Show everyone at C.O. your paw pads, Piper. NOW.


Be a good kitteh and show the audience your PADS!!! EHN! [Shoves paw pads in front of audience]


Karin D., you and Chantal are not the only ones that appreciate some good paw pad action.



  1. AlbertaGirl says:

    Mmm… choklit.

  2. hrh.squeak says:

    Choklit paw pads!!!!! Nomnomnomnom mmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Tickle!

    Aww, so sweet. I want to go home and see my kitteh’s paw pads.

  4. Paw pads look like chocolate puddinks. . must nom. . .

  5. Did you see how blue his eyes are? Like liquid blue glass. It was the first thing that grabbed my attention, not his paw, which kinda looks like a bear paw. Those EYES!

  6. I always think that little pink pawpads are the cutest kitten features on earth right up until the moment I see a kitten with chocolate brown ones. Too much cute ;-;

    The spotted ones are arguably the best pawpads, though.

  7. I like it when CO calls them jellybeans. I mentioned it to hubby only one time and he, of course, rolled his eyes. Then, months later, I showed him my kitty, Smush’s pad, and asked “Honey, what are these called?” and he said “Jellybeans”!! He’s one of those rare hubby’s that really listens!!!

  8. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Um, Joy. This kitteh’s eyes are yellow. The blue you see are her/his pupils. I suppose they look blue because of the way the light is reflecting in them.

  9. Well, light reflection or not, you gotta admit those blue light reflections is very cool. I’ve got a pic of a friend’s cat whose eyes are an eerie glowing gold which is spooky. I love how light reflects from eyes and shiny surfaces.

  10. berthaservant says:

    And no toe-hawk.

    Do kitties call that a “Brazilian?”

  11. NOM NOM NOM! I cannot resist little kitty toes in front of me.

  12. Kitteh is all like “Moooommmm, stop eet!”

  13. miltoncat says:

    Ooh, so soft!

    My Milton has chockit pads but they’re SO dry. Have been for years. 😦 I don’t know what to put on them to soften ’em up that is safe for his feets and safe if he tries to leeck it off.

  14. awe… kittah toes!

    i finaly get mah own kittah this weekend!

    8 months without one is a long sad sad time

  15. Choklit paw pads??? Choklit ones??? I have never seen choklit paw pads.


  16. @StormCat: Mr. (I’m-17-years-old-so-leave-m’dam-feets-alone) Picky does not like his feet messed with, including for necessary mani-pedicures, and that’s eggzackly what he sez.

  17. Pearl Ostroff says:

    @Miltoncat. Try Vaseline. You’d have to rub it in well, if he’ll allow you, so Milton doesn’t track it all over the place. It’s the main ingredient in hair ball medication, so it’s safe to eat.

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    @Pearl 4 Miltoncat, I was about to say the same thing, tiny dab of Vaseline would probably work.
    Now back to the choklit kitteh pads, looks to me like kitteh is a little embarrassed because his/her pads are not quite squeaky clean. I see dots of .. probably .. litter? Kitteh does not what her slack grooming advertised on national CO.

  19. Mary (the first) says:

    (what = want, obvy)

  20. OMG. I’m not the only one into PADS. Especially the Chocolat Noir variety.

  21. KailinRileysMom says:

    Even better than vaseline, how about a tiny
    dab of Crisco or even margarine or butter.
    Those are all safe to eat and will help any
    incipient hairballs to “pass.” This is what I
    did for my Angel kitty’s dry pads and it
    worked on them and the hairballs.

  22. Piper, Piper, oh so black
    Enthusiasm your eyes do lack
    Pretty, pretty, chocolate toed
    Slays us at Cute Overload

  23. That’s too cute. It looks like kitteh’s toe beans are upholstered. Cool.

  24. I was going to post something that was probably hilarious and knee-slapping funny that you all would be talking about for days and my MIL called and now I have no clue what it is was. :-\

    Cute kitty paws

  25. Mary1 — yeah, that’d be your clumping litter. Razzumfrazzin cats always leaving trails of it everywhere.

  26. Love the chocolate pads, but my big weakness in black cats is their black noses and whiskers. 😉

  27. Seven Paws says:

    Makes me want to squeeze the middle of that big paw pad and see the toes fan out! Or curl around your finger like a cup.

  28. I love it how when I scratch between my kittie’s toes, especially on his back feet, he spreads his toes real wide. It’s too cute!

  29. black kittehs are the friendliests. uh-huh.

  30. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! JELLY BEAN TOES!!!!! Nom nom nom!

  31. (the original) Mel says:

    “They’s takin’ picturez of mah foots and ahm not happeh.”

  32. (the original) Mel says:

    “Crazy hoomans.”

  33. Kitty needs to pick the litter and poo chunks out of her paws.

  34. Michelle67 says:

    Looks just like my Jacey cat. I also have a fluffy white one with pink pads and toehawks

  35. scooterpants says:

    not fair. clumpin litter shows so much more on the choco pads then it does on the pinkie or light colored pads.

  36. Paddy-paws!

  37. Yitzysmommie says:

    Chocolate paw padses!!!

  38. Yitzysmommie says:

    Yitzy has pink N black pads – way wonderful – and one foot has all black pads!

  39. Paw pads are my very most favorite kitteh part!

  40. I like to shake hands with kittehs. But my friend’s cat usually reacts by curling and hiding her paws under her body like she’s sitting in zazhen.

    I was told pad are very sensitive and cats don’t really like to be touched there. Is that true?

  41. The paw is so teeny.

  42. We’ve always called ’em “beans.”

  43. @David, depends on the cat. My Stinky loves having his front paw pads massaged. Dante won’t let me touch his.

    I think it helps if you can get them while they’re still kittens, and you gently touch the paws a lot, so they grow up used to it. Cats who aren’t accustomed to it as kittens aren’t likely to start liking it when they’re grown.

  44. Gail (the first one) says:

    My “Holstein” cat, Baby, has PEEENK pads with Black spots!!! They are so adorable!!

  45. @Theresa – thanks. Now I know what to do – get my own kittehs and train them from day 1!

  46. My black tortie also has pink and chocolate marble jellybelly pads- or pinto beans, as I like to call them.

  47. Black kitten paw pads! SWOON.

  48. Are they edible? Cause I would certainly try to nibble these delicious looking beeeeenz. 🙂

  49. Chocolate jellybeans!

  50. My dear departed Mittens had black central beans and pink peripheral beans. It looked like she was wearing horseshoes.

  51. kuntakitteh says:

    My kitties have all-pink toes and pink and black toes, respectively. All kitty toes are adorable though, they really do look like jellybeans.

  52. LOL at Lurker’s description of “central beans” and “peripheral beans!” You peeps just make me giggle.

  53. Clean dem beans foist befores I eats em!

  54. carolyn1265 says:

    That looks exactly like my little Dorrie. . . chocolate paw pads and all.

  55. maria luiza says:

    awwww! the paw is very… very…


  56. Can’t you just smell the corn chips?

  57. maria luiza says:

    hes a chocolate cat cuuuute! chuk chuk chuk!

  58. this looks just like one of my kittehs! her paw pads are so soft i rub them for hours- and i trained her since a kitteh to just take it- so she lets me! 🙂

  59. alexandra says:

    my kitty’s paws smell like lime/coconut lotion….who knows…

    kitties’s paws are the best smell in the world.