Bear à porter

Perez Hilton is reportin’ that Steiff Bears are planning on doing their best Karl Lagerfeld impersonations soon. RIGHTEOUS!


According to HighSnobiety, the Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear will be released in September at Neiman Marcus in New York and will go for around 1400 USD apiece.

Excellent find, Chief Sister Ossifer!



  1. berthaservant says:

    By Lorca’s Etchings! Exclusivity, No?

    Pic would be cooler if it was a real bear.

  2. The bear is smiling! (bleen?)

  3. Some one save that poor teddy from the evil clutches of Lagerfeld! Quick! Wait. Is Lagerfeld real or is he stuffed?

  4. AuntieMame says:

    He looks like a waxwork. Eek!

    [well he sure ain’t *real*… – Ed.]

  5. The stuffed bear is what is left once the Lagerfeld finishes sucking the life out of all humans that approach it. Nice way to get rid of your victims Karl.

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    I think this is my first time to say, I don’t see anything cute about that. Can someone point out the qte?? I’m lost.

  7. Who is Lagerfeld?

  8. (the original) Mel says:

    Karl Lagerfeld is an android. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

  9. *initial laugh choked off by the hands of absurdity.

  10. Karl Lagerfeld is a “high end” clothing designer that has adopted the personae of a corpse that is related to Michael Jackson and Dracula. He always looks this way.

  11. @ gizmo: “Who is Lagerfeld?” Seriously?

    But if they’re gonna charge 1400 bucks for the thing, it could look a little more like him. I mean, anyone can put a black suit on a generic bear. Coco is turning in her grave.

  12. @ Angela-Eloise: Don’t be a couture snob. Yes, there are people in the world who are not familiar with Karl Lagerfeld and who do not spend their days flipping through Vogue. Who cares?

  13. ButtaRumCake says:

    Wow SM – I would hope that that was highly sarcastic. If not, it was very rude.

    Angela-Eloise – I agree with you 100% LOL $1400 – good grief!!!

  14. thelibrarianne says:

    Yes, Lagerfeld is slightly creepy, but I love Steiff stuffed animals. That Lagerfeld bear is FIERCE. I inherited some seriously awesome Steiff animals from an old rich relative when I was little. I even have a Steiff rhino! A Steiff felted pig! A Steiff owl that stands on his own! And if something bad happens, I could probably sell them and pay my entire college tuition (but I never would).

  15. Somebody hand me another bon bon.

  16. I’ll take THREE

    Love the fierce look on their faceses

  17. CoffeeCup says:

    But the bear is smiling! Lagerfeld doesn’t smile. He appreciates straight, clean lines…ON HIS FACE.

  18. Winni-Pig says:

    But the sunglasses are poking into the little bears ears…that can’t be comfterbul.

  19. i hope it comes with Lagerfeld’s #1 diet tip:

    don’t exercise, dahling; it vill just make you hungry.

    really, it’s never too early to learn.

  20. berthaservant says:

    Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance.

    And yeah, not everyone knows who Lagerfeld is. It’s not so bad when you consider most people can’t name more than a single Supreme Court Justice.

  21. I used to work in a collectible shop and my boss gifted me 3 steiff bears and 1 gund bear…

    And if anyone knows anything about these bears – they are wickedly cute but sooo terribly expensive!

  22. i hope it comes with Lagerfeld’s #1 diet tip:

    don’t exercise, dahling; it vill just make you hungry.

    really, it’s never too early to learn.

  23. oh weird. sorry, my interwebs must be broke.

  24. Animal Lover says:

    How about a new category for “Very Sad.”

  25. Gail (the first one) says:

    Hmmmm….to have enough $$ to blow for this!! Of course, it’s all relative, isn’t it?? $1400 bear, $40 “Caturday” tote!!

  26. $1400 per bear? have they lost grip on reality? i don’t care if it’s modelled after g*d hirself, no stuffie is worth that amount. it would be nice if that money went to a charity rather than in the pockets of an already rich man.

  27. momof2kitties says:


    New category?

    “Cute or Scary”?

