Honesht, Ossifer I’m telling the troof!


You see, Osshifer, There was this dog, with a diamond collar, and he told me to hop in and we’d go cruising for poodles or something—I DON’T KNOW HOW I EVEN GOT HERE!

Hic. Sniff.

My Mom’s gonna kill me.

You can call me Ralph, 'cause I think I'm about to ...

Just send us the cleaning bill for those shoes, Montgomery G.



  1. Nick Nolte lookalike pup!

  2. Beth (in NC) says:

    I like when dogs look so sad and skewed after a bath. Too cute!

  3. Today you wake up with a hangover Mr. Puppy… tomorrow… one less kidney.. lol

  4. @Pheas – totally Nick Nolte pup!! LOL!

  5. kuntakitteh says:

    That pups eyes look like he might have some sort of health problem. I hope not, but they don’t look right to me, should they be bugging out that much? 😦

  6. The pup’s fine, unpronounceable screen name person. Move along.

  7. cowdoctor says:

    pert response theo

  8. He must have eaten some fo that fermented fruit…

    Pup’s eyes are fine, btw. Bug eyed dogs look REALLY strange when wet.

  9. momof2kitties says:

    Katiedid: It looks like he may have been to Candy Mountain, hmmm???

  10. That dog bears an uncanny resemblance to Christopher Hitchens.

  11. Elisha B. says:

    Cute or sad? Not sure, but the caption made me laugh! It’s nice to know you don’t always have to be beautiful to make others smile:)

  12. Marty Feldman yet again!

  13. I see Marty Feldman!

  14. ugh, this doesn’t get the cute vote from me!

  15. You know, I was going to say Marty Feldman too, but then I got a second look, and it’s totally Jack Elam!!! Tell me I’m wrong!

  16. That’s Eye-gor, Dr. Fronkensteen!

  17. wagthedogma says:

    Dude! Where’s my leash??

  18. I’ve had some nights like that myself mr. pups and it was called college…

  19. Marty's Mom says:

    I think he looks like an adorable drunken sailor. I have a boston that looks just as cute (or sad) when he gets a bath. Bug-eyed dogs rule!

  20. (the original) Mel says:

    Damn your eyes!

    Too late! They’re already damned.

  21. He looks like he could be an angry drunk.

  22. ohhh man my beagle gets this one squinty eye and smiles when she’s about to sneeze. it’s so funny and cute but sad at the same time. i can’t help but to laugh. she has bad allergies which is weird because she’s a beagle. god i love my abbie.

  23. Oh and Oshiffer, I schwear it wash a lampost when I took a leak, now your shayin it wash your leg? Nahh!couldn’tev been.

  24. I thought this site was for cute pics. This is another that is DEFINITELY NOT CUTE. I think “Grossly depressing” is a better description.

  25. CoffeeCup says:

    Someone’s been spending too much time at the safari party…

    I didn’t think a proper nuff could come out of this post…JennPin, why do you think this is grossly depressing? It’s a pup who had a bath. It’s not his fault he looks like Gary Busey.

  26. I lol’d at your screen name Kuntakitteh – I loved Roots!

    But yeah, the puppy is fine – though evidently not very happy about getting a bath. haha

    I want to snuggle that puppeh!

  27. Balamuthia says:

    @Pheas- Hahaha! I was thinking the same thing, either a Nick Nolte or Gary Busey mugshot.

    OMG! How could you own that adorable bit of adorability and *not* name him “Igor”?

  28. (the original) Mel says:

    I see why it’s depressing. You can see this pup has been on downward spiral of Qte addiction.

  29. wagthedogma says:

    @Balamuthia — Yep, Nick Nolte and Gary Busey with a Mel Gibson chaser!

  30. eye-gor!

  31. But offischer, I only had teen martoonis..

  32. Dexter Fishmore says:

    That pup’s not nearly as think as you drunk he is.

  33. berthaservant says:

    Jack Elam FTW!!!

    I think this dog was last seen in Andy Dick’s car.

  34. Sumorabbit says:

    Good constanoon afterble. Im not as thunk as drinkle peep i am.

  35. Mary (the first) says:

    tee many martoonis, for sure!

  36. Thank you, Berthaservant!!! That puppeh is Jack Elam hands down, but no one responded to my post. I’m only 33 but I’m familiar with a lot of the older actors, but it was looking like everyone was too young to know who he was or they would have agreed with me. Just think of the creepy “doctor” from Cannonball Run. Puppy looks so much like him, you’d think the picture was altered for laughs!

  37. *boop* on the nose, you are so cute! now go sleep it off…

  38. Am I the only one who thinks he looks EXACTLY like Daniel Day Lewis’s character in There Will Be Blood?

  39. part of the markings on his nose make a drip mark right by his left nostril (when looking at it, the right one). i’ll call him ol’ drippy now.

  40. Kerrymc (and Jenn), it’s a good thing nobody asked you to vote! This not a cute-mocracy, it’s a cute-tatership, and Meg, NTMTOM, and Theo TELL us what it cute and we all aww and squee accordingly. Perhaps you weren’t aware of the rules. I’m sure now that you know how to play, you will definitely see this pic as ADORABLE.

    *hands puppy a towel and 2 aspirin*

  41. ButtaRumCake says:

    LOLZ @ Sumorabbit

  42. Such a sweet looking pup. After a really rotten day at work, he gave me the grin and giggle I really needed. Yay skewed puppeh!

  43. binky-mama says:

    This reminds me that I simply MUST get Young Frankenstein on DVD.

    LOL @ (the original)Mel

  44. Raemie L. says:

    Mel Blanc’s “Sylvester the Cat”/drunk/beat up/run over cartoon character voice came to mind when I read it. 🙂

  45. Victoria – I don’t see a DDL resemblaynce! Ees Marty Feldman all the way.

  46. kuntakitteh says:

    Thank goodness somebody got the name reference Brandi, I didn’t realize that it might be taken the wrong way until after I posted. :^o

    [I had to look it up, myself… – Ed.]

  47. binky-mama says:

    @ kuntakitteh- I got it, I got it! Roots was one of my favorite books…haven’t read it since high school though. I must add it to my “re-read” list. Omg I have a “re-read” list I am such a dork. 😉