my new best friend, originally uploaded by ohleah.


another seal friend, originally uploaded by ohleah.


close up of smiley seal, originally uploaded by ohleah.

Blorp, bloop, blop, blohp, Leah C. You heard me.



  1. AWWWhhhhhh So cute and flubbery, I just wanna nom it…in a non eaty way!!!

  2. That rock looks pokey on his belleh.

  3. Bleen!

  4. CoffeeCup says:

    Bloop! Bloop!

    Hold on, sealio iglesias! Hold on!!

  5. Well, I thought bleen. Dang.

  6. In that last picture he has the same expression as that chihuahua that stands on cheeseburgers.. so pleased!

  7. Chubulence–that’s what it is–chubulence.

  8. Like all bebehs, is that a smile or is it wind and who’s gonna look in the diaper, “its your turn no I did last, yeh? I got up at 3am for the feed, but I….

  9. Katherine says:

    OMG… I LOVE the smile in the last one! Soooo adorabuhls!

  10. PUDGE!! Cutest..pudgie..ever!

    God, I love me some seals. And how exactly did he get on that rock anyway? That last pic = fat amoeba with eyes and a smile.

  11. Awww, smiley seal.

  12. the way he’s lifting his head and tail at the last one, he looks like me trying to do supermans at the gym. I’ll have to try it smiling like that, see if that helps.

  13. (the original) Mel says:

    He’s all bespeckled. I wonder if he tastes like a malted milkball. I…can’t help but wonder that…sorry.

  14. NECKS: overrated.

  15. (sorry, giraffes)

  16. *gasp!* SEAL!!!!

    They’re so wonderful all intelligent thought disappears, and I’m left with only…


  17. This really made me laugh over and over. The commentary is just perfect. I think the last picture may be one of the most painfully cute things ever.


  19. Harbor seal? Every so often, one hauls out on our (NYC) waterfront, and the whole metropolis screeches to a halt, UNDONE BY THE CUTENESS. Sealie then appears on all the local news broadcasts, newspapers and blogs, and gets a cute name.

  20. Theresa – that’s awesome!

    And this has to be the happiest McBlobersons I’ve ever seen! I want to love it and squeeze it and call it George.

  21. You can still see the water trail it left churning in the first picture. I think it got up there in one smooth leap that only seals and penguins can do. Awesome.

  22. That third picture is a winner.

    And: people still strive for a bloody “bleen”? C’mon, people – get a life!

  23. A martini-slurping seal– reminds me of a favorite LOL-pinniped:

  24. I wanna go all Peruvian seal “MEEEAUUULGHHH” *snorgle* on him!

  25. sonybaloney says:

    Oh Leah! Those are beautiful pics! That kind of chubbiness makes the world go ’round.

  26. Yeah, seals are adorable, no question about it…but what about Meg’s seal-language subtitles? That’s some pretty impressive linguistic skills right there!

  27. Dis is Harbor Seal – used to see “Hooover” (Bec. that’s what he said) at New England Aquarium in Baaahston. Dis one is bery cute.

  28. Estlin: don’t be so harsh…there are always new-comers to the site and they should be welcomed. If you’ve never bleened before…well, we all want to bleen at least once! 🙂 Hugs to manynote.

  29. Fat and Happy I am!

  30. cute!

  31. Yitzysmommie says:

    ROTFLMAO @ Lurker.
    Adorabuhls sealio! Makes me think of chocolate chip ice cream.

  32. binky-mama says:

    Is it just me or does it look like God made harbor seals out of cake icing? You know just squeezed them out of those tubes right onto the rocks…Bloop!

    Oh and the smile? It keels me!

  33. Aww, the third pic.

    Are we sure that isn’t some invention of the Japanese?

  34. The smile in the last photo made my day. New background! I mean, whatever badness is going on in life just seems to melt away when you have a happy, bloopy seal!

  35. darkshines says:

    Seal of approval, lol.

  36. Oh man. Look at this chunk. I want to poke it. He does look like he took a most satisfying fart in that last pic.

  37. @Mberkie0– I am so jealous that you got to see Hooovah! Word had it that he grew up with a Maine fisherman, where he got his pronounced Down East accent. 😉

  38. eikoleigh says:

    omg, he’s so cute….that smile on his face in the last pic is just precious!!

  39. “I own this rock, it is mine!”

    So damn cute.

  40. it’s truly the captions (however short) that make CO so adorable!

