Caturday music vid

The appearance of kittehs is pretty hilarious… I wonder who came up with THIS ONE!? (Evil Marketing geni no doubt)

From Sender-Inner Brooke B., featuring "Meg"!


  1. Bluemenro says:


  2. I love how the cats aren’t looking at the woman, but at who is holding them, offstage, etc! They all seem rather perplexed by the whole situation.

  3. OK, woah. Was there cute in this? I think not! Poor kitties!

  4. bizarre, and cute! but this is going to get ugly…

  5. Horrid. Until the kittehs’ come out. Then…LOVE IT!!!!
    Forced Kitteh Dancing (F.K.D.) is always always hilarious. And they usually turn out to be REALLY GOOD dancers.

  6. lunacydress says:

    Sad. Totally sad. And annoying.

  7. So, perhaps I’m a big jerk, but I thought it was pretty amusing. I mean, who hasn’t made their kitty dance with them? This was just caught on tape!

    And I wish to heavens I knew what the damn song was about.

  8. yankeebird says:

    The vid that was posted a long time ago where the girl made bread shoes was a lot cuter. This just kinda perplexed me.

  9. Totalee Puppy says:

    FISH AND MEEELKS! I guess banquet for kittehs was worth waiting for! I wouldn’t have put the meeelks in a glass…Cute Caturday dance!!

  10. how’d they get them to fly and dance like that?

    it’s like magic!

  11. Marymomma says:

    When do the kittehs come out??

    I can’t even watch long enough to get there. Yick.

  12. katherine says:

    I saw no twitching tails warning of imminent human destruction. Did the cats have little sips of wine before hand, or are Japanese cats extraordinarily docile? Hmm.

    If you think of how many takes it took to get this, I think we’re going to get some commentroversy on this one.

    But it is cute. No denying it.

  13. Skip to -2:00. I think the cats are perfectly happy to be handled. Hilarious.

  14. Totalee Puppy says:

    Just in…translation of the song…
    “Maggie Baby, we’re dancin’ for you…
    You’ve won our kitteh hearts…
    You’re so amusing…we love what you do…
    But dancin’ after fish and meeelks…
    Maggie, please excuse some tiny farts…”

  15. Stupid, dumb, cruel to be forcing the cats to dance !

  16. …wut?

  17. Cheryl-Lee says:

    I don’t like it, its weird

  18. Marymomma says:

    Thank you! :) Could not watch that for 2 minutes for the kittehs, but skipping ahead, lovely. :)

  19. hi-larious! loving the kitty chorus line at the end.

  20. Ok, you got me. I admit it. I’ve made my baybees dance before. And they were too cute doing it!

    This vid – kinda scary…. Their kitties look as thrilled as mine did, tho mine got treats when the dance-a-thon was over.

    BTW – That song will be stuck in my head all day!

  21. Ok it was cute and i laughed. I think this makes me a bad person

  22. warrior rabbit says:

    What style of music is thees? Is it….mouse? [sorry]

    You really have to wait too long for the cats (the song, it hurts me). But I like the kitty chorus line.

    Nuffers have already started to make an appearance. It may be stupid, it may be dumb, Papilio, but it is not cruel. Nuffers, please make a reality check before nuffing.

  23. SparkyRoosta says:

    If you want to jump to the kittehs, they come in around 2:15… the exact middle of the video. But you might not get the “context” of the “magic”

  24. ugh

  25. redonk and cute, but i can’t get the sound to work! argh.

  26. RosiePosie says:

    Ah… my kitty will put up with me making him “dance” for just about anything. I think he secretly likes it… or at least likes the excessive amounts of treats I give him after subjecting him to Rockette-style dance routines set to Nightwish.

    I iz a wee bit strange, no?

  27. Were these kittehs on drugs? Cos that’s the only way we could get my cat to be that docile for 2 minutes!

    They didn’t seem to mind – trust me, you can tell when they mind stuff. They let you know. In their special way.

  28. There was once a movie called “The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing” but I don’t think this is related.

  29. I don’t care what anyone says: that was THE most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long time. I almost cried I was laughing so hard. Also, if you watch the chorus line at the end the 2 cats closest to the singer on the left have a mini “cat fight” which is also hilarious. I mean, who can resist reluctantly dancing kitties, in a music video, no less? Bravo, I say. Bravo.

  30. UGH! this was painful. The kitties were cute, but Ugh! Whoever didn’t have sound totally lucked out!

  31. monstrosity says:

    I like how the kitties run the heck away at the end.