  28. Are you effin kidding me – $1400 for a teddy bear??

  29. On a slightly related note; I’ve always wondered if Karl chills out in a comfortable velvet pyjamas or something when he’s away from the “office”. I refuse to believe he just gets out of bed and puts that stuffy shirt on. I have trouble breathing just looking at it.

    Or does breathing make you fat as well?

  30. Totalee Puppy says:


  31. Totalee Puppy says:

    I don’t have $1400, but, if I did, I would rather have a
    THEO teddy bear…

    [Didn’t you know? *ALL* Teddy bears are Theodores. Except for the ones which are actually Edwards. We don’t talk about them. – Ed.]

  32. binky-mama says:

    Kinda looks like the Secret Service. Somebody send one to Obama!

  33. Transpogue says:

    Does the bear come with a little hand fan?


    Then it is NOT a Karl Lagerfeld bear. 🙂

  34. @Wiener – Lagerfeld spends a least half of of his days lounging on his bed reading magazines and drawing.

    The reason he wears puffy shirts with high collars is that although he lost half of his weight in order to fit into Dior Homme jackets, he has to hide the resultant excess fold of skin (before that he used a fan to hide his double chin whenever in public). The other reason is most people in his immediately family lived past 90, and he wanted to do that too, in style.

    And the reason he always wear gloves is that when he’s young his mother told him he has ugly hands.

    Definitely a weirdo, but an extremely accomplished craftsman and fascinating person.

  35. How cute! I love teddy bears. Not 1400 cute, mind you. I’d expect a real live teddy bear at that price.

  36. i love it. i think it is such a cute photo, who would have though i teddy bear would be so vogue.

  37. I’m with Totalee Puppy – Bring on the Theo bear!

  38. How is it that no one has said Matchingks yet! That’s the best part about the post!

  39. Fee-irce!
    And oh so prosh!

  40. darkshines says:

    I dunno who this person is, and I would rather DIE than read “sheep” magazines like Vogue *shudders*. I’m too busy designing my own clothes and jewellary to care what someone else is doing, I don’t even own a TV.

    The bear looks more like a meercat or ferret. I thought it was a taxidermied dead ferret at first.

  41. gravyboat says:

    Um, why is the bear $1400? Is it made of real fur? Not cute.

  42. From the look of Lagerfeld’s hair, he’s partially plush already!

  43. feh.

  44. That bear is fat. They really can’t be sending him out to places like Nieman Marcus with all that chubs. Jeezee, didn’t Karl teach the bear anything?

  45. I must say, I never imagined you and Perez Hilton would be reporting the same news!

  46. [raised eyebrow]

    For that price, I’d expect a 6′ tall, 6′ wide, velvet teddy bear that I can use as a MATRESS.

    I’ve seen cuter teddy bears than this one, but if the money’s going to a good cause then it’s all good.

  47. I used to read Perez Hilton every day, and soon I just became disgusted with him. He has so much power and he uses it to be really hateful to women! I can’t stress enough how damaging I think he is to young people.

  48. Dunno about the $1,400, but the bear *is* totally cute, and Mr. Lagerfield must have a sense of humor to (a) have himself immortalized in a small, cuddly stuffed animal, and (b) pose with said small, cuddly stuffed animal.

    I, for one, find the whole thing very amusing and totally cute, in a stuffy/stuffed, self-absorbed, self-parody, post-ironic, Vogue-ish fashion, of course…

    [OK to be honest, I’m completely bewildered now, but this *sounds* good to me – Ed.]

  49. CoffeeCup says:

    Gravyboat: “Um, why is the bear $1400? Is it made of real fur? Not cute.”

    I just love how speculative comments devolve into “OMG!1 Teddies are real animal fur!!1 Noooooo!”

    [Yeah, seriously. Anyway, it’s a limited-edition collectible… – Ed.]

    Obviously, $1400 isn’t aimed at you or I, it’s aimed at all of those people who make that much in an hour, and spend that much on one shopping trip. Now, a bear that gives you $1,400 on the other hand…mine mine mine!

    [I’ve got a sweater from Ireland that’s made of real animal fur (wool)… – Ed.]

    [Actually, my grandma had a real *mohair* teddy bear. – Ed.]

