Wigs for—eye roll—Dogs.

Just when you thought you were safe, it’s: Wiggles Dog Wigs!


In washable synthetic fibers!


With holes for the ears!


Featuring chin straps for maximum comfort!


In all the colors you WANT! In all the styles you could dream of!


Molly C., Donald Trump is jeaaaaaalooooous! [singsong]



  1. Mr. Pug looks handsome in his fake hair.*giggles*

  2. This reminds me of catwigs 😀

  3. oh. my. god.

  4. wagthedogma says:

    Actually, I think Mr. Pug’s look is more “Bobby Sherman-circa-1970 day at the office.” 😀

  5. Apparently big dogs have too much self-respect to allow themselves to be photographed while wearing wigs.

  6. McPuggleson thinks he looks very suave and debonair. Don’t let on that you know it’s a rug.

  7. Arachnophile says:

    This is another one of those things my dog would KEEL me for, if I subjected her to it.

  8. Gail (the first one) says:

    LOL! With McPuggleson, I was thinking “you can buy a comb-over as a WIG?”

    I thought the braids weren’t too bad….

  9. Oh noes… this is the sad.

    Hey but on the up side, the pug looks like the killer on No Country for Old Men (apparently applying for a job as Golden Corral’s day shift manager).

  10. OHMYGOD the blue hair is too much lol.. It looks like a smurf died on that dogs head!!!! lol

  11. berthaservant says:

    Hovertext = genius.

    Pics = kind of nauseating.

  12. Agh! Puggles looks like my old boss.
    …post traumatic stresssss…

  13. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    The dog subjected to blue hair has a certain style – even without it. Very prosh pup!!

  14. OMG…dis’ is genius!

  15. eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww.

  16. I can’t believe this product exists. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or weep!

  17. The last one reminds me of Lady LovelyLocks that I used to play with when I was little!


  18. I dunno, peeps, this is so wroooonnngggg – The cat wigs wig me out, but the dog wigs, ehrk….. ‘skews me….

  19. OMG!! I know dogs who would chew you to bits in your sleep if you tried to put one of those on them!

  20. ok, someone needs to put a censor bar over senora chihuahua there, because that’s a little too risque if you ask me.

    and mr. puggles needs a red swingline.

  21. The little terrier is workin’ the pigtails!

  22. Miss Terrier in the braids looks quite indignant! Can’t say that I blame her.

  23. WickedWendy says:

    Ok, this is just crazy

  24. The second I saw the headline I knew I’d need to provide the archival link to the kitty wigs post… but wouldn’t you know, Meg is on her game! Schweet!

    There aren’t even any hovertexts to add. 😦 Which of course is good for everybody ELSE besides me, because they are full of win. Especially the second-last one (Bow Wow Derek).

    On top of this, the rain’s stopped now, which means I have nothing left to do except continue working on the deck. Heh.

  25. marie_n: I believe you have my stapler…

  26. Executive Combover Dog for president!!!!

  27. momof2kitties says:

    Pic #1=Phyllis Diller!

  28. I think you could put anything on that Yorkie and she would still go, “Aren’t I pretty?”

  29. errrrrrrr Anton Chigurh-pug

    dot dot dot …

    Gee Sabrina, you have some eye lol!!

  30. I can’t believe how embarassed those puppys look. Not one of them is happy with their style, time to find a new stylist!

  31. revolution724 says:

    Has anybody seen
    A dog dyed dark green?
    ‘Bout two inches tall,
    With a strawberry-blonde fall…

  32. Chihuahua looks like Brett Somers from the Match Game… just give her some glasses!

    I totally agree that that’s Phyllis Diller in the first photo!

    Love the ’10’.

  33. If dog wigs are wrong, I don’t want to be right!

  34. revolution724 – Does she have…
    Sunglasses and a bonnet?
    And designer jeans with appliques on it?


  35. i like Mr. Pugs toupee

  36. This woman and I should get together and discuss our plans for world domination! Thanks for the link!

  37. BeckyMonster says:

    Dog people are weird. Cats just don’t tolerate that sort of humiliation so easily.

  38. Well, my dog uses styling gel, so I suppose wigs sense, too.

    Hang on. My dog just told me gel is cool, but wigs are nuts.

  39. MandaBain says:

    I actually thought the first pups hair was for reals for like, half a sec.
    Looking back…I can’t recreate that moment…still cute though.
    The braided pup looks a little freaked (ears back). I can just see her trembling!

  40. kerrymc! I remember Lady Lovely Locks! I loved her!

  41. Actually, I think #1 is more Zsa-Zsa Gabor in Green Acres.

  42. scooterpants says:

    my pets need no decoration.
    so there. (insert raspberries here)…

  43. mpkalypso says:

    Yes! Silky Pup! Thats exactly what I was thinking!

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m thinkin’ #1 looks like Carol Channing but not quite as blond. And for some reason the one in pigtails, I immediately thought “OMG Heidi!” from the book, y’know, the girl in the Alps with her grandfather.. ok .. I’m crazy. I know.

  45. OMG kerrymc, I LOVED Lady Lovely Locks!

  46. Well IMHO contestant No. 1 looks almost natural (except that I know leetle dogs like that don’t grow quite such luxuriant top knots!!).

