“All I ever wanted was a kitten.”

And now she has not just one but SEVEN HUNDRED OF THEM!

Wait, wait, before you think ‘crazy cat lady’ get a load of this awesome story.

And dogs too, Emma S.Visit this amazing place online at Cat House on the Kings.com



  1. This is what I want to do.

  2. Awesome. What a wonderful woman.

  3. OK! this lady actually DOES herd cats! She actually has a herd!

  4. OMG…Kitties!! Love, love, love this place. Cats and Dogs living free in harmony, what could be better.

    I’d love to visit this place, but….*achoo*…cat allergies. One at home is ok but this many and I’d just keel over. Although, what a way to go!!!

  5. What an amazing work! If i had the space and the money i would make many sanctuaries like this.

    It’s lovely too see so many cats living together and so free, as well as the cute dogs!

    Thanks for sharing ^^

  6. Oh joy! What lovely, happy kitties and doggies! Bless this good lady.

  7. ahhhh I wanna roll in kitties! But then I’ll start sneezing ;_;

  8. Apologies, but all I can really work out here is

  9. When can I move in?

  10. Bluemenro says:

    Ahn. How sweet! I still think she’s a crazy cat lady, though.

  11. ohhhh my goodness, I keep telling my husband that someday we will have a wonderful cat farm, this woman is living my dream!!!!!

  12. Gosh, this is awesome. Organic, cage-free kitties.

    I’m not disagreeing with the lady, but I wonder tho, if there are so many cats, and they wander free, would that shape their behavior into wild/feral behavior, with all sorts of territorial mentality?

    And those trees and the freedom to climb them! Curious to know if she has to climb up daily to get kitties who couldn’t climb back down. 😀

  13. I have dreamed of doing this for as long as I can remember. This lady is amazing!

  14. What an amazing story! That’s MY life-long dream too! Hopefully I’ll get to fulfill it some day as well. Love the tabby that just sort of splayed across the sun like he owns the place…kitties rule!

  15. it’s a cat ranch! she is a cat rancher! my dream job!

    what i want to know is: HOW is it kept so clean and non-cat-smelling? and is that where this woman actually LIVES? and how does one keep track of 700 cats?

    yay for her and the cat ranch paradise!

  16. I can now say that I’ve seen Heaven, and that wonderful lady lives there!

    Then again, there *are* ponies in Heaven, are there not? And bunnies, and ferrets and hammies and guinea pigs and birds of many colors, and squirrels and otters and plump baby seals… So maybe not Heaven, but as close to it as possible while still earth-bound…

  17. biscuithead says:

    If good deeds yield good karma, this woman has a never ending surplus of good karma.
    It’s a great thing to find your purpose in life + make the world –or just your own 6 acres of it– a better place.
    Well done lady!
    I hope exposure on CO will help to keep funding her endeavour.

  18. ….want to go live there. NOW.

  19. omg this place is so cool! This lady is awesome.. but I wonder how many litterboxes are in her house and how many times a day she has to clean them? Also, there must be lots of poop outside o.o;

    My favorite part is the dog rolling in the grass in the background while she is talking right around 3:06 he’s all “oh man something stinky!!” Those dogs are seriously outnumbered! If they started something with the cats they’d beat down.

    I would love to have a place like this with dogs someday, I’d have cats too, but i’m partial to dogs, especially those that have bad images, like pitts.

  20. Wow. I used to know a lady who lived on a farm who had about twenty cats, and they were all diseased and sickly looking. This lady is amazing…her cats all look so healthy and happy! Hats off to her!! 😀

  21. tracyFlick says:

    “I was doing all those superficial things…and deep down in my heart I knew there was something more I should do.”

    -Now that is inspiring.

  22. What a fantastic lady! I love the way those cats and dogs were all so happy together. I noticed a few cats lying on their backs, which means that they feel safe and happy. And all those tails, straight up in the air. I’d guess that the cats have decided that it’s neutral ground, so there are no territorial disputes. (My cats have designated my daughter’s room as neutral and never squabble when they’re in there.)

  23. wow, total awesomeness. seriously. i am in awe of this woman and her dedication and vision. i wonder if ellen degeneres knows about this cool place?

  24. All I can say is “wow”.

  25. ::blink blink:: So much love on those acres. What a happy, lovely place!

