Whap, Kronche, Repeat

Check this out: Orange kitty makes a valiant effort to dislodge grey kitty, complete with much batting, chomping and lunging, but then returns to almost the exact same starting position.  For bonus fun, put this on an endless loop and watch it all night.


It’s … hypnotic … Hannah … N.



  1. Karen in Toronto says:

    Judoka vs. karateka. Never in doubt of the winner.

  2. Right; time to regroup and try some new tactics.

  3. I bet it’s an endless loop in reality, too.

  4. That tewtally made my day worthwhile.

    I bet as soon as Gray Kitteh falls asleep, Orange Kitteh will be snuggled in the chair with him.

  5. lol I love how at 0:40 the orange cat makes his move… “NINJA STRIKE!!!”

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    Well clearly, that’s Orange Kitteh’s chair and Gray Kitteh is EEN EET!! and must be ROUTED!! augggh!! I wonder if they play on that basketball thing too.. I’m betting, yes!

  7. Grey kitteh is all, “Don’t try it, Anakin, I have the high ground ……”

  8. And what a prosh place to lay….. No wonder!

  9. @Sandy, if it’s anything like my house (same big ornage cat, but mine has two tuxies to tackle), then yes, it’s basically the same thing over and over between naps. 😉

    @Birdcage LOL!

  10. Sharon Wilson says:

    That chair looks just like the one at my parents’ old house! Of course, the kitteh wouldn’t sit there unless I was in it!

  11. Mummy is too tired says:

    My kids do the same thing… alll …. daaaaay…. loooooong….

  12. Miss N Casey says:

    I think Big O(range) is channeling my life as it has been going lately – struggle, struggle, struggle, end up right back where I started.

    Keep On Fighting, Big O! One day that chair will be OURS!!!

  13. I am reminded of “Rock ’em, Sock ’em Robots”, except, of course, kittehs heads don’t pop off…

  14. Deja Vu! poor kitty if only they had 2 chairs

  15. Nice Once More With Feeling poster too….

  16. I wish I had a swishy tail so people would know when I was ticked off.

  17. DaytimeDeb says:

    Musical notes: If they had two chairs, they would both still want to be in the same one. It’s a kitty law of physics.

  18. Welcome to my home, every night I get home from work and every weekend. I can use MS Paint and color those kitties into black and then white with stripes, and voila – my kitties. Except I don’t have the groovy velvet lazyboy.

  19. warrior rabbit says:

    The strike at :40 was awesome. Expert timing, fast as lightning — HUNH! Whoaaa oaaa o ohhh, whoaa ohhh o ohhhh.

  20. oneloveonelight says:

    Extreme bonus points for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Once More With Feeling” poster and for having an orange kitty that looks like mine. 🙂

  21. (the original) Mel says:

    Orangecat sez: “Yer en mah chaier.

    Greycat Tail sez: “Comma git meh!”






    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  22. It’s no use. Grey cat is fortified (defensive bonus +2) and refusing to move. Regroup and come back with reinforcements, orange cat.

  23. @Birdcage…lol!

    I guess cats will be cats. Mostly likely the will be sleeping together later as Lurker said.

  24. momof2kitties says:

    This looks suspiciously like life at my house, too.

    “Aha, young grasshopper. You are sleeping. Time for my silent attack on your unsuspecting buttockal region!”

  25. I was so focused on the kittehs, I missed the Once More with Feeling poster! I had to go back and watch a second time to see for myself. NICE!

  26. CoffeeCup says:

    Gotta say, that is one big orange kitty! And I love how the grey cat’s tail just goes thwap thwap thwap and then orange kitty goes for the lunge!!