  32. Elisha B. says:


  33. girlfmkitty says:

    And afterwards when the cameras were not rolling the idiotic humans were all shredded to pieces by the careful use of extremely sharp claws…

  34. OK, I laughed too, but not at the kitties — I was laughing at the pure cheesiness of having black-gloved hands moving across a white table as the plates and things “magically” moved themselves. Hilarious!

    If you can’t handle the song, just mute the sound. Actually, that makes it even funnier!

    And don’t nuff me, either — I adore kitties.

  35. Michelle S says:

    Adorable and insane. Just exactly what I needed this morning! XOXOXOXO

  36. Does the words sucks, stupid, weird, cruel, and just plain bad mean anything to you?

  37. My boyfriend, who is half Japanese, overheard me say that the Japanese are so weird. He says, “You should know; you’re dating one.” So he comes over to see why I think his people are so weird. ;)

    He explained that the guys wearing black moving things around are actually performing an old artform called Bunraku. It began in the late 1500s when up to four people would move nearly life-sized puppets. Btw, the master puppeteer doesn’t wear a head covering.


  38. Kitteh zombies! Dancing kitteh zombies, even! Worth the wait for the giggles… “feesh brainz… feesh brainz… “

  39. I listen to J-pop all the time, so I’ve learned to drown it out. XD
    This was hilarious! I’ve made my kittehs dance before… sometimes they mind it, and sometimes you can get away with it for the length of a whole song before they prance off for something more entertaining. I was laughing so hard at this….

  40. Truer question marks have never been typed, Elisha B.

    Back to fuzzlogs, please.

  41. No kitties were harmed in the making of this video. At most, some of de kittehs were annoyed more than anything else. It was just funny.

  42. I gave in and burst out laughing with one minute left of the video and the reprise of the AMAZING FLYING STUNTCATS.

  43. For all you dancing cat fans:


  44. For all you dancing cat fans:


  45. For all you dancing cat fans:


  46. For all you dancing cat fans:


  47. For all you dancing cat fans:


  48. For all you dancing cat fans:


  49. The kitties look so enthused and excited about this.

  50. Jpop… HUGE at my house, my preteens love it.

  51. fillyjonk says:

    I’ve made cats “dance” in the past. The trick is to have cats who enjoy being held, a lot of fairly docile cats seem to enjoy “dancing.” A lot of cats won’t stand for that, but they make their displeasure known pretty quickly.

    I will say it made me kind of think it was a Japanese version of a Target ad. I expected the plates and such to be “products” you could buy.

  52. (the original) Mel says:

    Humiliations Galore!

  53. OMG I was laughing so hard and the music is no worse than Dare I say it RAP.

    The Cats were adorable and I loved the black hands thing and the cats flying through the air and Shazaam! Cat dancing… Hehehe
    Not one kitty looked annoyed. well okay that one tabby looked annoyed but really who hasn’t done the cat dance thing… Okay I haven’t done it with Magneato but she would not stand for it.

  54. demolitionwoman says:

    how is it cruel to make one’s kitteh’s dance? SERIOUSLY, people! i make my dog dance sometimes. they have to earn their keep somehow…

    also, the song was completely annoying in a sugar-pop way and the video – weird.

    @Nicole – thanks for the explanation! i kinda wondered if it was something like that.

  55. Persephone says:

    I already knew about Bunraku, so I thought it was especially hilarious in a wacky postmodern kind of way. Some people take life WAY too seriously!


  57. I need a hot poker in my brain.

    I want those 4 minutes of my life back.

  58. head explodie says:

    The funniest part is that the cats are better dancers than than the singer. What ARE those moves at the beginning? She looks like she wants to go into a tumbling routine like a gymnast but keeps losing her nerve.

  59. The hilarious thing is that the cats are better dancers than she is, even when it is forced kitty dancing. And I like how you can see the meows and looks of disapproval from the cats when they first have them dance at the table, but later they just look kind of apathetic.

  60. turbofloof says:

    Ahhh…yes – the Japanese. These are my people – and true to my heritage, this is how I dance (horridly), this is how I do domestic chores (command imaginary kabuki servants to do it for me – which probably explains my less than satisfying housekeeping outcomes,) and we cat dance from time to time (though my cats do NOT do anything they don’t want to do, and though perplexed, they are happy to cat dance when my whim is invoked.) I laughed quite a bit, but sort of self-consciously…

  61. lucy's mommeh says:

    My cat, i makes her dance like dis too.

  62. lucy's mommeh says:

    My cat, i makes her dance like dis too.

  63. lucy's mommeh says:

    My cat, i makes her dance like dis too.

  64. lucy's mommeh says:

    My cat, i makes her dance like dis too.

  65. lucy's mommeh says:

    My cat, i makes her dance like dis too.

  66. lucy's mommeh says:

    My cat, i makes her dance like dis too.