  26. This is truly incredible.

  27. Don’t think I would personally let all the kitties inside my house, but that’s pretty heart warming.

    I wonder how the kitties behave socially when they’re allowed to roam like that. Because in the first few scenes it kind of looked like they were forming prides, but then later on it looked very much (like someone else said) that the place is neutral territory.

  28. What a lovely caring person. I am writing my donation check right now!

    The Cat House on the Kings
    7120 S. Kings River Rd.
    Parlier, CA 93648

  29. Free-range kitties? Seriously, I think I’m about 698 cats from becoming this woman. I sooo need to live there and live her lifestyle.

    Loved the pan across the beds of the many kitties sitting on it, and they ALL had that same stare/look at the camera. Did anyone else also notice a kitty on its back at about 1:24 or so (panning across a porch of some sort), but you only saw this hind leg sticking up? Anyone have a flashback to the dead donkey in the elevator scene in Bachelor Party?

  30. peachfish says:

    Wow…that’s like cat paradise! I totally want to give them some money (since I’m too far away to do anything else).

  31. There’s not a mouse or a baby bird for miles.

  32. As soon as the guy narrating starting talking I cried. What a great place. The world needs more people like her.

  33. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Lady is totally awesome!
    I saw her on another website and dropped her a quick email…she dropped back (or maybe one of her volunteers)! Either way it was AWESOME!!

    Katrina, you mention she herds the kittehs! LOL!! I just love how she hollers to them and they come bounding toward her!

    It’s wonderful to see that the cats are climbing trees and running around and not being afraid of anybody, and how clean everything and everybody is. I WANNA LIVE THERE, TOO!!!


  34. Arachnophile says:

    I wonder if they are actually confined to her property in any way. It’s a great place, don’t get me wrong but I can’t help but think of the decimated local wildlife populations.

    Still… good on ‘er. 🙂

  35. WOW! I watched this and I was thinking, “Yes, this lady lives in Wisconsin or something” but holy crap! She’s so close to where I live! I think I’ll take some friends who are considering adopting. I’ll ferry CO’s best wishes if I do!

  36. warrior rabbit says:

    I wonder how she keeps them from roaming beyond the edge of her property.

    And this is CA, we have predators — I’m sure she doesn’t bring them all in at night. Perhaps there are so many, it dissuades the coyotes, etc? Curious.

    Awesome woman.

  37. incredible!

  38. It’s Heaven.That’s brilliant.

    I love the tails up everywhere thing. And how the dogs were so happy and everything was peaceful.

    That woman’s blood pressure must be so low…

  39. warrior rabbit says:

    Also, I liked the head bonk at 1:19.

  40. freetomato says:

    There is a place in heaven (or whatever you believe in) for people like her….I sincerely hope that after her time on Earth is through someone continues her work at that Paradise on Earth.

  41. arachnophile says:

    Wow – after checking out the site, my question was answered. They’ve got 12 acres surrounded by a “cat proof fence.” I’m impressed.

    Their medical set up is pretty amazing too with a FIV quarantine area. *WOW*

  42. this is my dream job. if i ever win the lottery this is what i’m going to do.

  43. Yip! Yip! Sniff! Sniff! Yip! Yip! This is so super wonderfully awesome!! Yay!

  44. Lazy Cat foot stuck up in the air at 1:22 = priceless.

  45. yes! at 2:26 he says something to the effect that “the vibe there is so positive. they know they’re absolutely safe and totally loved.”
    that’s how I try to explain my house! I have 13 cats that get along mostly peacefully, in a small house. I always say it’s because they know they’re loved…
    but omg, I can’t imagine 700+…

  46. Wow. Just wow. And in a good way.

  47. Hey, just wanted everyone to know I set up a monthly gift the the shelter of $10 through my online banking. If everyone did, they would be able to care for more animals. Thanks for posting this vid!

  48. Hello Kitty says:

    Wow, how inspiring, they all looked so peaceful. That is my dream, to have a happy farm 🙂

  49. Fantastic! Me too, if I ever could afford it, I have a dream of running a cat rescue/sanctuary…although my dream is actually to do black cat rescue. with an educational component for the misguided public.