  41. berthaservant says:

    You just know he’s cracking that smile because he ordered the martini “on the rocks!” (rimshot)

  42. I have a sudden craving for straticelli gelato! mmmm….

  43. BTW, look at that whiskery muzzlepouch/poof in the head-on shot. Wowzers!

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    lol Bertha! I would love to join the sealio on the rocks and have a martini with him!

  45. Can anyone out there IMAGINE the “ehn”-ing there must have been?

  46. Didn’t they say sailors out to sea too long used to mistake seals and such for mermaids?


  47. “…part of your worrrrrrrld!” :SPLASH:


  49. I love Harbor Seals!!! The sea lions get all the attention at harbors around San Francisco because they bark for treats, but these little guys are even cuter, in my opinion!

  50. Cute enough to make ya *blubber*, isn’t it?

  51. gravyboat says:

    Look at that little guy…just a-smilin’ and a-preenin’ cuz the sun is shinin’!

  52. He’s beached himself!

    Don’t worry, little guy! I’ll save you!

    :runs to the beach:

  53. The third picture is now my desktop background 😀

  54. ButtaRumCake says:

    I agree 100% Binky mama!

    I’m so sick today (swollen tonsils & post-nasal drip)…these pics really made my day!!!

  55. haha, that guy looks real happy.

  56. “Oh man. Look at this chunk. I want to poke it. He does look like he took a most satisfying fart in that last pic.”

    LOL I was kind of thinking along those lines too (especially with the tail up positioning)!

    But still very cute!

  57. He sorta looks like a new kind of marshmallow peep.

  58. I’m not sure if he’s trying to do ^_^ or :3.

  59. This is most certainly a :3 .

    With a little squinting of the eyes…I don’t think a seal can make any other mouth than :3.

  60. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! So much blobbulence! The last pic is a complete SEAL of approval!

    ::pokes chubbular belleh::

  61. Ah, guys, I like you a lot. Now I know I’m not alone in my tilting head-actions and “awww”-sounds.

  62. Ahhh… that is one CUTE and plump seal bloohping around.

  63. OMG. The SMILE in the last pic kills me. I think I´ll print it off, put it on my wall, and in my darkest moments in life I shall look at it and say to myself “things aren´t that bad” and feel happy. 😀

  64. darkshines says:

    I made this guy my wallpaper. I finished with my boyfriend a few days ago, and needed a picture to remind me that life is ok and the world isn’t as scary as I think it it. Smiley farty seal cures all ills.

    Maybe thats where waves come from……

  65. jackie31337 says:

    Hey, where did you guys get pics of my parents’ dog? Seriously, they have one very cylindrical corgi-mix that looks just like a seal with an extra long tail when she lies down and tucks her feet under her.

  66. Ahah.. anyone who tries to say animals don’t have feelings.. Well this guy certainly knows how to enjoy the moment. That smile is adorable and heartwarming in the last picture.

  67. @Christina:

    They may revoke half my ethnicity for this (which would probably be painful, but I’m willing to suffer for the the truth), but seals were a part of a top secret project during WWII, code named “KAWAIIIIIIIIIII!”. They were specifically engineered to derail the Allied war effort by distracting the forces with cuteness. Unfortunately the project turned out to be a wartime failure, as they managed to make them cute but not deadly.

  68. That has to be one of the most precious photos I have ever seen! I would love to see how the seal maneuevered itself on that rock… hehe :3

  69. with many a bouncy squish, HM

  70. OMG! I know dogs do it but, I didn’t know seals could smile! That is one of the cutest things ever!

  71. HOOVER was a delight. His voice was very gruff and low and loud, and he had his own special enclosure in front of the NE Aquarium. The NE A. is right on the Boson waterfront and you’d hear tourists and boats and bells and construction and then this wonderful HOOOOOO-VAH, and know he was there.
    My then-boyfriend, then in Law School in B. (now Killer Corgy’s Dad and father of two skin babies), had me walking through half of Boston (sorry, Baaahstaahn) as I visited. He said he had a ‘surprise’ he wanted to show me. It was Hoover.
    Hoover was a very special critter and inspired a whole lot of “AWWWWS’ every day. Bother were (are) worth the walk!

  72. @Katrina: Yayess, we sawr Hooovah at the ‘Quarium a numbah of times. I lived in/neah Baahston for some seventeen yeahs, altho I nevah did find a place to pahk in Hahvud Squayah.

  73. AWW

  74. mberkieO – I bet I’ve walked through it, but I never brought a car, so me neither!

    For those who don’t live near Baastaahn, DON’T DRIVE there! Massachusetts is the land of the red-light-as-a-simple,-mildly-felt-suggestion.Crazypeeles behind the wheel. mberkieO, you lived there, any comments?