It’s like a soft, purring pendant [head tilt]

If you’ve never had a kitteh in your rack before I highly recommend it.


Can I get an Amen?


Everyone’s doing it, Kayleigh O.



  1. That’s the sweetest Cats & Racks ever!

  2. momof2kitties says:

    At fist I thought “if she’s in a hospital bed, then I wanna be sick, too!”

    But upon closer inspection I don’t know of any hospital with knotty pine paneling, rendering my witty comment useless. Still-cute kitteh though.

    *kisses sweepy kitteh gently*

  3. momof2kitties says:

    Duh…fiRst, not fist.


  4. momof2kitties-we’ll share!
    You would have been first if you hadn’t been writing to me on the koalakangalope thread, so here- it is yours!


  5. Koalakangabun-thing, that is. I think it has some antelope or whatever “Twinkle” was in “The Thorn Trees” adaption on PBS ages ago.

  6. Watch out for those clawsies!

    What a sweet pudding of a purrfect creature!

  7. Oh, yes… even if they don’t end up making it, there’s nothing like putting a teeny tiny kitten against you and having it purr itself to sleep for a while.

  8. momof2kitties says:

    *offers Katrina pudding and kitteh bellies*

  9. Well, I guess it’s time I develop a pair of moobs so I too can know this joy.

  10. Looks like that blouse was made especially for baby kittehs on racks. How thoguhtful.

  11. So tiny… ooh, soft kisses for the seepy bebeh 🙂

  12. Normally not a Cats ‘n’ Racks (which I just noticed is trademarked!) person, but jeebus this one is cute. What an incredibly tiny baby! Oh, and Ben, I’m going to be muttering “moobs” under my breath for the rest of the day to amuse myself. Thanks!

  13. moobs is great, Ben! I would totally wear kittens as a fashion statement, but some of my students are allergic, I’m sure.

  14. Mary (the first) says:

    My cat likes to climb up on me and kind of perch across my shoulder/chest and the best thing is when they purr against your heart. Somehow that’s just so .. “bonding”… I love that and this tiny bebeh is off to a good start with snuggly rack to sleep on.

  15. Awww, what a sweet baby!! He’s just a wee one, idn’t he? I’ll happily donate my time and anatomy to letting seepy widdle kitlets purr themselves to dreamland.

    *kisses baby kitteh ever-so-softly on his furry little haid*

  16. misscrisp says:


  17. Wow, how very cute. And the kitten too. 🙂

  18. The ears! The eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears!

  19. AuntieMame says:

    momof2kitties, I thought of a hospital at first, too, but then I wondered why she was wearing scrubs in bed.

    Then I thought, except for the clawses, I might put two of those kittehs in my bra, and then I might actually *have* a rack. Heh!

  20. AuntieMame says:

    (And no, I’m not obsessed with my ta-tas. It’s just that two of the posts today happened to bring the subject to mind…)

  21. Oh my! What a tiny little mouthful that kitteh is. I have a soft spot for black cats anyway but this one…wow! I would gladly take turns snuggling the kitteh in my bosom.

  22. I’ve always believed that kittens and cats enjoy lounging in this ‘area’ because they can hear your heart beat.

    adorable kitten

  23. Aw, he’s so tiny, yet so fluffy! But you gotta be careful letting a little kitteh like that in your rack a little too often, unless you’re still OK with him demanding to do it once he’s full-grown. (And trust me, I know from experience… 😉

  24. Yes to the above. And yes, to full-grown. ANY CAT. EVERY CAT.


  25. Butterscotch, my favorite, thanks you! The cooking kind, when you get that slightly brown stuff off the bottom of the pot! Ummm, thank you momof2kitties!

    Speaking of yummy things, my youth orchestra is having an ice cream social and I get to buy the toppings! Such power! Suggest away, peeps! What should I get our musicians to top their ice creams? I’m out of the loop on this…

    That is just the dearest kitteh. Photogenic and impossibly small cute and fluffy. Lucky lady!

  26. @Katrina: My stepmom does an Ice Cream party for her students who make it through the entire year with out breaking a resolution. (She teaches a reading class for kids who need help, their resolutions might be to bbring their book every day or not to kick her at the desks)

    What she does is walk down the ice cream isle and grab everything. Choco syrup, strawberry and caramel. Oreo’s, heath bars, nuts, sprinkles, m&m’s, nestle crunch and choco chips, marshmallow fluff, cherries…you name it she got it. I think last year we had 19 toppings and each kid could take what they wanted as long as it wasn’t toooooo much of each.

    Basically if you think it would taste good on ice cream go for it, even if it wouldn’t, kids love putting anything they can on ice cream.

  27. warrior rabbit says:

    Jmper — Not to kick her?

  28. Thanks Jmper, and warrior rabbit, you can come too, if you haven’t kicked Mrs. Jmper this past year.

    Jmper-your stepmom sounds like a lovely lady, maybe a little sticky at times, but lovely.

  29. Ben I just read your comment- kittens feel good on big, manly-man chests, too, I’m told. Moobs are not necessary, it is the kittens’ purrings that’ll hook ‘ya!

  30. TheBladeRoden says:

    Two cute creatures in that photo

  31. @Katrina, you have a youth orchestra? Awesome! I have a choir.

  32. momof2kitties says:

    Ooh, ooh…Butterscotch is so good but my fav is the cooked (pref. chocolate) kind that gets a skin on top that’s perfect for floating milk on top. Whipped cream courtesy of Jmper’s mom, too. Yum-O!!!


  33. Looks like a nursing uniform, which is somewhat appropriate.

    Seriously, who wouldn’t want a necklace like that?