    And she’s so close, too! I live in California, not nearby where she is but still…I think the next time I want to adopt a cat I may just make the drive down there just to support what she’s doing. Her cats all look healthy and happy. How marvelous.

  50. Just… wow.
    And I love the squawky meow right at the end; it sounds like our Spot.

  51. Looks like because she keeps the cats well fed, but not overfed, they don’t have to get as territorial as they would if food were scarce. Good show! I’m going to go give my two adopted kittehs a hug now.

  52. Okay, so I’ve figured out where I’m going on vacation this year! I’m gonna roll on the ground with the kitties and goggies. *Swoon* H-E-A-V-EN!

    Seriously, this woman is doing a great thing. Healthy, happy, environment for the kitties. Marvelous!

  53. momof2kitties says:

    Oh. Wow.

    My favorite anipal.
    My favorite musical group EVER.
    My favorite song EVER.

    I am officially kilt.

    When I go to heaven I want it to be here. Need to go find a tissue or three now.

  54. This is the first time i ever left a message. As much as I come here, I loved that video. God bless her taking care of all those cats and dogs. Wonderful story

  55. Jean, that’s a great idea. I’m going to do that too.

  56. Wouldn’t this be the greatest petting zoo evar!!!!! Go in there and lie on the ground and get swarmed by kittehs and puppehs!!!!

    Kat, ditto on the dog roll @3:05!!!

  57. oh.. my.. god.. O.o thats alot of cats… they all look healthy and happy so kudos to you lady.. Speaking of adopting cats.. I’m getting my very one cat this weekend… yey!! Its ganna be from a no kill shelter locally… I just have to figure out a name for it.. any suggestions???

  58. Balamuthia says:


    What a terrific idea! Our family always choose a charity to donate to for Yule, this year I think it’ll be this one!

  59. Yyyaaaaaaaaay!!!

  60. This is what Theo probably fears will happen when we get our place in the country. 😀

    [No, hon. I’m afraid of 700 miniature ponies. – Ed.]

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    katiedid, when you’ve had the kitteh for awhile he/she will “tell” you her name. Just wait for it. You’ll know.

  62. Katiedid:How about Noki, short for No Kill? Cute eh?

  63. katiedid, don’t worry, your new kitteh will let you know his/her name once you get him/her. Suki and Shiraz did when I got them.

    You’ll try a few and the one will just feel right.

  64. Wow. Just wow.

    I’m sending this incredible place some love in the form of a donation.

  65. This all sounds grand and glorious and wonderful. I love cats myself. I have 3 brothers right now (9 years old). BUT, I’m wondering how does she keep them “safe” from fleas and ticks and raccoons and other predators. I’m sure she’s not checking hundreds of cats every day for ticks. I don’t really think she’s doing them a favor (even though I want to BE her).

  66. Well its a girl kitty .. she is about 5 months old.. and she looks just like my last cat, Sock-x, who I was veryyyy attached to. I want to name her something that stands out.. I even went to those baby naming sites.. but no success 😦

  67. Oh my God! I want to move in too!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE.

    See, I just had to PTS my dog 2 weeks ago almost to the minute. This is how I envision rainbow bridge. But in my dog’s case…with tons of progresso chicken noodle soup (her favorite).

  68. Barbara: a sure sign that cats have a flea and/or tick problem is that they will sometimes be skinny or their fur will be messy or matted… All the cats I saw looked healthy.. she probably puts the drops on them.. I used to do that for my cat and she never had fleas or ticks.. she was an indoor outdoor cat..

  69. I love the orange cat aggressively forcing a love-bonk onto the face of the unamused doggie at 2:02.

  70. Barbara - not the flea or tick poster says:

    Hm I see we have more than one Barbara posting – I am the one who had to PTS my dog and loves what this woman does, I don’t think those cats look like they have fleas or ticks (having lived in FL I know fleas…)

  71. This is amazing! I want this woman’s life!
    And if I lived anywhere near there I’d totally go volunteer or adopt some kitties or something, but I love in PA.
    Maybe I can start my own cat sanctuary one day. ;D
    And awesome song too, one of my favorites.

  72. She’s living my dream. I want to go there and let them smother me!

  73. I have a new hero in my life! I was weepy…WEEPY! while watching this!

    I’m totally going to make a donation for certs.

