. Mind over matter ain’t convincing me your back paws smell like anything else but stale cat kitty litter…”

    Kitten 1: “Yeppers, me too.”

    Kitten 2: “We have so got to get untangled… like now… “

    “Ehn… ehn… EHHHHNNN… ehn…. “

  33. mervtheflamingo says:


    Were you in the Philosophy program at OSU several years back?


  34. their eyes are totally vampire eyes