  67. And I dahnce dahnce dahnce
    And I dahnce dahnce dahnce

  68. I would love to see this on Pop Up Video! lol

    Love dancing kittehs : )

  69. Yeah, the expressions of the cats was pretty amusing. I’m just trying to think of what other music videos feature the singer dancing with cats. Right now, all I can come up with is Bjork’s “Triumph of a Heart” and, if it counts, Paula Abdul’s “Opposites Attract.” Any others?

  70. Nuffs, please, some context. Hitting a kitty is cruel. Making a kitty dance around for a few minutes is silly, maybe, but not mean.

    I’m sure they got some treats afterwards, people usually hire trained animals for videos. They’re show-biz kitties!

  71. Wow, they dance just like mine do! It truly is a small world after all!

  72. Evangeline's Nest says:

    Wha’???? Naw. Mummenschanz it ain’t, sorry.

  73. Evangeline's Nest says:

    Wha’???? Naw. Mummenschanz it ain’t, sorry.

  74. Evangeline's Nest says:

    Wha’???? Naw. Mummenschanz it ain’t, sorry.

  75. Evangeline's Nest says:

    Wha’???? Naw. Mummenschanz it ain’t, sorry.

  76. Evangeline's Nest says:

    Wha’???? Naw. Mummenschanz it ain’t, sorry.

  77. Evangeline's Nest says:

    Wha’???? Naw. Mummenschanz it ain’t, sorry.

  78. Translation please?

  79. i want to attend a dinner par-tay with kittens! this made me laugh. I love the kitten chorus line.

  80. Not cute just creepy.

  81. Mummenschanz? can be found on YouTube, with and without KermitTheFrog.

  82. Makes me a little sad. Kittehs didn’t look very comfortubuhls.

  83. very cute video, the kittehs were ok but should have let them run around on their own and haz cheeseburgerz

  84. I hope those kittehs were paid well.

  85. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, obviously I’m an evil person, because I thought it hilarious!!!!

    I was glad to read the explanation of Bunraku, though, because I couldn’t help wonder if we were supposed to see the black gloved arms, or if we were supposed to think it was magic.

    Those were some docile kittehs. Although I noticed the one front left was giving his fishy the eye towards the end of the dinner party. Heh!

  86. That was brilliant! I think I’m turning Japanese!

  87. I realy think so!

  88. Yitzysmommie says:

    Maybe it’s cause I’m seeck today- but Yitzy & I give a beeg paws/thumbs down on this weirdo vid.

  89. How appropriate. I was just making my kitty dance with me, not 5 minutes before I saw this video. Kitty-dancing is a great way to start a Caturday.

  90. dumb, just dumb. Those poor kitties may never recover their dignity.

  91. warrior rabbit says:

    Well, I was just reading the news…Biden, Palin, FL ‘tot mom’ back in jail, Gustav, and…what’s this? Real cruelty to a cat by a father who wanted his kids to learn how to kill. [shakes head]

    So keep some perspective, nuffers. Cat dancing might cause some temporary loss of dignity, but it’s not much worse than corporal cuddling as practiced by cat-loving engineers.

    It’s corporal cavorting.

  92. @Jess <3's Sandy: haha the people who were creeped by the J-Pop are likely not really going to dig Bjork all that much, but great link, that totally came to mind for me.

  93. TrueMirage says:


    and perfect that it stars Precious Meg!

  94. Boo Nuffers says:

    Nuffers out in full force today! Change the day from caturday to nufferday.

  95. Hamster on Rye says:

    Bunraku with black gloves–amazing what you learn on CO.
    Kitties are more flexible than the singer–Take a break, kids–did great on that number!

  96. Forced Kitty Dancing: darn cute. Liked the visuals all-around.

    But I’d rather shove ice-picks in my ears than listen to that electro-synth “singing”. Egad!

  97. Love, love, LOVE!

    Loved this before the kitties showed up, loved it even more after. I don’t know why people are being so grumpy — if it pains you so greatly when the video starts, don’t keep watching. Simple shtuffs.

    The “magic” made my day.

  98. Re: Red: Sorry, I missed the Jess <3's Sandy link, and YouTube is blocked here (but no other streaming video - weird). I have to agree that the visual style of the video and weird humor was well-done; not everyone's cup of tea to be sure, but I enjoy a bit of J-pop then and again.

  99. @WarriorRabbit: “It’s corporal cavorting”

    touche’! LOL
    tho’ I don’t think I’ll be dancing my big kitty around anytime soon. I’d need Popeye arms!

  100. This should come with a Do Not Drink Coffee While Watching warning!

    ALL my kittehs are Dancing Kittehs. None of them mind a bit. They must have been using fake feesh and meelk, though, ’cause not even the most committed Dancing Kitteh would dance when there was real feesh and meelk inwithin reach.