  74. That was totally cool. I’m speechless.

  75. berthaservant says:

    Well, I know where I’m getting my next cat. It’s about a three hour drive but well worth it, I’m sure.

    Katiedid — what the others have said is true. Just wait about a week before you name it, then something will pop into your head that is PERFECT and you’ll say it out loud and your cat will look at you like ‘Yes, can I help you?’ and that will be it. That’s how it happened with Bertha and my previous cats, Rider and Harpo.

    And I, too, am donating. If I ever get rich and start a cat paradise, y’all are invited.

  76. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I despise true “animal hoarders”, but this is an absolutely wonderful story. So the opposite of what hoarding is.

  77. berthaservant says:

    Oh, yeah, and momof2K — as soon as the music started I got a HUGE smile on my face. It’s not my fave TH song, but perfect for this.

  78. I’ve found my new life ambition!! I want to be THAT lady!

    But, um, a bit of a logistics question… with just one or two cats, they always seem to find a way to be where you are trying to be (on the keyboard, in the sink,smack in the middle of the bed) – I wonder if she ever gets to sleep or sit down? And once she does, is she then pinned down by tons of cats? Um, not that it would be a bad thing, I welcome the kitty overlords.

  79. Jennie Mello says:

    Let that be a lesson to you , Mom. Forbid me to have a cat, and I turn myself into a living saint who, upon expiration, will be greeted by thousands of kitties and pups in CAT HEAVEN. And I know there is such a place.

  80. where does all the POOP GO?!?!

  81. Nice idea…too bad this kind of outdoor lifestyle results in sick, pregnant or dead cats.

  82. @erin: Great point. That lady can probably never do a crossword puzzle.

  83. @tank: outside

  84. catloveschanel says:

    To think that there is a place where cats come when they are called.

    “I know a place, everybody’s smiling, ain’t nobody worried, “

    what’s that R&B song “down to the races” or somthing like that.


  85. @Katie: Pregnant? I wondered the same thing but I hope they spay and neuter. It *is* a working shelter, after all, not a crazy cat lady’s front lawn

  86. This woman is my new Hero!

  87. @Katie – You obviously weren’t paying attention. All the cats looked very healthy. I’m sure she spays and neuters. They are enclosed in 12 acres so the only way they’d probably die is from old age.

  88. I wonder if you can just go and wander around and pet every single one of the kitties during visiting hours? OMG –

    Our hours are 1–4 PM Thursday to Sunday, except major holidays, by appointment only. Please call (559) 638-8696 for an appointment.

    Very reasonable adoption fees for both kinds too.

    If, and when I run away from home, I’m running there – and volunteering full time.

  89. love the ira glass wanna-be voiceover

  90. @Katie: You seem to be jumping to a lot of conclusions. From their web site:

    “Upon arrival at The Cat House, every cat is given any necessary medical care, and is spayed/neutered and vaccinated. They are then placed in cottages where they can become familiar with their surroundings. Once they’re comfortable with their new digs, they are released onto the sanctuary grounds, and can roam about at will. The grounds are fully fenced and secure.”

    They also have a special FIV ward where cats with FIV can be quarantined away from the other cats while still living comfortably.

  91. Isn’t anybody going to mention the luurkensproingeneninnen possibilities there? OK, I will.

  92. @Katie: I am assuming what with her veternairy trainging and the fact that is a working shelter, I am sure that her animals are all spayed and neutered. Having not done so, would be sort of against the whole idea of most shelters…

    I am sure it’s somewhere on the site that she in fact does do that.

    As for the sick or dead part…she mentions her training and being able to care for them. So, while I am sure they get sick, I am more sure that she is keeping constant watch (I’m sure with the help of others)to make sure her animals are in good health daily.

  93. My favorite part is the big ‘ol yellow dog blissfully doing the hoochie-goochie in the background at about the 3 minute mark. I suppose with hundreds of cats around, there are LOTS of interesting smells to roll in!

  94. I agree – just wow. How great that there are such loving people in the world.

    My dream is to have several acres of land for a rescue/rehabilitation place for all kinds of animals (maybe not 700 miniature ponies, though). I guess I’d need some training and a lot of money, but hey, I can dream! In the meantime I’m so glad Lynea is doing this. (PS the website says they have neutered/spayed 40,000 animals so I guess pregnancy isn’t such a problem.)