    Combover pug – kind prosh in a disturbing 70’s sweater vest manner.

    Pigtails = Puppi Longstockings = teh qte.

    The coloured ones…jury is still out…

  47. Yappy Highlights up there reminds me of Daniel’s (a.k.a. Lady Bird. Thanks TLo!) pup-entry for the dog/human grooming challenge on Shear Genius

  48. Gail (the first one) says:

    Y’all gotta check out Teho’s deck project!! Totally impressed!!!!

  49. The first pup’s wig looks so natural!

    Mr. Pug looks like Donald Trump on a GOOD day.

    The terrier with the pigtails is hilarious (Rapunzel?)

    For some reason the spaniel with the pink extension reminds me of a cross between George Costanza’s dad (aka Jerry Stiller).

  50. Miss Chihuahua looks like she’s sitting for a high school yearbook circa 1962.

  51. Oh my God says:

    do we really need wigs for dogs give me a break

    [Well, obviously, no. Of course not. Nobody *needs* chocolate or hair gel or Belgian waffles or shiny blue LEDs or nuclear weapons or those hideous rubber garden sandals that come in all the crayon colors… or, y’know, crayons… in fact we don’t *need* pets, if we want to get really pedantic and tedious about this… – Ed.]

  52. darkshines says:

    Pugs with rugs- not drugs!

  53. Boo Boo da Bad says:

    The one with the pigtails is totally Willie Nelson…I luff eet!

  54. NOT CUTE!

  55. NUFF!

  56. WOW, doesn’t the pug remind anybody of Nathan Lane?

    it’s the eyes I tell you! the EYES!!!


  57. Pleased that I’m not the only one singing Quiche Lorraine! Hee hee! Good times.

  58. HAH! (snort)

    These are amazin’, especially the pug. He tewtally looks like a middle aged man with a gut who’s sooo done with the whole 9-5 cubicle existence.

  59. P.S. @Theo — thank you!

    @jonathan — NOT TRUE!

  60. Critterfriend says:

    That’s just wrong.

  61. I am a WASP, but these guys look like someone’s Jewish relations, Zelma Thelma Uncle Morrie, Gretchen the aupair and Waynetta the sulky grandaughter.

  62. Totalee Puppy says:

    Little terrier ROCKS
    the braids!

  63. Totalee Puppy says:

    HON GLAD–Thin ice…

  64. cowdoctor says:


  65. Okay…if the pug is Nathan Lane, and he IS…then the Yorkie in the first pic looks like Joan Rivers. Can we talk?

  66. Ha! I instantly thought of lady Lovely Locks on the last one too. 😀

  67. Egad.

    (Ed., I beg to differ. I DO need chocolate. And Belgian waffles. Sometimes together.)

    [Sometimes my sister thinks she needs waffles with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup, but that’s *her*… – Ed.]

  68. Totale Puppy and Hon Glad – Everyone has friends or relations like this, or can think of someone who fits the bill.

    Babs- It is a ‘quality a life’ thing we’re talkin’ hea,
    chocolate has gotten me into trouble, but I won’t abuse it any more, it is like everything ‘moderation’, Moderations except when it comes to giraffes. Now, giraffes, I give myself freedom to indulge! Not a fetish, just a sublime appreciation, right, Gillie?

  69. Why are the blond braids not on a German Shepherd? Ot at least a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?

  70. …or how about a *blonde*?


  71. Aoohliwar, I’m making hotscakes, come down from the phone!

  72. Thanks to piccie #4, the Swiss Miss song is now stuck in my head on repeat: “Yodel-ay-hee-ho! Swiss Miss instant cocoa with mini marshmallows!”

  73. Oh dear. That third one (the ugly pug) looks just like my boyfriend. I really think I need to insist he get a better haircut. Maybe this picture will help………….

  74. They all kind of have the same expression…
    “Just shoot me now!”

  75. Oh this is just heaven. I want to come up with names for them.

    First dog: Helen or Doreen.
    2nd dog: Audra or Blanche
    3rd dog: Humphrey Humbert
    4th dog: Helga the Valkyrie
    5th dog: obviously a Tiffany

  76. Totalee Puppy says:

    Katrina and Hon Glad–Wow, how could I have said even two words about such well-intended humor…For further entertainment, see Joel Gray (probably spelled wrong) in “Cabaret.” How about his number with the chimpanzee?
    Remember the last line?
    The sin of nuffing now weighs heavily upon my soul…So very sorry to the thousands I have offended,
    Totalee Puppy

  77. Totalee Puppy- no big deal, it just started to sound a little strained, that’s all. NBD.

  78. Totalee Puppy says:

    SABRINA–Thanks for comparing pug dog’s wig to the killer-guy’s look in “No Country for Old Men”…Laff-laff-laff!!

  79. Totalee Puppy says:

    up here…Guys, you don’t look ANYTHING like the family…but…sigh…Lose the wigs, and you’re all invited to
    my Bark Mitzvah…you can watch me read…you can watch me cry when I thank the family for always being there for me…you can eat your fill (kronsche!)and dance-dance-dance at the party!

  80. angrycupcake says:

    kerrymc: You know my brain better than I do. Lady Lovely Locks was my first thought when I saw the spaniel.