  101. cheestastic!

  102. flowerface says:

    Though I visit this site everyday, I have never felt the need to comment, until now. So funny! So cute! I laughed, and laughed…

    I see no cruelty here; the kittehs weren’t riled, no reason I should be.

  103. This is a pretty wicked take on Japanese No Theater. I’m sure they hired professionals to do all of the “background” work. It’s really clever and the cats are probably all boy cats which means they loved it.

  104. I don’t know whether to laugh or feel sad! I love the way the kittehs all ran off at the end of the video.

  105. ah well, I think these Japanese dancing “cats” are a lot cuter – besides the vocalist… =^.^=

    (it’s Gackt with his song U+K)

  106. akumazero13 says:

    …once again the japanese hands us our ass in the cuteness dept.

  107. Cute. Not mean. That is all.

  108. Darkflame173 says:

    Ahh, so many folks need to lighten up, that was absolutely hilarious!!! And if you think that’s some kind of kitty abuse, you need a reality check -_-. It’s just good fun, pplz! I said nothing on here when we had the pasikie kid on here, and I hate kids, so I kept my mouf shut, so if you hated it, whatever happened to just not saying anything at all? Too many nuffers.

    Besides, it’s the Japanese, and we already know they kick our collective butts and the cuteness, and that the entire population is on something XD

    *breathe* folks :) It was funneh!

  109. All I could think about was how much cat hair those people are going to have on their black clothes…

  110. ROFL. Cat at -1:15 is all ears-back, “I’M GOING TO CHOMP SOMEONE!”

  111. Tricia Garrett says:

    How awful! She’d better watch her back – “kittehs will revenge!”

  112. Clawed Monet says:

    WOW! I have never read any of the comments on Cuteoverload before but I certainly didn;t expect all the Youtube like (excuse the expression)cattiness. The video was cute, the cats don’t look upset, the vid was silly and fun, the music no more horrible than some of ours, and the guys in black were just funny. Lighten up and expand your horizons peoples.

  113. johnnyjohnny says:

    Now just one minute! I don’t come here to see cats dance . . .

    Oh, wait. Yea, that was adorable.

  114. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who was sitting there going “wow, she can’t dance – the cats dance way better than she does!”

    And yeah, I make my cat dance sometimes too. He doesn’t really mind – or at least, doesn’t really protest. He’s half ragdoll, so I can pretty much manhandle him as I please, and the worst I get for it is his wriggling when he doesn’t want to be snuggled so tight.

  115. My kitty watched it with me and he agreed that forcing the cats to dance right in front of their fish and milk is just the absolute most horrendous cruelty he’s ever seen, short of not feeding them when they beg at the dinner table. Then, he meowed smelly cat breath into my face and headbutted me. I loved the cat staring at the fish, haha :D

  116. Well, neither of my cats would enjoy being held to “dance” or whatever and not in their nature to enjoy that.
    I want to have them be comfortable and secure and that is just the way I am.
    I love to watch my kitties be content and happy and that is what makes me smile and be happy.

    A content, confident animal is what I prefer to see.

  117. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I wonder if the ninja guys are the same ones who did the “Matrix Ping Pong” and other skits?

    By the way, KYOOT viddy, I hope the kittehs got tha fishies and milk after the viddy shoot! :D

  118. Clawed Monet says:

    Turbofloof!! Don’t you dare let people make you think that your own culture is weird or lame or whatever!!! Japanese culture has simply evolved along different lines than American. People need to be more accepting. We are weird too, we’re just used to it!

  119. OMGWTFBBQ…that is all…well not really.

  120. Those are some laid-back cats, who seem more confused and irked than traumatized.

    To get some *real* perspective on animal cruelty, watch Animal Cops.

    (I could link to the photos that got a man convicted of the first case of felony animal cruelty in Japan, but I suspect that would be construed as a genuine threadcrap.)

  121. OK It’s NOT cruel! Holding a cat and wiggling it around so it looks like it’s dancing does not count as animal abuse. There are A LOT worse things you can do to your pet – making them look adorable is very low on the ‘horrible’ list.

    The only “cruel” thing about the video is that the kittehs didn’t get to enjoy their fishy-milky banquet. Maybe it was served at the wrap party.

  122. I’m with Megan. I kept thinking: “When do the cats get their fish and milk? They set it all out for them, put them RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT, then made them dance instead of eating it! ::shakes fist:: *Argenflargenflurgen!*

    Maybe I just need to have lunch. ;)

    But yeah, those cats were pretty mellow. Perplexed and mellow. Not traumatized, but probably spent the time planning to poop in someone’s shoe later.