  95. The only thing I could think of with this was that she must have absolutely no song birds in or around her yard. How sad. Domestic cats that are allowed to run around outside are an invasive species and can completely decimate local bird populations. Please keep your cats indoors.

  96. Some folks have to find something evil and horrible about everything.

    *sarcasm* Thanks for that. I’m sure ya’ll are a joy to have around in life and leave people with huge smiles on their faces.*end sarcasm*

  97. @Jenny: Or you could look at it as natural selection…birds too dumb to fly/perch out of the reach of cats won’t live to reproduce. After enough generations, SUPERBIRDS will be swooping overhead those 12 acres, taunting the cats with their just-out-of-reach aeronautics.

  98. Saint Stryfe says:

    @ Jaye: I just read that out loud and ran it through an old time radio speech filter. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. EVER.

  99. There’s always some jerk trying to bring people down. But then you read a story about someone who has devoted their life to those who are less fortunate and there is nothing you can say to make me feel bad because I feel so good. Lucky cats!

  100. AAA-AAA-CHOO! (durn allergies)

    But I’d take uberstrength Claritin if I got a chance to visit the place! XD

    What a wonderful person!! She is the opposite of hoarder, negligent or cruel. All those cats look happy, relaxed, and fed. The fact that they are all made medically sound before release on the premises shows how worthy this woman is of donations.

  101. I hope that Kitty Wigs can be a sponsor — I’m so much more impressed by this organization than the one we currently support… cross your paws! Gorgeous video – I was okay until I recognized the song, then I lost it!

  102. how totally inspiring. I wish the rest of the human race could have just a slice of the compassion she does.

  103. But… but… Jenny, what about the BUGS?!? Left unchecked, hungry avian hordes would decimate – nay! would obliterate! – the insect population in the area!


  104. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok can someone tell me what the song is? Several have metioned it but I don’t know the name/artist.

  105. Hundreds served daily!

  106. If I was a bird, I would definitely know the 6 acres with 700 cats was a no fly zone.

  107. Awesome!!!

  108. Jennifer George says:

    Mary (the first): It’s Talking Heads. The song is called This must be the place.

  109. @Jenny: well, with any luck, those cats will only eat non-native bird species (house sparrows, cowbirds, starlings, pigeons). 😉 I’m mostly kidding, but native bird populations have been damaged by non-native birds, yet people always want to get ruffled about cats. It’s not such a black and white issue.

  110. momof2kitties says:

    @Mary (the first):

    It’s Talking Heads. “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)”

    Best. Song. Ever.

  111. Wow, awesome! What a woman. Thanks for posting this Meg, getting the info out. All mine are rescues, but I’ve got looong way to go to match her.

  112. Looks like a great place. Reminds me of where I volunteer:
    Its a hospice for cats, so when they have no other options, they come here, especially with FIV and Leuk kitties. But they all (usually 100-200) have free range in their respective areas. Its really a great place, the cats can live out their remaining days in a safe and happy home.

  113. momof2kitties says:

    So Berthaservant: Inquiring minds want to know. What IS your favorite TH song?

  114. girlnextdoortn says:

    Yay David Byrne! And Yay happy meeelllions of kitties! Pretty amazing. This must be paradise for them- none of the regular outdoor kitty fears like being hit by a car or attacked by dogs or poisoned by chemicals left outside.

  115. Ms. Leanna does NOT HAVE to prove that she is creative! 😉

    You go, Mary W. and ADOPT! ADOPT! ADOPT!

    And thanks to whomever posted the Cat House on The Kings’ addy so we can send our donations. DEFINITELY this is Paradise.

    Rescuing ’em one cat at a time! That’s the way!

  116. Wow. upsetness. Cats just tend to introduce a definite unnatural entity into the cycle. Birds eating bugs? Natural. That’s why bugs have developed so many natural defenses against birds. Starlings? Sparrows? Completely unnatural. A real nuisance. I’ve worked at wildlife shelters that refuse to take non-native baby birds for these reasons. (Cowbirds are native to this country though. Parasitic but native.) I am all about cats being rescued but I’m not sure I understand the necessity of having them run wild and run free. In a gated area. To prevent them, for one thing, from getting eaten by coyotes. Which I’m sure would have y’all in an uproar.