    [OK, I think this comment now holds the record for the most embedded Editor notes, congratulations! Whee!! – Ed.]

  50. CoffeeCup says:

    I think it’s also fantastic that Lagerfeld would do this…a lot of people in fashion (just read the NY Mag article, oy) take themselves so seriously, take what they do so seriously because it seems to be filled with pressure to do things right, and to be evocative. Which is wonderful in some ways, but also puts much pressure on people to be a certain way, to behave a certain way…

    It’s great that Lagerfeld would have his image in this way, because he’s daring to have a little bit of whimsy put into his life that so far, has been full of stunning works of art and lots and lots and lots of white shirts.

    My favorite quote from the NyMag article.

    “I’m not very interested in fashion,” says [Chuck] Close, surveying the crowd. He sighs. “This event is making me want to start smoking again.”

  51. Gail (the first one) says:

    @CoffeeCup: LOL!! Great quote.

  52. I could get it if it were a fundraising but 1,400 for just a bear? Yeah, I realize people spend tons of money on things I would never collect but how do you tell people you’re selling this with a straight face?

    Especially since “all profits will benefit STEIFF, Karl Lagerfield and Needless Mark-up’s.”

  53. There is NOTHING cute about this stupid photo. Lagerfield looks
    like a corpse not a Teddy bear.
    Unless all the money paid for the bears is going to a worthwhile charity, this is obscene. Just the latest in the idle worship of decadent celebrity.

    You folks are better than this.

  54. 1. What did you do with the cutologists who usually run this site? Cause that photo is definitely NOT cute.
    2. If you have kids perusing this site — and I think that you do — why would you send them to Hilton’s website? His specialty is posting celebrity pix and then added disgusting captions, many of which you wouldn’t want kids to see.
    3. I hope this isn’t a sign that your latest New York Times exposure has not gone to your head.

  55. *SNORK*

    Oh my, Carolina. And Topper. Thanks for the laugh.

  56. (btw, risotto snorked up the nose isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a moderator, but let me assure you, it’s not wholly pleasant either)

  57. How COULD you mention snorting rice, Theo? Think of the children!

    [GOOEY rice, even! – Ed.]

  58. scooterpants says:

    on the other side of his face are the 57 clothespins that are stuck on his face and neck holding all the loose wrinkly skin tight so he looks like a wax figure.

  59. REDONK!

  60. These people have too much money…give the 1400 to a shelter (she said self righteously)!

  61. The fug girls poke fun at Karl all the time:
    This is cute in a strange way… wonder if I can get a teddy bear made in MY likeness…?

  62. darkshines – well good for you. aren’t you special for not reading Vogue or watching TV, and aren’t you so much better than us.

    Personally, I enjoy the creativity and beauty found in the pages of vogue, and the randomness that is humanity found on TV. I hardly find them “sheep” activities.

  63. Mmm, risotto!! Yum! And LOL at Scooterpants!

    I think this picture is hilarious, and I also take it to mean Lagerfeld can laugh at himself – definitely makes me think more highly of anyone. Like Paris Hilton’s response to John McCain’s ad, or when Jasper Johns was on the Simpsons.

  64. CoffeeCup says:

    I think what the NY Mag article does is to solidify that Lagerfeld is not only willing and able to laugh at himself, but also that he seems to be a person who recognizes that the masses are the ones who further his career, further his work. It’s not just the famous people or the rich people who buy his work…he was one of the first to lend his hand to H&M, how is that for street cred? He’s not looking DOWN at us normal people, he’s saying that fashion and art can be for everyone, in different ways, and that good craftsmanship does not necessarily have to be $10,000.

  65. @darkshines – You’d rather die? Really? Wow. That’s quite a statement. Personally, I’d rather do almost anything BUT die. But good for you, sweetie. You stick to your principals.

  66. Umm…that would be “principles”, please. Thank you.

  67. lol, scooterpants!

    OMG, Kris, I was going to link to that too. The Fug Girls are awesome (as with the CO folks, as much for their writing as for their subject matter), and I love going back occasionally and re-reading all the Lagerfeld posts! The one with Louboutin and the Olsen Twins is pretty awesome too.