  34. Seriously, this is exactly how my Stinky cat won me over when he was a dirty little foundling kitten. He crept up into my lap, and climbed up my chest, curled right under my chin, and started to purr his little face off. Of course you can stay right here, little purry gumdrop. 😉

    He’s now almost 18.

  35. @warrior rabbit: her students sit across from her and they swing their legs like kids do an kick her under the table…it’s an accidental thing, she doesn’t half any “bad” kids or anything

  36. bookmonstercats says:

    I sing a bit in a choir, and apparently chocolate isn’t good for the vocal chords, which might explain the high notes (or absence of occasionally). Jmper, your mother sounds great, I’ve got a son who is dyslexic (but he doesn’t kick), so I really appreciate people like your mother who can find it in their heart to be someone he and those with his difficulties can turn to. If she ever comes home after a bad day, tell her she is very highly thought of, even if she doesn’t think so at the time.
    On the post, I’m jealous. I want a black kitty loaf proving itself on my chesticles.

  37. Daphne Moss says:

    Just … AWWW!!!! This is a splort-incuding picture, all right. I never knew my kitteh when he was this tiny, but he is militant about assuming the cat-on-rack position so he can tuck his head under my chin…Very nice pic!

  38. Michelle S says:

    @ben: supposedly using lavender-based products and consuming lots of mac n cheese/dr pepper will help your breasts fill in nicely. ;D

  39. Willow's Pillow says:

    Psst — those of us with mobility oddnesses have hospital beds at home. May be the case?

  40. Theresa- Yup! This is our fifth year now- so far 28 musicians with three more auditioning next Thursday.
    I very proud of them, as, I’m sure, are you of your choristers! It is so great that we have yet something ELSE in common! \o/ music!

  41. bookmonstercats- yet another musician on CO? Come on, share some pudding with us-your favorite flavor, I might add!
    I used to sing–milky products make phlegm, and it gets difficult to sing with a gunky throat.

  42. warrior rabbit says:

    Looks like the end of a leather loveseat and a top with butterflys on it to me, not a home hospital bed and scrubs.

    I would like a kitten to listen to my heartbeat, please. Stat!

  43. Willow's Pillow says:
  44. Like Katrina said, moobs are not necessary. My rather fit hubby is the more frequent recipient of our cat’s obsession with laying right on our chests. I actually think the lack of boobs/moobs might be a plus when they’re grown, because it’s more comfy if it’s flatter. 😉

  45. Willow's Pillow says:

    Sorry, oops… but that’s Willow & my bed anyway.

  46. Basic black: goes with everything. Adorabubbles!

  47. Best heart monitor EVER!

  48. This is FINALLY a good “cats-n-racks” because it’s not just about a cat on a rack, it’s a really cute kitten! This qualifies as Cute Overload.

  49. berthaservant says:

    Kittehs and…

    …oh, I won’t say it.

    Bertha walks over my chest all the time. I have to clutch her to actually rest there, which she will do for a few minutes, purr until I’m happy, then run off.

  50. It looks more like a beanbag chair than a hospital bed.

  51. Teeeny pudlet! I want! I would make him a little pouch so I could wear him all the time…and I love the way (pace Theo’s hovertext) when they’re that small their purr isn’t tiny. It’s bigger than they are, and reverberates through the room. Teeny kitteh, big VROOM VROOM VROOM. I heard that cat’s purring helps heal broken bones – anyone else heard this?

  52. OMG it´s so tineeee! *goes all high pitch*

  53. The Kitteh can rest on my rack. As a guy I don’t have pillowy boobs but I do have a warm furry patch.

  54. CatMorgan says:


  55. Katrina, fantastic! Keep feeding them ice cream. You can’t do that to singers before they sing– it gooks up their vocal chords. 😦

  56. Yeah, (see comment above), I know, I used to sing before the Fibromyalgia. You have to feed choristers afterwards! But you can bring them good, healthy drinks! Gee-I wish we had all the fancy drinks they have now.

    I’m hoping that our musicians will invite their little musical friends over to ‘sit in’. We have only lost one candidate that way, her mom made her come and the poor dear cried, she was too young. I felt awful so did the Music Director. DON’T PUSH YOUR KIDS into things, PLEASE! Thank you. All the other kids have brought their instruments, sat in for a couple of pieces and returned a member (after audition), and have stayed for years!
    Best wishes with your choir!

  57. mmmmm, warm furry patch…

  58. Yitzysmommie says:

    Think of this – the proportions of this lovely young lady & her kitten – echoed (faintly) in my overgenerous rack and my 14 pound Yitzy, purring loudly on my boobages.

  59. teenymite says:

    Gummy worms!! On ice-cream, not racks. Kids looove to put gummy worms on ice-cream. I had an ice-cream party for my bus-riders at the end of school last year, and the worms were the hands down favorite!!

  60. Hamster & Rye says:

    nice way to relax!

  61. Totalee Puppy says:

    KATRINA…The lady of our house was teaching a class for kids each weekend. She was giving small candy bars as rewards for good attendance. For kids in the chorus, she had to be sure to
    bag each child’s candy and give the labelled bags to the
    music director. This way the treats would be distributed AFTER
    chorus rehearsal and not interfere with the singing.

  62. What a thoughtful lady, Totalee Puppy. She sounds like a ‘sweet’ person herself!!!
    I remember we went on a concert trip and the pre-arranged dinner was so full of milk products we barely ate! But, we drank from the water fountains, sang and we had fun and that was the most important part! I bet the hosts wondered why so many cartons of milk went unopened! I hope they did their homework before the next time they hosted 50 singers!

  63. can you not show your face next time?

  64. That was pretty darn rude, Squirrel.

  65. That is very cute.