  117. Whenever anyone asks the question “if you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?” I always say I would open a no-kill shelter for cats and dogs. THIS WOMAN IS LIVING MY LIFE! I wanna know how she did it WITHOUT winning the lottery!

    When can I move in?
    She should put in a B&B. Cuz you know people would come from all over just to stay there a few days..I know I would!

  118. can I leev there??

  119. darkshines says:

    katiedid: I live in Wales, there are some beautiful welsh names.

  120. momof2kitties says:


    As several others have already pointed out, your new furperson will name him or herself. That’s what Mia & George did in my house. We had other names picked out, pre-kitty pick-up, but once they came home it became apparent that we were going to have to rethink them. It will all sort itself out like its supposed to in the end.

  121. Then Jenny, why don’t you go surf on over to the shelter’s website (helpfully linked under the video) and ask her? I mean, it’s not like anyone here can read minds across time and space and internet connections or anything.

    That way we don’t have to have our happy parade on CO rained upon.

  122. AuntieMame says:

    Ha! I liked the bit where the kittehs are all sauntering around aimlessly around ignoring her, while the puppeh is jumping all over her saying “Pet me! Pet me! Me! Me! Oh, please, pet me!!!!!”

  123. Gail (the first one) says:

    @catloveschanel: That song is “I’ll Take You There” by The Staples Singers. One of my absolute ‘favoritest’ songs!!

  124. platedlizard says:

    Guys, that’s rescue’s fenced in. You can see it several time in the video (I was watching for it). The fence kinda looks like one of those high security fences around a prison, only without the razorwire. Which is only sensible for keeping critters with retractable claws safely enclosed. I hate it when people just let their cats wander, both for what it does to the cats and the wildlife, but these guys aren’t really free roaming the countryside. I got no problem with people keeping their cats in a securely fenced in yard.

    I just want to know how she deals with the poop! Dogs can only eat so much kittyroca, after all.

  125. divinemsk says:


    Did anyone else think “camping trip????”

    I would pay meeeeeeeeeellions of dollars to spend a weekend doing a photo safari at the kitty ranch, and sleeping in a comfy tent with 700 kittehs.


  126. Juniper Jupiter says:


    I’m just picturing everybody’s tents being thoroughly destroyed by claws or the sheer weight of dogs and cats sitting on the top of them thinking they’re perches! XD!!!

    But it IS a wicked awesome idea doing a camping trip/photo safari!

  127. I like the like “Planet of the Cats”…

    Someone has to make that movie!

  128. Such a feel good video. I was watching too – but, wow. They look incredibly healthy, clean, calm and happy. My first concern was security for the cats. I know there are wackos and um, mean people in the world that would love to get a hold of those kittehs. Everything else I was concerned about is adressed on the website. This is just amazing. And I can actually watch it with boo-hooing my eyes out. Unlike Christian.

  129. Even better for the Talking Heads in the background! 😀

  130. Shelley Noble says:


    This is without a doubt the most HEAVEN on earth for cats I can ever imagine.

    What a perfect job Ms. Lattanzio has done!

    KUUDOS (cuteos?)

  131. I just want to sit in a chair outside and let the kittens come and go from my lap as they please… Cat Therapy at its best!

  132. Awwwww What an adorable, amazing story

    My favorite moment is at 1:59 – 2:04. When the little orange kitteh is like sitting up to rub his face on that doggie, and then wraps his tail around the doggie’s face. The cute.

  133. Aesthetica says:

    this place looks like heaven.

    and did they say it was just north of los angeles? *perk* ’cause if it is, i am so there.

    and i am totally going to be a crazy cat lady.

  134. berthaservant says:

    Fave TH songs (at least for now):

    Road to Nowhere
    Nothing But Flowers
    Mr. Jones
    And She Was

    (Yes, I tend to favor the later stuff, but again, that’s just for now…ask me tomorrow and I might say “Girlfriend is Better,” “Pulled Me Up,” or “Once in a Lifetime” or “Life During Wartime.”)

  135. gravyboat says:


  136. Jenny, about birds. My daughter works for the RSPB and has a degree in animal behaviour. She tells me that actually, cats account for a very small proportion of the loss of wild birds. Humans are by far are the biggest killer, by taking away the birds’ natural habitats and food sources.