  123. Hilarious!

  124. PJ, at least one of those kittehs was a calico and therefore female. Calico kittehs are lucky in Japan.

    I knew before it started that it was going to be better without sound, so I left my speakers off and only watched the video out of the corner of my eye till the KITTIES showed up.

    Dance dance kitties!

  125. this not cute…this is scary and it made me physically ill.

  126. Wait a minute-did you say the Japanese translates to “excuse our little farts”?

  127. I laughed like hell at the cats, but the woman’s ugly shoes distracted me in the beginning… oh noes! Am I a shoe nuffer???

  128. @e-beth: I don’t think it is, but I’m going to laugh at it anyway. hahaha

  129. Gail (the first one) says:

    I liked it!!! Kinda earworm-y little song. But I was laughing at the kittehs dancing. I’ve only really tried dancing with one of mine, who will tolerate it for maybe a minute. Then, he’s all “late for a nap, gotta go”.

    And, “Turning Japanese”—one of my top ten faves EVAR!!! I really think so!!!

  130. goodness gracious she was beyond annoying.

    and i felt bad for the cats.

    but they’re so cute…hahaha.

  131. pretty clear that the cats were hating it. not fun

  132. I thought the girl was cute…..

  133. that is fantastic.
    literally LOL!

    i wish my cat could dance.

  134. Reading the comments brought to mind a question I have wondered about for a long time – do cats fart? I have always had a cat or two & never observed said action.

  135. LesbianNeoCon says:

    One of the most redonk things I’ve ever seen!

  136. Yeah they fart! Smells like rotten eggs.

  137. oh, yes cats fart. Not only do they fart, but they blame it on the humans…

  138. Bimmea, yes, they do! My little Gracie has a horrible gas problem from time to time!

  139. sally-rah says:


  140. I guess I have just been lucky, then, for the past 30+ years! I figured they must… Thanks for the science!

  141. momof2kitties says:

    At the beginning, I kept waiting for the girl to go into a full back flip. So many false starts! And overall, weird, and a little disturbing. I kept wishing they would just let the kittehs go and be all kitteh-like.

  142. i liked the kitteh dancing, and i also liked the song!

  143. Ok… so once in a while, I’ll make my kitty dance.

    Now, I will do it every day for the rest of her life. :) I need to find this song, so we can do it properly.

  144. The best part is at the very end when the dancers in the black suits finally let the kitties go, and they run like hell. :D

  145. @Carole: If watching confident, comfortable animals in their natural habitat is what makes you happy…why do you have pets?

    In the meantime, me and my dancing kitties will get down to some KC and the Sunshine Gang.

  146. LMAO when their all dancing on the table, look at the kitty closest to us on the right. HAHA he keeps looking up to the person who’s holding him like, “what the?”

  147. Fine. I’ll see your Precious Meg, and raise you a Princess Twinkly.

  148. Ok there’s so many things in this that I found either weird or hilarious.

    1- The dance the girl did in the beginning was weird, she looked like she was going to do a flip and then didn’t.
    2- The first kittens on the left and right were both like WTF GET ME OUT OF HERE
    3- I wonder if they let them have the fish after?
    4-Please, if you guys have cats and have never made them do a little kitty dance…then you’re missing out!

  149. I thought it was pretty funny! I didn’t see any smoshed kitties or anything painful like that. Where was the cruelty??? My kitty dances on her own now. It saves her from having me hold her up under her fuzzy cat-pits. Ok, I lied…I still hold her up…she does a little kitty air-hump, and then I put her down ever so nicely!

  150. Pretty funny video over all, but whoever choreographed the singer needs to be hung, drawn, and quartered. That was incredibly bad dancing.

    The guys in black suits effect used in this video and in the “Matrix Ping Pong” video is a descendant of bunraku puppetry.

  151. Oh yes, I lurrrrrrv that japanese show! Normal ppl take time to do something fun! I esp like the one guy acting as a frying pan. Hahaha. What a creative people. Although I never quite understand why they make the girl dress like an office lady yet dance like a 1-year-old. But shame on me, I do like how her fingers dancing.

    @Totalee Puppy’s translation: if it’s true, how uncanny the similarity is with CO!!! Meg totally has won kittens’ hearts, hasn’t she?

  152. BTW, the show’s name is “Kasou Taishou”.

  153. Dogbreath says:

    Funny funny funny funny!

    I have to respond to so many folks who made this even more enjoyable:

    Jess <3's Sandy THANK YOU SO MOOOCH!!! for the Bjork clip

    it was so weird and wonderful

    I laughed my tuchas off


    warrior rabbit, I was reminded of the exact same thing. (“corporal cuddling as practiced by cat-loving engineers”.)

    corporal cavorting = brilliant!