  27. Look at the shape of that orange kitty! Like a fuzzy orange bowling ball with a swishy tail.

  28. Fierce battle…of clawless batting!!

  29. LOL!!!!! This is prime, totally made my day!

  30. Desdemona says:

    I agree that having multiple chairs won’t solve the problem. At my house, I have two identical pillows at each end of the couch. Anybody of the kitteh persuasion who chooses to nap on the pillow on the right is fine, but curling up on the left-hand pillow calls for immediate umbrage on the part of Top Cat, even if he’s in the middle of a Very Important Nap on the other side of the room. He will stalk across the room, jump up on the couch and give the offender the Big Stare. This results in the offender smacking Top Cat (of course this gives him the chance to say “see? She started it!” and after the ensuing battle, the offender moves over to the right-hand pillow. Top Cat then marches back to his sunbeam by the door, or wherever.

  31. Gail (the first one) says:

    Jeez, I guess mine are surprisingly civilized.

    They approach, “La-la-la, look at me innocently passing by”, lick offending kitteh once or twice (“Oh, Hai! I loooove you!”) and then a quick NIP in general buttoxial region to make kitteh move (“Ha! Fooled ya!”)

  32. I like Orange Kitty’s punching action from 0:22 to 0:24 and Grey Kitty’s hind leg push from 0:34 to 0:38.

    I can’t decide who to root for. They’re both so damned cute.

  33. berthaservant says:

    As ceaseless as the tide, I’m sure. And no, multiple chairs will not help. Cats are particularly interested in where other beings are occupying space and trying to either dislodge or attach to them.

  34. Not now Cato!

  35. I don’t know how to myself, but I really hope that someone edits this down to a short animated gif. It would so become my forum avatar (on forums with avatars)…

  36. i love the multiple right-pawed bonks that start at 24 seconds.

    nice play-fighting. so cute and funnieeee!

  37. ok at 21 or 22 seconds. not 24.

  38. Gray Kitteh is so asking for it with the oh-so-casual tailio taunting.

  39. Seven Paws says:

    ROFLOL..priceless. The taunting grey tail and the “one-two-three…POUNCE” orange attack are perfect.

    Love the Rock’em Sock’em robots ref…and “Kungfu Fighting” is now on an endless loop thru my brain.

  40. Oh, this made my day. My older cat is too creaky to have good slapfights like this one with my younger cat; its all just hissing and growling around my place.

  41. Yay!! I LOVE the Buffy the Musical poster on the wall!!

    welp, he lost that fight.

  42. Ai am wiv Lurker. SNORGLES ar best.

  43. This happens at least 5 times a day at my house with tortie and tuxedo cats. Except tux pulls out huge clumps of tortie’s fur and there’s nothing cute about it.

    It’s been 2 years so I’m thinking they’re just not ever going to get along.

    Teh orinj ones ar poison, but this one is not so good with the fighting. This chair must belong to the main hooman of the house to be so coveted; my kitties love Daddy’s chair.

  44. We get that scene every night at my place. We even have an orange and a grey kitty!

  45. Yeah, see, the occupied chair is already warm. If there was an extra chair there it wouldn’t matter, it wouldn’t be warmed up properly.

  46. Nah–orange kitty isn’t trying to dislodge gray kitty. The batting, chomping, and lunging is the end, not the means. IOW, the whole purpose is to bat, chomp, and lunge, not to get gray kitty to move.

  47. Lisa (one of several) says:

    Great Pink Panther reference Katrina – I thought the same thing!

  48. the other Brenda says:

    what a fugly chair!!! Must be comfy.

  49. “Fine…I didn’t even want to sit there ANYWAY!”

    [under breath]: Stupid Jerk.

  50. Well – it’s all that Katrina – I loved the Pink panther but the Orange and Grey Panthers are just great. Good comment Mike G.

  51. Yeah, my house too. Big Orange and Grey with White. But instead of a chair, it’s my lap they fight over. And also different is Big Orange usually wins. But only where my lap is concerned.

  52. “Buttoxial region.” SNORK

  53. I love the sound of Orangie “shaking it off” at the end.

  54. Ba-DUMP-ba-dump, ba-dump-ba-dump ba-dump, ba dump, daa daaaaaaa da da da, de dump…

  55. Oh boy, have I seen THIS before!! Only around our house it usually ends up with a chase scene, followed immediately by total collapse and extended naps.