    We have four cats and lots of songbirds in our garden. The cats watch the big red kites (with six foot wingspans) too!

  137. Wow.. this is one amazing woman.. I can’t get over how the cats and dogs all get along so well.. love can do wonderful things.. Kathryn

  138. I wrote a mail to them yesterday. I want to put them in my will so they receive all my assets at the time of my death, plus I want my cats (or any cats that I have then) to go there to live the rest of their lives after I die. And then I can die happy knowing they´re all looked after! 🙂

  139. Molly in Fresno says:

    Peeps, I’ve been there. It is one of the most wonderfullest places on earth. And, as hard as it is to believe, there are still happy chirpy birdies in the trees, not to mention bravely swooping mockingbirds and scrub jays … and every winter, goldfinchies.

    And all of the kittehs and puppehs receive flea/tick meds… there aint no bug on me!

    The “cat proof” fencing protects them from coyotes, bob cats, foxes, raccoons, stray dogs, and weirdoes. Doesn’t stop the mousies or the birdies, though. (Or the possums)

    A worthier animal charity you’ll not find.

  140. I want her life too! Oh, man. One of those cats (the black one, all smoochy on her lap) looked and acted so like my lovely Mojo who disappeared, but unless he managed to cross the Atlantic, it ain’t him. Still if he’s still alive anywhere I would be happy if he were with this lovely lady. Got to go have a quiet weep in the ladies now.

  141. Karen in Toronto says:

    What I noticed: all tails up, all the time. Definite sign of happycat.

  142. Flavia A. says:

    Wow. This is awesome.
    Kudos to that lady. Incredible work 🙂

  143. wagthedogma says:

    Great lady. Fantastic cause. Sweet, well-cared-for, happy kittehs. And best of all…NO screechy, annoying Whitney Houston video soundtrack! \O/

  144. momof2kitties says:

    ahhh..a man after my own heart. Excellent TH songs, one and all.

  145. @ platedlizard: *snort* Oh man, now I don’t know if I can ever eat Almond Roca again.

  146. God bless from one animal lover to another. What a beautiful life!

  147. Oh, Londoner, now I’m crying with you.

    It gets better with time, damn time…..

  148. Elley-Ment says:

    What a wonderful organization! “All Cats Go to Heaven”, indeed!

    Unfortuantely(or very fortunately!), I’ve been trying to set up a monthly donation to this facility via Paypal for the last hour, and it appears as though there’s a lot of traffic on the organization’s PayPal page. Way to go Team CO Readers!

  149. gosh, how awesome! I would love to participate in helping her on site, unfortunately , I am in VA .
    What a wonderful woman and place for the kitties and doggies!
    If I didnt already have 6 cats , I would adopt a couple!

  150. Looks like an awesome place! For everyone in the NYC area, please check out Rescue Ink and the work they are doing to help abused animals.

  151. as someone who has rescued 200 plus animals over the last several years fr. rural GA shelters, and found them good homes, you have no idea how wonderful this is that she is doing this… very hard work, but a great woman… i just hope they are all spayed/ neutered! 😉 sarah – it is very rewarding to see otherwise healthy adoptable animals that would otherwise be destroyed adopted into loving forever homes… spay, neuter, adopt…. save millions of lives – YOU can do it…

  152. Razorburn says:

    I could not type in my Paypal info fast enough. Thank you for this link.

  153. Bless her heart, she has good karma coming to her like nobody else.

  154. Hee hee. I guess I’m the only one with a dirty mind, but the first thing that leaped to mind was the OTHER kind of cathouse. Ya know, with, err… lots of cushions and no windows? I wonder if confused frat boys ever show up–and how they react when cheerfully told the place is “no kill!”

  155. Can you imagine how much this place smells? Yuk! I mean, cats are cute and all, but 500 of them??

  156. Lovelylisa says:

    Maybe if I painted my face, stuck on a tail and limped past her house she’d adopt me? That would do me juuuust fine

  157. 1 cat can cause a smell… if you love cats it doesn’t really matter, and judging from the video everything is super clean…

    I’ve posted this on several other boards and my bbs – hopefully she’ll get even more donations!!

    My goal now is to visit, and I think she could make some serious money for “Weekends with the Cats” and the B&B idea is a grand one. I’d stay there for sure.