    Kristi said …

    All I could think about was how much cat hair those people are going to have on their black clothes…

    Exceelent point which nobody else noted! Very thoughtful of you!


    OMG Juniper Jupiter tnx SO MOOOCH! for the Matrix Ping Pong link!

    I had never seen it – it’s !!! BRILLIANT !!!


    Julie, if you think the cats “were hating it”, then you have never witnessed true cat hatred.

    ‘Nuff said.


    smooches all


  154. Actually, I much prefer Ibsen’s dancing cat:

  155. Boooooooorrrrrring and dumb.

  156. Totalee Puppy says:

    E-BETH…Excuse my poor attempt at a little song for lovely Maggie…I am so NOT a translator from Japanese to English…”excuse our little farts” is just me farting-around (as usual). I have no idea what the Japanese song really says…My dancing stinks, too..

  157. Oh man, those cats look so pissed. Hilarity.

  158. Do cats fart?

    Let’s just say my dear departed Yevgeny didn;t have the nickname “The Abdominal Snowman” for nothing.

  159. Suuuuper cute! I didn’t even mind the goofy song.

    The only “cruel” part is that the kittehs didn’t get to eat the food on the table!

  160. Dogbreath says:

    Totalee Puppy, I LOOOVE the song. It is BRILLIANT!

  161. Those are some patient cats.

  162. DANCING is not demeaning. However, Pippin, told me that patty cake IS. (Pippin is one of my hobbit tuxie kids) So, play with your kiddies every day and they too will like to dance the night away! ‘Specially when tuna and milk are the end rewards!

  163. That’s SOOOOOO undignified for pussules. And she needs lip-synching lessons.

  164. @Jess <3's Sandy :
    Thanks for the Bjork vid!

    Thanks for the reminder; I haven’t seen the original ‘dahnce dahnce dahnce’ for awhile.

    Who among us hasn’t said sexy things to ourselves when we’re dancing?
    Caution: purravocative posing!

  165. roflmao!! thanks for sharing, i love making my cat ‘walk’ too! :)

  166. Fuzzalina says:

    Anyone who thinks cat dancing is cruel needs to really get some help and therapy.

    Once I finally fast forwarded through the horridness of this song, I laughed so loudly that my roommate came in to see what was going on.

    My cat followed soon after, but I think it was time for her tuna treat.

  167. Mrs. Darcy says:

    @(the original) Mel: thank you for the excellent Princess Bride quote!

  168. Cutenotscary says:

    “OH NOES *my* cat doesn’t like to forcedance, therefore it must be animull croolty!!!!!!eleven!”

    Yeah, and some cats don’t like being petted. So I guess petting is animal cruelty too, right?

    Or maybe all you hypersensitive nuffs just need to pull your heads out of whereever you’re keeping them and take a look at the real world.

    And what do people mean, you “couldn’t watch this” until the kittehs showed up, “you were lucky to have no sound” etcetera? It’s a GREAT song and a GREAT vid, and you should be thankful you get to watch it.

  169. “Unhand me human! Don’t you see there are feeshes and deelishus meelks on the table?!”

  170. gravyboat says:

    I love the expressions on all their faces…”goddamn it, the things I put up with for tunas”.

  171. wow, that was like some creepy 5-year old girl’s tea party dream come true, except with fish and milk… and the company of kitties

  172. Poor kitties. This made me feel bad.

  173. OMG, that was hilarious.

    I kinda like the song and she´s so cute, but she can´t dance at all, and really, the only redeeming feature in the video are the Kittehs. :)

  174. rkymtnjerzygrl says:

    Huh??? Those are some mellow cats.

  175. The cats want to know, “What’s my per diem?”

  176. I think it’s all been said by now, I got nothin’ new here. We dance with our kitties all the time, I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried. We only have a few claw marks on us… the song did kind of send me running for insulin, and my first thought was also “who told that girl she can dance???” But the kitties were hilarious, I liked the line-up at the end, and I’ll bet those performing kitties get treated very very well.

  177. I didn’t like it at first (wheres the kitties?) but then, when the kitties showed up I started to laugh and by the end I was rockin out (for me, moving back and forth) and giggling till I cried. THAT was hilarious. I really do want to know what she’s sayin tho. And like Wicked said earlier, if the kittens didn’t want to do that they would of let them know in their own special way

  178. First impression: gotta be the worst special effects ever. Then: why aren’t any of these cats clawing or biting anybody? OK, totally the most WTF? video in history.

  179. Momcat — bear in mind that these “special effects” work just as well live on stage, too. No camera tricks or post-production necessary. Sometimes you just gotta go with the low-tech solution.