    And what’s with all the Vogue-hating? Obvious fashion industry issues (consumerism, skinny models) aside, I’ve always thought clothing as art was pretty awesome. I’m frequently amazed at the number of creative people I meet who are dismissive of any clothing that isn’t purely practical. How practical is a sculpture?

  68. p.s. if watching TV makes me a sheep, i have only one thing to say: baaaaaaaah!

  69. The Other One Michelle says:

    Jeez, quit hating on the fashion mag readers. Everyone likes different things. Don’t you think before you type? I think the bearsies is cutsies but I wouldn’t fork over the dough for him.

  70. $1400 USD. Think of how many cats that money could save. I know what MY choice would be!


  71. darkshines thinks she is better than the rest of us just because she doesn’t read an artistic publication such as Vogue or own a tool such as a television.

  72. I’m with jmuhj. If someone can afford to spend $1400 for a stuffed bear, they should instead be giving the money to help a local animal shelter/animal rescue group, or to improve the lives of abused animals worldwide, like the bears (and dogs and cats) in China.

  73. why save the bear? He’s a devils pet LOL!

  74. darkshines says:

    I don’t think I’m better than anyone, but quite a few of the comments further up the page were quite rude towards someone who didn’t know who this person was. I don’t know who they ae either, and I was giving a reason why. Its not because I am an idiot, its because this sort of thing doesn’t interest me. I design fashion, but like following my heart instead of the trends. I didn’t want to sound self righteous or rude. I’m not better than anyone. In fact I a m terrible person but my therapy and medication help me with those feelings now. Please don’t be cruel to people who are just trying to make an honest comment.

  75. Because I am a fashion disaster and a lifelong tomboy, I didn’t know who he was either. The world of high fashion just doesn’t interest me. No offense to those it *does* interest; it just ain’t my thing.

    “Bear” in mind that everyone has their areas of ignorance, whether it’s pro sports figures, famous rappers, classical composers, bestselling novelists or modern philosophers. Would you want to be mocked for yours?

    But the photo made me laugh. Both man and bear are so DEADPAN.

  76. When working with our young musicians, who range in age and music abilities, I have come to see the world a little differently, and I offer it for your consideration.

    Everyone has his or her own level of competence at everything. Furthermore, everyone has something that he or she does well. That is what we often nurture in ourselves and that is what we generally feel like doing. While everyone is good at something, it is HOW that ‘something’ is valued in which we have many of our differences, yes?

    It is important to me that I look to my lesser-skilled areas as my choice as to when or whether I wish to develop them or not. I’m a person who doesn’t mind a challenge, and sometimes, I find challenge is good for me. When it doesn’t work out and/or all Hell breaks through and/or my health won’t permit it, I have friends who love me and help as best they can. I may even try that thing again later.

    NOW, let’s be KIND to ourselves, let’s work within all of the rational frameworks that we can find to use, to make some sense out of our differences, our different values and different level of competence.

    In my humble opinion, the bear is overpriced and Mr. Lagerfeld is being a good sport.

  77. darkshines, i’m sure you are not a terrible person! (and i say that as someone who also relies on happy pills to keep those self-defeating feelings at bay). it sounds like, as TOMichell said, maybe you didn’t think before you typed. we all do it at one time or another!

    designing by following your “heart rather than the trends” is a really cool approach. it could even land your stuff in Vogue some day!

    now, lets all have some puddin’. i’d like some vanilla, complete with that yummy skin on top, and some raspberry jam.

  78. please excuse my liberal use of exclamation marks.


  79. I’m seriously laughing at all the people who are saying if someone has $1400 to spend on a teddy bear, they should be donating it to a shelter.

    a) If someone can blow $1400 on a teddy bear, chances are they have plenty of other money to donate to charity.
    b) Because you never splurge on anything for yourself? Obviously the average person doesn’t have $1400 to splurge with, but everything is relative to income.

    Would I ever spend that much money on this? Heck no! But Lagerfeld is a genius, and I think it’s kind of adorable since people are always insulting him for being so “corpse-like”.