  158. Get a load of the doggie in the background at 3:05. Hee.

  159. ohhh that doggie is too cute at 3:05. what a great woman..hats off!!

  160. This is SO GREAT! The SPCA does what it can, but a no-kill sanctuary is truly amazing. This woman has done something really great here, and I hope it inspires lots of other people to do similarly great things for abandoned animals elsewhere in the world.

  161. I would love to visit this place.

    I would love to have a big ranch like that for doing the same thing, but with Siberian Huskies. That is my dream.

  162. This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. It makes me so happy to see those cats so happy and healthy.

    I want to go there on vacation now. 🙂

  163. marty: If you listen to the video.. the guy says that it doesnt smell at all.. its not like she has a bunch of litter boxes.. the cats go outside to do their business…

  164. nighthawk327 says:

    OMG the logistics questions!! But I won’t ask them… I must say that this lady is incredible, I hope people donate some money for what must be astronomical feeding costs, etc. The head bonk made me *squee*. What a wonderful life they must have, all the cats and dogs. 🙂

  165. I just went to their website, they have a donation page if anyone wants to send money (I DID!!!) to help w/ food, litter, beds, etc. I think this lady is amazing!

  166. Oh she should tewtally run a bed & breakfast there to get volunteer help. People would actually pay to stay there and play with cats all day.

  167. Carolina2 says:

    This is an amazing story, and I admire this woman so much. The comment section, on the other hand, simply re-enforces the sad fact that there is NO WAY to please everyone. No matter how good the intentions, there are always going to be people who find fault with the action. This not only refers to this project, but many more in the world. There are just people who will not give credit to anyone for doing something wonderful and caring in this world. It is so sad. It has been the hardest life-lesson I have had to learn in my years on earth. I have luckily learned to let it wash over me, and not take things personally. If we did, then we would stop doing good things, because it really hurts when one is put down by others for doing a good deed. Oh well. I’m glad this woman didn’t listen to the nuffers I’m sure she has had to deal with in her life. She totally rocks!!! Thanks for sharing this story, and I, too, will be donating to her foundation. God Bless her.

  168. I would love to do this but I dont have the space. If anyone has the house and land let me know. Ill move and take care of them all. My children love animals and one wants to be a vet and hes only 7.

  169. That is so wonderful! When I have the money I’ll have to make a donation. I went to the website and read the FAQ’s. It’s great that she makes sure every cat/dog is spayed/neutered and vaccinated. If I lived near there, I’d totally become one of their volunteers.

  170. I signed up to sponsor a kitty named Rags-To-Riches. I already set up the monthly transfer from my online bankin program. 😀

  171. spongebrooke says:

    It’s amazing she has so many cats and the property is clean and well maintained and everyone looks healthy. Now THIS is the way to do a no kill shelter!

  172. First sorry for my bad english, my name is Rut, and i want say you, thanks you very much in the name of dogs and cats.

    I was cry when see the video, you are do a very good work.

    I have with a friends a little protect to cats, bad is no very good, we work to save the cats in Sant Andres, Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain),the name is “Sos Gats” (www.sosgats.com and http://www.sosgats.org) but no have money, and the protect are in a bad place, bud we go every day, to see and cure, and play with the cats, and i dream, a day, i have a farm how you.

    thanks you very much. kisses.

  173. The way the video presents it, she does sound like a crazy cat lady with a lot of acreage. But if you go to the website, you’ll see it’s a complete, professional shelter. The cats don’t just run free.

  174. Cool crazy cat lady. Crazy crazy crazy. But also cool.

  175. Hanii Puppy says:

    That’s lovely 😀 <3

  176. are you selling
    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove

  177. I just had to put down my 19 yr. old white Persian kitty. It was traumatic, so very pleased to see all these kitties have a wonderful fairy godmother! We want to just foster kitties till they get adopted from now on. You get way attached to them.
    Thank you for taking care of all these kitties.

  178. Lynn Willingham says:

    Wonderful woman. I sent this to Oprah. She needs some national press. Kudos to the gentleman who filmed and put this online.

  179. This is the best thing I’ve seen online in a long time. I sent it to my daughter who’s been rescuing cats on a small scale for many years. Keep up your wonderful work.