  180. kermalkin says:


    I was amused well before the cats showed up. Tuna & milk upped the anticipation level & then BAM! The best tea party ever!

  181. That’s 3 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. This is just stupid. Poor widdle kitties.

  182. Houdi'sMom says:

    I loved this! She has another song, Heart, with baby chicks and some puppehs, too.

  183. Houdi'sMom says:

    I loved this! She has another song, Heart, with baby chicks and some puppehs, too.

  184. Houdi'sMom says:

    I loved this! She has another song, Heart, with baby chicks and some puppehs, too.

  185. Houdi'sMom says:

    I loved this! She has another song, Heart, with baby chicks and some puppehs, too.

  186. Houdi'sMom says:

    I loved this! She has another song, Heart, with baby chicks and some puppehs, too.

  187. Houdi'sMom says:

    I loved this! She has another song, Heart, with baby chicks and some puppehs, too.

  188. two words… cuteness, fail.

  189. The only thing sillier than this video are the people upset by it.

  190. I just want to know, those people who claimed to feel physically ill watching the cats dance, what happens to you when you are confronted with REAL animal abuse? If you are that sensitive, I suspect seeing REAL, HONEST TO GOD abuse of an animal would put you in the hospital.

    [Yeah no kidding... but that's probably enough for now, Vampy. TROLLS: Do Not Feed Them - Ed.]

  191. If anyone thinks this is cruel in anyway.. I think you need to get a little perspective.. so why dont you spend a few weeks with an animal rescue or some animal cops.. and learn what cruel really is.. when you throw words like cruel out there like that they lose all meaning.. You are inclined to your opinion that something is cute or not but stop throwing out words to which you know nothing about..

  192. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I had the TV on Animal Planet, and “Animal Cops: Houston” was on. There was a cat, a family pet (she was declawed), who had had lighter fluid poured on her head and ears and deliberately set on fire by a 14-year-old boy in the family. Same boy had put a rope around her neck and dragged her behind his bike.

    Now, I’m sorry to invoke that horrible imagery, but I do it to make a point. There is MUCH worse that goes on in this world, and all too often animals (especially cats) seem to be on the receiving end of it. The kitty healed and found a loving home, but so many don’t.

    I’m not usually this grouchy, but for those of you who think that this video displays cruelty: get some goddamned perspective.

    Thank you.

  193. Hmmph, the Japanese have shot themselves in the foot with this crap, they will have to hand back the cute trophy stat.I have seen Bunraku or Bunny rafia work, in Anthony Mingella’s production of Madam Butterfly, it was crap then like its crap here.
    Yes I dance my cats, but as soon as a there is a tail swish or a sign of dislike I stop and appoligise.

    Theo: Love princess Twinkle toes where do you find this Bollocks, must be British, we specialise in old toss.

  194. Hon Glad — yep, that’s Joel Veitch, aka The Crab of Ineffable Wisdom: and also “Stallion Explosion” in his silly band 7 Seconds of Love:

  195. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I’m white, US-born, living in Japan. I can assure you that 99% of Japanese pop music is like this: the female vocalists are almost universally shrieky/squeaky of voice, and much of the time their singing and/or dancing leaves much to be desired. Their main qualification is that they be kawaii (cute). They are manipulated, packaged, airbrushed, made-up, dressed and paraded by a huge industry that exists solely to make enormous amounts of money. Their shelf life tends to be about 6 months, if that long.

    The bunraku kitties was a neat idea, I thought! It was probably easier and less expensive to produce than a CG video!

  196. My earlier comment was removed? I apologize for the description of what happened to the cat, but I was getting annoyed at people saying this was cruel to the cats.

    [Yeah... agreed on principle, but didn't need all the detail - Ed.]

  197. Agree with the comments about if you think this is cruel, why don’t you see some real animal abuse.

    I thought it was really funny when the cats came out. I have made my cats dance before. I am sure the cats in the video were handled well and treated humanely. The black hands amused me to no end as well.

    Dancing kitties = Cute

  198. I defy ANYONE who’s owned a kitteh to claim they never danced with their companion. Come on, people! The cats are fine and the video is weird but love it when the kittehs come out!

  199. Sorry, Ed., I am abashed. Won’t do it again.

  200. They need to combine that with the similar super ping pong video

  201. Stephanie S. says:

    Well, I’ve thought about it, and I guess I’m just strange because I love the song and I think it’s both hilarious and cute when the kitties dance.

  202. I laughed until I hiccupped! I don’t dare try this with my current kittehs, but I confess to dancing with kittehs in the past. Too hilarious. I’m glad they got fishes and meelks!!!

  203. I laughed until I hiccupped! I don’t dare try this with my current kittehs, but I confess to dancing with kittehs in the past. Too hilarious. I’m glad they got fishes and meelks!!!

  204. I laughed until I hiccupped! I don’t dare try this with my current kittehs, but I confess to dancing with kittehs in the past. Too hilarious. I’m glad they got fishes and meelks!!!

  205. I laughed until I hiccupped! I don’t dare try this with my current kittehs, but I confess to dancing with kittehs in the past. Too hilarious. I’m glad they got fishes and meelks!!!

  206. I laughed until I hiccupped! I don’t dare try this with my current kittehs, but I confess to dancing with kittehs in the past. Too hilarious. I’m glad they got fishes and meelks!!!

  207. I laughed until I hiccupped! I don’t dare try this with my current kittehs, but I confess to dancing with kittehs in the past. Too hilarious. I’m glad they got fishes and meelks!!!

  208. The fact that we’re all willing to sit through 4 minutes of horrible j pop for some dancing cats is pretty sad…..yet I’m gonna go do it again….

    I did like her shoes though

  209. to Brak_Silverbone

    Is this any different than America?

  210. WOW! I wish I could dance like her! And do magic like her! I bet Criss Angel is JEALOUS! WOW I can’t believe I just spent 3 minutes of my life that I will never get back watching this…

  211. Fifty bucks says the cats are sedated. Cat dancing for a few secs, yes. Cat dancing with other cats for minutes at a time and who knows how many takes? Kitty valium.

  212. -1:34 made me laugh.

    Otherwise, I was wondering the whole time how they got the cats to be so compliant for that lengthy amount of time.

  213. Sandi: I want the 5 seconds back of my life reading your comment…

  214. OMG I love J-Pop and dancing kittehs….this made my day!

  215. Bunraku. And Kitties and JPOP–

    Too awesome for words!

  216. That was horrible. Music was shocking and those poor kitties being manhandled under those hot lights, no wonder they ran away at the end!

  217. Well, I’ve made my cats dance – I find out pretty fast which ones don’t like it! (Ow…) They didn’t look too distressed to me. The only cruelty here was I thought the girl was way, way too thin – seriously, am I the only person who noticed? That’s definitely Sad, not Cute. Oh, and just to throw another potential spanner into the comments, cows’ milk, however traditional, is Not Good for Cats. They can’t digest it properly and it causes them discomfort. So refusing to let them drink it could be regarded as kind, not cruel…and will probably reduce the farting…

  218. my god…it’s like a Japanese Bjork…*scary*

  219. What? They don’t think we can see those black gloves? Reeeedonkilous!

  220. loved it! hooray for jpop and it’s quirky adorableness! and i was dying about the dancing kitties :D I love kasou taishou!

  221. FANtastic choreography!


    Cat’s look totally thrilled!


  222. I’m surprised at all of the cruelty comments! Who hasn’t danced with their cats, or dogs, for that matter? We do it to human babies! No one’s hurt from a bit of gentle wobbling, the cats weren’t clawing and hissing. Loosen up and have fun, guys.

    That aside, this is /adorable/. I watched the whole thing and I think even the bits without kitties is super cute. I love theatrics that force you to use your imagination over crazy CG effects.

    My baby sister and I stood watching it at the end copying the kitty dance on beat. ♥

  223. “Reading the comments brought to mind a question I have wondered about for a long time – do cats fart? I have always had a cat or two & never observed said action.”

    Oh yes, far worse than dogs or humans!

  224. Funny, but the cats oughta sue.


  225. I’m sorry to hear that the director of this video has died due to complications from a surgery. This was her last video. ( )

    [That would be Nagi Noda, not "Precious Meg", btw. And this *is* sad. I thought her use of bunraku (that's the on-stage black-suited kitty-puppeteering parts of this video) was brilliant. - Ed.]

  226. Diana Barrueto says:

    Ahhh! So adorable! I love Meg, love J-Pop, and the kitteh’s were ( as the Japanese would say cute ) kawaii!!! =^_^=

  227. Does anyone know the song title and artist? I absolutely adored the song!!

  228. Nevermind! When the song finished it minimized and said the info!

  229. wow , that was a waste of 4 minutes and 27 seconds!

    i was intrested at first but you lost me really fast. although i did watch most of it …. only becaouse i am at work and despritaly trying to waste sometime.

    and that was a waste of my time to waste.

  230. OMG, the kitties are so cute! But her choreographer definitely needs to be shot, lol, she looks like she has some sort of mental disability when she’s walking over to the table XD. Catchy song though.

  231. This is the worst music video I’ve ever seen. Was it supposed to be this lame on purpose? The cats are hilarious though. I feel bad for them though.